One Life to Live Update Friday 9/7/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 9/7/01

By Boo

Natalie is walking around the carriage house. Happy to be so fortunate. Seth and Jess come in with Seth carrying a box. He sets it on the table. Natalie tells Jess that she is so happy that the two of them are going to be living here together. Jess is happy too, it will be like living at the dorms, but with no rules. Jess is wearing the necklace that Seth gave her. Natalie tells her again how beautiful it is. She tells Seth that he has excellent taste. Jess agrees, she loves the necklace. Seth asks what Jess wants him to do with the box. She asks him if he would mind taking it upstairs. Seth takes the box upstairs. Jess watches him go up the stairs, and then asks Natalie who this secret lover is. She is holding the card that Seth gave to Natalie in her hand. Where did Jess get that? Jess tells her that she accidentally knocked Natalie's purse off the table, and that fell out. Natalie says that will teach her to keep her purse shut. Jess reads the card to her, she thinks it is so romantic. Does she think? Yea, so why hadn't Natalie told her about this? There's nothing to tell. Is Natalie trying to hide something from her? No, she wouldn't do that. Seth comes half way down the stairs and stops to listen to the conversation. Jess doesn't notice him. Why won't Natalie tell her who it is Jess asks? Finally, Natalie tells her it is someone she met in the park. It is nothing serious. Jess thinks maybe the guy thinks it is serious. Come on, why won't Natalie tell her who it is? Natalie again tells her there is nothing to tell. He probably just picked up the first card he saw without even looking at it? Natalie tells her really, it is nothing. If it was some great guy like Seth, well, then maybe. Jess agrees, Seth is pretty great isn't he? Seth comes down the rest of the stairs and asks if they were talking about him. Jess tells him they can't seem to stop talking about him. She asks Seth if he would like something to drink. Yea, a glass of water. Jess goes to get the glass of water. Seth asks Natalie what the hell happened, how did Jessica see that card. Natalie tells him to forget about the card. If he doesn't kiss her right now, she is going to scream. He looks around a bit, then kisses her briefly. He reminds her that they have to be careful, they have already been caught kissing by Dr. MacGiver. If Jess catches them, it will ruin her whole plan. She knows, she just misses him so much. It would have been perfect her living in this house alone, then Seth could have sneaked in at night. But then stupid Jessica had to decide to move in here with her. She wants to be with him again so bad. He wants to be with Natalie too. They will be soon he assures her. Natalie tells him sooner than he thinks. She is going to sneak out after Jess goes to sleep tonight and meet him. He tells her they have been taking way too many chances lately. Life is about chances, doesn't he want to be with her. Okay he will meet her outside later. Jess comes back in with the water apologizing for taking so long. The glasses are all still packed. Seth takes the water and downs it. He has to go now. Jess thanks him for the help. He kisses Jess and tells Natalie that he will see her later. Yea, see you later she replies. Seth leaves. Natalie and Jess are sitting and chatting in the front room. Natalie thinks this place is much better than the park bench she was sleeping on. Natalie would have been here a lot sooner if Jess had known about that. Natalie can't figure out how she is going to pay Jess back. Jess tells her that she already is, it has been a very long time since she had a girlfriend. Natalie tells Jess that she is getting really tired. Yea, Jess guesses she is too. She tells Natalie that she is really glad they met. So is Natalie. Jess asks how she would like for Jess to fix them breakfast in the morning. Natalie tells her that would be nice. They go upstairs. They are up there for only a few seconds when Natalie sneaks back down the stairs and out the front door to find Seth. She finds him to the side of the house. It is starting to rain pretty heavy, Seth suggests going back to his apartment. Natalie thinks they should just go into the garden shed, it is a lot closer. They go into the shed and immediately start undressing. Is Natalie sure that Jess was asleep. Yes, the princess is sound asleep in her bed, and thinks that Natalie is asleep in her bed. They start to make out. In the house, Jess comes back down the stairs looking for Natalie. She notices that the front door is not shut all the way and that it is storming. She puts on her raincoat and goes to look for Natalie and Seth. We see Natalie and Seth making love inside the shed, with Jess walking around outside hollering for Natalie.

