OLTL Update Tuesday 10/9/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/9/01

By Kelly


At St. Anne's, Allison and Rae discuss Allison getting out of St. Anne's. Rae just has to finish some paperwork. Rae leaves the room and Allison calls Natalie. She leaves a message on the machine that she will be out in less than an hour and than then they and Seth will leave Jessica and Vicki a big, big surprise. Rae returns. Allison says she is afraid the doctors will change their minds and she won't be released. Rae says not to worry, because a judge made the decision. The doctors cant do anything about it. Allison is free as long as she obeys the law. At the cabin, Seth gets the car out of the mud. Jessica says the night before she heard Seth say he couldn't go through with it. He says he has to come clean about something. He says he hasn't been a good friend. Jessica says he helped her get over Will. He helped her remember how fun it is to get to know someone you like. She says she's crazy about him and that he's amazing. Seth says to stop, Jessica asks why. Ben and Natalie come in. Ben says they were worried. Jessica explains what happened. He asks Jessica to go outside with him. Natalie asks Seth what is going on. Outside Ben asks Jessica if everything is okay. He says he's worried. Jessica thinks Allison is the reason he's been weird lately. He says Allison had no reason to go to Llanfair when she had her day pass. His cell rings, it's Allison. He tells Jessica he has to take the call, so she leaves. Allison tells Ben to come soon, because she's getting out early. Inside Natalie asks Seth what his problem is, he says her. Outside Ben tells Alison he'll be at St. Anne's ASAP. He leaves. Inside  Seth says he hates the plan. Natalie thinks he's just nervous. Seth says he never again wants to hear, Jessica is going to get what she deserves. Jessica comes in and says they need to get going so she can run an errand for her mom at the hospital. Jessica asks Seth if he wants to tell her what he was going to before. He says it was nothing. At St. Anne's, Ben asks if Rae is there. He's told she's tied up for awhile. He takes off his wedding ring and picks up a flower. Allison tells him she's going to be rich when she gets out and Vicki is going to make her rich. He asks her how. She says she'll tell him over lunch. He pretends to get upset and Allison promises to tell him right then. Rae is watching them. A nun enters and asks Ben his name because she's in charge of all the outpatients. Allison says its Dave, Ben says Dave is just a nickname. He rushes the nun out of the room. Rae says she hopes Ben wasn't bothering Allison. She tells Allison that he was Ben Davidson, Vicki's husband. 


At the hospital, Troy asks Nora for permission to run more tests on Matthew. He says he forgot to order some tests. Nora thinks there's more to it. Troy says Matthew's blood work revealed abnormalities, but they're borderline and the results may have had errors. Nora wants to know what he's looking for. He says Matthew may be anemic. Nora wants the worst-case scenario. She yells at him. He says he thinks she's freaked out because he still reminds her of Colin. He says he'll hand Matthew's case over to another doctor. Nora says she has confidence in him because he knew to run extra tests on Matthew, when Matthew only came in for a dislocated shoulder. Nora says she's just worried. She cries and Troy comforts her. She says she wants him to stay on as Matthew's doctor. She tells him about her lost memories of Matthew. She says she can't lose him again. Nora goes to be with Matthew. Jessica, Seth, and Natalie come in. Jessica goes to run her errand. Natalie tells Seth she got what she needed down the hall. Natalie thinks Seth's mood is more than nerves. She asks if its about Jessica. He says he feels weird since Jessica thinks they're her best friends. Natalie thinks he has feelings for her. Jessica comes in and says it might take her longer. Natalie says she needs to go and finish things up before Vicki gets home. She asks to borrow Seth. Jessica leaves. Natalie asks Seth if he's in or out. Troy walks in. He says his walking in on them is becoming a habit. Natalie says they need to go. She tells Seth they need to talk. Jessica runs into Troy. He says he saw Natalie with her boyfriend, Seth. At Carriage House, Natalie says she thinks Seth isn't faking his feelings for Jessica anymore. She says he doesn't belong to Jessica he belongs to her. Vicki overhears and asks Natalie what she just said.


At Cristians, Chris finishes listening to the message from Keith warning him he may have seen Jen for the last time. Antonio comes over with more mug shot books. Antonio asks Chris what is wrong. Chris says it's Jen. He wants to go find her. At the student union, Keith shows Jen a cat he found and asks for directions to the owners address that he got off the tags. Jen offers to walk him there, since the place is hard to find. Chris calls her cell phone. When it rings, he pretends the cat scratched him and knocks it out of her hand and steps on it. Jen says its okay and they leave with the cat. Chris and Antonio enter. Chris asks Shauna if she's seen Jen. She says she doesn't know where she went, but she saw whom she was with. She describes the guy. Jen returns. She says the guy she was with is harmless. Keith calls Chris's cell. He asks if Jen made it back all right and says to ask her about the kitten. Jen asks Chris how he knows about it. He says Shauna told him. Keith tells Chris to look at the new necklace Jen is wearing. Jen says it was a present, since the guy broke her phone. Keith says next time, the line across her neck will be blood red. In the park, Antonio sees a guy on a cell phone. He gets out his gun and points it at the guy.


Blair tells Todd she thinks he still has feelings for her. Todd thinks it's the other way around. Blair says he wouldn't have followed her if he didn't still want her. She says it's now or never. Does he still love her? He wants to know why she cant just know what she knows. She takes it as a yes. She says she's been lying, too. She says all that is going to end. She says she's talking about her pregnancy, not her feelings for him. She's about to come clean, when she starts to have pains. She says she's going into labor.


--Jen asks Cristian what's wrong --Blair can't believe the baby's so premature, Todd wants to know what she means --Troy tells Jessica that he saw her two friends kissing --Vicki asks Natalie what kind of a person she is, Natalie says, You tell me, Mrs. Davidson.