One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/5/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/5/01

By Boo  

Cristian is letting himself and Jen into his apartment. Why is she here? He didn't want to do this in the bar. Do what Jen asks. This big break up. Cristian is convinced that she is there to tell him how much she hates him. Jen keeps trying to interrupt him and tell him that she believes him. Did she just come to tell him to his face that she can't stand the sight of him? No! Cristian can't stand the sight of her either. It hurts too much, why doesn't she just go. She tells him she can't go, not until he knows why she is really here. She didn't ask him to leave her house because she wanted to break up with him. He still isn't listening too well, he still thinks she is there to break up with him. She finally gets through to him. She asked him to leave because she knew he was telling the truth, and she wanted to talk to her mom. She also knows why he didn't want to tell her all this, he didn't want to be the one to show her what a monster her mother is. Cristian is quite, letting all this soak in. She is sorry that she believed all that. She was confused, she didn't know what to believe. She is sorry that she doubted him. She want's him to forgive her? Yes, she knows she doesn't deserve it, because she believed all that horrible stuff about him. He tells her she is right, she doesn't, because there is nothing to forgive. She believed what everyone else believed, and she thought she had proof. Yea, proof that her mother planted Jen comments. Cristian tells her that he is sorry she had to find that out. She knows, she is grateful to him for loving her enough not to want her to find out how horrible her mother is. Cristian tells her that Lindsay does love her, he didn't want to get in the way of her feelings for her mother. Jen should have stopped loving Lindsay a long time ago. Cristian tells her not to talk like that. Jen doesn't want to talk about Lindsay right now. She just wants him to tell her that he loves her, he wants to be with her, and everything will be okay. He tells her all three, plus, he will never let anything come between them again. He holds her. He tells her that they will deal with what her mother did to her when she is ready. What Lindsay did to them, she corrects him. Okay, to them. Jen wants to go and tell Shauna. Cristian assures her that Shauna knows how much he loves Jen, and Chad is long gone. It is all over. Except dealing with her mother. How awful is it that she had those cameras installed. Cristian reminds her that no one is watching them now, it is just the two of them. They kiss.

Antonio is at the college attempting to go into a class room. The door is locked. He looks down at the papers in his hand and turns to go away. He runs right into someone. He apologizes and starts to help pick up papers. He looks at the person he ran into and realizes it is the woman that he saw at the coffee shop earlier. He tells her that he was hoping to run into her again. Well, mission accomplished she tells him. This isn't quite what he had in mind. Did it have anything to do with busses or trains? No, just a cup of coffee. He explains that he saw her at the coffee shop. He comments that she is new in town. How does he know that? It is his job to notice things out of the ordinary. She is out of the ordinary? That could be good or bad she notices. He tells her to have a cup of coffee with him to find out. Is he a student here? No, he is just there to try to get a professor to sign this sheet. She looks at the sheet. It is a statement that he has completed the course or the equivalent. What does he have to do to get the credits? He tells her that he hopes nothing. She has heard that they are easing up a little on requirements, but. He explains that he has life credits. Life credits? Yes, see, he's a cop. She is intrigued, she is interested in crime herself. What makes him think that his being a cop will just make some professor sign over credits. Well, he hasn't always lived on the right side of the law. She doesn't think that a professor will be that easy. Well, most of them might not, but this one will. Why is that? Because this is her first year. All rookies don't know how to do their job, she asks. No, no rookies do. On his first day of training his partner locked them together in handcuffs. She laughs. It wasn't that funny when it happened. She is sure it wasn't. He is just going to tell the professor about all the arrests he has made, and she will sign the paper. All's well that ends well, is that right. Antonio tells her not exactly, she still hasn't answered him about that cup of coffee. Okay, she will have a cup of coffee with him. Can he meet her in the lounge in an hour? Sure, where is it? She tells him to get his rookie professor to tell him. She doesn't mind waiting? No, she has an appointment too. Okay, hopefully this Kerri Reynolds won't keep her waiting too long. Who did he say. Kerri Reynolds, she teaches the Sociology and Crime. Why? Is she taking the class too? No, she is teaching it. She holds out her hand to introduce herself. Kerri Reynolds, Professor of Sociology and Crime. 

