One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/20/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/20/01

By Alisa

Allison and "Dave" (Ben)

"Dave" (Ben) tells Allison that he's good at keeping secrets. At that moment Rae is about to enter Allison's room, when a nun stops her and starts talking to her. The nun tells Rae that Allison has a new friend named "Dave" and that he is in there with her now. "Dave" tells Allison that he swears he won't tell about her secret. Suddenly he hears Rae, and tells Allison that she can't let Rae know he is there, at which point he hides in the closet. After talking with the nun for a few more seconds, Rae enters Allison's room. She asks about where Allison's "friend" is but Allison pretends that she doesn't know who Rae means, and Rae dismisses it, saying that the nun must have gotten confused, even though she means well. Rae then tells Allison that she has good news for her, about her release. She tells her she's getting out today. "Dave" (Ben) hears this from inside the closet and looks worried. Allison gets excited, but Rae stops her, and tells her that the release isn't "permanent", it's a day pass, to help her adjust to outside life, because she has been locked up for 20 years. But she tells Allison that she is allowed to go anywhere she likes on her own, just as long as she's back by 9 o'clock. Rae then leaves the room, and "Dave" emerges from the closet. He is excited and tells her that they can have lunch on the outside now. Allison interrupts him, demanding to know why he didn't want Dr. Rae to see him. "Dave" tells Allison that he didn't want Allison to get in trouble when she's going to go outside, by having a man in her room. Allison believes him but says she can't tell him her secret. She tells him she has lots of things to do, but says she'll see him soon. After Allison leaves the room, "Dave" (Ben) comments that maybe Allison will see him "sooner than she thinks".

Jessica, Seth and Carlotta

Jessica and Seth arrive at The Palace, and take a seat. They discuss Jessica having lost her baby, Megan, and Seth's having been in reform school. Seth tells Jessica that he thinks of her in a whole new way, after having found out about her baby. He tells her that he's not so sure that reform school made him grow up, but it "changed him". Jessica says that she thinks both of their pasts has made them both take life a lot more seriously. Seth seems remorseful, and tells Jessica that he still has a lot more growing up to do. Carlotta appears, and joins the two at their table. She tells them that she is happy for both of them, and doesn't want them to be uncomfortable around her or the diner. Seth tells Carlotta that they are just friends. Carlotta tells him that she is happy that he is looking out for Jessica; that she doesn't like anyone getting hurt. Seth rises to leave and take care of some business and after he leaves Carlotta feels like she has intruded. Jessica assures her she hasn't, and says that they both had things to do separately. She and Carlotta talk a little more, discussing Jen and Cristian. Jessica says that Cristian seems really happy with Jen. Carlotta agrees, but just wishes that he didn't work for RJ Gannon. Jessica tells Carlotta that she doesn't need to worry about him. In parting, Jessica tells Carlotta that she has something she promised her mother she would do while she was out of town promoting her book, and leaves.

Allison and Jessica

As soon as she gets her day pass, Allison heads straight to Llanfair, where she approaches the front door. She tries it but it is locked. She then enters the backyard area and tries the back door. It is unlocked, and Allison enters Llanfair. After entering the house, she remembers entering through that same door many years earlier, and kidnapping Jessica, as Vickie slept on the sofa. Soon Allison's starts to walk through the house, and is about to approach a picture of Ben *who is posing as "Dave"* and Vickie sitting on a table. Before she can get to it, Jessica approaches from the inner door, and asks who Allison is and what she is doing there.

Todd and Blair

Blair walks into The Palace and sees Todd sitting at a table alone. As she is staring at him, Renee approaches and asks why Blair is mooning over Todd when she is about to be married to Max. Blair denies mooning over Todd, and changes the subject. As she and Renee discuss wedding plans, Todd calls Gabrielle and says he needs to see her ASAP. Blair over hears and approaches Todd. Renee leaves in exasperation. Blair asks Todd what he needs to see Gabrielle about, and Todd tries to convince her that it has to do with "the birds and the bees", but Blair doesn't buy it. She tells Todd that he's rarely capable of loving anyone. Todd accuses Blair of being jealous of Gabrielle living in the same house as Max. Blair throws her upcoming marriage to Max in Todd's face, at which point Todd tells Blair that Max and Gabrielle are sleeping together. Blair asks him what he means by that, and Todd says he saw it with his own two eyes. Blair accuses him of lying, and Todd threatens to put a headline in the Sun that reads "Another Blair Cramer Wedding Bites The Dust". Blair says no way will that headline come true. She tells Todd that even if it were true about Max and Gabrielle sleeping together; she would forgive him of his discretions. Todd doesn't believe Blair, and says the last time Max had an affair, she shot him. Blair tells Todd that she loves Max and forgives him. Then changes the subject and asks what Todd was doing watching anyway, accusing him of being "kinky". Todd changes the subject as well, telling Blair that she can't forgive anyone that fast. He tells her that he saw it in her eyes when he told her that Max slept with Gabrielle. He says that she doesn't care, and doesn't love Max. He further tells her that the wedding to Max has only to do with that "horrible baby". Renee approaches again and tells Blair that she needs help with the wedding list. Blair tells her to make sure that Todd is on that list. She promises Todd that he will get a hand-delivered invitation to the wedding. Renee leaves again in disgust. Todd tells Blair that he would rather remove his prostate with a dessert fork, and eat it with whipped cream, rather than go to Blair's wedding to Max. He taunts Blair, saying that he'll just stay home and baby-sit Starr. He tells her that she's never going to see Starr again. Eyes flashing, Blair says "bet on it". She then excuses herself to prepare for her "glorious wedding". After she leaves, Todd says "yeah, you're excused. I'll just stay here and plan your honeymoon...two side by side cells in Statesville."

