OLTL Update Tuesday 11/06/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/6/01

By Glynis

Todd, Starr and Blair are celebrating Blair accepting his proposal and Todd gets a call from his friend who he has given the baby to so that Blair thinks that her baby is dead. When Todd answers the phone, David says, "Trick or Treat". Todd tells Blair and Starr that they should go ahead doing ‘trick or treat’ and he will meet up with them later. Blair and Starr leave. Todd goes back to the phone call. Todd just wants the child to disappear and if David ever calls him again, he is going to make the child disappear. There is someone at the door and Todd answers to a kid that isn’t dressed up at all for Halloween. He asks Todd, "Come on…can’t you tell who I am?" Todd is very sarcastic to the kid and gives him some candy. He closes the door and turns to walk back into the house but instead he finds the same kid standing inside the house in front of him. The child has the same facial scar that Todd has. He is trying to figure out who the hell this kid is. Todd is sure that the kid was sent there by David. The kid tells him that he only wants to be with his mother. The last time that he saw her he was in Mexico. The kid has details about Todd getting rid of this kid that Todd never told anyone about. Todd turns to get away from the kid and again the kid appears in front of him. The kid will never get lost. He will come back every time. They will never really be rid of him.

Ben and Viki remember the last Halloween that they had together. He goes to the kitchen to make some candy apples and Viki goes to the door to answer it finding a woman dressed in smutty clothes who says, "Trick or Treat toots." It is Alison dressed up for Halloween.

One of Ms. Reynolds students sees her out on her date with Antonio and he comes over to talk to her. He is surprised to find a professor there. He thinks that she looks really hot. He asks her if she would like to go out with him the following night. She tells him that she can’t go out with him because he is a student.

Jessica is at school and looks up to see Seth standing over her. She is very sarcastic to him. He wants to apologize to her again but she doesn’t want to hear it. He tells her that everything is going to be okay. He talked to Natalie and she only wants the inheritance. She will leave after that. Jessica hopes that Natalie will take him with her when she goes.

Gabrielle is having a nervous breakdown. She thought that she just saw Asa appear to her. The doorbell rings and Gabrielle answers to Starr who is Trick or Treating. Gabrielle wants the child to come into the house and keep her company. She wonders if Asa is there but Gabrielle tells her that Asa is not there. She tells the child that she has great treats and she has to come into the house to get them. Starr enters. She gives Starr some food in a plate in order to get her to stay with her but Starr wants out of there and she leaves right away. Gabrielle is freaked out. She doesn’t want to be there by herself. She is sure that Asa is haunting her. Renée shows up and she demands for Gabrielle to tell her what she did to him. Gabrielle shouts that she loved Asa. Asa has had many wives and only one of them really knew who really was and that was Renée. Renée asks her, "How did you kill him?" This is only half the harassment that Renée has for her. Once that autopsy report is back Renée is sure that Gabrielle will be dragged out of the house in chains. Renée leaves the house and Asa appears again. Gabrielle screams at the sight of him. Max appears and holds her to him. She tells him that she needs him. She begs him to stay with her.

Ben tells Viki that he has some news from Jessica’s real mother. She has been in Atlantic City. She has been so close all along.

Antonio takes his date home and stands at her door. She may be intimidating but not to him. He is used to strong women. The next night she will be grading papers, but he would like to take her out again. She can’t. She had a wonderful time but she thinks that they should get his paper squared away first. He leans to kiss her and Matthew comes running out of the house to greet her and that is the end of the date.