One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/18/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/18/01

By Boo

Gabrielle and Max are passionately making out on the pool table at Asa's lodge when Al walks in and catches them. Al is extremely angry and throws his helmet down, yelling at Max to get his hands off Gabrielle. Al will not listen to Max's excuses when Max tries to tell him that all of this was his fault. Al tells them he isn't stupid, he wants to hear it from Gabrielle. Gabrielle tries to talk to Al and explain that it was all a big mistake. Al thinks that Gabrielle is having an affair with Max behind Asa's back. He will not listen to anything that Gabrielle or Max try to tell him. He can't believe that Gabrielle lied to Asa, and worse, she lied to him. He is extremely hurt and upset. Gabrielle tries to calm Al down, but he will not listen. He thinks she is lying right to his face. Max steps in and tries to calm him down too. He can't believe that Gabrielle wants to get back with Max after all he did to them. He tells Gabrielle to ask Max if he ever loved her. She doesn't need Max's love she tells him. She has Asa's love and she has Al's love, that is all she needs. That is not all she wants. How pathetic is it that she still wants Max after all he has done to them. Max tries to step in and calm Al down, which only infuriates Al more. He wants nothing to do with Max ever again, nor with Gabrielle. This destroys Gabrielle. Al rushes out of the cabin with Gabrielle running after him yelling his name. Max stops her and tells her to let him go. We hear the motorcycle taking off in the background. Gabrielle and Max go back inside the lodge. At first Gabrielle is confused and upset, how could this have happened? She then gets angry and thinks it is all Max's fault. He destroyed Al like he destroyed her. She starts hitting his chest. We see Al flying down street on the bike, and wreck.

Sam meets Ben on the patio of Rene's restaurant. He apologizes for being late. Ben is in character as Dave, which kinda freaks Sam out a little bit. Finally Ben explains a little bit, and Sam catches on. Ben tells Sam that he needs him to get him admitted to St. Anne's. Sam will have nothing to do with it. He thinks Ben has lost his mind, this will never work. He tells Ben that he will not do it. Ben tries to convince Sam that Allison might still be a threat to Vicky, he has to find out. They argue about it, Sam just will not do this. Rene notices Ben is there and comes in to say hello. Ben is happy to see her. He knows he hasn't been around too much lately, but he promises her that he is not avoiding her. She is happy to hear that. He invites her over for dinner when Vicky gets back from the book tour. She gladly accepts, then has to get back to work. Sam and Ben continue to argue. Sam tells him to go to Rae for help. Rae is Allison's therapist, she would never agree to this. Sam thinks that is good, because he won't either. Ben tells him that he has to have concrete proof before he goes to Bo with it, and if he doesn't find anything he will get right out of there. Finally, Sam agrees to help, but he is not happy about it. He makes a phone call to St. Anne's.

Inside the restaurant, Antonio and John are having lunch. John asks how the credits are coming along. Antonio tells him that he has decided not to go for the promotion. John wants to know why, he is clearly disturbed by this information. Antonio tells him that getting the credits is not as easy as he thought. It just isn't worth his time to him. John tells him that it is well worth it, that he needs to do it. Pretty soon, Bo will need Antonio's help to keep RJ under control. This gets Antonio's attention. He reminds John that Bo shut RJ down. John tells him that RJ won't stay shut down for good. Antonio tells him that the professor will never give him those credits. What if John told him that he might be able to head the organized crime division if he had those credits. Why, Antonio asks, is John leaving the force? RJ enters the restaurant. Rene stops him and asks why he is there. He is looking for Seth. Seth isn't working here today, so RJ should look somewhere else. RJ sees John and Antonio and decides he wants to talk to them. He starts to harass them a bit about Llanview not being safe with the two of them here. Antonio tells him to leave. RJ thinks Antonio should never come back around the Break Bar. Antonio reminds him that his brother works there, and lives right upstairs. RJ tells him that Cristian can't stand him. In fact, Cristian is more like RJ's little brother. Cristian wants to follow right in RJ's footsteps. Antonio stands up and tells RJ to leave again. John tells RJ that he either leave, or they will finish this at the station. RJ tells them they have no sense of humor, and leaves. In the lobby of the restaurant he gets a call from Lindsay. She needs to see him. RJ doesn't want to waste his time with her. She tells him he should, unless he wants to go to jail. A little later, Lindsay enters the restaurant. Rene comments that they must be fumigating under every rock in town today, and then tells Lindsay that all the tables are reserved. That is okay, she is meeting RJ there about some new pieces at her gallery. She finds RJ at an outside table, and pretends to show him some pictures from her portfolio. RJ tells her the information better be good. She tells him it is priceless. Back inside the restaurant, John and Antonio notice Lindsay and RJ sitting together. Neither of them like the looks of that. Antonio wishes he knew what they are up to. John tells him that if he gets those credits, he just might be able to find out. Antonio asks him what is going on, are they promoting John. Not exactly, John tells him. Rae rushes in apologizing to John for being late for their lunch. She has a new patient that just keeps rambling. John understands. Antonio offers his seat to her, he has to get back to work he tells them. Antonio leaves. Rae sits down and asks why John insisted that she have lunch with him. He tells her that he has some news. Outside, RJ tells Lindsay to stop wasting his time. She tells him her information has to do with Cristian. RJ gets up and starts to leave, he tells her to have a nice day. Lindsay tells him that Cristian is setting him up. RJ sits back down, come again? Lindsay tells him that Cristian is working for the cops.

