OLTL Update Monday 11/12/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 11/12/01

By Glynis

Jessica comes downstairs and hears Seth telling Natalie that he is not going to have anything to do with her until she stops torturing Jessica. She thinks that she had to do things this way. She is nobody’s dirty little secret. He thought that he knew everything about her but she seems evil. He is no better than she is. She reminds Seth that he loved breaking her heart. Seth didn’t enjoy doing that to Jessica. He hopes that she is happy now because now she is all alone. He came there to see Jessica. He sees her and she runs from him. Seth offers Jessica some flowers that he brought. He wants to talk with her alone.

Lindsay talks to her daughter after hearing her talk to Al about making love. Lindsay is only glad that Jennifer had the good sense to go on the pill before sleeping with Al. Jennifer turns from her mother remembering the night of lovemaking with Al. Did she take her pill? Jennifer doesn’t want to talk about this. Lindsay wonders if the thing with Al could be long-term. Jennifer tells her that they are only friends. Jennifer trusts him and she can be honest with him. Lindsay is glad to hear that. Jennifer doesn’t want to talk to her mother about anything. Jennifer thinks that Lindsay only wants her to be with Al because he is rich. Lindsay remarks that Al is such a nice man and it is true that when Asa dies, Al is going to make a lot of money. Jennifer tells her that Asa is dead. Lindsay didn’t know that.

RJ bursts in as Hank is talking to Rae. He was looking for Carrie. Hank wants to know what he has to do with Carrie and RJ wants to know what Hank has to do with her. RJ says that there is something about her. Hank doesn’t like that kind of talk and warns his brother to stay away from Carrie. Now RJ is really interested. Why exactly should he stay away from Carrie? Rae breaks up the fight and RJ leaves. Hank tells her that RJ can never know of his possible connection to Carrie.

Chad asks for Al to help him get with Jennifer and Al almost beats him up. Chad can figure out easily that Al must be seeing her on the side. Chad tells him that Cristian is tattooed on Jennifer’s brain and he should just walk away from her because no one is worth all this grief.

Blair and Todd talk about their canceling the marriage earlier. They both are keeping secrets from each other. Both are suspicious of the other and what has been kept secret. They did their best wth the baby. She believes that he did everything that he could to make things better. He wants to know what she was going to say about the baby. What she has to tell him is really bad. He thinks that nothing can be that bad. What she has to tell him is about the baby and his connection to Todd.

Starr is spilling her guts to Sam. She tells him that there is a fear that the baby is not Todd’s. She believes that her mother is going to screw this up.

Carrie is at Antonio’s house and she explains to him that she thought that when she found her father he would have wanted to be a part of her life. Antonio lost his father when he died and he too was lost for a while. He got some special people that pushed him and helped him. Bo…Nora…Hank Gannon were some of the people that mentored him. He helped Antonio get into Law School when that was highly unlikely. Lunchtime is over and she has to go back to her teaching. Antonio would still like her to help him finish his paper. If he can get his paper signed off; he would like to get to know his teacher better.

Jennifer announces that she is going to go to New York and Lindsay wants to go with her. Al comes up telling Lindsay that Jennifer wants to be alone. Lindsay tells him to take care of her because she trusts him more than she trusts her mother. Lindsay leaves and Al confronts her about being completely honest with him. She denies that she hasn’t been honest with him. He feels that she is going to New York to see Cristian.