One Life to Live Update Monday 9/3/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 9/3/01

By Boo

Jessica runs into the library at Llanfair where Vicky is working in her robe. She tells Vicky that she is glad she is still up. Vicky asks how the concert was. It was good. Jess is very excited and talking very fast. Vicky tells her to slow down, she sounds like she did when that puppy followed her home when she was eight years old. Jess tells her it isn't exactly a puppy this time. In front of the house Seth and Natalie have arrived. They stop outside the front door to discuss how well every thing is going for their plan. The only thing Seth doesn't like about the idea of Natalie living at Llanfair is that they won't be spending the night together anymore. Natalie reminds him that he needs to concentrate on Jessica. He is glad that Will broke up with Jess, it makes her vulnerable. Vicky is another story though. She is smart and may start to suspect something. Natalie assures him that they will have what they want way before that will ever happen. Inside Jessica is telling Vicky about finding out that Natalie is homeless. Of course Vicky would like to help her. Vicky tells her that she has some friends at St. James. Actually, Jess tells her, Jess invited her to live here at Llanfair. What? Jess can't do that without asking Vicky. Jess thought she would say yes. Vicky is saying no, flat out no. Vicky tells her that they hardly know Natalie. Jess tells her that Natalie is a good person, and has been nothing but a good friend to her. Vicky hopes that Natalie doesn't disappoint her. It is a sad truth that frequently people are not what they seem to be. Jess asks Vicky if she knows something about Natalie that Jess doesn't know. No, Vicky was thinking of another person. Someone that she tried not to think about for many years who she thought was a very lovely person when she first met her also. That person stole something very precious from Vicky. Jess assures her that Natalie isn't a thief. She can't imagine what it is like for Natalie. Jess feels very lucky that she has been blessed with all that she has. Natalie has to struggle for everything she has. The doorbell rings, that would be Natalie. Jess will tell her about St. James. She goes to the foyer and lets Seth and Natalie in the house. She tells Natalie that she talked to her mother. Vicky walks into the room and tells Natalie they would be happy to have her stay there for a while. Natalie is happy, she hugs Jess and tells Vicky thank you. Vicky tells her the carriage house is empty, she can move in tonight. Natalie is surprised, the carriage house? Vicky thought Natalie would be pleased, is there a problem? Natalie tells Vicky that she has never heard of a carriage house. Jess explains to her what a carriage house is. She gives the keys to Seth and asks Seth to walk Natalie back there, Jess will join them in a minute. Seth and Natalie leave. Jess asks Vicky what made her change her mind. Vicky tells Jess that she learned something from her daughter tonight. Not to let past mistakes make decisions for you now. Jess is very happy. Vicky asks her if Seth is more than a friend. Jess doesn't know. She does know that she enjoys being around him, he makes her happy. She is lucky in that respect too, having Seth and Natalie around her to help her get over Will.

Seth and Natalie enter the carriage house. Natalie thinks the place is really nice. Seth tells her that it isn't in the main house like she wanted, but it has one advantage. He can spend the night with her there sometimes. Natalie likes that idea, Jessica will never know. Seth gives her a present with a card. The card reads 'for Natalie, until my love is no longer secret, me'. It is a necklace. Natalie loves it, she wants to put it on right now. Seth stands to help her. Jess walks in as they are putting the necklace on.

Melanie is in her and Bo's apartment. She has the place lit up with candles, and champagne chilling. She sees a vision of Colin laughing at her, telling her that Bo will never marry her. Bo comes in, and Lainey gives him a glass of champagne. Bo asks if he forgot an anniversary or something. She tells him this is all just to celebrate them being together for ever. Bo likes the sound of that. Lainey tells him to go take off his shoes and tie and stuff, and then come back and explore where this is gonna go. Bo leaves the room. Lainey comments to herself that with any luck, it will lead them straight to the alter. Bo joins her again on the couch. They make out a little bit. Bo loves that she did all this just to surprise him. He starts to lead her back to the bedroom when the door bell rings. Melanie will get rid of whoever it is if Bo will pour them some more champagne. It is a delivery boy from Logan's Department store. He has a package for Melanie. She takes the box and shuts the door. She guesses she isn't the only one full of surprises. Bo tells her he didn't send anything. Melanie can't imagine what this is then. She opens it with Bo looking on. She finds a card and starts to read it. Then she gasps, covers her mouth and starts to cry. She tells Bo that it is from her favorite Aunt in Cincinnati. The last time Melanie saw her, she was very frail. It was a wedding present. Melanie guesses with all that is going on she forgot to call and tell her that the wedding is called off. She reads the card to Bo, crying all the way through it. The Aunt asked for a wedding picture. Melanie takes a bowl out of the box. It was from the china they picked out at Logan's. She will call the Aunt in the morning and tell her that it was called off, and return the bowl first thing in the morning. No, Bo tells her. He knows something else they can do. Melanie is hopeful. Bo tells her they should plan a trip to go and see her Aunt. That isn't what Melanie wanted to hear, she reminds him that the Aunt wanted wedding pictures. That will be for a later trip Bo tells her. She hugs him, he is so understanding. He has to confess something, he doesn't really like that china pattern anyway. He only said he did because he thought she wanted it so badly. They decide to go shopping and pick out another pattern. One that they will both like to eat off of for the rest of their lives. Melanie tells him it is a date. The phone rings, it is the station. Bo apologizes, he will make this as short as possible. He tells her to keep the champagne on ice, kisses her and leaves. Melanie comments to herself that it was a nice try, but still no wedding bells. 

