OLTL Update Thursday 11/22/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/22/01

By Glynis

Todd is looking for his baby and he goes to a manís house to get his kid. The man wants money to give up the child to Todd. The man says that Todd can have the child anytime that he wants, but he will have to pay. The man runs to get the child. He returns with a box covered with a black cloth. Todd canít believe what he is seeing. "You put him in a cage?" The man said that he had to do that because he didnít want the furniture wrecked. The cloth is removed and Todd peers inside shocked at what he finds. This has to be a joke. The cage has a big hairy animal in there. They are not even sure what the thing is. There has been some mistake. There has been some misunderstanding. The man got the animal home, but he has a little boy upstairs. The child is called Little Jeeter. Todd is suspicious of Little Jeeter. If anyone wants to get Little Jeeter from this man they are going to have to pry the child from his dead cold hands. Todd starts sneezing. He has allergies and he leaves the house. He returns later thinking that no one is around. He goes to the babyís nursery and there is a nurse with him. Todd hides and when the nurse leaves he goes to the baby and picks him up. He introduces himself to the child, telling him that he is the childís father. Todd tells the child that he is getting him out of there and no one is going to call him Jeeter ever again.

Cristian tells Jessica that she canít stay with him while she is in New York. She doesnít want to be alone. He would like to help her, but he canít. She can tell that something is going on. The stalker is watching them through the window and he sees two policemen go into the diner where Jessica and Cristian are. Jessica is getting very suspicious and she refuses to leave the diner until he tells her what is going on.

Jessicaís real mother shows up at Vikiís and she tells Natalie that she read in the paper where she was and that's the reason she is there. Natalie is sure that the woman is only out to get money. The woman says that she would like to protect Natalie. Viki is going to pay. Natalie tells her that Viki had to go to her (Natalie's) grandfather's funeral that day.

Viki is visiting Blair and they discuss Todd leaving Blair and Blair losing her baby. Blair thinks that she shouldnít have told Todd the truth. He was scared and she thought that he was going to take Starr from him. She had to tell him the truth. When he finally believed her he didnít say anything. He just looked at her and she could tell that he was just so hurt. Then he walked out. When Todd is hurting he has to hide. Viki is sure that Todd will come back. Viki knows that Todd will be back because of Starr. Starr changed him. When he came back from Ireland and saw Starr, a whole world opened up for him. The first time that Blair told him that she was pregnant by him everything changed for him. Now, that hope is gone, like the baby. Starr is taking things pretty good. She is a tough little girl. She was sad because Asa wasnít coming back. Blair took her to the park so that she could feed the ducks. She doesnít like the ducks anymore. It is boring for her now. When Jessica was Starrís age, she used to be in love with the ducks and the Canadian Geese. Blair asks Viki about the article in the paper. Viki tells her that Jessica will always be her daughter. Viki admits that Jessica is not her biological daughter. This is really tough on Viki. The both of them are so close. They are going to get through this. Viki has a lot of concerns about Natalie, but whatever she has done, she is still Vikiís daughter. Viki shows Blair the paper that was delivered during the watching of Asaís Will. This was supposed to be the day when Blairís baby was to be born. She bought a snowsuit for the baby and she thinks that she should take it back. Blair tells Viki that she has to love her children because she could lose them in the blink of an eye. Someone is at the door. Blair goes to answer. It is Sam, who greets the ladies. Viki tells him that she is hanging in there. She has to leave, but will keep in touch. Viki was there because someone wrote a terrible article about her family in the paper. She thought that Todd was the one that wrote the article. Blair is afraid that Todd is going to take Starr from her again. Sam thinks that there is nothing to worry about. Sam will try to see what he can find out for her. Sam is leaving, but he will call her later. He wants her to relax. She lets him out and waits. Where is Todd? What is he up to? The phone rings. It is Todd calling her. He is holding the baby and he has something to tell her.

Al comes to see Jennifer at the studio. The owner is trying to make him go away. She says that Jennifer is busy right now. The photographer is on the other side of the door coming on to her. She is not very happy with him. He wants to do the shoot with the door locked. He tells her that the key to a successful career as a model is to keep the photographer happy. He can make or break her career. Shauna would have been willing to do anything for a chance like Jennifer. There is a reason why some girls make it and other girls donít. Jennifer tells him that if it is what it takes to be a success, then that is what she will do. She says that she wants to be a model and she will do whatever it takes to make that happen. She moves closer and closer to him. She pushes him over and that is when Al breaks in and a fight starts. Cristian happens to call the studio at that point and he hears Jennifer scream. Al gets everything under control and the owner of the studio says that he has to leave. The owner says that she will call the police, but Al has to go. The owner goes after the photographer. Jennifer was under some pressure with the photographer. She sees that Cristian is in the doorway so she kisses Al passionately so that Cristian can see.

Cristian has just heard Jennifer scream on the phone and he has to go. Jessica wants to know what is going on, but he doesnít tell her anything. The stalker is outside watching Cristian getting ready to go and he wonders what is going on. Cristian leaves and then the stalker sees that Jessica is sitting all alone and a smile comes to his face. He walks in the diner and asks Jessica if he can sit with her.

Viki comes home to find Natalie being told that she is worthless by her fake mother Roxy, so Viki tells Roxy to stop this. She has Natalie crying from the things that she is saying. Roxy says that she is there to see her daughter and she is not going anywhere. Where is her little Jessie?