Nora and Rachel enter the front room of Nora's parents carrying ice cream bowls. Nora compliments Rachel on the delicious dinner she whipped up. Rachel can't take all the credit, Nora whips up a mean bowl of ice cream. Nora says that Julia Childs has nothing on her. Nora asks Rachel where she learned to cook anyway. Self defense. Nora admits that she asked for that one. Rachel asks her if they are going to talk about Colin's death. She gets the feeling Nora is avoiding the topic. Nora says it is simple. She killed Colin. Yea, and Rachel killed Georgie Phillips. That was completely different. There was nothing simple about all that Nora tells her. There is nothing simple about taking anyone's life, no matter what the circumstances Rachel tells her. There is also nothing simple about the aftermath either. Nora agrees about that. Rachel tells her that when she killed Georgie, she tried so hard to forget about it, by the time the truth was revealed, she almost believed that she didn't do it. Nora thinks maybe that is what she did. Rachel reminds her that she was heavily drugged. Even so, she should have remembered killing a man. Rachel reminds her it was self defense. Colin had kidnapped her, drugged her, and was coming back up the stairs with the intention of raping her. Nora knows that in her head, but her heart and her gut are having a hard time accepting it. Rachel knows what it feels like to take another person's life. She was so relieved when the truth came out about Georgie. Nora wasn't relieved, she was horrified. She tells Rachel that in the days before she remembered, she was acting so self righteous. She would have done anything to nail Lindsay for Colin's murder. Well, Rachel thinks Lindsay deserved every bit of it. No, no one deserves to take the blame for something they didn't do. Even if they are getting off scott free for something they did do? Yes, even then Nora tells her. Rachel reminds Nora that it was all Lindsay's fault she was even involved in any of this. Nora knows, and she would love to prove that. Rachel thinks Sam is a very lucky man to have gotten out of that marriage with his life. Well, he still has to deal with her though, because of their kids. Rachel thinks that Lindsay is just as responsible for Colin's death as Nora is. Lindsay didn't push him down the stairs, Nora reminds her. How does that feel? At first, Nora kept reliving the whole thing. Over and over. She couldn't stop. All she wanted to do was run away. Sam convinced her that wouldn't help, her memories would follow her. Rachel is glad for that. It is getting better with the passage of time though isn't it? Time wasn't what helped get rid of it. Ironically, it was Troy's arrival in town. Rachel thought that had made everything worse. Well, it did at first Nora tells her. Nora then realizes Mathew is standing at the doorway. What is he doing up Nora asks him. He can't sleep without Sue (his wooden dinosaur). Nora tells him that Sue can go to his room, but she has to stay on the dresser, not in the bed with him. Rachel explains to Mathew that he might roll over on her and break her. Mathew agrees. Rachel takes Sue and goes to put Mathew back in bed. Nora walks over to look out the window. She is deep in thought when Rachel comes back and at first doesn't hear Rachel return. Finally Rachel gets her attention and tells her Mathew is back in bed. Rachel asks where she was just a minute ago. She was thinking about Troy. Colin did have some good qualities about him, he did save her life Nora reminds Rachel. Nora was just wondering what makes a person like Colin that was such a good doctor turn into such a monster. Rachel says they all make choices. She isn't too proud of some of her choices. Did Nora know that she is counseling users at the clinic now? She just knows that some of them are not gonna make it. Nora says and then there is her. A lawyer turned killer. Rachel comments that they all have a light side and a dark side. Nora says they have to keep working towards the light. Rachel asks her what it was that made the memory of Colin's death stop haunting her. She tells Rachel about saving Troy's life. It was like when she saved Troy's life it relieved her of all the guilt she had about Colin's death. Well, Rachel is glad then that Troy came to Llanview. Rachel asks Nora what she is thinking. She is almost sorry that Troy went back to Africa. So Nora really wants to have a reminder of Colin walking the streets of Llanview? Oh no, that wouldn't be good at all, especially not for Sam. Nora just feels that he went to Africa to get away from everyone that used to blame him on all the things that Colin did. Well, maybe Troy grew to love Africa. Oh, yes, Nora believes he did. She still thinks that he may have used it to exile himself though. He can come back anytime he wants to. Nora will let him know that Rachel said it was okay. Rachel tells her as long as he doesn't come back to Llanview and make her mother have nightmares. Then he will have to deal with Rachel. Nora thinks there is no chance of that. Troy was as glad to get away from the people of Llanview, and they were to get rid of him. Then it is a good thing for Sam that he left? Nora says definitely, but Troy isn't Colin. Sam shouldn't have worried about Troy, he has his hands full with Lindsay. Nora makes some s'mores and brings them into the front room. Rachel doesn't understand how she can eat so much junk food and stay so thin. It is called a stress diet Nora tells her. Stress takes your metabolism up. Nora gets them both a big glass of milk. Rachel tells her how good the s'mores are. Who says she can't cook? Everybody Rachel tells her. Nora realizes she set herself up for that one too. Rachel is happy to see Nora so happy and not so stressed out. Nora thinks she can put this whole Colin thing in her past now. Rachel says now if Lindsay would just get her just reward. Well, they both know that won't happen. 