Todd and Gabrielle are in the front room at the penthouse. She asks for the tape back. He asks if she has a plan to bring Blair down. She has to have the tape in her hand before she will tell him her plan. No, she is acting like an idiot now. It doesn't work that way. Gabrielle thinks that since this part of the revenge is his idea, he should come up with the plan. No, he is tired of doing everything himself. He won't be doing it by himself, she will be helping him. Besides, his devious mind would probably come up with a much better plan than her idiot mind she tells him. Oh, flattery, she is smart isn't she? Actually Todd does have a plan. Gabrielle is already trying to take Max down. They could just make it look like Blair was working with Max to get Asa's money or something, they've done it before. Gabrielle says that won't work. Todd asks her if she still wants to bring Max down? This little foray into the porn business hasn't changed her mind about Max has it? No, she hates Max with every fiber of her body. But what would he know about that? Hating someone so much because the deserted you. She realizes that Todd must hate Blair that much. Gabrielle doesn't know anything about him and Blair. He doesn't need a reason to want to destroy Blair. Do they have a deal, Todd asks. Gabrielle puts her hand out to shake, they have a deal. Todd won't shake hands, he is worried about her germs, but she better not think about backing out of her side of the deal. She assures him that she won't. Now, can she see the tape? The doorbell rings. Well, he would, but he has guests at the moment. He goes to answer the door. Never mind, it isn't a guest, it's just his sister. Vicky walks into the room, trying to ignore Gabrielle. Todd tells Gabrielle he will have to get back to her on all this. Gabrielle knows how important it is to spend time with family. It was lovely to see Vicky again, as always. Gabrielle leaves. Vicky asks Todd what Gabrielle was doing there. What does Vicky care. No good can come of any dealings with that woman. Yea, that is what every one says about him. Vicky ignores the comment. Anyway, what does she want, he has a lot in his hopper. Vicky tells him that is a scary thought. She just came by to tell him that she is going on a book tour and will be gone for awhile. That is all? Just good-by? No lecture or anything? No, no lecture. She did also come by though to give him a kind of a warning. A warning about how he is living his life. Okay, stop right there, this sounds like a lecture. Vicky promises it isn't. She just learned something and she thought she would share. Okay, what did she learn? Vicky handles Todd with the same loving gloves she always does, and tries to get passed his smart remarks. She explains that a woman that had hurt her very badly in the past, that she didn't think she could ever forgive, she had a chance recently to forgive this woman, and it freed them both. Todd gets a little upset by this. Just because you forgive someone, it doesn't change the lousy things they did to you in the past. No, it doesn't change what was done in the past, but it helps you to move on. So, Vicky is saying that all he has to do is forgive Blair and poof, he is all fixed. That is Todd's problem, he is always looking for someone else to 'fix' him. No he isn't, he likes himself just the way he is. Vicky asks him if he has ever made a mistake? Not like the one Blair made. Well, he has made other mistakes, and he will never know if Blair has forgiven him until he forgives her. Vicky knows that Todd loves Blair. Todd blows up, no he doesn't, he hates Blair, he despises her. But Blair is getting what she deserves, he has taken care of that. What does that mean? What has he done? He hasn't done anything, it was a figure of speech. Don't lie to her. He isn't lying, tell you what, let's call this woman that she is forgiving, that will be more fun. Vicky tells him that they can't. Why? Is she in prison or something? No, she is at St. Anne's. Todd bursts into laughter. This woman that she hates lives in St. Anne's? What did she do that Vicky can't forgive her? Knit her a three sided pot holder. Vicky gets a little angry and tells him no, she kidnapped Jessica when she was just a baby. She kidnapped Jessica? Yes, for four horrible weeks. And Vicky is forgiving her? Yes, it turns out that she was under the influence of a wicked man, and besides, she brought Jessica back on her own. And this is the woman that Vicky is helping to get on with her life? Well, yes, she is trying to. Todd tells her that she is an idiot. If anyone ever kidnapped Starr. What, what would Todd do. Well, he would never forgive them. Like when he kidnapped Starr? That was totally different, he is Starr's father. Does Todd think that made it any easier for Blair? Blair forgave him, she was even going to marry Todd. Well, Blair is an even bigger idiot than Vicky. Bye Todd. Oh just like that? This lecture is over? No, while she is here, she warns him to stay away from Gabrielle, she is bad news. Did Gabrielle every hurt Vicky? Yes, she did. And what? Gabrielle isn't up for the Vicky forgiveness plan? Why? You can't be Argentinean? Vicky thinks for a minute. Todd is right, she should forgive Gabrielle. Gabrielle tried to hurt her other daughter, Megan. But she was under the influence of a wicked man, just like Allison. So they are both crazy, Todd can't wait to tell Gabby the good news. Well, it doesn't mean that she has to ever like Gabrielle or trust her again. Some people never change. Todd tells her that she thinks that just because she forgives people and tells people that she loves them, it will make a better world. That isn't true. All it does is give those people permission to come back and hurt you all over again, sometimes even worse than before. Allison kidnapped Jessica back then, God knows what she is capable of now. No, Todd is wrong. It is true that some people will not change even if you forgive them. But there are others that do want to change, and she happens to believe that Allison has changed. Todd opens the door to see Vicky out. Whatever, he doesn't know this Allison lady, maybe she really has changed. But maybe she is only pretending to have changed, but either way, don't say he didn't tell her so. He slams the door in Vicky's face.

