One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/4/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/4/01

By Boo

Seth and Natalie are in the living room at the carriage house. Seth is helping Natalie put a necklace on. Jess walks in and asks what is going on. Natalie tells Seth that every thing is ruined. She apologizes to Jess. Why is Natalie apologizing. Natalie tells her that the necklace is for her. Seth had bought it, and since he has never bought jewelry for a woman before, he was really nervous. It was kinda cute really. Seth tells Jess that he just wanted to see what it was going to look like, so Natalie put it on so he could see. Jess is blown away, that is so sweet. Can she see the necklace? Seth takes if off Natalie and gives it to Jess. Jess thinks it is beautiful, she wants to put it on now. Seth helps her put it on. Natalie tells her it is beautiful on her. Jess can't believe how well the night turned out. Natalie moving in here, and Seth surprising her with the necklace. Natalie can't believe it either. This house is so big, for just her. Jess has a great idea, why doesn't she move in here with Natalie. It would be fun. Natalie tells her no! Jess is confused. Natalie doesn't want her to move in here? No, it isn't that, it's just that Jess has such a beautiful room at her mother's, why would she want to. Jess explains that it made her feel like a little girl again to move back home. Besides, Vicky is going out of town for a while, and it would make Vicky happy to know that Jess isn't alone. Natalie agrees to let her move in. Jess is happy, she hugs Natalie, who rolls her eyes at Seth. Seth tells them that he is going to go to Break Bar and see if he can change his shift. If he can, he will come back and help Jess get settled. Jess thanks him for the necklace again. He leaves. Jess is going to the main house to get a few things, she will be right back. She leaves too. Natalie takes out the card that Seth gave her and reads it again. Seth comes back in and she lays the card down on the table. They kiss. Seth apologizes for having to give her necklace to Jess. Natalie is okay with it. This isn't perfect, because now they can't have the privacy they had wanted, but it will work. With Jess living here, and Vicky being out of town, Natalie can get into the main house when ever she wants. Seth kisses her again and leaves. Jess comes back to the house with a box and finds a note from Natalie. Natalie has gone to the store to get some food. Jess sets the box down on the table and knocks something off on the floor. She bends to pick it up. It is Seth's card to Natalie. It reads 'To Natalie, Till my love is no longer secret, me'. Jess wonders. 

Melanie is in her and Bo's front room. She is trying to think of a way to get Bo to marry her. There is a knock at the door. It is Troy. He tells her that he has something for her. Something that he thinks she will want to keep. She invites him in and they sit on the couch. Troy tells her that he was going through Colin's papers and found this, he thought she would want to keep it. He hands her a piece of paper. She starts to read. It is wedding vows. Troy explains that when he realized he was reading Colin's wedding vows, he stopped reading. It felt like he was invading Colin's privacy. Melanie tells him there is only one problem, these vows were not written for her. Was Colin married to anyone else? No, Melanie doesn't think so. She looks at the paper again, and notices a date. The date is the day Colin died. Melanie tells Troy that these vows were written for Nora. Troy thinks that is a little morbid, even for Colin. Melanie doesn't think so, Colin thought him and Nora belonged together. She finds it sad that Colin had all this love and devotion for a woman that didn't want to have anything to do with him. She, on the other hand...the phone rings. It is Bo, he apologizes for taking so long to get back home after she planned such a special evening. She knew what she was in for when they got engaged. He will be home as soon as he can. She hangs up. Troy tells her he is going to get going. Melanie stops them, there is something he can do for her. She wants Troy to tell her what Colin told him about her and their marriage. Troy tells her that Colin never told him anything. Melanie can't believe that. She was Colin's wife, and Troy was his brother. No cards, pictures, a letter? Nothing Troy tells her. Melanie is completely preoccupied with her thoughts, barely paying attention to the conversation with Troy. Troy tells her he is sorry if Colin hurt her, she deserves better than that. Melanie agrees. Troy overheard her say she was engaged now, so things must be getting better. Yes, she has never been happier she tells him, still not into the conversation. Troy congratulates her and asks when the big day is. She tells him soon, very soon. Troy wishes her a good night and leaves. Melanie picks up the vows that Troy gave her and cuts off the date portion of the paper. Bo is home, to find Melanie sitting sadly on the couch. He apologizes to her for having to leave. It isn't that. Troy came by to see her. He gave her this. She hands the vows to Bo. He reads them and asks what they are. Melanie tells him that they are the vows that Colin wrote for their wedding. She knows it is silly to be upset by this, but she just keeps thinking of all the promises he made her that he never intended on keeping. She asks Bo to tell her that he really will love her forever. Bo promises her that he will and hugs her. She is pleased with herself.