Cristian and Antonio are having a beer together in Cristian's apartment. Cristian tells Antonio that he won't let Lindsay break them up again. She will try Antonio warns him. He knows, but he will be prepared this time. Besides, with Jen living here with him, it will be harder for Lindsay to get to them. Is Cristian ready for Jen to move in with him? Well, yea, it is only temporary thou. Antonio just doesn't want to see Cristian get hurt, he thinks it is too soon. Where else is Jen going to go Cristian asks. Antonio doesn't know, he just thinks Cristian hopes that it turns into something more than temporary. If it does, then so be it. Cristian asks Antonio why he was so mad when he came in. Because of an obnoxious Professor at the college. Antonio tells Cristian all about his meeting with the professor. Cristian isn't surprised she won't sign the papers, Antonio dissed her. He did try to apologize. Cristian asks what made him think that she would sign the papers without taking the course. Antonio gets mad again, Cristian is supposed to be on his side. Well, why not just take the course? Antonio doesn't have time to take the course. He already did the work at law school anyway, he just dropped out so they didn't give him the credits. Antonio wanted her to look at the paper he wrote so she would believe him, but he didn't have it with him. So, take it to her. Antonio tells Cristian that they got into a fight, there is no way she will ever look at his paper now. Sure there is, Cristian tells him, turn on the old Vega charm. Cristian reminds him that his first thoughts about the professor was that she was pretty. This isn't about scoring points though, this is about getting her signature. So, why let something this silly stop his chances of the promotion. Antonio finally agrees. Okay, he will get the paper and turn on the charm and go see her again. Cristian opens the door for Antonio to leave and RJ walks up. Immediately Antonio goes into lecturing Cristian on his 'boss' illegal activities. RJ assures him that he is an upstanding citizen. Antonio tells Cristian to remember what he said and leaves. RJ tells Cristian that is twice now that he has caught Cristian chatting it up with his brother the swine. Should he be worried? Cristian tells him that Antonio just stopped by to give his weekly sermon. RJ shouldn't worry, Cristian stopped going to church a long time ago. They go into the apartment. RJ asks what the message was this week. Cristian says the usual stuff, stop hanging around with the gangster RJ, he will take Cristian down with him. Cristian compares it to RJ and his brother, Hank. RJ agrees, he has been through all that with Hank too. RJ thought that Cristian and Antonio looked a little chummy though. Cristian learned a long time ago, to just agree with him to get him to shut up. RJ tried that with Hank, it didn't work. Brothers, can't live with them, can't kill them, says RJ. He sits down at the kitchen bar, and Cristian hands him a beer. RJ asks if they are on the same page. They are Cristian tells him. RJ tells him that the bar is too hard of work for such little pay off, he has to get the other parts of his business back up and running. That is why it is so important to know who is on board with him. Cristian assures him that he is, he has been looking for something like this for a long time. Not just for the money, but also so that he can get back at Antonio. RJ is a little suspicious. Cristian assures him that he is on the same page as RJ. RJ is glad to hear it, that means they will both be getting very rich soon. Cristian remembers that RJ rewards those that are loyal. Yes, he does, and those that are not usually live just long enough to regret it RJ tells him. RJ pats him on the back and says he will see him at the bar. RJ leaves. Antonio comes back in, thanks for the Vega charm advice, next time he will do it himself. He notices Cristian has a worried look on his face, what's wrong? Cristian thinks maybe he shouldn't come around here so often for a while. Why? RJ? Yes, RJ. Outside Cristian's door RJ is trying to eavesdrop.

Keri is at her desk at the college. She has looked up a number in the book and dialed the phone. Is she in? Do they know when she'll be back? No, no message, she will call back. She hangs up, closes the phone book and taps her fingers on the book, thinking. A knock on her door. She tells them to come in. It is Antonio with both hands behind his back. She is working late he observes. She didn't realize they still had unfinished business. He tells her that he came by to apologize for being such a jerk earlier, and tries to hand her some wild flowers. She agrees that he was a jerk earlier. She didn't have to agree so quickly. He was hoping the fresh cut flowers that he picked himself would help to give them a fresh start. He was also hoping she would read his paper, which is in the other hand behind his back. She takes the flowers from him and slowly walks to the trash can and drops them in. Antonio gets angry again, what did she do that for? Because she doesn't accept bribes. That wasn't a bribe, he forces himself to calm down, that was a nice gesture. She doesn't like the idea of him wanting the three credits for a class that he never took. He doubts she will ever read his paper now. Yes, she will read it. Why has she been busting his chops then? Because of the way he has been approaching her. He should have just been honest. Would that have worked? In her experience, people that try to cover up like he has do it because they don't really have anything to contribute. That is a damn good paper Antonio tells her. She will be the judge of that, and if it is a good paper, maybe he will get his credits. He tells her happy reading, and leaves. She goes back to the trash can and picks the flowers up again and smells them. A storm is brewing outside.

