OLTL Update Thursday 11/15/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/15/01

By Glynis

Jessica is telling Viki that she would like to find her biological mother. Viki tries to get her to change her mind about that. They will talk about this later. Jessica leaves and Ben walks in and tells Ben that Jessica can’t meet that woman. Ben thinks that Jessica will be fine if she meets this woman. She is not going to change overnight.

Jessica is at her modeling shoot and she is a natural. Cristian used to tell her that. They are waiting for the new hired man to show up and take her pictures. Jennifer has no idea that the man that is going to take her pictures is Cristian. He arrives and is about to walk through the door. He enters the studio and soon gets in a conversation with the owner about a place that he used to know. Cristian leaves to get the rest of his things. Jennifer comes into the room and from her conversation, the owner thinks that Jennifer might know her new hire Mark.

All gather for Asa’s funeral. Nigel appears telling Bo that he can’t stay for the funeral because he wouldn’t be able to hold his tongue is he saw Gabrielle shedding big crocodile tears at the funeral. He leaves, but he will stay in touch with Bo. They hug and Nigel leaves. Bo makes a call to his doctor that is doing the tests on Asa’s samples. There is something else that Bo wants him to check for. He wants the doctor to look for a chemical that can act as a poison.

Todd goes to see David and he wants to know where the baby is. Todd tells him that he will hurt him if he doesn’t tell him where that baby is. David wonders if Todd would put out a big reward for that baby. David guesses that Todd gave away his own baby. The boy is his. David is stalling and he figures out that Todd thought that the baby was someone else. There is a knock at the door and Todd answers to room service. He goes to the waiter and grabs the knife then slams the door. Todd turns to David telling him that he has till 3 to tell him where the baby is. Todd starts advancing on David and finally David admits that he doesn’t know where the baby is.

Natalie is out with Alison and she is telling Alison that she should get expensive things. Natalie decides to do as she is told. They are at Seth’s restaurant and he is not happy to see them. Alison seems to have a lot of cash and she tips Seth handsomely.

Blair arrives at the church with Starr to light a candle for the baby and they find out that Asa died. Starr would like to stay for the funeral. She really wants to see the body. First they go to light a candle for the baby… Viki, Ben and Jessica arrive and are greeted by Bo at the funeral. Bo is going to say a few words that he hopes will have an effect on some of the people there that day. Soon everyone is there. There are 4 women in veils at the funeral. Renée has a bad feeling about this. The minister asks if any of Asa’s wives would like to speak. They all say, "Yes". Slowly, one by one all 4 women remove their veils.

Cristian’s stalker is in New York looking for Cristian, but if he doesn’t find Cristian he may have to take Jennifer as a consolation prize.