One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/30/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/30/01

By Boo

Vicky has just entered Allison's room at St. Anne's. Nicki asks her why she is surprised to see her. She told her that she was coming with her. Nicki is now going to deal with Allison her way. Vicky tells her that this is her fight, Allison kidnapped her daughter. Nicki reminds her that Allison framed her for the kidnapping. She knows Vicky won't do anything, Vicky is such a wimp. She is going to punch Allison. Vicky yells at her that she won't let her do that. Nicki suddenly disappears and Allison is there. She asks if she is okay. Vicky is visibly shaken. Allison runs to the door and calls for Rae. Rae enters the room and goes to Vicky. Allison promises she didn't do anything. Rae asks Vicky if it was seeing Allison that upset her so. No, Vicky tells her, it was Nicki. Rae realizes that this is much more stressful on Vicky than she had realized. She asks Vicky if she wants to cancel this. Vicky doesn't know. Allison asks her not to. Vicky agrees to stay and hear what Allison has to say. Allison tells her that she looks good, the years have been good to Vicky. She wishes they had been good to her. Vicky continues to look at her with contempt. Rae tells Allison to tell Vicky what happened the day Jessica was kidnapped. Allison doesn't think Vicky wants to hear that. Yes she does, Vicky tells her. She wants to hear every detail. Rae tells Allison that she is going to be sitting right over here, and goes to sit down. Allison tells Vicky that this happened a long time ago, but she remembers it like it was yesterday. So does Vicky, Vicky tells her coldly. Allison tells Vicky every detail of what happened that night. While she is telling Vicky, we see the flashback. She waited on the terrace until Vicky left the library. She went in and added a sedative to the pot of tea that was sitting on the coffee table. She went back outside and watched as Vicky fixed a cup a tea, drank it and fell asleep on the sofa. She crept by Vicky and went upstairs to the nursery. She found Jessica in her crib. She didn't know how she was going to be able to do this to this sweet innocent child. She picked Jess up and promised her that no harm would ever come to her. She tells Vicky that she had no free will. Mitch was in her head, telling her what to do. She sneaked back by Vicky asleep on the couch and out the terrace doors. She is crying now. Vicky hates her doesn't she? Vicky tells her yes, she does. Allison took her new born baby from her. How does she expect Vicky to feel. Allison tells her exactly like she does feel. It is how she feels about herself. Vicky has to understand that she was programmed. Mitch was in her head, telling her what to do, and what to think. Vicky has no idea what that is like. Vicky tells her that she does actually know what that feels like. Of course she does, Allison remembers, what was she thinking. Vicky asks where Jessica was all that time that she was gone. She was with Allison, and she was well taken care of. Allison's mother and friends helped her with Jess. They all loved Jess, and Jess was a very good baby. Why did Allison bring her back then? Allison tells Vicky that she knew she had to. Even with all that programming? Allison tells her that Mitch programmed her to kidnap Jessica, but he couldn't program her to live with herself after what she had done. She had to bring Jessica back. She asks Vicky if she can ever forgive Allison, even just a little bit? Vicky doesn't know, she needs time to think. Rae tells Vicky to use Allison's room, Allison and Rae will go to the day room. Allison agrees, Vicky should use her room, take all the time she needs. Rae and Allison leave. In the hallway Rae tells Allison that she is proud of her. Allison is crying. Vicky is never going to forgive her. Rae tells her to just take Vicky for her word right now, she just needs some time to think. Allison agrees, and they go to the day room. Inside the room, Nicki is laying on the bed. She tells Vicky that she is proud of her, she stood up to Allison. Vicky asks her what she wants. Nicki says they need to talk strategy now. What is Nicki talking about? Nicki tells her that they both hate Allison, right? So what are they going to do about it? Nicki has a plan. What is it then? Vicky should let Nicki take control for a while. What then? Nicki will pretend to be Vicky. Vicky doesn't think so. Nicki assures her that she could pull it off. She does a better Vicky than Vicky does. Vicky asks her what then? Then she will tell them that she needs to talk to Allison alone. She will play nice with her and then Bam! Let her have it. What does that mean Vicky asks? You know, give her a make over. Vicky is appalled. Well, Nicky tells her, Allison started it. In the day room, Allison and Rae discuss if Vicky will forgive Allison. Allison doesn't think that she will. The sister comes in and tells them that Vicky is ready to see Allison again. She wants to see Allison alone. Back in Allison's room, Vicky is sitting in a chair. Allison enters and asks her if she has had enough time. Vicky tells her that she has, and that some of Allison's words touched her. Vicky tells her that she understands what it is like to have voices in your head trying to control you. She forgives Allison. Allison is very happy, she can't believe it. Vicky stands up and walks to the dresser. Vicky knows what it is like to battle mental illness, she hopes that now Allison can find some peace. Allison starts to hug Vicky, but Vicky won't allow that. Allison shakes her hand, and thanks her again. Allison is going to tell Dr. Cummings. Allison leaves the room. Nicki comes back out, she thinks Vicky really is nuts for forgiving Allison. Vicky tells her that she is perfectly sane, and she knows now why she has been seeing Nicki. Vicky realizes that she let that anger fester up inside of her all these years. She thought that Nicki was her way to deal with that anger. Nicki tells her she is wrong. Vicky can now let go of that anger, and she can let go of Nicki Smith forever. Nicki tells Vicki that she can't. Vicky needs her. No she doesn't. It's over. Vicky realizes that Nicki has vanished. She is very pleased and satisfied with herself. In the day room, Allison enters laughing and telling Rae that Vicky forgave her. After all these years, it is finally over. Rae is very happy for her. She is going to go and find Sister Theresa and give her the good news. Rae leaves. Allison quickly looses her smile and pulls a cell phone out of her pocket. She calls someone and tells them that Vicky forgave her. It is all set. Ben walks in behind her halfway through the phone call.

