One Life to Live Update Monday 8/27/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 8/27/01

By Boo

Jess is coming down the stairs at Llanfair to ask Seth and Natalie what they meant when they said this has been way to easy. Seth tells her that she wasn't supposed to hear that. Natalie tells Seth that they are going to have to tell Jess the truth, she deserves to know. Seth agrees. Natalie asks if Seth is going to tell her, or should she? Natalie tells Seth that she will tell Jess what they were talking about, since she brought it up. Natalie tells Jess that she was just telling Seth how upset she is with Will. It was just too easy for him to dump Jess, and then come by and upset her and leave. Natalie hates to see a friend upset. Jess tells them both that she is okay, not to worry about her. Vicky walks in, seeing Jess is upset and asks if she wants to talk about it. Yes, she does. She asks Seth and Natalie to wait in the foyer for her and goes into the front room with Vicky. She tells Vicky about Will coming by and that he is leaving town. Vicky understands why she is upset and comforts her. She knows Jess will get through this. Jess is happy that she has two great friends like Seth and Natalie to help her get through it. Back in the foyer Seth congratulates Natalie for such a good save. Natalie isn't about to let the little princess ruin their plans. They kiss. Natalie thinks they have worked too hard to get where they are. They are going to get everything they want, all from little miss perfect. Natalie tries to kiss Seth. He pulls away and reminds her that they have to be careful. Vicky and Jess come out of the front room. Vicky thanks them for giving her a few minutes with Jess. Vicky tells Jess that she is going to work now, but has to stop at St. Anne's first. Jess asks who she is going to see. Vicky tells her that she will tell her all about it when they have more time. She asks to speak to Natalie alone for a minute before she goes. Jess and Seth go back into the front room. Vicky explains to Natalie that she put the wrong stationary out for her the other day. She only uses that stationary for sending condolences and stuff like that. Natalie apologizes. Vicky tells her not to worry about it, she will pick everything up quickly. In the front room Jess apologizes to Seth for leaving him alone, she just wanted to talk to her mother for a few minutes. He understands, and realizes she is still upset. That is okay, he knows just the thing to make her forget all about Will. What does he have in mind. The Courtney Kale concert at the Break Bar this afternoon. Jess thinks that will help. She thanks Seth for worrying about her. Vicky and Natalie come back into the room. Vicky just wanted to make sure that Jess was okay. Jess tells her that they are going to the concert. Vicky and Jess exchange I love yous while Natalie rolls her eyes. Vicky leaves to go to St. Annes and Jess goes to grab her purse. Natalie and Seth are happy. Vicky is out of the house, Jess is going to be with him. Now Natalie can go upstairs and do what she has to do. Jess comes back down with her purse. Natalie wishes them fun at the concert. Seth and Jess leave. Natalie starts to go upstairs when Vicky comes back in and catches her. She asks Natalie where she is going.

Troy, Julie, Larry, Sam, Melanie and Bo are all in a room at the hospital. Melanie asks Troy if he is the new doctor on staff. Looks that way, also looks like he is staying in Llanview. Sam calls Troy a lying bastard and asks what he is up to. Troy didn't lie to him, he told him that he had finished up things with Colin's estate, and he has. Sam starts to get in his face when Bo steps in. Bo introduces himself and tells him he has a few questions for him. Troy explains that all the work he has done in Africa has made the clinic there self sufficient. He had planned on coming back to the states anyway. Melanie asks why Llanview. Troy tells him that he was shocked by his reception here, and by all the things that Colin did to people. He wanted to devote his money and his skills to try to make it up to everyone in Llanview. Julie and Larry remind everyone that Troy is not Colin, and they do have the free clinic now. Sam tells Troy that he can't stop him from staying in Llanview, but he better stay away from Sam, Sam's family, and Nora. Sam leaves. Troy excuses himself to go check on his new home. Bo tells him to hold on, they need to get some things straight. Bo knows that Troy probably understands why so many react to him the way they do. Troy does understand. Bo tells him that as long as he isn't anything like his brother, there should be no problem. Troy appreciates that. Bo tells him that he is still going to be watching him though. Troy tells him to go right ahead. Bo asks to speak to Larry outside. They step out to the hallway. Julie approaches Troy and offers her support. Troy is thankful to her. He sees Melanie standing by herself and excuses himself from Julie. He approaches Melanie and apologizes to her for not telling her his decision first. She lets him know that he doesn't owe her any special treatment. He thinks he does, and he also thinks that it will be hard on her to work with him, he promises to make things as easy as he can. He has to go now. Troy leaves. Melanie goes up to Larry and tells him that she knows this will cause confusion with two Dr. McGuyver's working there now. She wishes that she could call herself Dr. Buchanan, but that isn't possible yet. Bo walks up hearing what she said. She apologizes to Bo. He tells her that there is something he wants to tell her.

