One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/28/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/28/01

By Boo

Jen walks into the Break Bar to see Shauna kissing Cristian. She runs back out the door and runs into Al. Al asks if she is okay. She is fine. He tells her to come in with him and get some good seats for Courtney's concert. Jen tells him that she can't and runs off. She goes to the rock quarry and thinks about the two times she has seen Cristian and Shauna kissing. First on the web site, and then in the Break Bar. Al has followed her there. He tells her he thought something was wrong. He was worried about her. Jen rushes into his arms. He is surprised, but holds her. He tells her that what ever happened, it will all be okay. She tells him that she doesn't know who to trust anymore. Al figures out this is about Cristian and the web site. He thought she was cool with all that, that she believed he was set up. She tells him she doesn't know what to believe now. She apologizes to him. He tells her that she doesn't have to apologize to him for anything. What is he supposed to be while all this is going on. He tells her that he is supposed to be her friend. He holds her again, closing his eyes. Cristian walks in and sees this. He isn't happy about it.

In the Break Bar Shauna is kissing Cristian. He pulls away from her and asks her why she did that. She tells him that he should consider it her reward for telling him what she knows about Chad and Lindsay. He tells her that he is in love with Jen. That is too bad, because now he'll never know what that witch that Jen calls mommy is up to. He tells her that someone is turning his life upside down. She thinks they can help each other, and starts to flirt with him again. Cristian explains to her that he really is in love with Jen. He really doesn't want anyone else. Is she going to help him or not? She doesn't answer and Cristian thinks that means that she isn't and starts to leave. Shauna realizes that Cristian really is in love with Jenn. She stops him. She apologizes to him and tells him that it has been her that has been causing him so many problems, but she had plenty of help. Cristian is interested now. Shauna tells him that she is going to tell him everything that Lindsay has been doing to him. Seth, Jess, and Natalie arrive for the concert. Seth finds them seats close to the front. Courtney approaches them and asks if they have seen Al. Courtney has some important news to tell him. Jess asks about what. Courtney tells them she got a record. She is moving to Nashville. They all congratulate her. Courtney comments that she still has to get dressed for the concert tonight. Jess offers to help her get dressed and leaves with her. Natalie and Seth discuss how close a call that was at the house. They have to be really careful now, as they get closer to Jess, Jess gets closer to them too. She could figure it out any time. Jess rejoins them. She looks at Seth and tells him that she is on to him now. On to what? Jess tells him that she knows his secret. Natalie and Seth start to panic a little. Jess tells him that she knows that he was the secret admirer at the last concert. Natalie and Seth are both relieved. He can't believe Courtney told her. Courtney didn't just tell her, it was a trick and Seth fell for it. Seth pretends to be embarrassed. Courtney starts to sing, and they rush to their chairs.

Lindsay is outside Will's loft with Troy. She asks him if he is following her. He was going to ask her the same question, because this is his place now. Lindsay tells him that this was Will's place. Will would have never sold the loft to him. Troy tells her that Will turned it over to the bank, he never knew who used to live here. Lindsay tells him that she is there to pick up a box of Will's things that he wanted his family to have. Troy tells her he will get the box and opens the door. He invites her in. She asks him why he needs a place in Llanview. He tells her that he is planning on settling down here, for good. Why would he want to do that in a town where no one wants him there. He tells her that he is doing it to make amends to all those that Colin hurt. She doesn't believe that. She thinks he is torturing all of them, her, Jen, Lainey, and Nora. All of them having to look at his face, the face of a womanizer, a rapist and a kidnapper. Troy can change his face, but fortunately some people can get passed that, like Nora. Lindsay asks if he has talked to St. Nora. Is he going to join Nora's crusade against her. Right now all he is going to do is take a nap. He hands her the box of Will's stuff and tells her to leave. He goes to stand by the door. Lindsay walks up to him and tells him no, she is not done with him. Troy literally pushes her out the door and shuts it behind her. Lindsay yells through the door that she is not done with him. She turns to walk away and almost runs right in to Cristian. Startled, she drops the box. She bends to pick it up and Cristian puts his foot on it so that she can't. He asks her where Jen is. She doesn't know and isn't sure that she would tell him if she did. He tells her that he knows what she did. He doesn't know anything she tells him. He is way out of his league. Cristian calls for Shauna, she comes out to join Cristian. Lindsay is surprised to see her. She remembers her, she is that tramp that was on Cristian's web site. Shauna tells her that Cristian turned her down. Lindsay wishes her better luck next time, now she has to go. Again she bends down to pick up the box, and again Cristian puts his foot on it. Shauna tells her everything that she told Cristian. Cristian tells her that he knows everything now. Lindsay tells them that they can't prove anything, either of them. Cristian tells Shauna thanks, she can leave now, he will take it from here. Shauna leaves. Cristian tells Lindsay that he knows that Lindsay had Chad set up the web cams, the web site, and how she got Shannon to help her. Lindsay tells him that if he says anything to Jen, she will call him a liar. Cristian wonders which one of them Jen will believe. He walks away. Troy opens his door and asks if that is another one of her fans. Was he eavesdropping. He doesn't think it is considered eavesdropping when it is right outside your own door. He pities Cristian. He pities anyone who crosses her.

