OLTL Update Monday 11/26/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 11/26/01

By Glynis

Blair is talking with Todd on the phone. He has the baby and he tells her that he is coming home soon and he has a surprise for her. He is holding the baby in his arms as he speaks. He tells her that he has fixed everything. Blair doesnít know what that means. She knows how Todd gets when he is angry. She was going to tell him something in person but she is going to do it now. Starr has wandered into the room and is listening to her mother. Blair has something to say. She tried to apologize to him before and he couldnít hear her. She wonders if he could forgive her. She knows that he has a big heart and that he can forgive her if he wanted to. She loves him. Starr asks if Todd is going to forgive her. Blair knows that this is hard for Todd, but she would like him to forgive her one more time. She knows that having a baby in the house would have brought them together. He tells her that he has done something. Blair wants to know what he has done. He tells her that this is about their child. Starr thinks to herself of a wish. She wishes that her father would simply forgive her for whatever she did. They would all be happy again. Soon though they would be fighting again and Todd would try to take Starr from her mother. Starr cries out and goes running to Blair grabbing the phone. That is the moment that Todd tells Blair that the baby is alive. Too bad that no one hears him say it. Todd gets off the phone and turns to see the owner of the house standing behind him. He is told to put the baby down. Todd lies and says that he is an allergist and was helping the baby. He says that a whole bunch of test will have to be run to see what is wrong with Little Jeeter. The man warns Todd that he has an extensive weapons collection that Todd will meet up close and personal if he doesnít put that child back in his crib.

Jessica is in New York and Cristianís stalker has found her sitting alone and he is with her making conversation and trying to get more information on Cristian. He brings up Cristian leaving art school. He pretends that he hasnít been able to find Cristian he says. He pretends that he used to hang out with Cristian long ago. He would like to know where Cristian is. He has something to give Cristian and Jessica offers to give the Ďsomethingí to him but the man will not give her anything. Jessica gets out of there and the man is disappointed that he wasnít able to get anything from her. He sees that she has left her coat in her seat after leaving and he grabs it and searches the pockets.

Cristian has found Jennifer with Al and she kissed Al so that Cristian would see. She is ready to go back to Llanview and sends Al to go and get her things. She tells him that she is not leaving because of him. He canít believe that the modeling wasnít working out. She feels that the modeling wasnít what she expected. Al is listening from the back. Cristian asks her if the thing with Al is serious or not.

Viki has come home and finds Natalie talking with her stepmother. She can see that the woman has no feelings for Natalie. She feels that way because Natalie hates her too. Viki tells the woman that she is not going to get anywhere near Jessica. The woman is going to see Jessica no matter what. She is blood with Jessica and she is determined to be in her life. No one can stop her. Natalie tells the woman that maybe Viki canít stop her but she certainly can. Natalie promises to keep Jessica away from Roxie. Jessica will believe everything that Natalie has to say to her. She was a real bad mother. Natalie never had money for school supplies. Natalie is so glad that she is not related to this woman. Roxie tries to get to Natalie to beat her and Viki grabs her telling her that she is to get out of the house. Roxie will go but no one is going to keep her from her daughter. Viki pushes her out. She goes to Natalie to make sure that she is all right. Natalie canít believe that Viki stood up for her. No one has ever stood up for her that way before. Viki holds her as she cries. Viki knows that this wasnít her fault. She was just a baby. She thanks Natalie for protecting Jessica. Viki doesnít know where Jessica is and she asks Natalie about her. Natalie tells Viki that Jessica is with her father Clint. Natalie hates that Viki asked about Jessica in her moment of need.

Cristian is gone now and Jennifer is ready to go home. The modeling didnít work out and she is not ready to go home and face people that thought that she was going to fail. She couldnít even get through the first day. This was important to her, not at first but eventually. Al goes to talk to the owner and he introduces himself. He tells the woman that he is the son of Asa Buchanan. He tells her that he doesnít approve of what happened to Jennifer that day. He didnít like the way that Jennifer was pawed. He is going to sue. The owner is upset with what he is saying. She thinks that he is bluffing, but Al is not. The owner thinks that maybe they can work something out and avoid all this trouble.