One Life to Live Update Monday 9/17/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 9/17/01

By Boo

Blair catches Todd in her bedroom with her pajama's in his hands. She asks him what he is doing with them. He was looking for something to wax his car with. He tells her that he saw her wedding engagement in the Banner and congratulates her. Todd didn't answer her question, why is he there. He tells her that he came to get something for Starr. He came to get Starr's bride of Frankenstein doll because he wants her to have a doll just like her mother. Blair tells him to just leave. He reminds her that it is Starr's house. Blair demands to know where Starr is. Todd won't tell her. Blair just wants to explain why she is marrying Max to Starr. Todd tells her to explain it to him, and he will pass it along. Blair tells him because she loves Max. Starr would never believe that, she hates Max as much as Todd does. Blair says it is true. Blair said that to him once, did she mean it then? That was different, it was a mistake. Todd tells her that if she gets married to Max, she will never see Starr again. What if she didn't marry Max, would Todd let her see Starr then? Is Blair proposing a deal? Like, if he gives her visitation rights, she will not marry Max? No, she wants joint custody. She tells him how much she loves Starr, how much she has missed him. She loves Starr more than anything. Todd remembers her saying that about Max too. That is different, she admits that she was upset when Todd took Starr away from her. She lashed out at Todd and went back to Max just to hurt Todd. She tells him she would call of the wedding right now if he will let her have joint custody with him. Will he do that? No, Starr would see right through that. Starr would see Blair still longing to be with Max. Blair has tears in her eyes now. She tells Todd that Starr would never see that. But she would be longing to be with Max wouldn't she? Did Todd hear her say that? Well, no, but Max is the love of her life. Is that what Todd thinks? Well, yea, she has told him that a million times. She reminds him that she has told him that too before. Doesn't he remember? Todd asks her if Max knows how often she changes her mind. Blair gets mad at that, and tells him to leave. Todd remembers that he needs her signature to help Asa and Gabrielle set her up with Max. He asks her to sing a paper to release medical records to a new school he has put Starr in. At first she refuses, but he convinces her that it is best for Starr for them to know about her medical history. She finally signs the papers. She tells him that she is going to get Starr back. No she isn't, she is never ever going near Starr again. Todd leaves.

Max has walked into Asa's lodge and found Gabrielle there. He asks her why she is there. She came to make sure that she hadn't left anything behind that Asa might find. Why wouldn't Asa expect to find something of hers in a lodge that she owns? It wouldn't be good if he found something of hers along with something of Max's Gabrielle tells him. Is that why Max is here, did he leave something behind? No, he tells her. Then is he there because of her? No, they scratched that itch, remember? Yes, she remembers all of it, but that still doesn't tell her why he is here today. Max tells her that finalized his marriage plans to Blair today. They talk about each of them marrying because of the children. She married Asa for Al, he is marrying Blair for the baby. Gabrielle decides to finish her search. Max grabs her arm. She asks him to let go of her arm. If he doesn't, then what Max asks her. She can't do this again, she can't risk Al finding out about it. Max lets go of her arm and she backs away a little bit. She admits that she felt something the night they made love, but they can't ever do it again. Max agrees with her. She tells him planning a life together is impossible, there is just too much at stake. Max asks her exactly what she is afraid of losing. If he had been in prison, and gotten out and no one would give him a second chance, until Asa came along, he would know what she has to lose. He tells her no one is going to put her back in prison now. She is just married to a man that she doesn't love. Gabrielle agrees, and reminds him that he is marrying a woman he doesn't love. That puts them in the same boat then, they should throw a rock in there now and then. Gabrielle tries to leave, but Max grabs her. She tries to resist him and get away, but finally gives in to him and they kiss a long passionate kiss. Max lays Gabrielle out across the pool table. Al walks in and is totally shocked at what he sees.

