One Life to Live Update Friday 9/21/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 9/21/01

By Alisa


Al, Max, Gabrielle, and Todd


Dr. McGuyver tells Max and Gabrielle that Al is in critical condition and has internal injuries.  He further tells them that he has lost a lot of blood.  He tells them that he needs their permission to do exploratory surgery on Al, but that Al has a rare blood type, which is AB-negative and they have to check outside supplies to get blood for the surgery.  Max says that's no problem.. He's AB negative and he will give blood.  Right before Max leaves to give blood they wheel Al out, and Gabrielle begins to sob.  The doctors then whisk Max away so he can give blood and they can perform the surgery.  Suddenly Todd appears and says "It's time for somebody to die".  Gabrielle can't believe he has said that.  Later Dr. McGuyver approaches Max, and tells him that they can't say what Al's chances are.  He says that Al might wake up and he might's critical, as to life itself.  Max tells the Dr. that he needs to be with his son, so the Dr. allows him to go in, telling Max that he will go tell Gabrielle where they stand.  Dr. McGuyver approaches, and tells Gabrielle that Al is out of surgery but they don't know about his condition.  He says they are taking him ICU now.  After the dr. leaves Todd tells Gabrielle he wasn't talking about Al dying, but Asa.  Gabrielle tells Todd that she doesn't care right now.  She says that her son is barely holding onto his life, but that Todd doesn't care about that.  Todd says that he doesn't, all he's worried about is getting Max and Blair.  Todd tells Gabrielle that if she concentrated on the plan it would help keep her mind off of things.  She tells Todd that he is heartless.  Todd tells Gabrielle that she is the one that is heartless not him;  that she is the one who thought up the idea, and she is about to send the father of that kid she says she cares about, to Statesville for a crime he didn't commit.  He tells her she should look in the mirror.  Meanwhile, Max goes into ICU to see Al, who is still unconscious.  He talks to him about all he wanted for him, but now has lost it all.  Max tells him that when he was dying he didn't think he'd have anything to leave Al.  He tells Al that he did everything to Asa for Al, but then it got to be about the money, just money.  Then he found out he was going to die, and he had so much money, but no dreams..and a man can't live without dreams...he's got nothing to hang onto.  Max says that he turned around and realized that his whole family was gone.  He tells Al that he loves him, and thought he had plenty of time to prove it.  He tells Al that now he doesn't care if Al hates him for the rest of his life;  that he just wants Al to live that life.  He tells Al that he would give everything up if Al didn't leave.  Meanwhile Dr. McGuyver tells Gabrielle they stopped the bleeding but that Al is still very critical.  He tells her that he is concerned about Al3 not waking up yet.  He says that if the bleeding resumes, they will have to take Al back to O.R.  After the Dr. walks away, Todd approaches yet again, and speaks to Gabrielle, telling her he still wants to work on the plan.  Gabrielle tells him that she isn't going to go through with the plan..then says she is, but just not right now, that Al needed her right now, and also needed Max, and she couldn't take Max away from him right now.  Todd tells her that if she weasels out of their deal;  if she betrays him, he will destroy her.  Gabrielle looks at him and tells him that she cannot deal with him right now, that she has to be with her son.  She then leaves.  Todd says "Ok, fine, but don't say I didn't warn you.  Soon Max approaches Gabrielle and she asks about Al.  Dr. McGuyver also approaches at this time and tells them that Al's condition is stabilized, and he thinks the worst is behind him.  Gabrielle makes the comment that if Max hadn't given his blood, then Al would have died.  Gabrielle asks the Dr. if they can see Al, and the Dr. says yes, but one at a time.  Max tells Gabrielle to go ahead since he just came out, so she does.  After Gabrielle leaves, Todd approaches Max.  "Good news, huh?" Todd asks Max.  Max says yeah, and Todd says that it looks like he (Todd) isn't gonna get what he wants.  Max looks at him and tells him to get lost.  Todd says ok, but first I'm gonna do you a big favor...I'm gonna tell you the whole truth.
Seth and Natalie


Seth goes to see Natalie, and tries to be romantic with her, but she pushes him away.  She is jealous of Jessica, and says she wishes that Jessica had no money, saying she wouldn't last a day.  Seth comes to Jessica's defense, telling Natalie not to underestimate Jessica.  Natalie wants to know why Seth is taking up for Jessica, and asks if he still has a thing for Jessica.  Seth tells Natalie he was just making an observation, and says that Jessica isn't as soft as Natalie thinks.  He tells her he knows because of things that had happened.  He then tells Natalie about Jessica's baby.  Natalie wants to know what that has to do with anything, saying that she wants to stick to the plan.  Seth doesn't seem to be as interested in the plan as he once was.  Natalie tells him that Jessica is just a means to an end and that's it.  Seth leaves and Natalie begins to talk out loud, saying that some day she will have a car like Jessica's too...and she'll travel...and she'll have all the money in the world, and servants and houses.  She wants everything that Jessica has.  But says she'll have something that Jessica will NEVER have...Seth.
Rae and Ben


