OLTL Update Monday 10/15/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 10/15/01

By Kelly


Cris tells Jen he doesn’t love her. She says she doesn’t believe him.  Cris says he has been lying to her. He says she’s not his only girl in his life.  Carlotta asks Antonio when Cris is going to be safe.  Cris says he cheated on Jen more than once.  He says he only told her he loved her so he could get her into bed.  He says the pictures and kiss with Shauna were real.  He says Lindsay was right all along.  Cris says goodbye to her, Carlotta, and Antonio, and leaves.  Jen bursts into tears.  Antonio tries to comfort her, but she pushes him away.  She talks to Carlotta.  Cris tells RJ he lost everything because of him.   


Natalie says she has proof she’s Vicki’s daughter.  She took DNA from both Vicki and Clint and had it tested with her own.  She has the results.  She took hair from Vicki’s hairbrush and Clint’s hair from Jessica’s locket.  Seth feels bad, so Natalie takes him into the other room to yell at him.  She thinks he told Jessica the truth.  Jessica overhears and says she found out on her own.  Seth tells Jessica he’s sorry.  Jessica says she doesn’t want to talk to them again.  Vicki looks at the DNA results and has Ben look at them.  Natalie is mad at Seth for being nice to Jessica.  Seth tells her she doesn’t have a heart.  Vicki thinks the results are just what they want them to be.  She says that sad, pathetic little creature can’t be her daughter.  She rips up the results.  Vicki asks Natalie to do another DNA test, that they can witness.  Natalie says she thought she’d never ask.     


Bo tells Lindsay he took Melanie’s blood sample to Troy so he can get answers about her conditions.  He says he told Troy it was his blood.  Melanie comes in and Lindsay leaves.  Bo says they are going to have a great life together, no matter what the doctors say.  He talks her into showing him her dress.  She shows him.  Bo apologizes for making her wait to marry him.  He wants to know why she never told him she was sick.  Melanie says she didn’t want him to marry her out of pity.  He says he’s going to take a leave of absence so they can travel.  They can even schedule travel around her treatments.  He wants to know when they start.  Melanie says he has tried some treatment, but it hasn’t worked so far.  Bo gives her a pearl necklace.      


Troy is looking at the results of “Bo’s” blood test.  Lindsay comes in and looks at the results.  She sees they’re negative.  Troy notices she doesn’t seem surprised.  Troy gets mad at her for looking at confidential results.  She says she wants to give them the results herself as a wedding present.  He says no.  She starts sweet talking him.  She says she can be a friend to him, if they do things her way.  She asks if they have an understanding.  Once Lindsay leaves, Troy calls Bo.  He says he has the results.  Bo says he’ll come to the hospital to discuss it.  Troy says there’s no need.  There is no trace of leukemia.     


Blair is hysterical.  She says she saw he was alive.  Todd says it was for a little while.  She screams for her baby.  Paloma says she took the baby to the hospital, but it was too late.  Todd tries to calm her down and gives her something to drink, then puts her to bed.  He says they couldn’t have been together with Max’s baby in the picture.  Now things can be perfect.  He goes to talk to Paloma.  He asks if she got rid of the kid.  She says it’s wrong.  She says the baby is gone.