Ben joins Sam at a coffee shop somewhere. (New set I think) Ben tells him that Rae thought it was best if Vicky saw Allison by herself. Ben plans on being there when Vicky gets done though. Sam thanks him for coming, this is important. Sam tells him about Troy deciding to stay in Llanview. He tells Ben all about Troy buying a house, setting up the free clinic, and setting himself up for a job heading the clinic. Ben asks why he changed his mind. Sam tells him that Troy is blowing smoke about making amends to everyone that Colin hurt, and saving the family name. Sam doesn't believe that for a minute. Ben tries to talk some sense into Sam by telling him that maybe Troy really isn't up to anything sinister. Sam works himself into a frenzy. He yells at Ben because Ben is not on his side. Ben is trying to figure out what is going on. Sam tells him he thinks Nora has gone through a lot already. Now Ben understands, this is about Nora. Of course it is about Nora, Nora has gone through too much with the McGuyver brothers. Ben asks what she has gone through with Troy. Sam tells him about Nora saving Troy's life and not telling him about it. So that's it, he's mad at Nora. NO, that's not it at all. Ben asks if Sam talked to Nora about his feelings before she left for Chicago. Yes, he did, and she needs more time. Sam has really worked himself into a bad state by this time. Sam's phone rings. It is Lindsay. Sam does not like what she tells him. He tells Lindsay that 'he' is not going to get away with this. He slams the phone down and tells Ben that Troy bought Will's loft. He has to live somewhere, Ben tells him. Sam doesn't want him living in Will's old place. Ben again tries to reason with Sam, he thinks Sam isn't thinking right, right now. With Nora out of town, and Will leaving town. Sam tells him he is wrong. He just knows that Troy is up to something. Ben still can's see it. Sam tells him to just go with him on this. Based on what? Sam tells him his instinct. He just knows that Troy is up to something, he feels it in his gut. Ben tells him okay, then find out what he is up to. Any ideas? Ben thinks. He asks Sam if Will ever gave him a set of keys to his loft. Yes, when he first got it. Does Sam still have them? Is Ben suggesting that he break into Troy's loft? It isn't breaking the law if you have the keys. Just say he needed to see if Will left something there. Sam reminds him that he is a lawyer. So was there dad, and he did things worse than this every day. Sam reminds Ben that their father was in the mob too. Ben knows that, but he was a good man, just like Sam is. Sam doesn't break the law. Oh, like when he lied to the courts to save his kids, or when he moved a dead body? Sam tells him he doesn't break the law when he can avoid it. Ben tells him to bend it a little, or live with the uncertainty. Why has Ben changed his mind, just a minute ago he was telling Sam that he wasn't thinking with a clear head. Ben tells him because he trusts his instinct. He has to get back to Vicky now. He pats Sam on the back and leaves.

