One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/29/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/29/01

By Boo  

Jen is hugging Al at the quarry when Cristian walks in. Jen tells Cristian to stay away from her, she never wants to see him again. Cristian asks her what is wrong. Al gets in his face and tells him that Jen doesn't want him there. Cristian again tries to talk to Jen. She is really confused and walks away. Al demands to know what Cristian did to her, she was a mess when he found her. Cristian tells Al that this is between him and Jen, and asks Al to give them some space. Al tells him that he isn't going anywhere. Either Cristian leave on his own, or Al will make him leave. Cristian tells him that he needs to talk to Jen. Well, Jen doesn't want to talk to him. They start to get into a fight, and Jen stops them. She tells Al that she needs to talk to Cristian, she needs to hear what he has to say. Finally, Al agrees to let them talk. He leaves after making sure that she has his cell phone number and will call him. Cristian tells Jen that they looked like more than friends. Like he has a right to talk, she knows all about him and Shauna. He tries to tell her that he can explain all of it. She tells him that she saw him kissing Shauna at Break Bar. He tries to tell her exactly what happened with Shauna. She is not having anything to do with it this time. She doesn't believe that he ever meant anything that he said to her. She doesn't want to hear the same lies all over again. She wants him to go away and leave her alone. Cristian can't walk away from her, he loves her. He was ready to kill Al when he saw Al's arms around her. Jen brings up Shauna again, why would Shauna come after him and say the things she said about sleeping with him if she were not telling the truth. Cristian tells her because someone put her up to it. Jen wants to know who then? Who put her up to it? She tells him to go ahead and pile some more bad news on her. Will is gone, maybe forever. Lindsay is falling apart and Jen is trying to help her hold it together. Cristian remembers confronting Lindsay. He tells Jen that it was Chad that set it all up. Jen says that doesn't make any sense, why would Chad do that? Chad was his friend, why would he do that? Cristian doesn't know. Jen asks if he asked Chad. Chad just told him that he had his reasons. Jen doesn't believe any of this, she expected a better story. She never wants to see Cristian again. She storms off.

Gabrielle and Todd are at Todd's penthouse. Gabrielle tells Todd that it is stupid for him to think that she is trying to set up Max. Todd tells her he is the only one making sense. He knows that Asa and her are trying to set up Max. Gabrielle starts trying to grab the tape away from Todd. She chases him all over the room. She is furious. Todd thinks about selling the tape on the internet maybe. Gabrielle finally calms down just a little bit. What does he want for the tape? All he wants is an explanation. What are her and Asa trying to do to Max, and why? Gabrielle tries to stick to her story, but Todd is having none of it. He doesn't believe a word that comes out of her mouth. She finally stops with the story, and tells him that they could come up with a bargain. Todd is interested if they can both come out ahead. Gabrielle tells him if he gives her the tape, he could have her. Gabrielle turns up the heat and starts to flirt heavily with Todd. He is not interested. She turns the heat up another two or three notices in true Gabrielle form. Todd pretends he is going to kiss Gabrielle, then blows in her face. She backs off and realizes that she does nothing for Todd. What can she do? Finally Todd tells her that he will give her the tape back and she can use it to bring Max down on one condition. What is that. Blair must fall with Max. 

Bo is waiting on Lainey to join him in a waiting room at the hospital. Lainey comes in and apologizes for taking so long. She stumbles all over herself for making that silly remark about being Dr. Buchanan any time soon. Bo understands, that is why he waited. He has something to tell her about their wedding. He tells her that he has been thinking about this whole thing with the name confusion at the hospital. Melanie is getting hopeful. Bo tells her that since they aren't getting married anytime soon, she should go back to using her maiden name. Melanie is visibly disappointed. She tells Bo that it really is no big deal. Bo understands that her having to see Troy's face everyday is going to be hard on her. He thinks Nora will have a hard time dealing with this one too. He has to get back to the station and starts to leave. Melanie stops him and asks him if he has changed his mind about marrying her. Bo wants to know where this is coming from, of course he still wants to marry her. She tells him it is okay if he doesn't want to marry her now. Bo spends a little time reassuring her again that he still wants to marry her. When the time is right for the both of them. Melanie finally says that she believes him, but we can see that she is still unsure. Bo leaves. Melanie sits down and starts to write Mrs. Buchanan on a pad. Another nurse sees it and tells her she doesn't blame her for being excited. When is the wedding? Melanie tells her that it will be very soon.

Allison is in her room at St. Annes. She is remembering when she confessed to Vicky that she had taken Jessica. Rae enters the room. Allison asks if they were supposed to have a session today. No, Rae just wanted to see her before her meeting with Vicky. Allison is starting to chicken out of the meeting with Vicky. Rae reminds her that she herself told Rae that she needed to apologize. Allison thinks Vicky will never be able to forgive her. Rae reminds her that she was the one that brought Jess back to Vicky safe and sound. After four long weeks though, that must have been hell on Vicky. Rae comments that four weeks is a lot less than a whole life time. Allison figures out that something like this has happened to Rae before. Rae finally breaks down and tells Allison all about Skye. Allison is very sympathetic to Rae. Rae tells her they have to concentrate on her now, this is her day. Allison doesn't think so. Rae reminds her that Vicky knows Allison was under the influence of Mitch Lawrence. Allison doesn't think Vicky will be able to forgive what she has done. We flash back to when Allison stole Jess. Does Rae really think that Vicky will forgive her? Rae doesn't know, there are no guarantees. Allison gets discouraged by those words again. Rae rebuilds her confidence, and knowing Vicky the way she does, she thinks Allison may have a good chance of Vicky forgiving her. Rae comes out into the hall to great Vicky and Ben as they arrive. Ben tells Rae that he is going in with Vicky. Rae doesn't think that is a good idea, it will intimidate Allison. Ben tells Vicky she can change her mind, he doesn't want her in there alone with Allison. Vicky decides to just do it and get it over with. Ben tells her he has his cell phone. Vicky assures him she will be okay. Ben leaves. Rae thanks Vicky again for trying to help Allison. Vicky tells her she is trying to help herself also. Rae tells Vicky that she will be near by, and leaves. Vicky takes a deep breath at the door and enters the room. She walks in and sees a lady sitting in the chair with her back to her. She calls out to Allison. Gum smacking Nicki turns in the chair to great Vicky.

Vicky and Ben are in the foyer at Llanfair. Vicky is staring into the mirror that she just broke seeing Nicki. Nicki tells her that now she will have 7 years of bad luck. Vicky yells no into the mirror and turns away. Ben asks her what is going on. She tells him that she just saw Nicki Smith. She tells him that Nicki talked to her too. Nicki wanted to go with her to see Allison Perkins. Ben is getting very concerned. He asks Vicky if this means that Nicki is coming out again. No, it doesn't meant that. Her alters never appeared to her before, they became her. Her alters are integrated now, and she will not let this happen again. Ben tells her she is right, and another thing she isn't going to do is to go and see this Perkins lady today. Vicky is insistent that she go see Allison. Ben is not pleased with this at all and tries to talk her out of it. Vicky thinks that she needs to handle this problem by facing it head on. She has been thinking of the Nicki Smith side of her personality because Allison is back in her life. Ben asks her if she is afraid of Nicki coming out again. Vicky assures him that she will not let Nicki come out again. In the past, she couldn't control it, but she is certain that she can now. Ben tries again to talk her out of seeing Allison. Vicky insists that she has to. If she doesn't, she is giving in to her fears. That is what Nicki wants, for her to be weak. Ben is going to be there with her too. Of course he will be there, he tells her. Vicky goes upstairs.