One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/6/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/6/01

By Boo

Lindsay is in Sam's front room talking to Will on the phone. He has to come home right now because Cristian Vega is ruining this family. Will wouldn't believe the things he is saying to Jen. What? Of course it's not true. Jen won't even speak to her now. She needs Will home right away. She will send him a plane ticket and get his room ready for him. Sam walks in behind her and takes the phone away from her. What the hell does she think she is doing? Sam tells Will that everything is okay there, not to worry. Will doesn't need to come home. Just let them know when he is settled and ready for visitors. Sam hangs up the phone. He wants Lindsay to tell him what was going on. She was having a conversation with her son. Why was she pressuring Will to come home. Only because her life is over. Again? She is glad he finds her pain so amusing. He doesn't have time for this, what is going on? Cristian has finally achieved what he started out to do, he has turned Jen against her. Really? How did he do that? Last thing Sam knew, Cristian was the star of some internet peep show, and Jen wasn't too happy. Cristian has convinced Jen that someone set him up. Well, did someone? Jen caught him in the act, kissing that girl from the web site. Well, if that is true, what does any of this have to do with her? Well, isn't it obvious? Not to Sam. Well, when Cristian got caught with the web site, and kissing that girl, he tried to deflect the attention away from himself. He started throwing accusations at her. Sam wants to hear about these accusations. Well, Cristian convinced Jen that she had something to do with that web site. Well, did she? Of course not, he believes her doesn't he? Sam believes that she is upset. Yes, she is very upset. Well then, the only thing to do is to call Jen and straighten this whole thing out. Sam picks up the phone. No Sam, Lindsay doesn't want him to call Jen. Why doesn't she want him to call Jen? Because, Cristian has told Jen so many lies that Jen believes now she is furious with Lindsay. If they call her right now, it may just make it worse. Sam tells her that is all the more reason to get things settled with Jen. Unless what Cristian is accusing her of is true. Of course it isn't true. She knows she has done some horrible things in the past, but never did she hurt her daughter. Again, even more reason to get Jen over there and talk this out. Doesn't Sam understand? If she loses her daughter, then she will be truly alone. Well, that's not true Sam tells her. She will have him. Does he really mean that? Well, of course he does. He wouldn't abandon her, no matter what? That is one thing he has learned through all their years, turning his back on her is not a realistic option. Why does he think that is? Doesn't he think that is kinda strange. He wouldn't call them strange. What? He tells her the obvious connection is their kids. They have two kids together that they really love. That will keep their lives connected forever. Lindsay thinks it is something more than that. A bond that holds them together from shared memories, shared experiences, shared life. Sam agrees that maybe she is right. If he really means this, it would mean so much to her. She grabs him and gives him a good long kiss. Jen walks in the front door and is horrifiedly pissed at what she sees.

Jen & Cristian are in Cristian's apartment kissing. Jen pulls away, she is so sorry that she didn't believe in Cristian. Cristian tells her that she believed her eyes and ears. She should have believed her heart she tells him. Well, she believes him now, right? Yes, now and forever. That is what is important. Cristian offers to take her home. No, she doesn't want to go home. She never wants to see her mother again. She is so ashamed of what Lindsay did to Cristian. Why? Jen had nothing to do with it. Didn't Lindsay realize that whatever she was doing to Cristian she was doing to Jen too? Chris tells her that Lindsay is not the first mother who didn't like the person her daughter was dating. Jen tells him to quit standing up for her mother, it only makes her madder. How could any mother set her daughter up to overhear some girl talking about sleeping with the man they love? Cristian agrees that was pretty bad, but he is sure that Lindsay only did it because she loves Jen. That is not love, that is sick. She can't even stand to look at her mother. As long as Lindsay is going to be staying at her dad's, she is going to stay some where else. Where? Jen doesn't know, she will get a place of her own. Cristian tells her she could do that or, she could stay here with him. Is he serious? This offer is just what he said, she is just moving in, they can call it whatever they like. Maybe they could just call it 'a place for her to crash' for however long she needs Cristian tells her. She asks him why he is doing this. Because he loves her, she has just gone through something horrible. The thought of her being alone in an apartment and being upset doesn't appeal to him. She is pleased with his answer. Yes, she will move in with him. He is really happy about that, it isn't like he isn't getting something out of the deal too. He gets to be with her. Cristian asks if she is really ready to do this? Is she really ready to cut her mother out of her life for good? Her mother has given all kinds of reasons to do this. Cristian agrees. Cristian just wants her to be sure before she does or says things that she can't take back. This last thing that Lindsay did, trying to hurt Cristian was the last straw. She can't keep forgiving Lindsay, that is like saying that all she does is okay, and it isn't okay. Cristian tells her that he will live, but he isn't sure that Lindsay will live through this. Jen agrees, Lindsay usually ends up hurting herself more than she does others. That is why her and Will keep forgiving her. Cristian asks her if she feels even a little sorry for Lindsay. Not this time she doesn't. Remember before when she said that she couldn't promise him that she could keep Lindsay out of their lives? Yes, he remembers. Well, she can keep that promise now. She is going to go home and get a few things and she will be back. Does she want him to come with her to help? No, she only plans on packing one small suitcase, she can handle it. That isn't what he meant by helping her. No, she can handle that too, she is just going to get the few things and tell her dad what is going on. She hopes Lindsay isn't even there. She leaves. Antonio shows up in a very fowl mood. How's it going Cristian asks. Don't ask. Wow, did he get ran over by a truck. Oh, you could call her that, among other things. Her? Who is Antonio talking about? Never mind, just forget it. How are things with Cristian. Cristian tells him that he told Jen everything. Antonio can imagine how that went, they always tell you they want straight talk, and when you give it to them. Jen is moving in with him. What? Yea, she wants to get away from Lindsay. Jen believed Cristian. Yes, totally. Antonio is still in a fowl mood, well good. Until Lindsay finds a way out of it.