Lindsay is in Sam's front room. She is talking to Chad on the phone. Yesterday at the mall went perfectly. When Jen overheard those girls talking about Cristian's sex life, it seriously made her doubt Cristian. Chad hopes that Cristian doesn't figure out that he helped to set up the web site. Lindsay isn't worried at all, Cristian is too stupid to figure it out, as long as Chad doesn't do anything stupid. She hangs up. Jen enters the room and Lindsay tells her good morning and that she has fixed all Jen's favorites for breakfast. Jen isn't hungry. Lindsay knows that last night was hard on her, but she has to eat. Jen tells Lindsay that she knows that Cristian didn't sleep with that girl. Lindsay pretends to support her on that, and Jen tells her not to patronize her. Jen just knows that Cristian couldn't do that to her. Lindsay gives her a hug and tells her that she knows this is hard on Jen, but she will get through it. She just has to listen carefully to what Lindsay tells her. Lindsay knows that she has gone through a lot with Cristian since last night. Jen doesn't want to hear anything Lindsay has to say against Cristian. Lindsay tells her she is just trying to help. Jen needs to get her mind off all this. Why doesn't she call some of her friends and hang out, like Al Buchanan. Jen doesn't want to hang out with Al, she wants to hang out with Cristian. She is going to go find him right now. Lindsay tells her that she doesn't even know where to start looking. Will comes in happy that they are both there. They both tell Will that it isn't a good time. This won't take long. He has come to tell them both good bye. He is leaving Llanview. Lindsay and Jen are both upset. They ask what he is going to do. He isn't sure yet. He is going to fly to Los Angeles this afternoon. From there, he hasn't decided. Maybe he will go bum around Asia for a while. Lindsay tells him that he can't leave. She won't allow it. Will reminds her that he is an adult. No, Lindsay is going to go get breakfast, and when she gets back she doesn't want to hear anymore of this kind of talk. She goes to the kitchen. Will gives Jen a hug. They talk about why Will is leaving. Jen understands, but she is going to miss him. He will miss her too. He knows Lindsay isn't taking this too well, and asks for a few minutes alone with her when she comes back. Jen agrees. Lindsay comes back with a tray of food. Jen leaves the room. Lindsay starts babbling about the gallery and how she will need Will's help in September. Will reminds her that he is leaving. She tells him that he can't leave. If he does there will be no one left to love her. Will holds her. He tells her that she has Jen, Sam and her friends. Lindsay reminds him that she doesn't have any friends. Her and Jen have never been as close as the two of them. A very touching good bye scene between the two of them. Lindsay finally understands why Will has to leave. He hugs her again and reminds her again that she still has Jen. Yes she does, Lindsay agrees, and she isn't going to lose her. Will tells her that there is a box at his loft that has some things in it that he wants her, Jen and Sam to have. Lindsay offers to go and get it. It is better that she do it right now, cause she can't stand to see him walk out the door. She starts to cry again, gives Will a hug and kiss and starts to leave. Sam comes in and asks why she is crying. Lindsay tells him because of Jessica Buchanan and leaves. Sam is confused. Will tells him all about leaving. Sam hugs him and understands. Sam just wants him to be happy. Will isn't sure that it will make him happy, he just knows that he needs to do this. For him and Jessica to be able to move on. He just hopes that Jess finds someone that deserves her.

Lindsay is at Will's loft trying to get the key to work. Troy walks up behind her. Well, it is just the two of them again.