Allison is in her room at St. Anne's going carefully through a scrapbook of Vicky's life. She gets up to walk to her bed, when there is a knock on her door. She quickly puts the scrapbook behind her back. Rae enters the room. Allison is visibly upset, did she forget that they were supposed to have an appointment today? Rae tells her no, they did not. Rae is here to tell her something about her release date. Allison thinks tomorrow would be perfect, would give her time to pack. Rae stops her and asks what she is hiding behind her back. Rae thought that Allison trusted her enough not to hide things from her. A sister knocks on the door and asks to speak to Rae for just a second. When Rae turns her back, Allison hides the scrapbook and picks up another book. When Rae is finished with the sister, she turns back to Allison, who hands her the book she is now holding behind her back. It is a book about the Saints. Allison tells Rae that she was reading the book to try to be more like the Saints. They discuss a little about the kind of person that Allison wants to be when she gets out. Rae tells her the bad news, that she may not get out as soon as they had hoped for. Allison is upset, Rae doesn't think she is better. Rae still thinks that she could hurt someone again like she did Vicky and her family. Rae explains to her that it isn't up to her, it is up to the board of directors. They are a little more conservative than Rae is about decisions like this. Allison gets very upset, she thinks they will never let her out of there. Rae tells her that the board has not made their final decision yet, she will talk to them and try to convince them. Allison is very happy about that. Rae tells her that she isn't making any promises, she doesn't want Allison to get her hopes up. Allison promises not to. Rae tells her that she will let her know how it goes, and leaves. Allison again picks up the scrapbook and hugs it to her chest with a big smile. There is a funny knock at the door, she asks who it is. Dave (Ben) comes into the room with a baseball cap in front of his face and a book in the front of his pants. He stumbles into the room. Allison is amused and welcomes him. Dave has a present for her, the cap and the book. She already has this book she tells him. He knows, but this one is better. Allison opens the book and is very pleased to see that it is signed by Vicky. She asks Dave if he knows Vicky on the outside. No, he got it at the bookstore, Vicky was there signing books. Allison tells him it is the best gift anyone has ever given her. They sit down on the bed and Allison looks through the book. She wishes there were more pictures in it. She really wants to see a picture of Vicky's new husband. Dave asks her why she likes Vicky. Because she is like a celebrity, she is beautiful and smart. Does Dave want to hear a secret about Vicky? Yes, he does. Allison whispers in his ear that Vicky is the one that is going to help her get out of here. Dave asks if Vicky owns St. Anne's. No, nothing like that. Well then Vicky must have given them a lot of money. Allison laughs and tells him that it is much more complicated than that. Dave gets upset, he thinks Allison is laughing at him because it is too complicated for him to understand. Oh no, she assures him, she wasn't laughing at him. She thinks he is capable of understanding all of it. Well then, will she tell him the whole story of how Vicky is going to get her out?

Lindsay is listening at Sam's front door to Jen and Cristian discussing that Cristian really works for the police and not for RJ. She enters the room and asks to talk to Jen. Jen is still very upset at her and tells her that she doesn't want to talk to Lindsay at all. Jen tells Lindsay that she doesn't have a daughter anymore. For once, Lindsay seems very sincere. She pleads with Jen to give her another chance, she knows Cristian doesn't want that. She knows that family is important to Cristian. Cristian agrees with her, but his mother is important to him because he trusts her. Lindsay admits that Carlotta is a strong and wonderful person, but Lindsay isn't. She admits that she panics and does things that she shouldn't do. She asks for one more chance to be the kind of mother that Jen wants. Jen is not ready to forgive her yet and doesn't want to talk to her. Cristian tells Lindsay that she is only upsetting Jen more. If Lindsay loves Jen the way she says she does, she should just leave Jen alone. Lindsay does love Jen, that is why she can't leave things like this. Lindsay tells Cristian that her and Jen have always fought like this, but they always work things out. Cristian thinks this time will be different. Lindsay pleads with Jen, she needs Jen in her life. Jen tells her that it is too late, she can't love someone that she doesn't trust. Lindsay remembers hearing them talking about Cristian working for the police. She tells them not to force her to fight for Jen's love, it will not be good for Jen or Cristian. Jen asks her if that is a threat? She can't believe that Lindsay would ask for her forgiveness and when she doesn't get it, Lindsay threatens her. Lindsay tries to tell her that wasn't what she meant. Jen will have nothing to do with her anymore. She wants Lindsay to leave. Cristian tells Lindsay that it would be best if she just left, not to make things worse. Lindsay tells him that she is not the one he needs to worry about now and leaves. Cristian and Jen hug. Outside, Lindsay shuts the door, and tells them that she didn't want it to be like this, but they leave her no choice. Back inside, Cristian makes sure that Jen is okay. She is just glad that Cristian was there, she doesn't want to be alone with Lindsay. Cristian tells her to think about how wonderful the weekend will be at Camp May. They talk of some of the romantic things they will be doing. Jen needs to go and pack real quick. She leaves the room. Jen finishes packing and comes out of the room with her bag. Jen wants to make sure Cristian can afford all this. He assures her that he wants to do this for her. They start to leave and run into Sam coming in. He tells them he has something to say to the both of them before they go.