Rae asks Ben what he's been doing in Allison's room, and Ben lets Rae know that he thinks something fishy is going on with Allison.  Rae tells him that Allison is not dangerous, otherwise she wouldn't have given her a day pass.  Ben tells Rae that he's seen a different side to Allison, and Rae asks how he would have seen any side to Allison.  She asks if Ben has been speaking to Allison, and Ben says that he hasn't, that he has just seen the way Allison looks.  Rae tells Ben that Allison is making great progress, and is ready to leave the convent.  She tells Ben that Vickie has forgiven Allison, and she doesn't know why he can't.  At that point Hank approaches and he and Rae agree to meet at John's going away party.  Before she leaves, Ben asks Rae where Allison went, and Rae says she doesn't know, but if she did, she wouldn't tell him.  After Rae leaves, Ben talks to Hank, and Hank asks Ben if he thinks that Allison is about to commit a crime.  Ben tells him he wishes he had more to go on, and Hank tells him that if he hears of anything that sounds suspicious, to let the police know, and not to try to handle it himself.  After Hank leaves for the party, Ben calls Vickie.  She tells him that her tour is going really well, and she is about to leave for a reception.  Ben tells her that he just called to say he missed her, and tells her he'll talk to her later.  After hanging up with Vickie, a nun approaches Ben, thinking he is "Dave" and he tells her he was looking for Allison, and asks her if she knows where she went.  The nun tells him she doesn't, and leaves.  Suddenly Ben realizes that Jessica is alone at home, and races to Llanfair.
Allison and Jessica


Jessica discovers Allison inside of Llanfair, and asks who she is and what she's doing there.  Allison begins to go inside herself, remembering the kidnapping again.  Jessica pales, and finally Allison speaks, telling Jessica that she is the one that kidnapped Jessica when she was a baby.  Jessica tells her that her mom told her about it.  Still afraid, Jessica reaches behind her back for the phone, but drops it when she jumps as Allison comes nearer.  Allison assures her she is not there to hurt her.  She tells Jessica she wouldn't hurt a fly, saying that she's rehabilitated.  Allison continues to tell Jessica that she has earned a day pass, saying that she has a long time to make up for, and so much to do.  Allison tells Jessica that she came to the house and the door was ajar;  she says that she called in, and swears she heard someone answer, so she came in.  Jessica tells her that she doesn't want to waste her one free day out, and offers to take a message for Vickie from Allison.  Allison tells Jessica that she wanted to tell Vickie that she'll be getting out soon for good, and that she has plans.  She says that she wants Vickie's approval for her "plans".  Jessica asks what she would need her mothers approval for, and Allison tells her she will be taking a job in a florists shop a couple of down the road from Llanfair, and wanted to make sure that Vickie would be ok with it.  Jessica says she'll tell Vickie when she gets home.  Allison further tells Jessica that she has something she wanted to give Vickie, but that Jessica probably should be the one to get it.  She produces a small stuffed bear and tells Jessica that it was hers when she was a baby, and that it comforted her when she was crying.  Jessica looks fearful at the thought that Allison has had the bear all these years, and Allison tells her that it was put in one of the boxes that was in storage, and they let her go through them last week.  She thought that Jessica or her mother might want it.  She tells Jessica that it might make her feel safe now.  Jessica asks whey she would need to feel safe now.  At that moment Seth arrives, and Jessica introduces him to Allison, saying that Allison was "just on her way out".  Allison tells Seth to take good care of Jessica and then leaves.  Jessica tells Seth she is glad to see him.  As Allison leaves, after going outside, she starts to reminisce about the kidnapping again...she smiles at the memory.  Jessica tells Seth all about Allison having kidnapped her years before.  At that point, Ben comes in looking for Jessica.  He tells Jessica that Allison is out, and Jessica says that she knows, that Allison was just there.  She tells Ben about the bear, and says it's "creepy".  Ben asks if Allison threatened Jessica, and Jessica says she didn't, that she was actually kind of nice.  She thinks that Allison was there just for what she said she was there for, to get Vickie's approval about the job.  Ben then sees a picture of he and Vickie sitting on a table and asks Jessica if Allison saw it, to which Jessica replies that she doesn't know.  Allison goes back to the convent, and asks a nun if she has seen "Dave".  The nun says she hasn't, but that he was there asking about Allison.  The nun asks if something is going on between Allison and Dave, and Allison says there might be.
John Sikes


At his going away party, Bo gives John a gag-gift of some reports that John didn't finish filling out.  Antonio then gives him a real going away gift from the Llanview Police Department.  John opens it to find a Llanview Police Department t-shirt, signed by all the force.  After gift-giving and small talk, John suggests to Bo that Antonio take his job after he leaves.  After a bit of discussion, Antonio excuses himself to talk to a pretty professor he seems to have fallen for, and Rae appears.  She looks at John and he looks at her.  Tears begin to well in her eyes, and John rises to comfort her.  After calming her down, John gives Rae a "survival kit" which contains her cell phone, which John had programmed with his new number;  envelopes with his new address to remind her to write;  and a  plane ticket to be used when she wants, but John says he hopes it will be soon.  Hank arrives, and asks what he missed.  Rae says "only my meltdown", but she is more "together" now.  Rae tells Renee, who is part of the going away party, that they should have a toast to John Sikes.  She says he is a man of courage, a man of integrity, and a man of know.  And a man she is proud to call her best friend.  She sobs, and as the party sings "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" to John, she and John share a tender moment, tears welling in John's eyes as well.