Jess is at Megan's grave. She remembers when she got to hold Megan during her coma. She tells Megan that she misses her. Jess then notices that Seth is standing behind her. Jess asks him if he followed her here. He was just worried about her, she seemed so upset. He asks who's grave it is. She tells him it is her daughter's grave. The baby she had with Will. Seth is shocked that she had a baby. He apologizes and says he will leave. She asks him to stay, if he doesn't mind. She hasn't had anyone to talk to about the baby since Will left. Seth says he would be honored for her to talk to him about the baby. Seth sits down beside her. Jess tells him that she was terrified, and in denial. She did not want to be pregnant. Seth is surprised. Why? Because she is such a 'good little girl'? Well, yea, and she is from such a powerful family. He would have thought that they would have tried to cover it up, and make arrangements. Well, to be honest with him, she did think about an abortion for a while. But when she felt the baby move inside her, she fell in love with it. So, Seth asks, what happened then? She tells him about getting hit a car and going into a coma. Megan got to live a short life while she was in the coma. Wow, Seth thinks that is bad that she never got to see Megan. Jess tells him that she did actually get to see Megan. She tells him while she was in the coma she saw her half sister, who died some time ago. Seth didn't even know she had a sister. Jess tells him how her sister brought Megan to her and allowed Jess to hold her and play with her for a little bit. Jess' sister explained that Jess had to let Megan go, because she couldn't live the way she had been hurt in the accident. Jess trusted her so she let her go. She tells Seth that she was so lucky. Seth is surprised that she feels lucky. Yes, she tells him, she was lucky because she had a chance to hold Megan and love her. Seth has gained a bit of respect for Jess, he tells her that Megan was lucky too.

Jen answers Sam's door to find Cristian there. He tells her that she is beautiful and gives her a single long stemmed rose. They hug and tell each other how much they missed each other last night. They talk about how great it will be to get away to Camp May for three days and two nights. Jen invites him in. They sit on the couch. Jen tells him that the plans for her to stay at his place were only because she thought Lindsay was still going to be staying there. He couldn't believe it when she called him last night and told him that Sam had kicked Lindsay out. Jen tells him that she and Sam almost felt sorry for Lindsay, because it was raining so hard, but Lindsay deserved it. Jen thinks that after what Lindsay has done, that was the least she deserved. Jen was really proud of Sam. She tells Cristian that Sam was really mad. Cristian tells her that Sam was more mad about what Lindsay did to Jen than being mad for him. Why does Cristian think that? Well, think about what Lindsay did, she made Jen believe that her guy was messing around with another girl. Jen agrees that it did really hurt. At least Sam knows now that Cristian didn't have anything to do with that stupid web site. Cristian only cares about what Jen thinks, but if it has made Sam okay with them going to Camp May together, he isn't complaining. Jen reminds them that they are alone right now, they should make up for some of the lost time. They start to kiss when the door bell rings. Jen hopes it isn't Lindsay. Cristian doesn't think that Lindsay would show her face back there. Jen isn't so sure. Cristian offers to get the door then. He answers the door to Al, holding a dozen long stemmed roses. Al isn't real happy to see Cristian, he asks if Jen is there. Jen comes to the door and says hello to Al. She tells Cristian that Al was a very good friend to her while all that stuff with Lindsay was going on. Cristian says okay and steps back a few feet. Al tells Jen that he assumes that her and Cristian are back together. Jen confirms and tells him it was someone else trying to hurt her, not Cristian. Cristian would never hurt her. Al tells her that Cristian better never hurt her. She thanks him and asks if they are still friends. Of course they are. She tells him the roses are beautiful, gives him a thank you kiss on the cheek, and takes the roses to find a vase. Al tells Cristian that he is happy for them, he just wanted to make sure that Jen was alright. Cristian nods acknowledgment. Al tells Jen that he will be seeing her around. Jen thanks him again. Al goes out the front door. Jen and Cristian go back into the front room, leaving the front door open. Cristian tells Jen that she just broke Al's heart. No, her and Al are just friends, Al knows that. Cristian hopes she is right. Jen tells him to trust her, like she has learned to trust him. They kiss. Outside, Al is clearly upset that they got back together. He leaves. Cristian goes to look out the door and comments on what a beautiful day it is. Jen hasn't been out yet. Cristian jokingly chides her for not trusting his word on what a beautiful day it is. She plays along and promises that she will trust everything he tells her now. They discuss a little bit about all that Lindsay put Cristian through. He knows he should have told her everything right from the start, he just didn't want to tell her that it was her mother. Jen tells him that he shouldn't be protecting Lindsay. He wasn't, he was protecting Jen. She knows that. They kiss again. They are both looking forward to going to Camp May. Cristian is glad that he told her about going away to Camp May. So is Jen, it gives her something to look forward to. Cristian says that he is not good at keeping secrets anyway. Oh yes he is. What is she talking about? Lindsay is all cleaned up now and walking up to the open front door. She can hear what is being said inside. Jen reminds Cristian that he kept the secret very well that he was really working undercover for the cops when he was working with RJ. Cristian forgot that she knew about that. Jen really thought that he was working for RJ. Why did she keep hanging around him then? Because she really liked him any way. When she found out that he was really working for the cops, she liked him even better. Lindsay has heard this whole conversation.