Ben and Asa are in the library at Asa's mansion. Asa can't believe that Ben needs his help. Well, Ben isn't advertising that fact. Is the mob after him again? No, it is nothing like that. Asa has to promise that this conversation will just be between the two of them. Asa asks him what kind of trouble he has himself in now. Ben tells him that it has to do with Vicky. What is wrong with Vicky? Does Ben have Asa's word? Of course, now what is it? What does Asa know about Allison Perkins? Does Ben mean that she devil that kidnapped Jessica? Yes, that is the one. Asa doesn't know a damn thing, except that she is long gone. Not anymore, she's back Ben tells him. Asa is shocked, why? What is she up to now? That is what Ben wants to know. How long has she been in town Asa asks. She isn't really in town, she is at St. Anne's. That is where she belongs, she is loony. Was she before she kidnapped Jessie? Yes, she was involved with Mitch Lawrence's cult. Before the cult, what was she like? Does Asa look like a shrink? Ben tells him that he needs to know how Allison's mind works. Asa thinks for a minute. She used to have a thing for Larry's kid, Dan. Used to follow him around like a puppy. Dan didn't want anything to do with her? Asa guesses not, she moved on to Mitch. Asa asks why they are even concerned with this? She is in an institution, she can't hurt any body. Unless they let her out Ben informs him. Asa can't believe they will let her out. Ben confirms that it is possible. Ben tells him that everyone at St. Anne's is convinced that she is well. They are making a big mistake then, Asa says. Why does Asa think that? She was smart enough back then to pretend to be Nicki and steal Jessie. Maybe now she is smart enough to fool all these people into thinking she is well. Who knows what she can do. So Asa thinks she may still be dangerous? Damn straight he does, and Ben must think so too, or he wouldn't be here. Gabrielle is in the hallway coming into the library. She is telling Asa that she nearly had it in her hand until that horrible Victoria, (she walks into the room and sees Ben) and Abercrombie out bid here. She is sorry, but they will have to get a different painting for that room. She greets Ben and asks what he is doing here. He had business with Asa. Gabrielle mentions to Asa that he didn't tell her about it. No, he didn't. He tells Ben that he thinks he has told him all that he can remember. Ben thanks him and leaves. Gabrielle was surprised to see Ben and Asa getting along so well. Ben needed his help. So, Gabrielle guesses that it does mean something to him that Ben is his son. Now maybe Asa can understand why she was so desperate for Todd not to show that tape to Al. So, she made a deal with Todd? What else could she do? Besides, it won't be so terrible to bring Blair down with Max will it? Asa doesn't care of Blair goes to hell, but helping Manning to send her there is like getting in bed with the devil.