Jen has walked in on Lindsay kissing Sam. Lindsay notices Jen and stops kissing. Sam turns to see Jen. He is so glad Jen is here, he was just getting ready to call her. Jen has nothing to say to Sam. Sam tells her she doesn't mean that. How could he do that? How could he kiss her after what she did to Jen and Cristian? First of all, Sam tells Jen, they weren't kissing. Well, maybe they were, but it was an accident. Oh, Jen will have to remember that one. Okay, Lindsay was upset about the fight that Lindsay and Jen got into earlier. He was just comforting her. Obviously there was a misunderstanding. Just like the one that Jen and Lindsay had. Oh no, Jen didn't misunderstand anything, she knows exactly what Lindsay did. Sam says, okay, it was something about Cristian blaming Lindsay for his kissing some other girl. Is that what Lindsay told him? Lindsay tells Jen there is no need to get into this in front of Sam. Yes there is. Jen asks Sam if he has any idea what Lindsay has been up to. Sam would like to know what Lindsay has been up to. Lindsay tells Jen they can talk about it when it is just the two of them. That is exactly what they are going to do Jen tells her. They are going to talk about it, but it will be the three of them. Jen tells Sam that Lindsay has done an awful lot of things, but never like this. Never to hurt Jen. Lindsay tells her that she didn't make Cristian kiss that girl, why won't Jen believe her. Jen yells at her that she will never believe another word Lindsay says. Jen tells Sam that she set this whole thing up. What did she set up Sam asks. She paid Chad to set up the web cams in Cristian's apartment. She paid Chad to set up that whole web site thing, the That is the truth according to Cristian Lindsay says. Sam tells Lindsay to let Jen finish. That whole family dinner was set up by Lindsay too, so that they would all accidentally see that disgusting website. Lindsay tells her that if she has done everything that Jen has accused her of, she should work for the CIA. God help us if she did Sam says. Cristian was so humiliated in front of his own mother. Cristian is a liar and he has brain washed Jen claims Lindsay. What about that incident at Logan's where Lindsay arranged for Jen to overhear that tramp say she slept with Cristian? Lindsay asks her if she also arranged for that girl to show up in Cristian apartment with him kissing her? Cristian explained all that, she was all over him. Oh, and she was so strong that Cristian couldn't physically reset her, Lindsay asks. Jen tells Sam that Shauna admitted it all to Cristian when Jen wasn't there. Oh, the truth according to Cristian again Lindsay says. Jen trusts Cristian. He is a good person, he is a decent person. Lindsay asks if she isn't a good person. Jen tells her that Cristian loves her. Lindsay tells her that she loves her too. Then why would she allow Jen to doubt someone that she loves. Lindsay tells her because Cristian is not good for her, he will hurt her. Cristian could never hurt her the way that Lindsay has. That is the worst part about all this, that her own mother did this to her. Why couldn't she be born into a sane family? She walks away a little. Sam follows her and tells her everything is going to be all right. Jen knows they are, she is going to make sure of it. That is why she wanted to tell him all this and that is why she is moving out. Sam tells her she is not going anywhere. Lindsay tells Sam he is right not to let Jen run off with Cristian. He will only fill her head with more lies. Save it Lindsay Sam tells her. She didn't let him finish. Jen isn't going anywhere, Lindsay is. Right now! Sam doesn't know what Cristian is capable of. No he doesn't, but he does know Lindsay and everything Jen said has Lindsay's name written all over it. Lindsay tries to talk him out of it, he can't do this to her. Sam grabs Lindsay and her purse and escorts her to the door. He opens the door, it is storming outside. At least let her get her stuff. He will have it sent to her. He can't do this, she has no place to go, and it is storming out here. She should have thought about that before she betrayed her own daughter. He slams the door in her face. She is crying and pleading with him to let her back in. Through the window we see him hug Jen and both of them walk back into the front room.