Asa is in his library reading the newspaper. Al comes in and asks if he has seen Max around today. No, Asa hasn't seen him. That is good, Al doesn't think he could handle seeing Max today. Asa notices that he is not in as good a mood as he was earlier today. Al tells him a lot has changed. Asa realizes that Al is having woman problems. Al doesn't really want to talk about it, he thinks he will take the motorcycle that Asa bought him for a spin. Asa gives him the keys to the lodge and tells him to go up there and catch some bass for him. Just get away for a while. Al takes the keys and thanks him. He tells Asa that he really is glad that he is Al's father, and not Max. Asa is happy about that too. Al leaves, and Asa goes back to reading his paper. Todd prances into the room asking for Gabrielle. How the hell does he keep getting in here Asa asks. Asa doesn't need to know that, all he needs to know is that Todd has a tape of Asa's wife and Max making boom boom. Asa is not amused. Okay, where is Gabrielle. How the hell should Asa know, maybe she is out buying a coffin for Max. Asa offers to buy one for Todd too. Todd shows Asa that he has Blair's signature, that can be used to prove that Blair bought the poison for Max that he used to kill Asa. Asa ponders a little bit, he thinks it is a hoot that he is planning his own death. He thinks maybe he should write his on eulogy. Todd asks if he is going to deliver it too. Asa tells him that he is not the coffin jumper like Todd is. Todd tells him that he should be so lucky. What does Todd mean by that? Todd asks Asa how he knows that Gabrielle isn't going to kill him for real and make herself a very rich widow. Why would Gabrielle do that Asa asks him. Well, maybe to be able to be with Max. Asa tells him that Gabrielle hates Max. Asa hasn't seen that tape has he? Todd tells him not to worry, because if they do double cross Asa, Todd will take care of them both for him. Asa tells him that he won't have to, because if that does happen, Asa will get to them first, and it won't be nice.

Lindsay is in the hallway in front of Bo and Lainey's apartment. She is soaking wet and very weak. She rings the doorbell. Bo answers the door and asks her what happened. She faints into his arms. In the next scene Lindsay is sitting on the couch. Bo comes in and hands her a washcloth. He asks if she wants some coffee. No, she just wants to see Lainey. Bo tells her that Lainey has a few surgeries this morning and won't be back for a while. Bo asks if she wants him to call Sam. No, Sam hates her, he threw her out in the rain like a tomcat last night. Bo asks why Sam would do that. Lindsay tells him that she was just wondering around all night. Why didn't she just go back to her gallery? Lindsay tells him she was just trying to protect Jen. What was she trying to protect Jen from? From Cristian Vega, he is going to ruin Jen's life. Bo tells her that he can guarantee that Cristian isn't out to ruin Jen's life. Lindsay tells him she should have never came here and tries to leave. Bo tells her she can't go anywhere looking like she looks. Lindsay tells him that Cristian is going out on Jen. Bo asks if this is all about that silly web site, Antonio told him all about it. Oh she bets he did, he probably told Bo that Lindsay was behind the whole thing. Bo wouldn't put it passed her. Lindsay reminds him that Cristian made the fake ID that Jen almost got killed with. Bo tells her that Cristian saved Jen's life that night. He asks her if she was behind the web site. Sure, make her out to be the villain. She wasn't the one that made Cristian kiss that girl in his loft. Bo tells her that she is making assumptions about Cristian when she doesn't know all the facts. She asks him what he knows that she doesn't know. Bo knew Cristian when he was a kid and he knew him when he was dating Jessica. He reminds Lindsay to remember what a stand up guy Cristian was when he still wanted to marry Jessica when she was pregnant with her son's baby. Well, let him go back to Jessica then. Bo tells her that Cristian isn't out to hurt Jen. Lindsay things he would see it differently if it were his daughter. He doesn't agree with her, Cristian is a good kid. Lindsay tells him how much she loves her daughter, she just wants Jen to be happy. Bo believes that. He tells her that Jen has a pretty level head on her shoulders, Lindsay should trust her. Lindsay doesn't believe that, Jen needs her, and now she won't let Lindsay anywhere close to her. She asks Bo what she should do. Bo tells her that she has done some pretty bad things, and told some pretty humongous lies before. But even the evil Lindsay Rappaport can ask for forgiveness. Just ask Jen for forgiveness. Just like that Lindsay asks. Yes, just like that.