OLTL Update Tuesday 11/13/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/13/01

By Glynis

Troy talks to Nora on the phone and again he tries to get her to do the memory treatment to get her memory back. Nora is not interested. They are going to meet later that night to celebrate Matthew’s recovery. He gets off the phone and Lindsay is at the door. She wants to know what he wants to talk to her about. She can tell that this is about Nora. She wants to know what is going on with Sam and Nora. She has had a rocky time with Sam. She tells the history between them and Troy can see that. Lindsay is still in love with Sam. She denies that and says that she has to go. She has a meeting at the palace. She leaves and Troy smiles to himself. He happens to be going to the Palace with Sam and Nora that night to celebrate the recovery of Matthew.

Blair finally tells Todd the truth. She tells him that the baby was his. He tells her that they can still get married. He tells her that was not his kid. That couldn’t be his kid. She looks at him questioningly. She tells him that the baby was conceived the one night that they were together. This is a mess. She tells him that the baby was premature. She thinks that he is hurt because the baby was premature.

Keri sees that Nora is dressed up and Nora announces that she is going to have a special evening with Sam. Nora explained the tension with Sam and Troy. Sam believes in her and her future. Sam was the one that thought that they should get together with Troy for the future. She can do it if he can. She would love to have a future with Sam. They two of them have something very special. Nora would like to talk about Keri’s love life. She explains that her time with Antonio was a little bumpy but now things are just great. She is going to see him again. He is a wonderful dancer. Keri wants to hear more about Sam. Nora was in love with Sam before but she doesn’t remember it now. It was so awful what happened to her back then. Nora has to focus on the present and the future. This time, if she is going to fall in love with Sam, she is going to remember it all.

Starr is talking with Sam and she asks him to help her to get her parents married. Todd comes out from talking with Blair and he wants to know if they believe that the baby that Blair was carrying was his. Starr jumps in shock of what she is hearing. Todd sees that and gets Starr to admit that she had a secret with her mommy. She kept it from him so that he wouldn’t try to hurt her mother. Blair appears and tells Starr to tell daddy the truth. Todd wants to hear the truth. Starr says that her mommy wrote a letter and put it in the collage. It was a letter to Todd and it was in the collage. Todd wants to know what the letter said. Blair is willing to tell him but he wants to hear the truth from his daughter. She tells Todd that the letter said that the letter said that the baby was his and she wasn’t going to tell him because she was afraid that he would get upset. Sam believes Blair because she needed advice back then and Sam advised her. Sam assures him that the baby was his. Todd is upset and he is becoming sarcastic. Sam tells him to call the hospital and check the records that will prove that the baby that Todd got rid of was really his. Todd says that Sam was supposed to be on his side and he was not. Blair tells Sam that he should go. Blair assures him that she will be okay. Sam tells Todd that he shouldn’t let this come between him and Blair. Sam turns and leaves. Blair asks Todd again if he believes her now that the baby that she had was his son. He remembers Sam telling him to go and talk to Blair about something. Todd told his daughter that the baby isn’t’ a real brother to her. It had nothing to do with Todd. Todd realizes that it was true that he really was the father of the baby. Blair nods her head at him in agreement.

Cristian and Jennifer are together at school and he is convincing her to go to New York. He tells her that she shouldn’t worry because Cristian might be there. They say their good-byes and he watches her leave.

Lindsay arrives at the Palace and Renée is there. Renée is very short with her. Lindsay thinks that she is being miserable because she recently lost Asa. Renée tells her that people can’t bare her any longer because they can stand her. She walks off, but Lindsay thinks that she is not saying things about her that are true. She remembers Nora, her daughter, her ex-husband, everyone telling her to get lost. Nora brought that out in Colin’s murder trial. Lindsay hated that time.

Cristian is in New York looking for jobs in the paper. He finds one for a Photographer’s Assistant…

Jennifer is in New York and she is going to see the modeling agency that is interested in her. She rings the doorbell. "Here goes nothing."