OLTL Update Monday 11/05/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 11/05/01

By Glynis

Al and Jennifer are kissing and he is glad that they are together. He worries that she doesnít want him as much as he wants her. She means a lot to him and he doesnít want her to be something that she isnít. HE wants only her. They kiss some more. Al and Cristian gets dressed. They are in the park and should get back to their cars. She has something to say. She felt that her life was over after Cristian. He knows what that feels like. He showed her that the end of Cristian is not the end of the world. She seems to be saying goodbye to him. Could she be saying that after making love to him?

Todd and Blair are in the house talking about him making romantic gestures to her. She wants him to take the next step with her. She has to know if he is proposing marriage to her. She thinks that he may be feeling responsible for the death of the baby. Todd has flashbacks about orchestrating the death of the child. He suddenly gets angry and offers Blair a ring as part of his proposal. Starr is at the top of the stairs watching and she shouts to her mother, "Donít do it mommy!" she comes down the stairs in her little nunís habit. Todd has a moment of honesty with Blair as Starr watches. He gets on his knees and holds the ring up. "I promise you that if you marry me, you will never regret it." Blair looks at him smiling and she turns to her daughter, then she nods her head Ďyesí.

Antonio and his teacher pretend that they havenít met before because they donít want Nora to know about them. Nora sends Antonio out with Hankís daughter. Nora was the one that set the date up and they didnít realize that they were going to be together. She tells him that he can go and do something else if he wants. He is afraid that Nora may check up on them so they decide to go on the date. They go to a salsa bar where the music is lively and the party is jumping. They get a table and sit. He tells her how he met Nora because of charges against him for murder. Some date. Antonio has been on worse dates than this. He believes that he is fun to be with and he sets out to prove that to her. She thinks that they are too different. He wants to see if there are things that they have in common. She loves animals and poetry and she hates people that donít take responsibility for the things that they have done. He likes to cook and read and dance. He hates people that picks on everyone else. Her cell phone starts ringing and he tries to ignore it, but she answers it. It is the Dean and she has to take the call. She leaves the table to take the call privately. She returns and they share a dance together.

Asa is dead. Max and Gabrielle are deciding what they should do to cover for their actions. Max thinks that they are not hiding anything so it doesnít matter what they do.

Bo is talking to Renťe and he is trying to find out what may have happened to Asa. She doesnít want to tell tales on Asa. Renťe only knows that the moment that Asa married Gabrielle, he did the stupidest thing in his life.

Bo comes to Gabrielle and Max to talk to them some more. Gabrielle says that Asa was very happy. Bo finds that hard to believe as Gabrielle said that she told Asa about her slipping up with Max. She says that she was having a lovely chat with Asa about life. Jessica stopped by and they realized what was really important. They held hands and Asa told her that he loved her. The truth is that Asa told her that she was going to end up with nothing. Max was with Gabrielle when Asa had his heart attack. Max doesnít mind saying what he was talking with Gabrielle about. They were discussing her telling him that she was in love with Asa. That is a lie also. Gabrielle wants to know if Bo still thinks that they have something to hide. Bo believes that his father was a giant of a man and that Gabrielle and Max are not worth the dirt that Asa walked on. He believes that they are not holding any information on Asaís death. He thanks them for coming by and they get up together to leave the office. Once they are gone Bo gives orders that Max and Gabrielle are to be watched and if Max spends the night there he is to be told immediately.

Bo comes to see Nora and he has bad news about him and his heart again. This time it is fatal. Nora finds the couch and sits. Asa loved Nora especially when she stood up to him. She is so sorry to be hearing this. She loved that old man terribly. No one loved Asa more than Bo did and Asa didnít make that easy. Bo has been disinherited so many times that Bo has lost count. They wish that he were there.