Antonio and Keri are outside the classroom at the college. What did she just say? Did she just say she is Keri Reynolds? Yes, that is what she said, large K small e small r small i. Keri Reynolds. That wouldn't be Professor Keri Reynolds would it? No, that would be Keri Reynolds who you are going to con or charm into giving you those credits. That is what Antonio was afraid of. Keri goes into her office with Antonio following. He tries to tell her that he knew she was Keri Reynolds, he was just playing a joke on her. She tells him that stand up is not his thing. That is why he keeps practicing. Well, he should practice on someone that he doesn't need their signature. Okay, what if he didn't know it was her? What if he apologized? That might help. She waits, well? Well what? What about that apology. He just did apologize to her. No he didn't, he asked what if he did, it isn't the same thing. He tells her that he is sorry for saying those things about her it was. Stupid, she asks? Yes. Idiotic? Well, yes. Imbecilic? She is enjoying this isn't she. She agrees that she is starting to. Antonio starts to get mad, but then keeps his temper in check remembering that he wants her signature. He tells her he is sorry. Is his apology accepted? She thinks for a second, yes, apology accepted. Antonio is pleased until she tells him that she is still not signing his paper. He thought she accepted his apology. She did, but that is different than just singing the papers. Look Keri, he really needs these credits. Under the circumstances, she thinks it is more appropriate for him to call her Professor Reynolds. What? She is proud of the work she did to get that title, she likes the sound of it, and it inspires respect from her student. Antonio is starting to get angry. Okay, Professor Reynolds, will she sign that paper? She will be happy to, when he has earned it. They are both starting to get a little angry now. Antonio tells her that he has worked his butt off, he got his BA from the prison, and he took his law classes in California. Keri attempts to compromise with him, has he ever written any college level papers on the subject of criminology? He has written plenty. Okay, if he will show her one of his papers, and if it is up to her standards, she might reconsider. He did bring one with him didn't he? Well, no, he didn't think he would need one. Oh, he just thought he would flash her a smile and she would just sign the paper. Antonio is really angry now. Maybe he doesn't want to show her any of his work. Well, good, maybe she doesn't want to read it right now. Antonio is glad they finally agree on something. He grabs the paper back from her, wads it up and throws it in the trash can. He leaves. Keri walks over to the trash can and pulls out the paper, she thinks for a minute. She wads it back up and throws it back in the trash can deciding that Antonio is a jerk.

Vicky and Larry are sharing tea in the library at Llanfair. Larry is happy that Vicky was able to forgive Allison. Now she can put this whole thing away for good. Vicky tells Larry that she was at peace when she first left the meeting with Allison. Now, there is something unsettling about the whole thing. About the meeting, Larry asks, or about Allison herself. Vicky thinks about Allison. She seemed to not be at all the person that kidnapped Jessica. Vicky wonders if someone change that much. Can she really be so different than the Allison Perkins who did that to her and to Jessica. Jess walks into the room, she asks Vicky who Allison Perkins is and what did Allison do to her? She is someone from the past Vicky tells her. Jess assumes it was from her own past. Yes, but she is better off left in the past. Jess thinks she has a right to know if it has to do with her life. Vicky relents, and decides she is right. Should Jess be afraid. No, it happened a long time ago, there is nothing to be afraid of now. Larry decides to leave the two of them alone. Now Jess is getting scared. Larry assures her that it is like Vicky said, it is in the past. He kisses Vicky good bye and leaves. Vicky tells Jess she should sit down. This just keeps getting worse. Vicky explains to her that it is almost like it happened to someone else. It is a story about a tiny baby and a very disturbed woman Vicky tells her. So, this Allison person kidnapped a baby? Yes, Vicky tells her. Was it? Yes, it was Jessica. They sit down on the couch and Vicky tells her the whole story. Jess is freaked out that she doesn't remember any of it. Vicky tells her that she was only a week old. Why didn't anyone ever tell her about it. Vicky explains that there was never a good time to tell a child such a horrible story, and after some time, without it being said out loud, her and Clint just agreed not to tell her at all. They wanted her to grow up feeling safe, not worried about something that was over with. Jess understands, but it feels really weird to know about it. She is glad Allison brought her back. What would her life have been like if she hadn't, if she even had a life. Vicky grabs her and hugs her, don't even think that. Jess tells her not to think about this anymore, she is an adult now and she can take care of herself. Vicky knows that, but Jess is still her precious daughter. Even more precious to her because of the time they were apart. Wow, this Allison must really be sick. Yes, she was Vicky tells her. Allison appears to be getting better now. Every thing makes sense now to Jessica. How Vicky would never let her out of her sight when she was younger. Vicky says she couldn't help herself, even when Jessica hated it when she would do it around Jess' friends. Jessica apologizes for giving her such a hard time about it. Vicky tells her to not be silly, all teens want to stretch their wings, and an over protective mother is a drag no matter what her reasons. Jess tells her that she was a perfect mother. Jess hopes she can do half as good a job when she is a mother. Vicky things she will do twice as good. Jess realizes that Vicky is leaving on the book tour. It is only for a short time, and the publisher is so organized. Vicky shows Jess the itinerary on the lap top. Jess tells Vicky not to worry, she will be perfect at it. Ben walks in and says she already is perfect. Jess has been trying to tell Vicky that, but she isn't listening. Ben thinks maybe he can convince her. Jess hugs Vicky and tells her to call her. Jess leaves the room. Vicky asks where he has been. Running some very boring errands he tells her. He notices her new book laying on the table and asks if she has an extra copy of that. Of course, it is in her contract, her husband gets copies of all her books Vicky jokes. He asks her to sign it. He wants her autograph now? Well, it is for someone else, someone he is going to be seeing again very soon. 

