OLTL Update Tuesday 11/27/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/27/01

By Glynis

Nora was going to do the memory recovery treatment but she changes her mind. Troy thinks that Lindsay should be made to pay for the things that she did. Nora thinks that she should let thinks go. Nora wasn’t thinking clearly. Troy thinks that Nora is doing this for both Sam and herself. This is a gift to be able to remember Sam and Matthew from the past. Nora feels that she has reclaimed her life. Troy knows that she hasn’t. The chances of this working are 50-50. It is going to mean a lot to know how Matthew started walking for the first time. Her time with Sam will be more complete if she has all her memories. Maybe she is afraid of the treatment. It is not that. Nora trusts him completely. He wants her to trust him one more time. What does she have to lose? He has done so much for her already. How is she going to feel leaving there with all her memories back? She thinks that would be wonderful. She could tell Sam that she remembers everything. She has a right to her memories. This is about her.

He takes her hand and puts a couple of pills in it. It is up to her. She takes a pill and puts it in her mouth. He gets her to close her eyes and think while listening to her voice. She remembers trying to get out of the bed…asking Lindsay if she wants to have a fight… She opens her eyes and can’t believe how powerful the drugs are and how quickly they worked. Nora didn’t have a good time with those memories. He tells her to have a deep breath and let the memories come while she simply observes them. She feels comfortable that he will be there to take care of her. She lets the pills work some more. She closes her eyes…She remembers Lindsay telling Nora that she can’t wait to get her out of her life."

Lindsay finds Sam in a jewelry store and asks if he is buying Nora an engagement ring. He thinks that he should after the way that Lindsay has been treating her. Sam and Nora are not going to waste anymore time letting Lindsay get in the way.

Keri fills in RJ on the connection between she and Hank. RJ loves this. He has never been right in Hank’s eyes. RJ knew that something was familiar about Keri from the start but he never thought that he would be her uncle.

Blair and Starr talk of their time together and how they missed each other. Blair promises that she will not keep Starr from her daddy. They are going to leave town and Starr is worried that she will not have contact with her father. Blair says that Sam will help them meet with Todd in a safe place once they are gone.

Todd has been caught by the man posing as Jeeter’s father. His stepmother is there too and she has called the cops. Todd says that Jeeter is his son. The woman admits that she never gave birth to this boy. So what? The wife thinks that her husband had the child with some floozy that he was screwing around with. Todd doesn’t care what they say. This is his son and he has the DNA to prove it. They feel that they don’t need to prove that the boy belongs to the stepfather. The wife, Missy isn’t sure that the baby looks like her husband. Todd explains that the baby looks like his family too. This baby was bought from David Vickers and then gave the baby to them. They really have no right to keep this baby. The police arrive and are told that Todd was caught trying to kidnap the baby. He is promptly arrested.

Seth and Jessica are together in New York trying to find the guy that was trying to find Cristian. If they find Jennifer, they are sure that they will find Cristian. They start off to find Jennifer and the police arrive and make them explain everything. The man that is after Cristian is dangerous.

RJ talks to Hank and tells him that he knows that Hank has a daughter. Keri was the one that told him the news. Why is Hank trying to keep Keri away from him? RJ really wants to know the real reason why Hank says that he is not the father of that child. RJ has seen the checks that Hank wrote to support her. If Hank is not the father, then who is?

As Troy tries to do his magic with Nora, there is a knock at the door. It is Lindsay…