One Life to Live Update Friday 8/31/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 8/31/01

By Boo

Jess, Seth and Natalie are at the Break Bar. Jess asks Natalie why she used Seth's address as her own. What are they not telling her? Where does she live. Seth tells Natalie that they have to tell Jess the truth. Natalie yells No! They have to tell Jess, she has a right to know Seth tells her. Jess wants to know how they can have a secret, they just met. Seth tells Natalie not to hate him for this. He then tells Jess that when they were at the hospital, and Natalie was filling out the forms, she begged him to let her use his address. Why, Jess asks, what is wrong with her own address? Natalie tells Seth not to tell her. Seth tells Jessica that Natalie has been sleeping on a bench in Angel Square. Natalie tells Seth he is a real jerk. Jess is mortified. Natalie plays humiliated. Natalie is homeless? Natalie tells Jess that she didn't want anyone to know. What does she do when it rains? Natalie tells her that she hangs out in the bus station. Jess is even more horrified by that. How does she come to school after sleeping on a bench? That is the easy part, Natalie tells her. There are showers in the gym, the classes help her keep her mind off her problems. Jess asks why she doesn't go to a shelter. She did that once, then she fell asleep and all her things were stolen. Natalie tells Jess that she didn't want anyone to know about this, everything is fine. Jess doesn't know what to say. Natalie tells Jess that she is her guardian angel, she got Natalie that great job with Vicky. Natalie just wants them not to feel sorry for her. They don't, they think what she has done is brave Seth tells her. Jess agrees and grabs Natalie's arms. She tells Natalie that she is going to fix this. Natalie pretends to start to cry. She doesn't want Jess to fix this, she got herself into this. She will get herself out of it. She doesn't want to be treated like a charity case. Jess is getting a little frustrated and asks Seth for help. Seth tells Natalie that she can let her guard down a little bit, see how much this means to Jess? Natalie can't take any more money from her, she would never be able to pay her back. Jess tells her it isn't about money, she asks Natalie to move into Llanfair with her. Natalie and Seth are both shocked. Natalie is not a free loader. Seth tries to talk Natalie into it also. Jess asks her again if she will do it. Natalie starts to cry. Did Jess say something wrong. Natalie tells her no one has ever been this nice to her before. Jess hugs her. She is going to go ahead and talk to Vicky about this. Jess asks Seth to bring Natalie to her house in a few minutes, after she has had time to talk to her mother. Seth agrees. Jess makes Natalie promise that she will spend no more nights in Angel Square. Natalie promises. Jess leaves. Seth and Natalie can't believe their luck. She is moving into Llanfair, this is exactly what they had planned.

Allison is in the day room at St. Anne's. Ben has entered the room behind her. She is on the phone. She tells whomever she is speaking to not to call her there. She will get in touch with them. She hangs up and puts the phone back in her pocket. The Sister approaches her and congratulates her on her good news. Allison is very grateful to Vicky for forgiving her. Ben has heard all of this. Vicky approaches Ben and tells him it is all over. Ben is confused. He looks back at Allison. Then asks Vicky if she is all right. She is perfect. He pulls her out to the hallway, and tells her that he wants to hear everything that happened in that meeting. Vicky tells him all about it. She explains to him all about her alters, and why they were ever there in the first place. They were there to protect her from situations and emotions that she couldn't handle. All the anger that she built up towards Allison all these years, she let Nicki manifest herself to deal with that anger. As soon as she forgave Allison, all that anger went away, and she didn't need Nicki anymore. Ben understands and is so happy for her. Vicky tells him that the important thing is Jess is doing good, and she doesn't remember anything at all about the kidnapping. Because of all this, Vicky makes sure that she tells Jess every day how much she loves her. Vicky tells Ben that she is going into the day room to say good bye to Allison, then she wants to go home. Ben will draw her a bath and provide all the bubbles for her. Vicky goes into the day room. Ben catches Rae in the hall and tells her that he heard everything went really well. He didn't want Vicky coming here. Rae is glad she did. It helped so much with Allison healing, and maybe helped Vicky too. Ben asks what she means about Allison healing. Rae explains to him that Allison has been so overwhelmed with the guilt of what she had done that she can not function in the outside world. Rae tells him that some of the better patients can get phone calls and stuff like that. Ben is confused, he remembers seeing Allison on the phone, but doesn't tell Rae this. He just says that he is being a little over-protective. Rae understands, lots of people are not comfortable in a place like this. They have to remember that there is a fine line between mental health, and mental illness. Ben agrees with Rae, a very thin line. In the day room, Vicky is telling Allison that she hopes that Allison will continue to improve now. Allison knows Vicky didn't want to see her today. No, she didn't, but Vicky is glad she came now. Allison thanks her for forgiving her. Vicky wishes her luck in her recovery and starts to leave. Allison tells her to please tell Jessica that she is sorry. Vicky hesitates for a minute, then nods her head with a smile and leaves. Rae enters the room and congratulates Allison for her good day. Allison is glad Vicky forgave her. She thinks Vicky is the brave one. Rae agrees that Vicky is an extraordinary woman. Rae wanted to tell Allison something before anyone else did. Is it bad news? No, it is the opposite. Because of the way Allison handled herself today, Rae thinks she may be getting out of here sooner than she thought. How soon? Maybe as soon as a few months. Does Rae really think she can make it out there? Rae assures her that she knows she can. Rae leaves. Allison says to herself that she knows she can too. Allison makes sure no one is around and pulls out the phone again. 'Guess what, the brilliant Dr. Cummings says I'm on my way to a full recovery. I'm getting out of this snake pit (snicker) very soon.' She hangs up and sits down on the couch with a scrap book. She opens the scrap book to an article that is headed with 'Mitch Lawrence, Cult Leader Murdered. She rubs the article, then stares ahead with a cult like stare.