Troy is in his loft unpacking a few boxes. He finds a picture of him and Colin when they were both very young. About 6 or so. He stares at the picture for a little bit, apologizes to his brother, and leaves. 

Jess, Seth and Natalie enter the Break Bar. Jess has accidentally slammed Natalie's hand in a door. Natalie says that it really hurts. Jess apologizes and runs to get some ice as the hand is starting to swell. Natalie tells Seth that the bitch is going to pay for this. Seth asks how bad it hurts. Natalie tells him on a scale of 1 to 10, 40. She mocks Jess quite a bit. They talk about her getting caught trying to go upstairs. Jess and Vicky are going to mess up all their plans. Jess comes back with the ice and puts it on Natalie's hand. Natalie tells her to stop with the guilt look, she knows it was an accident. Jess wants to take her to the hospital. Natalie tells her that she doesn't have insurance and she doesn't want Jess paying for that too. Jess tells her that they can do it and it won't cost anything. She realizes that she left her purse at the bar and goes to get it. Natalie mocks her some more. She says Jess is wrong, Natalie is going to take care of everything. Starting with Jess.

Jess, Seth and Natalie arrive at the hospital. Natalie apologizes for messing up their date. Jess tells her not to be silly, it is Jess' fault. Seth asks why they didn't go to the emergency room. Jess tells him because Natalie doesn't have insurance. Jess' uncle is the chief of staff here, and he will do this for free. She leaves to go find Larry. Natalie mocks Jess some more. She is surprised that Jess' uncle is the President of the United States. Jess is messing up everything, by inviting her a long on the date. Seth tries to calm her down. Her hand is really starting to hurt now. He offers to kiss it and make it feel better. She has a better idea. She grabs him and plants one on him. Troy walks in and interrupts them. They fly apart. Troy asks if he can help them. They tell him they are waiting on a doctor to look at her hand. Troy tells them about the free clinic, and takes a look at her hand. He examines it a little and tells them that it isn't broken, but it will hurt for a few days. He wraps her hand up and tells her he is going to give her a prescription for pain that the hospital pharmacy will fill for free. Jess comes rushing back in to tell them that she couldn't find her uncle. She sees Troy, and is visibly shaken. He must be Colin's twin brother. Is he working here? He tells her for now anyway. He introduces himself and concludes from her reaction that she is another one of Colin's victims. She was, kind of. If there is anything he can do for her to make it up, just ask. She asks him to look at Natalie's hand for free. He informs her that he already did, and he worked it out with Natalie and her boyfriend. Jess turns to look at Seth. Natalie denies that Seth is her boyfriend. Troy is a little confused, but says he must have assumed wrong. Jess asks if he can really do this for free. Troy tells her how he set up the free clinic with Colin's money. Troy writes out a prescription for Natalie. Natalie and Seth leave, with Jess slowly following. Once they are out of earshot from Jess, they whisper to each other that was too close a call. Troy tells Jess that he hopes he made a little bit of amends for what ever Colin did to her. Jess apologizes for staring at him, it is just a little weird since she was the one to find Colin's body. Troy understands. Jess leaves.

Sam goes to Troy's loft. He knocks to see if anyone is home. No one home. He slowly lets himself in with the keys. He looks around a little bit, then decides to go for it. He opens a box and finds some African art pieces. He thinks they are really weird. He finds the picture of Colin and Troy as kids. He looks at it for a little bit. Troy comes into the room and asks Sam what the hell he is doing.

Jess, Seth and Natalie enter the Break Bar again. Jess comments that at least she was more careful with the door this time. Natalie tells her to let it go, at least she was able to get free help at the hospital for her. Jess reminds her that she had nothing to do with that. Natalie comments that Dr. McGuyver was really nice. Jess agrees, he was really nice. Natalie goes to get the pain medication out of her purse and drops the purse spilling the contents all over the floor. Jess offers to get it for her. Jess is picking everything up and putting it back in the purse when she notices the form that Natalie filled out at the clinic. She turns to ask Natalie why she put Seth's place down as her address on the form.