One Life to Live Update Monday 9/10/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 9/10/01

By Glynis

Antonio comes to see his teacher. She takes his essay out and finds, ‘unacceptable’ written on it. She thinks that he should rethink what he wants and how he is going to go about getting it. Later, Cristian comes to see the teacher. He is going to join the class and she gives him a homework assignment. He gets reprimanded for missing her first class and promises to make her other classes. She doesn’t need anymore explanations from him. She is not a stickler.

Jessica is cleaning up mud and that is how she figures that Natalie went out the night before. Natalie finds that very sweet. Natalie wants to know where she went looking for her. Natalie tells her that she was running an errand for Viki. Jessica thinks that Natalie is a very good assistant. Natalie says that she really wants to do a very good job for Viki. Natalie is embarrassed and Jessica doesn’t want her to be. Natalie finds it weird that they have become good friends. Jessica likes that she is living with a great friend. Jessica didn’t mean to be nosey the night before. Natalie says that she feels really special to have someone like Jessica caring for her so much.

Renée is trying to help Max and Blair get married and she doesn’t understand him doing that when they all know that he is only doing it because of the baby. Max denies that the marriage is about the baby. They are getting married because they are in love, they say. They are not sure what kind of wedding they would like. They want to have a wedding ceremony but Renée doesn’t have time to sit and wait for them to get around to making it up for them. Renée leaves and Max tells Blair that he is enthusiastic about the wedding. Blair hates that Gabrielle has interfered in the wedding plans. Max gets up and leaves in spite of them having a lot of planning to do. Renée returns concerned that Todd is going to do something to ruin the wedding. Blair tells her that Todd is not going to do anything to stop this wedding. He doesn’t care for her at all. Renée knows that something is going on and she will find out. She wants to know what is going on. She wants Blair to tell her the truth.

Todd is talking with Gabrielle and he wants to know what her plan is. What is she up to? He thinks that maybe Max and Gabrielle are trying to kill Asa. Todd thinks that maybe Gabrielle is going to poison Max. He thinks that Blair is going to be used as the scapegoat for the plan. They might be trying to get her signature on something so that they can make her go to jail for their crimes. Gabrielle comes up with a plan. They have a way to work things out so that they can both get what they want. Todd is not going to go into a plan with her when she has screwed over people that she has cared about before. He can see that she has feelings for Max. He warns her about screwing this up because he is very good at revenge. She gets her coat and she runs out of there.

Gabrielle returns to the room where she spent time with Max. She looks at the chips on the table and walks by. She sits in a chair telling herself that she can’t let this happen to her again. Max walks in and he just looks at her.