Vicky and Ben arrive back at Llanfair. They are in the front room. Vicky tells him how Allison drugged her tea, and came in those French doors and just took Jessica. You do everything you can to protect the ones you love, and danger just walks in through the doors. Ben tells her not anymore, as long as he is there. He hugs her. She assures him that she is not going to fall apart. He knows. He is amazed that she can take any situation that would ruin most other people and put a positive note on it. She tells him it is in the spin. Besides, she couldn't very well hate Allison now. She is a shell of a person. Ben reminds her that she is still a kidnapper, he walks away from her. Vicky tells him that Rae said Allison may have never had a chance to recover if Vicky hadn't gone to see her. Ben hasn't had a chance to size Allison up yet. He has a worried look on his face. Vicky asks him what is wrong. Ben remembers hearing Allison on the phone. No, he tells Vicky, he is just thinking about her leaving on this book tour. He isn't going to be surprising her? Well, if he told her that, it wouldn't be a surprise. She reminds him that he promised her a bath, and leaves the room. Ben still has a concerned look on his face.

Antonio joins Cristian at the coffee shop. Cristian has woman problems written all over him. Cristian tells Antonio that Lindsay set him up good this time. Antonio asks if he allowed Lindsay to break them up this time. Cristian didn't let her do anything, she just did it. Cristian did tell Jen that it was Lindsay that set him up didn't he? Cristian tells him all about Shauna going to the mall and talking about sleeping with Cristian so that Jen could hear it. Shauna got a case of guilt and told Cristian everything. Cristian tells Antonio the whole story. Antonio wants to know why he hasn't explained all this to Jen. Cristian doesn't want Jen getting any more hurt than she already has. If he tells her, it will destroy her relationship with her mother. He isn't like Lindsay, he can't hurt Jen just to get what he wants. Antonio doesn't want to see Cristian sacrifice their relationship for this. He asks Cristian who is going to protect Jen from Lindsay if Cristian doesn't. Jen knows that Lindsay lies, she will be able to protect herself. She didn't do too good a job this time Antonio reminds him. Cristian is sure that if Lindsay gets too far out of hand, Jen will stand up to her. Doesn't Cristian think she is already out of hand? What does Antonio want him to do? Be the cause of Jen and her mother's relationship going on the skids? Antonio tells him to do what he has to do, he just doesn't like Jen blaming Cristian for something he didn't do. Cristian doesn't like it either. He thanks Antonio and starts to leave. Why is Cristian thanking him. Cristian now knows what he has to do. He has to tell Jen everything. Antonio is glad he has decided this. Tell Jen everything and let her decide what to do. They pat each other on the back and Cristian leaves. Antonio sits back down and notices a woman with long dark hair walk in to the shop. He watches her with interest as she gets a cup of coffee and goes to sit down by herself. He likes what he sees. He starts to get up to go introduce himself to her, but his phone rings. He is a little annoyed, but answers it anyway. The girl checks him out briefly while he is on the phone. He tells whoever is on the phone that he will be right there, but he has to meet someone first. When he hangs up the phone, the girl is no longer sitting there. He sits back disappointed.

