OLTL Update Monday 10/29/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 10/29/01

By Suzanne

Max and Asa continue to argue about Asa's scheme to set Max up for his murder; Gabrielle is hiding behind the couch.  Max says his plan is failed; Asa says he's wrong.  Asa taunts Max that Al is his son now.  Max gets riled up; Asa walks out on him.  Gabrielle stops Max from going after Asa physically and maybe spilling that he knows about the plan.  She wants to use it against Asa.  Max is entertaining her idea of killing Asa for real.  Gabrielle tells Max that they'd be a family if Asa died.  He says it took a lot of guts for her to tell him what Asa had planned.  She says that once she realized what Asa planned, she had no choice.  They have a bond and she couldn't bear to see him go through what she did in prison.  She admits she wanted to blame him for what happened to her, but she realized it wasn't his fault.  She says she would do anything for him.  Max keeps pondering whether he should kill Asa or not.  He asks why she married him in the first place.  She says it was a mistake.  She thought she could marry Asa and be close to Max without being affected.  She says she's fallen in love with him all over again.  Max says he has feelings for her, too.

Sam and Nora are at the hospital with their son, Matthew.  Troy is taking blood for tests; he says things are looking good so far.  Nora and Sam thank Troy sincerely for everything he's done.  He says it's the least he can do, given what Colin did.  Matthew asks if this will really make him better.  Nora and Sam reassure their son.  He wants water but he wants Troy to get it so Nora goes to find him.   

Troy finds Lindsay waiting for him in his office.  She is steamed at him for telling Bo the truth about the test results.  She blames him for Bo breaking it off with Melanie; she thought they had a deal.  He says they never had a deal.  She plans to exact revenge.  He says he would never lie to a patient about his medical condition.  She says he's just pretending to be so ethnical and that he's worse than Colin because he's more two-faced.  Nora hears Lindsay yelling at Troy and comes to his defense.  Nora tells Lindsay what a caring and compassionate man Troy is, and how he's a " wonderfully gifted doctor".  Nora tells Lindsay she shouldn't compare Troy to Colin, who was a monster.  Lindsay doesn't care what Nora says and is sarcastic, as usual.  Troy tells Nora that she doesn't have to defend him.  Nora thinks it's time that people in town realize he's not Colin.  Lindsay figures that Nora and Troy got to know each other, but she means it in a sleazy way.  Nora gets annoyed and says yes, but not in the way she means it.  Lindsay retorts, " Well, we all know how the MacIver men throw themselves at your feet. Of course, they usually need a little push down the stairs first".  Nora can't believe Lindsay would say such things when Matthew is fighting for his life.  Lindsay is shocked; it's the first she's heard of it.  Nora tells her how sick he is.  Lindsay feels bad for Sam.

Jen remembers good times with Cristian and also when he broke up with her.  She hears footsteps and in her reverie, thinks it's Cristian, but it's Al.  Al asks if she's waiting for Cris.  He knows she hangs out there sometimes.  Al's been worried about her because he hasn't seen her in class lately.  He tells her that she won the modeling contest that he entered her in.  She gets to go on a photo shoot and $500.  She's happy.  He says now she can get the present for Cris that she wanted to get.  She says no, he doesn't deserve it.  He asks what happened.  She doesn't want to say but eventually says that Cris used her, lied to her, and never loved her.  Al tells Jen he's sorry that she and Cris broke up.  She says Al hated Cris anyway.  Al protests that he just hated the way Cris treated her.  She says that Al knew all along that Cris would hurt her.  She berates herself for continuing to believe Cris' lies.  Al corrects her and says she's not stupid.  He consoles her.  She's still in love with Cris, even though she wishes she weren't.  Al says he can listen if she needs someone.  She wonders why he would.  He reminds her that she saved him from the accident and hung around when he needed her.  Jen says she doesn't want to dump her problems on Al.  He doesn't mind; he wants to help.

David expresses his sympathy to Blair while Todd watches (and tries to get rid of David).  David is about to spill the beans about the baby when Todd says he's going to buy into David's investment scheme, to triple his money.  Todd sends Blair off to pack and argues with David, who wants quadruple the amount of money.  He threatens to tell Blair about the baby.  Todd and David argue more about money.  Todd finally gives him more and tells him that's it, no more.  But there's a catch.  He wants David to take the baby with him and never mention the father.  David is reluctant at first but agrees; he doesn't know who the father is, anyway.  Todd tells him that he has to forget the mother, too.  David agrees.

Meanwhile, Blair thinks to herself that Todd doesn't know what he lost.

Troy thanks Nora for defending him.  Nora says that if Lindsay thinks he's a bad person, he must be a-ok.  She meant what she said.  She tells him that Matthew wants to see Dr. Troy.  Sam tells Matthew the story of the day he was born, how they were stuck in the snow storm.  Lindsay arrives, looking concerned.  She says she came as soon as she heard and she's sorry.  Sam tells her not to be, everything's going to be fine.  They move away from Matthew so he can't hear.  She says that Matthew and Sam will be in her prayers.  He hopes she'll include Nora, too.  She says of course, because she's his mother.  She says she knows what it's like because Will once had a terrible case of chicken pox.  She manages to get into another argument with Sam about Nora.  Nora comes in and tells her to get out.  Troy returns to Matthew's room and gets him the water he asked for long ago...Nora and Sam hug; he tells her that Matthew is going to get better.  Troy watches them intently; so does Lindsay, who pokes her head back into the room.  She watches Troy, too.  Troy goes to get someone to change Matthew's IV.  Matthew tells Nora about the story Sam told him.  Matthew asks if Sam can come live with them after he's all better.

Todd gives David the baby.   David promises to find him a good home, but Todd doesn't really care at this point.  Todd asks how will he know that David won't show up on his doorstep, asking for more money?  David says he's in trouble with the law there so he can't go back.  Todd says, "That's good because, you know, if I could take a baby away from somebody that I "like" like, imagine what I could do to somebody that I don't like at all."  David turns to leave but Blair calls out to him to wait.  David says he's leaving (but he doesn't turn because the baby is in his arms).  Blair thanks him for the sweet things he said about the baby.