Sam, Bo and Hank walk out of Bo's office. Bo tells Sam again to stay away from Troy. Sam can't do that. Bo and Hank both warn him. Sam doesn't care that Troy is not Colin. He knows Troy is a threat to Nora. Hank reminds him that he is lucky that Troy didn't press charges. Sam will send him flowers and a card. Hank tells Sam to check his attitude too. Ben comes in and asks what is up. Sam can't believe that Bo called Ben, talk about over reacting. Bo tells them he will let them talk for a little bit. Bo and Hank go back to Bo's office. Sam tells Ben about what happened in Troy's apartment. Ben tells him to back off a little. No way is Sam going to back off. Ben wouldn't back off if someone was threatening Vicky. Ben tells Sam he is right. He thinks someone is threatening Vicky, and no way will he back off either. Sam asks who is threatening Vicky. Ben tells him all about Allison. He tells Sam about hearing her on the phone and saying it was all set. Sam tells him that could mean anything. Ben knows, but he just got this pit in his stomach. Has Ben told Vicky about it? No, he doesn't want to worry her in case it turns out to be nothing. Sam tells him to drop it. Yea right, like Sam is going to drop this thing with Troy. Sam gives up on that point and asks Ben what he is going to do now. Ben says he has to get a feel for this woman, who she is. How is he going to do that. Ben looks towards Bo and says he just got an idea. Bo walks out of his office and runs into Hank. Hank asks him if he wants to go down to Roadies, grab a few beers, like old times. Bo wishes he could, but Melanie had planned this special night for him, he needs to get home. Hank asks how the two of them are doing. They are doing good. Have they set a date yet? No, Bo thinks Melanie is getting a little anxious, but they have both agreed to take it slow. Bo thanks Hank for the invitation, he really misses that. They shake hands and Bo walks away to approach Ben and Sam. He tells Sam that there are a few papers to sign at the front desk, then Sam is free to go. He warns him again to stay away from Troy. Sam ignores the warning, and goes to sign the papers. Ben asks Bo what he remembers of Allison. Bo only remembers the basics, he is sorry he can't be of more help. If Ben really wants to know anything, he should talk to Asa. Sam rejoins the two of them. Bo tells Ben if anything comes of this thing with Allison Perkins, Ben should come to the police. He doesn't want either of them handling things on their own anymore. Ben thanks Bo as Bo is leaving. Sam asks Ben if he is ready to go. Ben tells him to go on without him, he has something he has to do.

Asa and Gabrielle are in the library at Asa's mansion. Asa is adamant that he doesn't want Todd brought in on their plan. Gabrielle reminds Asa how much they need that tape. It is the evidence they need to put Max away for good. Asa can't believe that she wants to team up with Todd. Gabrielle tells him that all they have to do is make sure Blair goes down with Max. She thought Asa wouldn't have a problem with that. Asa would love to see Blair go down too, but he doesn't like Todd calling the shots. Todd enters the room, he wants to make sure that they know he is calling all the shots. Are they ready to dig another grave? Who's grave are they supposed to be digging Asa asks. Todd tells him his own if he isn't careful. Todd tells him that he has something Asa wants. Asa tells Todd that he has nothing that Asa wants. Todd pulls out the tape. He taunts them with it, trying to figure out exactly what they are up to. Gabrielle and Asa both deny having a plan at all. Todd tells them if they don't come clean, he will give the tape to Max, he really doesn't care who he gives it to. Someone will get hurt, and that is enough for him. Gabrielle starts to loose her cool and picks up a vase to throw at him. Asa calmly takes it away from her and sets it back down. So, Todd asks, what's it gonna be? On second thought, maybe he won't show the tape to Max, maybe he'll show it to Al. Gabrielle is getting furious, he can't show it to Al. Al doesn't have anything to do with this, he is innocent. Todd tells her that can't be hereditary. Gabrielle tells Asa to do something with Todd. Asa tells Todd that he doesn't give a damn what he does with that tape, but he doesn't like Todd upsetting his wife. Todd tells him to meet him on Main Street and to bring his six shooter. Asa reaches into his jacket. Todd is a little taken aback and steps back a bit. Asa pulls out his checkbook. How much does Todd want for the tape. Oh no, Todd has already explained to the little woman what his price is. If they will take Blair down with Max, he will give them the tape back. That is, as long as Todd approves of their plan. Asa doesn't say anything. Todd tells them they are running out of time. He leaves. Gabrielle is furious that Asa didn't stop him and make a deal. Asa will not climb into bed with that slime. Gabrielle leaves, telling Asa that she will not let Todd hurt her son. She is going to do what no one else in this room can do. She is going to stop Todd Manning. Ben walks in. Asa is going to have to have a talk with Nigel, he will let anyone in there. Ben doesn't want to be there either. Then why is he? As much as Ben hates to say it, he needs Asa's help.

