One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/19/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/19/01

By Alisa

Lindsey, Cristian and RJ 

Lindsey tells RJ that Cristian was working for the police. At first RJ doesn't believe Lindsey and accuses her of saying it just to keep Cristian from Jen. RJ asks Lindsey how she got the information, and Lindsey tells him she overheard Jen talking to Cristian about it. She says she heard them talking twice. Eventually Lindsey convinces RJ that she is telling the truth, reminding him of how “convenient” it was for Bo to find Colin's body and asks RJ if Cristian would have any reason to hold a grudge against RJ. RJ remembers how Cristian hated him for the accident which cause him to injure his hand and lose his artistic abilities. Lindsay tells RJ that she doesn't want Cristian hurt, but just wants him away from her daughter. RJ tells her that if it's true, Lindsey won't have to worry about Cristian coming around her or her daughter again. RJ enters Cristian's apartment and begins to look through his mail. He finds a phone bill and decides to see who Cristian has been talking to. He dials a number off of Cristian's phone bill, and discovers that it is the number to Commissioner Bo Buchanan's office.

Jen, Cristian and Sam 

Sam tells Jen and Cristian that he trusts them, and talks to them about commitment. Sam is on Cristian's side, but wants to protect his daughter. He gives them a speech about life and love and tells them he is happy for them. Jen thanks Sam for being so great about she and Cristian. Sam apologizes to both Jen and Cristian for Lindsey's actions, and promises to keep Lindsey at a distance from Jen and Cristian. Jen tells Sam that Lindsey was there earlier asking for Jen's forgiveness. Sam tells Jen not to give in to Lindsey. Sam says he wants to talk to Cristian alone. He tells Cristian that he'd better not hurt Jen. Cristian gives Sam his word not to and Sam tells him that he trusts him. Cristian tells Sam that when his father was alive, he witnessed the love that his parents shared, and he plans to give the same love to Jen. Sam gives Cristian his blessing. 

Allison and Dave (Ben) 

"Dave" continues to befriend Allison, gaining her trust little by little. Allison tells "Dave" that she has a “connection” to Vickie. She recants about how she was brainwashed by a bad man, and made to steal Vickie's child, Jessica, years ago. Allison tells "Dave" that Vickie has now forgiven her, and is her ticket out, stating that she (Allison) has it “all set”. "Dave" (Ben) remembers overhearing a telephone conversation that Allison made stating the same thing, that everything was “all set”. "Dave" (Ben) begins to think about Vickie, and Allison asks him if something is worrying him. "Dave" (Ben) quickly recovers, and tells Allison that he is worried about her when she gets out. He tries to get Allison to tell him what she will do when she gets out, and who she will see. Allison tells "Dave" that she trusts him, and says she feels like she could tell him anything. She begins to tell "Dave" her plans. 

John and Rae

 As Rae and John are having dinner, John tells Rae that he has “news”. He says that he has had a job offer in San Francisco. He tells Rae that he is taking it, and will be gone for at least a year. Rae tries to keep her composure, but is shaken. She offers to go with John. He is pleased that she would do that, but tells her she can't. He tells her that he'd love to have her go with him, but her patients need her and she can't walk out on them. Rae finally accepts that. John describes the job to Rae, saying that he will be a Special Crime Investigator, and they wanted someone that has no connections in San Francisco. Rae and John share a touching farewell, and then begin to talk about Rae's patient, Allison. Rae tells John that she really couldn't leave Allison. She tells him that Allison is improving and that she is going to get her a day pass. 

Sam and Lindsey 

Lindsey arrives at Sam's after Cristian leaves to get his things for the weekend trip with Jen. Sam ask Lindsey what she is doing there, and Lindsey tells him she came to get her things, but that if Jen was around she wouldn't mind talking to her while she was there. Sam tells her that he has had her things moved, and tells her not to come back. He closes the door in her face.

 Max and Gabrielle 

Gabrielle is very upset over Al catching she and Max in an embrace. She accuses Max of turning Al against her. Max tries to remain calm, but Gabrielle begins to get angry. She demands an apology from Max, which Max gives, but Gabrielle won't take it. Grasping at straws, Gabrielle tells Max that he could convince Al that it was all his idea; that he had seduced her; tricked her. But Max convinces Gabrielle that Al would not believe that. Gabrielle and Max bicker back and forth and eventually Gabrielle breaks down and says that nothing matters, not Asa, not anything; just Al. She then states that she is going to look for Al. Max stops her and tells Gabrielle that Al won't believer her. He tells her that if she went after him, tried to force him to listen to her, that Al would just “dig his heels in”. He convinces Gabrielle that the best thing to do is to wait and give Al time to come around. Gabrielle tells Max about how Al took care of her when she was very ill, and they had nothing. She tells him that Al is all she has. She says that Al is the only one who never let her down, and now she has let him down. She tells Max that it takes a lot to turn Al against someone, but once he does, he never turns back. She begins crying some more, and in her grief, accidentally mentions this not being part of the “plan”. Max stops in his tracks. He asks Gabrielle “what plan”? 


Laying on the ground, bleeding from the motorcycle crash, Al regains consciousness. He sees his cell phone laying on the ground in front of him and reaches for it, but passes out again before reaching it. 

Cliffhanger Cristian walks in to find RJ in his apartment. Rae is right outside Allison's room, where Ben is pretending to be “Dave”. Jen finds Al unconscious and bleeding from the motorcycle accident.