Seth and Jess are getting ready to leave Llanfair. Jess stops Seth. She feels really bad about leaving Natalie there. She wants to go back in and convince Natalie to go to the concert with them. Seth says that Natalie really wanted to impress Vicky. Jess says she has already done that, She starts to go back inside and Seth yells no! Seth tells her that he was hoping to spend some time alone with her. Jess reminds him that they are going to be at a concert. There will be a lot of people there. She goes back in the house.

Vicky has just caught Natalie going upstairs. She wants Natalie to tell her why she is going upstairs when she thought no one else was home. Natalie tries to stall answering her. Vicky asks her again. Natalie doesn't say anything for a long time. Finally she tells Vicky that she is cold and Jess had told her that she could borrow her sweater if she wanted to. She was just going up to get the sweater. Jess and Seth walk back in the front door. Jess is surprised to see Vicky there. What is going on? Natalie tells Jess that she was just going upstairs to get that sweater that Jess had told her she could borrow because she was cold. Jess says yea, that is fine, but Natalie isn't going to need it. They want her to go to the concert with them. Natalie tries to tell them that she has too much work to do. Vicky tells her the work can wait, to go on to the concert with Seth and Jessica. Ben comes in and is glad to see Vicky still there. Natalie and Seth go out the front door. Jess stays behind to thank Vicky for letting Natalie go. Vicky tells her that it is nice to see her sharing her things with her friends. Jess kisses her good bye and leaves. Ben tells Vicky that she shouldn't worry about Jess, she will be fine. Vicky tells him that some memories never go away. She carries the memories of Jess being kidnapped with her always. Ben is sure that it is fresh on her mind now because she is going to see Allison soon. Vicky wishes the appointment hadn't been delayed, she just wants to get it over with. She goes into the front room and picks up a plaster handprint of Jessica's. This is very precious to her she tells Ben. She tells him that when Jessica was taken, she knew that she had to stay sane and keep believing. She used to keep something of Jessica's with her all the time to help her do that. After she was returned safely to them, when she got a little older, Clint and Vicky had the plaster handprint made to remind them of those times, and how precious Jess was to both of them. They found Jess right here in this room when Allison returned her, she thinks about it every time she walks in there. Ben says it must of been really hard on her knowing that people thought she took her own daughter. Well, they thought it was Nicki. Isn't that the same thing? Not any more Vicky tells him. He is worried about her going to see Allison, knowing what he knows about her. Vicky assures him that she will be okay. She thanks him for understanding her need to see Allison, even though it is not what he wants. He just wants what is best for her. She thanks him for being her strength. She walks out to the foyer and sits down. Looking up she sees Nicki in the mirror. Nicki asks her what she is, chopped liver? She tells Vicky that she is going to go with her to see Allison Perkins, Vicky will need her. Vicky gets up and yells no, then smashes the mirror with the plaster handprint. Ben rushes in and asks what is going on.

Gabrielle is at the door at Todd's penthouse. He is very happy to see her. She reminds him that he wasn't very pleasant the last time she visited him. Things have changed now. He tells her that he has seen a different side of her. In fact he has seen all the sides of her. She pretends not to know what he is talking about. He is talking about her home movie that she had the staring role in. Gabrielle asks him if he is having fun. Oh, he's having a blast Todd laughs to her. He compliments her on how good she is at game playing. He wants her to leave now so he can watch the end of his movie. He is dieing to find out how it ends. Oh no, Gabrielle tells him. She isn't done with him yet. Todd is having a blast messing with her. First she wants him to tell her how he got that video tape. Todd is glad that she is done pretending that she doesn't know what he is talking about, it will save them a lot of time. Then she wants him to give the tape back to her. Oh no, that isn't going to happen. Gabrielle tells him that he will not be the first man that has underestimated her. After seeing this tape, he will never underestimate her. How did he get that tape? Todd tells her that he was coming back into Llanview last night. He saw Max speeding past him headed towards Asa lodge, then he saw her. He knew that Max was going to marry Blair, so he followed them. Then he found the camera and decided the tape might be useful. So, what is he going to do with that tape? Todd tells her that it depends on who it will hurt the most, Asa, Max, Blair, or maybe even her. Who is he going to show that tape to? He tells her whoever he will benefit the most from. She offers to pay him twice what Asa offers. What makes her think that he will go to Asa. Well, because Asa is the richest man in town, but he can't sell it to Asa. Todd asks why. Gabrielle comes up with this long story of how Asa is a very jealous man, and he will destroy her and her son if he sees what is on that tape. Todd lets her go on and on with this story for awhile. Finally he stops her and tells her that he knows Asa already knows what is on that tape, Max is the one that doesn't know what is on it. He figured that out from watching all their expressions when he was about to show the tape in the bar. Can she explain that to him? Gabrielle tells him that her and Asa were upset because they thought Al had been in a wreck. That isn't true, Todd tells her. He had his reporters check it out, there was no wreck. Todd figures Asa had to have been the camera man. Gabrielle tells him she was the camera person. She taped it because she loves Max, and wanted a souvenir of their last night together before he marries Blair. Todd listens to her story, and then begins to really laugh at her. Gabrielle gets mad and tells him that she still wants Max, just as he still wants Blair. Todd tells her to shut up about Blair, what goes on between him and Blair is none of her business. Just like what goes on between Max and her is none of his business Gabrielle tells him. She tries to grab for the tape. Todd takes it away from her. He knows now why she wants that tape. She is trying to nail Max isn't she?