OLTL Update Thursday 11/08/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/8/01

By Glynis

Troy is in his office on his computer. He is reading newspaper articles and finds some on Nora. He reads about Lindsay too.

Blair is trying to tell Todd something important but Starr is interrupting. Todd wants to get on with the wedding plans for the day. They can talk about whatever it is later.

Sam comes to see Nora. Asa dying reminds her that they have to grab all the happiness that they can. They have lost a lot of time together. She is smiling and he likes to see that. They are going to go out that night. Sam would like to spend the whole day with her and have a picnic or go hiking. They are planning too much that canít be done in a day. Sam wants nothing to come between them ever again. He kisses her lips. She would like to put the whole episode of the past behind her. She would really like that. The phone rings and Sam tries to get Nora out of there but she insists on him answering the door. He answers and it is Todd telling him that he is getting married that day. Sam has plans but he guesses that he can change them. Sam tells Nora who would like to come to the wedding. The unlucky bridge apparently is Blair. By the time that they get there the wedding might be cancelled. They can still have dinner tonight at a restaurant. Nora suggests that they invite Troy to come with them and Sam is fine with that. When dinner is over with Troy, Sam wants to make sure that it is just the two of them alone. Nora likes that.

Lindsay talks to RJ and tells him that Troy was asking questions about Nora. Troy seems to be poking around Noraís memories but Lindsay is determined to stay out of it.

Bo talks with Max and Gabrielle and tells them that Max was taking the right doses of medicine but his heart gave out anyway. That is strange because Max and Gabrielle reported that Asa wasnít taking his medication when in fact he was taking it. Max thinks that the problem might have been Asa eating too much red meat and bourbon. Bo leaves and Gabrielle canít believe that the autopsy report didnít show any foul play. Asaís heart really did stop by itself. I guess that is it. It seems that it is all over.

Viki is talking to Roxanne who was the woman that took care of Natalie all these years. Her husband died many years ago. Alison was looking for a place to stay and she offered to look after the baby for a couple of weeks. After Alison left, Roxanne had to take care of her baby herself and the baby was constantly crying and screaming all the time. Roxanne was never cut out to be a mother. She canít stand children and she never could. Her child is a lot better off without her and Roxanne knows that she is a lot better off without her mother. Viki leaves the house and she tells Ben that she couldnít tell Roxanne about Jessica and she is sorry that Natalie ever got to know the woman too.

Natalie and Seth are having a heart to heart. She wants to share everything with him. He tells her that she can get the rest of what she wants, but she canít have him. He hopes that her efforts are worth it. She goes off to the park by herself. She is crying and telling herself that this is worth it. Viki returns home and finds Natalie crying to herself.

Nora shows up at Troyís house and he invites her in. Matthew is fine and that is all that Troy wants to hear. Nora invites him to dinner with she and Sam. It was Samís idea. Troy agrees to have dinner with them. Nora has something for him. It is some artwork from her son. Troy is flattered but he thinks that Matthew thinks too much of him.

Father Andrew comes to the door to see Blair and Todd. He has just come back from Africa. Blair is shocked to hear that Father Andrew is going to do the ceremony for them. Blair is shocked. Father Andrew goes to sit in the livingroom. They only have to wait for Sam to get there. After they get married they are going to be happy as can be. Todd starts up the stairs to get reedy. Blair goes to the door and finds Sam there. He enters and canít believe that she is really going to go through with it. She tells him that she hasnít told him about the baby yet. She tells him that it isnít time to tell Todd the truth about the baby. She has made up her mind and things have to be this way.

Gabrielle is making a phone call. She is trying to get her husband cremated immediately.