OLTL Update Friday 11/09/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 11/9/01

Written By Glynis

Sam and Todd are ready for the wedding. Todd looks a little scared. He says that he is not ready to get married. Todd canít stop pacing. He is nervous about the wedding. Sam doesnít believe that. He is only acting manic but that is how Todd is. Todd looks like he is ready to explode. Sam wants to know what has changed. He is afraid that he canít move on. What if they are all stuck. Sam canít believe that Todd may dump Blair at the altar again. Toddís problems are complicated. Father Andrew comes in with Starr and Blair ready to have a wedding. The ceremony starts and Todd and Blair listen to the words of the minister carefully. The minister talks of trust. Father Andrew can see that Todd is extremely nervous. It is time for the vows. Blair is asked to say, "I do" to her vows but there is a long pause instead. All turn their eyes on her. She canít do it. She says, "I am sorry, Todd, but I canít marry you."

Viki has found Natalie looking sad and he would like to talk to her again. Natalie tells her that there is no way that she is going to get her out of the house because she is never leaving. Viki tells her that she went to see the woman that raised Natalie. Natalie thinks that Viki was looking for something to dig up on Natalie. Viki wanted to try to understand Natalie. Natalie doesnít believe her.

Troy and Nora are talking and he tells her that there has been a new treatment and she could get back most of her memory. She feels that she canít do this. Nora trusts him, it is not that. He doesnítí understand. She wants to get her memory back but there is something holding her back. Troy knows who did this to her. Lindsay was the one. Nora wants to move on with Sam and Matthew. He thinks that she is telling him that she is marrying Sam, but she tells him that she isnít. She is trying to get her life back and maybe then she will see about getting married. Troy wishes her nothing but the best. She likes that. She gets her things and will see Troy later that night for dinner. She thanks him for researching the new treatment for Matthew. She leaves and Troy starts thinking. He goes to his phone book and dials Lindsay. He leaves her a message that he needs to talk to her. It is life or death.

Lindsay is at the school and the girls that have been giving Jennifer a hard time get in Lindsayís face. Al comes by to talk to Lindsay.

Jennifer is at the school talking to Jessica. Jennifer tells her that she broke up with Cristian. It is all around campus. Jessica is sorry for her breaking up. Jennifer has no idea where he is and she says that she doesnít care. Lindsay walks up to the two girls and asks Jessica what she thinks she is doing? Jessica leaves and Al comes to talk with Jennifer. She tells her mother that she is going to New York to do a photo shoot. Lindsay leaves them to take a call and Al tells Jennifer that he really is going to miss her when she is gone. He wants to know the real reason why Jennifer is leaving. Is that because they made love the other night? Lindsay is hiding and listening to the conversation of the two.

Antonio tells his mother that he is doing fine with his lessons. He reports that Cristian is fine and if everything works out, Cristian will be back to Llanview soon. She is there to pick up some papers and Antonio goes to get them. He is in a good mood and his mother notices that. He tells her that he has been enjoying his after noon. She finds a Valentineís card from someone that he used to be with. The last few years have been hard for Antonio. He is happy and hasn't been this happy in a long time.

Rae confronts Hank on what is going on with him and Carrie. Hank tells her that Carrie thinks that he is her father.

Jessica comes home and hears Natalie and Viki arguing. She wants to know what is going on. Natalie storms off and Viki tells Jessica that Natalie is going on about nothing. Jessica can tell that Viki doesnít know the news yet. She tells Viki that Asa died the night before.

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