Gabrielle shows up at the penthouse again. Todd answers the door. Gabrielle tells him that he is not going to show that tape to her son. Todd asks if she has a plan yet to destroy Blair. He should invite her in if he wants to hear her plan. Todd lets her in.

Jen, Lindsay and Cristian are in Sam's front room. Lindsay wants to know who Jen is going to believe. Her and Cristian argue again, calling each other liars. Jen tells them to stop fighting. She already knows which one of them is telling the truth. (At this point, local weather cut into the show for a few minutes, so I am missing a bit of what happened here.) Coming back from the weather break, Cristian and Lindsay are in the front room alone. Cristian tells Lindsay that sooner or later, Jen will figure out that Lindsay has lied about all of this. (It is obvious that they both think Jen has chosen to believe Lindsay.) Cristian tells Lindsay that she doesn't love Jen, not like he does. He leaves. Lindsay is very worried, and sits on the couch. She is talking to herself, she really does love Jen, that is why she did this. Jen comes out of her bedroom. She is very angry. She walks passed Lindsay. Lindsay stands up behind her and tells her that everything will be okay. Lindsay remembers the first time a boy broke her heart. She thought the world was over, but she got through it. So will Jen. Jen is her daughter and she is strong, and beautiful. Jen is getting more and more angry, she finally turns on Lindsay and tells her to shut up. Lindsay knows Jen is upset. Jen yells at her that Cristian was right. Lindsay tried to break them up! Lindsay tries to deny it, she would never do all those things to Jen. Jen has it all figured out. Lindsay knew just when to come to Cristian's to stop them from making love because she saw it on the cameras that she planted in Cristian's apartment. Lindsay still tries to deny it. Jen tells her to look in her eyes, and swear that she didn't do all this. Lindsay is crying. Why would she do that, Jen won't believe her anyway. Jen would believe her if she would tell her the truth. Lindsay swears that she didn't have anything to do with Cristian kissing that girl. Jen wants her to swear to everything else. Lindsay tells her she didn't do anything wrong, she only wanted to protect her. She wanted Jen to have a better life than she had, not make the same mistakes. Why can't Lindsay let Jen be happy. With Cristian? Over Lindsay's dead body. Cristian only wants one thing from Jen. Jen tells Lindsay that is true, he wants her love and her trust. That is exactly what she is going to give him. Jen is leaving, she hates Lindsay. Lindsay tells her not to walk away from her, she is Jen's mother. Not anymore! Lindsay is dead to Jen. Jen leaves. Lindsay sits down on the couch. What has she done? How did this happen. She was only trying to protect Jen, why can't Jen see that. She will not accept this. Jen is just too young, she doesn't know the ways of the world. She will not let Jen throw her life away on Cristian Vega. Someday Jen will thank her for this.

Cristian rushes into the Break Bar and goes after Chad. He has Chad pinned face down on the bar. Cristian knows everything about the website. Chad tries to tell him that he already explained all that. Cristian has proof that Chad did all this, and proof of who paid him to do it. RJ is standing behind Cristian, concerned and listening. Cristian tells Chad that he lost everything because of Chad, and now Chad is gonna pay. Cristian picks up a beer bottle from the bar and starts to hit Chad with it. RJ grabs the bottle and pulls Cristian off of Chad. Chad yells that Cristian is crazy. RJ turns to Chad and tells him he is fired. What? What about his paycheck. RJ tells him that he doesn't pay him to mess with his staff or his customers, now go on and get out of here. Chad starts to leave, but squares off with Cristian first. RJ tells Chad again to go. Chad leaves. RJ comments that Cristian has quite a temper there. Cristian thinks Chad got off easy, RJ should have let him hit Chad with the bottle. Cristian tells RJ that he can't go after the person he really wants to get, the one that was behind all this. RJ can't guess who that would be. Cristian tells him Lindsay. Cristian doesn't need to say anymore. Cristian thanks RJ for backing him up. RJ says loyalty deserves something. RJ takes care of his people, he offers to 'send a message' for Cristian. Cristian tells him that it won't do any good. If he couldn't convince Jen of the truth, no one can. He lost her. Jen enters the room and tells him that she didn't leave him. She is right here.