Sam and Troy

Sam is at the hospital and gets into a discussion with Troy. Troy hands Sam the wallet that Sam lost during the fight he had with Troy at Troy's home. Sam looks inside his wallet and demands to know where "it" is. Troy asks Sam where what is, and says if he means the money, that he should count it; it's all there. Sam says that that's not what he's talking about. He tells Troy there was a picture of Nora in the wallet and it's now missing. Troy presents the picture of Nora to Sam and tells him that it fell out of the wallet and he hadn't had a chance to put it back. Sam doesn't believe him and accuses him of keeping the picture for himself. Troy tells Sam that he is confusing him with his own late brother. He then excuses himself to talk to another hospital employee.

Jen and Al

Jen sees Al's cell phone laying on the ground, and picks it up to call an ambulance. After calling the ambulance, she discovers that the phone is formatted to speed dial Al's mother, so she then calls Gabrielle to tell her that Al has been in an accident. The ambulance arrives as Jen is talking to Gabrielle. Jen later arrives at the hospital with Al, and sees her father. She approaches him and tells him about Al's accident. Cristian arrives shortly after and takes Jen to the cafeteria for coffee.

RJ and Cristian

Cristian catches RJ in his apartment and asks what he's doing there. RJ just stands there and Cristian starts getting defensive, saying that just because RJ is his boss and landlord, that doesn't give him the right to enter his apartment whenever he wants to. RJ doesn't speak at first. After a long silence RJ says that he let himself in. He tells Cristian he was looking for something. He then walks over to the fuse box and takes a large screwdriver off of the top of it and he then says the security system picked up a problem...loose wires, he says. Cristian believes him and RJ tells Cristian that when the need arises, he can handle just about anything. He goes on to tell Cristian that he turned off the circuit so he could "fix the problem"...a potentially dangerous problem right under his nose. He tells Cristian that he's not going to waste any time dealing with the problem, that he can't let anything happen to his business. As they talk, Cristian tells RJ that he is a very loyal guy, but that there is something that RJ should know. He tells him that he will be gone over the weekend, and that Seth would be covering his shift. He further tells RJ that he is going back to school, so he has to cut back on work hours. RJ says he thought that Cristian was a loyal guy, and Cristian tells him that he is but that there's not enough money to stay in bartending. Unless the "lucrative" part of RJ's business starts up. He tells RJ that if that started back up he would stay, that he needs money. Jen then calls and tells Cristian about Al's motorcycle accident, saying that she doesn't know if Al is going to make it. After hanging up with Jen, Cristian tells RJ that he has to leave, and they would settle it later. After he departs, RJ speaks out loud to himself, saying that they would most definitely settle it later.

Max and Gabrielle

Max demands to know what "plan" Gabrielle was talking about. Gabrielle tells him that the plan is to give their son everything she ever wanted to give him. Max doesn't believe her and will not let her leave until she tells him what the "plan" is. Eventually Gabrielle says that she will tell Max the truth. But before she does, Jen calls, and she and Max race to the hospital. Upon arrival at the hospital, Gabrielle breaks down even more, after seeing Al, and all the blood on him. She wants to know why there is so much blood. She and Max go into the emergency room with Al and the doctors, but Al's heart stops while they are in there, and Max and Gabrielle are sent out of the room while the doctors try to take care of Al. Once outside of the emergency room, Max mentions that he could kill Asa for giving Al the motorcycle. He says he should have put his foot down when Asa gave him the boats, cars, and the motorcycle. He says he doesn't care what Al thinks about him, that he loves Al and always has. Gabrielle says that she'll die if anything happens to Al, that he means everything to her. She and Max start to comfort one another. Suddenly the dr. approaches.


RJ makes a phone call, and tells the person on the other end of the line that there is someone he needs "taken care of" right away". The doctor tells Max and Gabrielle that he has some bad news.