Melanie is at Logan's returning the bowl. Credit the full amount to her account please. The clerk asks if there was something wrong with it. Let's just say it didn't get her the response she was looking for. She will have to find something a little bolder.

Nora, Mathew and Rachel walk into Nora's parents front room in Chicago. Mathew has a new toy that he wants to start playing with now. Nora tells him if he can get his pajamas on in five minutes, they will start. Mathew runs out of the room. Rachel is glad that Nora is staying for a few days. She can't imagine what it was like for Colin's twin to walk into the room. Nora tells her that Troy should be well on his way back to Africa by now, which is a good thing. Then Sam will be able to stop worrying about her. Rachel asks if seeing Troy brought back memories of Colin kidnapping her. No, but Troy did help her to put Colin's ghost to rest. Now that Troy is back in Africa, Nora sees no reason she can't get on with her life. Rachel asks her if that life includes Sam. Rachel thinks that Sam is staring at Nora's picture right now, wondering what she is doing. Nora tells her he isn't, he is too busy to be doing things like that. They talk about the things that Nora doesn't remember, that Sam does. Nora sings Sam's praises. She talks about what a wonderful man he is. Rachel thinks Nora is falling back in love with Sam. Nora laughs a little, you think? Yes, she does think. Well, Nora knows that Sam will always be in her life because of Mathew, but anything passed that, she doesn't know. Rachel tells her that Sam has her approval. Is Rachel dating anyone? She is, but it isn't serious. Rachel is hungry, they get up to go fix something to eat. Nora asks Rachel if she is going to stay there with her for the night. Rachel will. After they eat, Rachel wants to talk about what Colin did to Nora, and how Nora feels about it. They go to fix something to eat.

Sam has just thrown Troy through the window onto the fire escape at Troy's loft. He pulls him back in and punches him in the face. Troy asks him if he is trying to kill him? Does Sam think that killing him will make all that Colin did go away? Sam pushes away from him and starts to walk away. Troy grabs him and punches him. That was for the first night he was in town. They start to wrestle around some more. John and Antonio rush in to break them up. Someone called them about a disturbance. John wants to know what the hell is going on here. Sam tells him that is what he came there for, to find out.

John, Antonio, Sam and Troy enter the police station. John takes Troy to his desk, Antonio takes Sam to his desk. The scene bounces back and forth as both men tell their side of the story. John tells Troy that it is certainly his right to press charges. Antonio lectures Sam on what he has done. Bo walks into the station and greats Troy. He asks John to bring him up to date. John does as he and Troy follow Bo into Bo's office. Troy tells them that he has decided not to press charges. He knows that he is still taking the heat for all that Troy did. John tells him that if it happens again, he may want to reconsider. Troy leaves, going by Antonio's desk to tell Sam to find another doctor if he ever needs one. Sam stands up. Bo and John come out to tell Sam that Troy is not pressing charges. Sam starts to leave, Bo wants to talk to him privately before he goes. Sam goes into Bo's office. He doesn't want to hear a lecture from Bo. Bo reminds him that this is the second time this has happened. He wants Sam's guarantee that it won't happen again. Sam can't give it to him. Sam is convinced that he is up to something. Bo tries to talk some sense into Sam, but Sam is having none of it. He thinks Troy is after Nora, he is glad that Nora is in Chicago. He is worried about what will happen when Nora gets back.

Colin is in his apartment starting to straighten up and unpack. He finds a wallet. There is a picture of Nora in it.

Lindsay and Cristian are in Lindsay's Sam's front room. She has just told Cristian that maybe she did set up the web site and stuff, but he will never be able to prove it. Jen walks into the room. She stares at Lindsay, what is Lindsay saying? Lindsay asks her how long she has been standing there. Lindsay asks her what she heard, Lindsay can explain everything. Jen tells her that she heard Lindsay say that Cristian couldn't prove anything. Jen asks if Cristian was trying to blame Lindsay for what has happened. Yes, that is exactly what was happening. Cristian rolls his eyes. Jen goes after Cristian. He knows it looks bad for him. Jen asks him why he is trying to pin it on her mother. Lindsay jumps on this. Jen asks her to stay out of this. Jen asks if it is Lindsay's fault that Shauna kissed him at break bar. Cristian tells her that went down just like he told her. Lindsay keeps interrupting and Jen keeps telling her to stay out of it. She wants to know the truth from Cristian. What does he think he knows? Cristian agrees to tell her the truth. Jen starts to question Cristian about each detail, and slowly starts to realize that it really could have been Lindsay's doing. Finally Cristian tells her that he is positive that all of this was Lindsay's doing. Lindsay has tried to defend herself all the way through this. Lindsay calls Cristian a liar. They argue. Jen yells for them to stop. Lindsay asks who Jen is going to believe? This internet porn star, or her.