Allison is kind of dancing around her room when Larry walks in to visit. She is glad to see him, she wanted to thank him for helping her to get Vicky to come and see her. So, it went well? Yes, Vicky forgave her. That is wonderful news. That should help her recovery speed right along. Allison tells him she will be getting out soon. They should talk about that, what is she going to do when she gets out? She tells him she has big plans. The camera spans to show a few of Vicky's books and some papers on the table. She is so looking forward to going to the movies again, and the park. She used to have this radio that she would take with her. Larry tells her he was talking about the more practical side, like where she is going to stay, who she is going to live with. She really hadn't thought about it, she thinks she still knows a few people in Llanview. Larry asks her if she realizes that his son is not still living there. Oh yes, she didn't expect Dan to wait on her. He is happy to hear that. She thinks she will get a place of her own, get a job. Larry is pleased to hear that, the people at St. Anne's should be able to help her with that. She tells him not to worry about her, she will be all right. Ben sneaks outside the room to listen to the conversation. It means so much to Allison to have Larry's support. Larry is happy to give it. She asks him to just tell the nuns that she is well. He can only attest to her physical health, but as far as he can see, she is well. It's as if all that business with Mitch never happened. Larry has no idea how many times she has wished that. Well, Larry has other patients to see, so he should be going. Allison asks to walk him out, the nuns have recently given her more freedom and she wants to take advantage of it. They leave. Ben sneaks into the room and closes the door part way. Okay Allison Perkins, let's see what you're up to. Ben starts to look through Allison drawers and search around. He sees Vicky's books on the table. He wonders what Allison is doing with these. Allison walks into the room and slams the door. They stare at each other.

Lindsay is by herself in Sam's front room. She remembers Jen telling her that she is dead to Jen. Cristian may think that he has beaten her, but he is wrong. Cristian has no idea how dangerous an angry mother can be. The door bell rings. It is an angry mother. Cristian's angry mother. Lindsay is busy. Oh no, she is not going anywhere. Not until she listens to every last word Carlotta has to say to her. How dare Lindsay put her son's private moments out there for all the world to see. Lindsay denies that she did. Lindsay doesn't dare lie to her, Cristian told her all about it. Why doesn't Carlotta ask her son about Shauna? Carlotta kept thinking to herself that this was done by some vengeful teenager, but a grown woman like Lindsay? Lindsay tells her that she will do whatever it takes to protect her daughter. Carlotta hopes that Jen doesn't turn out like her mother, she will want her no where near Cristian if she does. Carlotta tells her never to come to her diner. Lindsay tells her she won't have to worry about that. Carlotta pities Lindsay, because when Jen finds all this out, Lindsay will be lucky if Jen ever sees her again. Carlotta starts to leave. Hold it right there, Lindsay has a few things to say to Carlotta. Carlotta turns, she is not intimidated by Lindsay at all. Lindsay has something to say? She has been handed everything all her life. Carlotta is just glad that Jen seems to have turned out to be a decent person in spite of Lindsay. Yes, she is a decent person, and she deserves to be with someone that is not a criminal in training. Someone that doesn't think of himself as an artist. Cristian can't even paint a house. Carlotta tells her that what ever Cristian does, he knows that she will be proud of him. Cristian will be secure in the knowledge that he has a mother that will never dishonor him. Can Lindsay say the same? Carlotta turns and leaves.