OLTL Update Thursday 10/11/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/11/01

By Kelly

Blair and Todd 

Blair and Todd's baby is born. It's a boy. Todd is holding the baby. He says she should call Max and tell him he has another son. He says Max is lucky. Blair tries to tell him the baby is his, but passes out. Blair wakes up and asks to see the baby. Todd shows her and she falls asleep. Paloma (the midwife) comes in and Todd yells at her for leaving. He says he delivered the baby himself. He gives the baby to her. After she leaves, Todd tucks Blair in. He says he loves her and he always will. It looks like she's asleep, but she heard him!! She doesn't see the baby. She asks for it. Todd says it's time. At St. Anne's, Star's phone doesn't work. She asks the nun for the phone. When the nun says no, Star threatens her with the Manning name. Star calls and Paloma answers, but doesn't understand enough English to get the phone to Todd. Todd tells Blair he'll take care of everything. He tells Paloma to get rid of the baby. He doesn't want it near him.

 Rae and Ben 

Ben asks where Allison went. A nun says she left out the back door and she was in a hurry. Ben tells Rae Allison's out to hurt Vicki. He goes through Allison's stuff she left and finds Vicki's book. The picture of Vicki crossed out in red. Rae says it's disturbing. She wants to know what's going on so maybe she can help. Ben checks the redial on Allison's phone. He sees his old cell number  the same cell he gave to Natalie! 


Allison goes to the diner to use the payphone. She calls Natalie, but she doesn't answer her cell. Allison leaves. 

Jessica and Seth S

eth says he doesn't know where to begin. He says they're whole relationship was planned. He says Natalie wanted them to get close to her. It was only partly because her family has money. He says it's time she found out what is going on. Jessica wants to know why they picked her. Seth says it has to be her and he's sorry. Jessica tries to leave. She says she hates him. He says he has to tell her something.

 Natalie and Vicki 

Natalie says Jessica is coming into some real down time. Vicki tells her to get out. Natalie tells her she's not in control anymore. Says she'll eventually get some answers to her dumb questions. Vicki says if anyone tries to hurt Jessica, she'll do everything she can to protect her. Her family has power. Natalie says it's true, she knows all about her. She names off her present and past last names and says, talk about family values. She's read about Vicki. She knows Vicki knows all about being rich, but when it comes to what really matters, she has no clue. She's talking about her and Jessica. Natalie says she's going to be happy to see her and Jessica go down. The phone rings, it's Ben. Natalie picks the phone up to hang it up. Vicki wants to know why she hates Jessica. She says she has had plenty of time to get to know and hate Jessica. She says Jessica took what was hers and she's going to get it back. Vicki says she never took anything from her. 

Natalie, Vicki, Jessica, Seth, and Ben 

Jessica gets back. She says she knows everything that's going on. Vicki says Natalie should be grateful she's not having her thrown in jail. Allison walks in. Vicki tells her to get out. Allison says she's there to tell the truth, be ready to listen. Allison says she and Natalie go way back. Seth and Ben come in. Vicki tells Allison to say what she needs to. Natalie says it's not a game. Jessica isn't Vicki's daughter. She's nothing. Natalie is her daughter! 

Cristian, Antonio, and Jen 

Jen finds Chris so they can go to class together. Chris says he has to finish things up with Antonio. She leaves. Antonio wishes he could protect her from Schafer (Keith), but he can't. He says to do a hell of a job convincing Jen that it's over, or they might both be dead. Chris says there are some things he wants to do first. He tells Jen he's not going to class, and leaves. Jen asks Antonio why Chris is acting weird. Antonio says he knows why, but can't tell her. Jen says she doesn't know why Chris is on edge. He's so great to her. She says she wants to get to know Antonio better. Jen says she's going to surprise Chris.

 Chris, Carlotta, and Jen 

Chris goes to the diner and tells Carlotta he's going away to New York. He says not to worry, he just wanted to say goodbye. She says it doesn't make sense, but asks when he'll be back. He says he doesn't know, but he'll be in touch. Carlotta asks how he can leave Jen. He says to forget Jen, it has nothing to do with her. Jen comes in and overhears them say he's leaving town. Previews -Bo tells Melanie it's their wedding day -Chris tells Jen he's going away alone -Blair asks Todd to bring her the baby -Vicki tells Allison she kept Jessica for four agonizing weeks and then brought her back. Allison says, did I?