Allison has caught Ben in her room at St. Anne's. What is he doing here? Nothing. Who is he, nobody. Ben tells her he was looking for something to read. She grabs the book out of his hand and asks why he didn't go to the library. He didn't know they had one. That is bull, if he won't tell her, maybe he will tell security. Allison goes towards the door. Wait, Ben tells her, he will tell her the real reason he is here. She turns to listen to him. Well, she is waiting, what was he really looking for? Allison's attitude is very self confident and strong. Ben tells her that he is looking for love. What kind of love? Ben tells her any kind of love, puppy love, true love, etc. He is pretending to be mentally off. Allison asks if he is a patient here. He doesn't know. Well, then he must be. Allison sees Sister Catherine coming into the room. Her demeanor, tone of voice, attitude all change to the 'unsure patient' she is supposed to be. She is so glad to see Sister Catherine, maybe she can help clear things up here. She asks Sister Catherine if this man is a patient here. Ben starts to panic a little bit. Sister Catherine starts to tell Allison no, this is Mr. David. Ben interrupts and hurriedly says that is him, Mr. David, or some people just call him David, or Dave. Do they ever call him patient, Allison asks? Well, he is like an outdoor patient he tells her. Oh, so he is an out patient. Ben tells her that he sees Dr. Cohen twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Maybe that is why she has never seen him. Sister Catherine starts to interrupt and Ben kinda yells over her that he saw Sister Theresa in the day room, she wanted to see Sister Catherine, okay? Bye. Sister Catherine rushes out of the room. Ben tells Allison that Sister Catherine is a nice lady, he bets Allison is a nice lady too, right? Allison's attitude and demeanor change back to evil mode. Ben tells her they should shake hands, but he doesn't remember her name. She tells him that is okay, she never told him. She shakes his hand and tells him her name is Allison. Cool, Ben says, now they are friends. Hey, can he come and see her when he comes for his visits? Not for long, she is getting out of here soon. Oh wow, that is really cool, did Dr. Cohen help her too? No, she tells him, she helped herself. Really? Wow, he wishes he could do that, how did she do it? You know what they say about curiosity don't you Ben? No, what? It killed the cat. It did? I love cats. No, it is just a saying, she just meant that she worked very hard at recovery. Ben notices Vicky's book that Allison is holding. Survivor, that is a funny name for a book, is it about a TV show. No, it is by a lady named Vicky Davidson, and Allison knows her. Really? Yes, she does. Allison did something not very nice to her. Ben asks what she did. She borrowed something from Vicky without asking, but Vicky forgave her? Really? That is because of the kind of person Vicky is Allison tells him. Hey, does she think she could come and visit him when she gets out? Maybe, she tells him. What is she gonna do when she gets out? Where is she going to go he asks excitedly. She tells him she is going to visit someone. Someone she owes a visit to. Someone she owes a lot more than a visit. She tells him it isn't anyone special, just an old acquaintance. Do they have a nice name? Allison tells him he is getting carried away with questions again. Oh, he was just wondering cause like he said, he was looking for love and. She tells him not to worry about it being a boyfriend. She wants to go to bed now. Ben doesn't mind. Allison tells him that means that he has to leave the room. Oh, okay. He shakes her hand. Allison wishes him luck with his therapy, maybe she will see him around. Ben is really happy about that. He leaves the room. Outside the room, he stops to appreciate that he fooled her and lets out a sigh of relief. Allison sits down on the bed and reads the title of the book 'A Survivor's Story' and says to herself, we'll see about that. Then has a good hearty laugh about it.