Jen is in Sam's front room. She has the rock necklace that Cristian gave her in her hands looking at it. She is sniffling a little now and then. Lindsay starts to enter the house from the front door, and stops to remember Cristian telling her that he knew she was responsible for setting him up. She enters the house. She sees the necklace in Jen's hands. She hasn't seen Jen not wearing that necklace since he gave it to her. Jen doesn't like it anymore. Lindsay knows it is just a rock, but it is kinda neat how Jen made a necklace out of it. Plus it has sentimental value. Jen tells her it doesn't anymore. She and Chris broke up. It is over. Lindsay hugs Jen, with a smile on her face. They sit down, Lindsay wants to know what happened? Jen has always given Cristian the benefit of the doubt, what has happened now to change that. Jen tells her about walking in on Shauna and Cristian kissing at the Break Bar. Lindsay is totally astonished. Jen asks her why? Lindsay hasn't trusted Chris since the beginning, so why is she surprised now? Well, cause Cristian was so convincing. Yea, a convincing cheater. Jen feels like such a fool. Lindsay assures her that she isn't. She is beautiful and smart and any man would kill to keep her in his life. Cristian just didn't deserve her. Jen is sorry that she doubted Lindsay. How did Lindsay know. Unfortunately, from experience. Jen just doesn't know how she is going to get over Cristian. She really loved him, she still does. How does she make that go away? Lindsay knows that she loved Cristian, but she isn't alone. Lindsay will be there with her all the way through this and help her get over it. How is she going to do that. Lindsay tells her that time heals, and in the mean time they just need to keep her mind busy on other things. Lindsay tells her that she will book a bunch of services for them at the spa. Jen just wants to lay down for a bit. What, and listen to sad songs? Jen says yea, something like that. Lindsay tells her to put on a dress, and they will go to a fancy restaurant. Jen isn't hungry. Lindsay tells her that maybe they will run into Al Buchanan. Jen gets a little upset, she isn't with Cristian anymore, but she doesn't want to be with anyone else either. Jen tells Lindsay that she will be in her room, she leaves the room. The door bell rings, Lindsay answers it. It is Cristian. She tells Cristian that Jen is not home, she is out trying to get over him. Good, then it is just the two of them Cristian tells her, and goes into the front room. Lindsay can't believe he could come by there after what he did to Jen. He didn't do anything to Jen except love her. Lindsay knows what happened at the Break Bar, where he was kissing that girl again. Cristian decides it isn't worth it, he is going to find Jen. Lindsay tells him that Jen doesn't ever want to see him again because of what he did to her. He tells Lindsay that she set him up. No she didn't, not this time. Is she admitting to setting him up? She may have set up the web site, and paid some girl to lie to Jen. But he finished it, by kissing that girl. Shauna kissed him Cristian tells her. Lindsay should have just let him self destruct. What kind of a mother is she? Jen will never listen to another word he has to say now. Cristian tells her that she started this whole thing. Okay, maybe in the beginning she did set him up, but he'll never be able to prove it. They hear a noise, and both turn to see Jen walking into the room.

Troy and Sam are in Troy's new loft. Troy asks how he got in. Sam shows him the keys and tells him he should change his locks. Troy thinks that is a good idea, now Sam should get out. Sam tells him he isn't going anywhere until Troy tells him what he is doing here. Troy reminds Sam that he lives here. Troy said he was leaving town, remember? Sam broke into his house, he doesn't get to ask the questions. Now Sam needs to leave before Troy calls the cops. Sam tells him to go ahead and call them, that is the only way Troy is getting rid of him. Troy tells him that he won't call the cops if Sam leaves right now. Sam tells him again, he isn't going anywhere till he knows what Troy is doing here. Troy tells him he is setting up the Free Clinic in order to try to give back to the community to make up for what Colin did. Sam tells him no amount of money in the world will erase what Colin did. That doesn't explain why Troy is in Will's loft. Troy tries to keep his cool, and explains to him that he had no idea that it was Will's loft. Sam doesn't buy that at all. Troy tells him, Will never showed him the place, Will never showed up at the bank, and the banker never mentioned it. He asks for the keys back from Sam. Sam reminds him that he is changing the locks. Sam starts to leave, but warns Troy to stay away, don't even look at Nora. What is Sam gonna do? Beat Troy up for looking at Sam's girlfriend? Sam tells him just to remember what he said. He starts to leave. Troy has changed his mind, Sam isn't going anywhere. Sam has some guts, he breaks into Troy's home and then is going to leave without any explanation. Sam walks in a picks up a box of Troy's and throws it to the floor, he tells him not to unpack. Troy picks up the same box and throws it around the room, scattering all the contents. He is staying. He asks Sam if Nora and him are having problems. Sam told him not to mention Nora's name. Troy is sorry that Nora didn't tell Sam that she saved Troy's life. Sam grabs him and pushes him up against the wall. He wants to know how Troy slithered his way into her path so that she could save his life. Troy hates to be the one to tell Sam, Nora came to his motel room, alone, to see him. Nora didn't come to see Troy, she can't stand him. Troy asks Sam what he is so mad about. Sam steps away from Troy and tells him that he is just as pathetic as his brother. Colin had to kidnap and drug women to get them to spend time with him. Troy finally loses his temper and tells Sam to shut up about his brother. He hits Sam square in the jaw, knocking him over. He gets a good hold on Sam around the neck and tells him that as of right now, Sam definitely has something to worry about. Troy will live where he wants, and he will work where he wants. And, if he wants to be with Nora, he will be. Sam gets really angry and pushes Troy off of him, right through the window onto the railing.