OLTL Update Friday 10/12/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 10/12/01

By Kelly

 Blair and Todd 

Blair calls out for Todd, she wants to see their son. Todd tries to give Paloma money to take the baby away. She asks why, and if he wants it killed. Todd talks to Blair, he tells her everything is fine and to go to sleep. Blair asks him to bring her the baby. Todd tells Blair the baby is with Paloma and she should sleep. She says the only reason she was going to marry Max was so Todd couldn't take the baby away from her. Todd says he only took Starr away so she wouldn't be near Max. Blair says none of it would have happened if they had told each other their feelings. Todd says it doesn't matter what you say, it's what you do that matters. Blair tells him she's loved him trough all of it. She asks for the baby again. Paloma comes in and says the baby was too small, so it died. 

Jen, Cristian, Antonio, and Carlotta 

Jen asks Cris why he's leaving. She thinks it's supposed to be the trip they were going to take together. He says he's going away alone, for good. Carlotta asks Antonio why Cris is breaking up with Jen and leaving for New York. Antonio says Cris has to leave - to protect Jen, because a killer is after him. Cris tells Jen it is over between them. He says that when he's with a woman for too long, he has to get away from her. He says their lovemaking meant nothing to him. He says he never should have gotten involved with her. He says they're too different, he's sick of trying to live up to her expectations. Cris slips that things would be different if something else hadn't happened. He says he meant that he doesn't love her anymore. Jen says he's lying and wants to know why.

 Bo, Melanie, Lindsay, Hank, and Troy 

Bo is taking a long lunch with Melanie. He surprises Melanie with a wedding ceremony, with Hank and Lindsay's help. Bo says they have to get a marriage license. Melanie already had blood drawn, so Bo goes to the hospital to have his blood drawn. Bo tells Hank that Melanie is dying. He tells him that Melanie won't tell him anything about it. They go to the hospital. Bo tells Troy he was diagnosed with leukemia and asks for a second opinion. He gives Troy the vile of Melanie's blood. Lindsay tells Melanie she told her it would work. Melanie daydreams about how she'll explain to Bo about her recovery. Bo goes back and tells Lindsay he asked Troy for a second opinion about Melanie's case. 

Vicki, Jessica, Ben, Natalie, Seth, and Allison 

Vicki says Natalie is not her daughter. She wants to know where Natalie got the idea. Allison says she gave her the idea. Vicki asks how she would know. She wants to know Allison and Natalie's connection. Ben tries to throw them out. Allison talks about getting hit by a car after bringing the baby back. When she woke up from the coma, some things were clear, things about kidnapping the baby. She asks Vicki if she is sure she brought the baby back? Allison says something to Ben about Dave. Ben tells Vicki he'll tell her about it later. Allison tells Vicki she switched babies. Vicki says a mother doesn't forget what her baby looks like. Allison says she lied about snapping out of being brainwashed. Vicki says she doesn't believe Natalie is her daughter. Jessica starts to worry. Vicki says not to worry, because she knows she's her daughter. She says they just want money. Natalie says they didn't say anything right away because they needed proof and now they have it. Ben says he knew Natalie was looking for something in he and Vicki's room. 


Cris: I don't love you! Jen: You don't mean that! Cris: Yes I do! 

Natalie (to Jessica): These papers make me a Buchanan and you a nobody.

 Lindsay (to Bo): How did you convince Troy MacIver to test Lanie's blood? 

Blair (to Paloma): Give me my baby!!