Chad is at the Break Bar behind the bar, talking to Lindsay on the phone. When he hangs up, he turns to see Cristian sitting at a table. Cristian wants him to come to the table and help him with this laptop. Chad tries to get out of it by saying that he is too busy behind the bar. It will only take a minute Cristian tells him. Chad finally agrees to help Cristian. He solves the problem Chris was having. Cristian compliments him on how much he knows about computers. He starts to hint to Chad that he knows who set up the web site. Chad gets nervous and tells him that he has to go to the storage room, he will be right back. Cristian grabs Chad by the arm stopping him from leaving. Cristian knows that Chad put the cameras in his apartment, he knows that he set up the web site, and he knows someone else was helping him. At first Chad tries to deny it. When Cristian tells him that Antonio found out who set up the web site, Chad admits that he did it. He saw dollar signs, he really was gonna cut Cristian in on the money. Cristian pushes him hard up against the bar. Chad asks if he is going to press charges on him. Cristian tells him he won't, as long as Chad tells him the truth, that Lindsay put him up to it. The girl that was in Cristian's bed is listening to the conversation. Chad denies knowing Lindsay. Cristian asks him if he wants to go to jail. Chad again denies knowing Lindsay, there was no one else involved. He did it all on his own for the money. Cristian can have him arrested if he wants to, he has nothing more to say to him. Chad leaves. The girl approaches Cristian. Cristian tells her he knows what she is selling and he isn't interested. She tells him that she knows something about Chad and Lindsay that he might be very interested in knowing. What does she know. She tells him that kind of information deserves a reward. How much does she want? She tells him her daddy is loaded, there are all sorts of rewards. She grabs him and kisses him as Jessica walks in and see it.

Asa and Gabrielle are at the lodge. They are still looking for the tape. Asa thinks Max must have found it. That can't be it Gabrielle tells him. Max was far too lovey with her when he left if he had found the tape. She did her job, by having sex with Max. Asa was supposed to take care of the camera. They decide someone else must have gotten the tape, and they have to find out who it is.

Todd, Blair and Max are in the bar at the Palace. Todd tells them that he just found this tape laying around, and immediately thought of the two of them. He just knows they are going to get a kick out of it. He starts the tape. Blair and Max watch and turn to look at each other. Max asks what disgusting thing she is doing? Todd looks at the tape and realizes that he has plugged the wrong tape in. This one is of Starr at summer camp talking about playing with bugs and iguanas and stuff. Todd turns it off. Max says that Starr is a disgusting child. Blair says she is not, she is unique. Max tells Blair to keep Starr away from their baby. Blair yells at Todd, is this another way to torture her? She will never forgive him for taking Starr away from her. Todd tells them the show and tell is not over yet. He goes to his briefcase and opens it. He gets the right tape out. Blair tells him that she doesn't want to see it. Neither does Max. Asa and Gabrielle walk in and realize that Todd has the tape. Todd tells them tough if they don't want to see it, they are all here and they are going to see it anyway. He plugs it into the vcr. Before he can start it, Gabrielle runs up to Max and tells him that her and Asa just heard that there was a terrible accident involving a Viper. Where is Al? Max doesn't know, but he is going to go check it out, he tells her to call the police and see what she can find out. Blair is going with Max. They file out of the room. Gabrielle turns to look at Todd. He takes the tape out of the vcr and waves it to Gabrielle and walks out of the room. Asa comes back in. They are upset that Todd has the tape. Max and Blair are going to be back soon, wanting to know about that phony wreck. Gabrielle tells Asa to handle Max and Blair, and she will handle Todd. She leaves the same way Todd did. Max and Blair come back in. Max tells them there was no wreck. Asa knows, he called the police. It was on the other side of town and it was a Jag, not a Viper. Now that they know Al is okay, he has to go. Asa leaves. Max asks Blair what is going on. She doesn't know. Max asks where Todd and Gabrielle are.

Gabrielle starts to knock on Todd's door at the penthouse. He opens it before she does, and tells her that now is when things really start to get interesting. Gabrielle smiles at him.