OLTL Update Wednesday 11/14/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/14/01

By Glynis

Nora is ready when Troy comes to pick her up. She looks beautiful and he looks very handsome too. Sam called and he is going to meet them at The Palace. Troy tells her that the latest studies show that she can regain her memories with a 50% success rate. Nora tells him that she has everything that she wants right now and she is building a new life now and that is enough. She is going to stop worrying about Lindsay. She wants to move on and build her future. They have a lot to be thankful for.

Max is playing catch with the urn when Bo comes over. Gabrielle takes the urn from him. It is supposed to be the remains of Asa that are in there. Bo wants to know why Gabrielle got his father cremated? Max is listening from another room. She cremated the body because Bo didn’t need the body anymore. Bo may have needed to do more tests on the body but now he can’t. She apologizes. She didn’t mean to disturb the investigation. She asks if he wanted to do more tests. He tells her that may have wanted to do more tests now. He turns and walks from the house. Max comes out and asks Gabrielle what is going to happen now.

Todd and Blair are still talking about the baby and Todd is telling Blair that he thought that the baby that Blair was carrying was Max’s so he let it go. Blair doesn’t understand that. She thinks that he is blaming himself for something that isn’t’ his fault. She wouldn’t have gotten through all this if it weren’t for everything that Todd did for her. That meant so much. She knew that he would be hurt if she told him that the baby was his, so she kept her mouth shut. She thought that it would be easier if he understood that the baby was his. She thinks that he will never be able to forgive her and that is why she wanted to tell him the truth so that he wouldn’t feel responsible. She wants him to admit to her that he never did anything wrong with the baby. Todd can’t say that. Todd thinks that he needs to stop thinking about the baby. He was so tiny but he was sweet. Todd got to hold him and he was perfect. Todd remembers when he found out that the baby was a boy. They were both so happy. Todd has to do right by this kid. He didn’t treat the kid properly. Blair thinks that Todd did a fine job. He did everything that he could for that child she thinks. She asks him to forgive her and she will try to make this up to him in some other way. She swears that she will spend the rest of her life trying to prove how much she loves him. She only wanted to have a family with him and the new baby and Starr. She is crying now. They could still have that if he lets them. Todd thinks that it might be too late to have a family with him.

Jennifer is having her modeling appointment and she is doing very well at it. The doorbell rings and the agent goes to answer. It is Cristian at the door coming for a job with the company. He is brought in and wants the job right away. Jennifer is in another room and doesn’t know that Cristian is in the front office. Cristian gets the job and will start first thing in the morning. Jennifer comes into the front office to learn that a man has been hired to do her shoot the following morning.

Nora is at The Palace looking for Renée but she is nowhere to be found. She must be upset over Asa’s death. Nora goes into a ladies room looking for Renée and Lindsay walks in behind her. This happened once before. Lindsay tells her that before she saved Nora’s life and this is the night that she collects. Nora just stares at her. Nora thinks that Lindsay has only been hurting her. Lindsay thinks that she has been the one that has been hurt and she continues to be hurt. She thinks that Sam is using all his attention on Nora. Both Lindsay’s children are out in the world because of Nora taking up all Sam’s time. Nora thinks that Lindsay is the one that pushed her kids away. Lindsay wants to know about Nora and Sam, but Nora tells her that is not her business. Nora is getting closer to Sam, but maybe Nora will throw her the bouquet. Lindsay tells Nora that she can run away, but she can’t run from what Lindsay did to her. Nora stops and turns to face Lindsay, as her interest has been peaked. She has things with Sam that Nora is never going to have. She has memories of Sam. She tells Nora that she hurt Sam so badly that he couldn’t breathe. She remembers having her children, but Nora can’t remember having Matthew. Sam and Troy come into the ladies room and Sam drags Lindsay out of the room. Troy asks Nora what is wrong. He offers to do something for her if she needs him to and she says that there is something that he can do for her. She wants him to help her to remember everything.

Bo comes to see Renée at The Palace and he can tell that she is having a terrible time. She misses Asa and she feels that she has failed him. She is the one that is ultimately responsible for Asa marrying Gabrielle. Bo tells her that Gabrielle had Asa cremated. Renée knows that Asa wouldn’t have wanted that. Why would she do that? To destroy evidence? That was what she was trying to do but she was unsuccessful because Bo has all the samples that he wants and needs for testing.