One Life to Live Update Friday 8/24/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 8/24/01

By Boo

Gabrielle and Max are waking up at Asa's lodge. Gabrielle wakes first and gently kisses Max on the cheek. Max wakes up and realizes it wasn't a dream. They both agree last night was incredible. Gabrielle tells Max that it has changed everything. Max reminds her that today is a brand new day, and they still can't be together. Gabrielle knows that. She just meant that she wanted to prove to herself that the passion she felt for him was real, it wasn't made up. She is stronger and smarter now and she has Max to thank for that. Now she has the courage to do what she has to do. What is that? She has to stay here in Llanview with her husband. Max doesn't understand. Asa is out of control. She can handle Asa. Last night they made love, and got passed their feelings for each other. Now she can move on with her life, just like he is doing with Blair. He doesn't love Blair and is marrying her for the sake of a child. Which is exactly what she did in trying to build a life for Al. She tells him that she doesn't have to run from Asa anymore. Nor does she have to run from her feelings for Max. They settled that last night. They closed that chapter in their lives, unless they haven't. Max thought she understood. She does she tells him. Max has to go, he is supposed to be meeting Blair at the Palace to plan the wedding. He gets up and starts to get dressed. He tells her that he never wanted to hurt her. She comments that he has changed. Max tells her that she has changed too. He kisses her on the cheek and leaves. Gabrielle comments to herself that he is not going to know what hit him. She has tears streaming down her face. She shakes it off and calls Asa. She tells him it is done. Asa joins Gabrielle at the lodge, he is holding the camera. They are congratulating each other on how well the plan worked. They have it all on tape now. Asa wants to see the highlights. They both realize the tape is gone. They both start to panic a little bit.

Natalie is following Jess into the living room at Llanfair asking her how her date with Seth went last night. Jess tells her that she had gone over to his apartment to surprise him. Natalie acts surprised. Jess tells her that Seth didn't want her to see his apartment. She doesn't care about that stuff. The doorbell rings, Jess goes to answer it. It is Seth, he tells her that he just wanted to stop by and tell her what a great time he had last night. He gives her a dozen daisies, and apologizes for them not being roses. Jess thinks they are beautiful and goes to find a vase for them. Natalie comments to Seth that it has only been 11 hours since his date with Jess, and already he is here to see her again. Seth tells Natalie that he really came over to see her, not Jess. He kisses Natalie and she pulls away from him. She reminds him that Jess thinks they just met, and they have to keep it that way. Jess comes in with a vase and puts the flowers in it. Seth says he has to go. Jess stops him and asks him if he would want to hang out with her tonight. Natalie excuses herself to go back to work and goes back to the front room. Seth asks Jess about Natalie working there. Jess tells him that Natalie just started working for her mother. Did Jess get her the job? Well, yes, but she is qualified. Seth tells her that was nice of her. Jess asks him if he has any friends that are not dating that they could set up with Natalie. The doorbell rings again. Seth jokes that maybe that is the guy for Natalie at the door. Jess opens the door to find Will standing there with a dozen long stemmed roses. Will asks if he can come in, he needs to talk to her alone. Jess asks Seth to wait in the front room with Natalie. Seth goes to the front room and closes the door behind him. He tells Natalie that Will is there with a dozen roses. He thinks Will is there to ask Jess to come back to him. Natalie is not happy, that is the last thing they need right now. Out in the foyer, Will tells Jess that he knows they can't be together. They have a few tender moments sharing memories of when they first met, when Megan died. Will tells her that he is leaving Llanview for good. Jess asks if this is because they broke up. Well, yes. If they hadn't broken up, he wouldn't be leaving. He has to move on. She tells him that she is moving on, and she is doing it here. He knows, and he is happy for her. He just can't stand to watch her move on. She starts to cry. She doesn't want to be selfish. If this is what will make him happy, then she wants him to be happy. She just can't imagine her life without him being around. He tells her to press some of the roses he brought her. She grabs him and gives him a long hug. She doesn't need roses to remember him by. She backs away a little. She is going to miss him. She tells him that he will always be in her heart. Will tells her that he will never forget her either. He tenderly touches her face, and leaves. Jess leans against the door and cries a little more. Seth comes back into the foyer and asks her what is wrong. She tells him that Will is leaving town. She excuses herself to go upstairs and wash her face. Natalie comes to the door of the living room. Seth and Natalie share a smile. Is it true that Will is leaving town for good? Seth tells Natalie that it is true. Natalie thinks that is perfect, now Seth can be the one to comfort Jess, and with her working in the house they will have what they need in no time. Seth things it has been too easy. Natalie agrees with him. It has been way too easy. Jess comes back down the stairs and asks what has been too easy?

Melanie is dreaming that she is walking into the front room and sees Bo getting all dressed up. She asks him what is going on. He tells her that today is their wedding, she didn't forget that did she? She turns to see Colin laughing at her leaning on the door. He tells her she isn't getting married today, because Bo is never going to marry her. She wakes up suddenly on the couch, with Bo walking in from the kitchen. He sits down beside her and asks if she is okay. She tells Bo that she had a nightmare, but she can't remember what it was. She just knows she was scared. He gives her a cup of coffee and asks her if she wants him to fix her some breakfast. She asks him if he really loves her. Yes, he does. She tells him that she loves him too and hugs him. He asks where this is all coming from. She tells him from Colin, she means Troy. Bo promises her that she is safe with him, he is not going to let Troy hurt her. Colin can't hurt her anymore either he reminds her.

Bo has driven Melanie to work and walked her into the hospital. She tells him that she may want him to do this all the time. He tells her he will tell the criminals not to do anything between in the morning hours. They hug as Sam walks in. He just wanted to come and give Melanie some good news. Troy is leaving town. Melanie is very glad to hear that. Bo comments that Nora will probably second that. Melanie looks at Bo as if she didn't like that he was thinking of Nora again. Sam tells them that he has put in a call to Nora and cant wait to tell her. Melanie thinks that now that he is gone, maybe things will get back to normal. Bo says he has to leave and thanks Sam for the good news. Larry comes in, he has been looking for Melanie. He asks Bo and Sam to stay, they will like his news too. Larry tells Melanie that they finally got the go ahead on the free clinic. Everyone is really happy, especially Melanie. Melanie asks where they got the funding. Julie comes in and Larry introduces her to Sam and Bo. Julie tells them that the person heading the free clinic is also the benefactor. Melanie is pleased. Who is their knight in shinning armor. Troy walks in and tells them it is him. Sam, Bo and Melanie are all shocked into silence.

Troy is in the front lobby of the Palace. Sam walks in and tells him that he is there to give him something. He is carrying a large manila envelope which he hands to Troy. Troy asks what it is. Sam tells him that it is newspaper clippings about everything that Colin did to the people in this town. Troy has heard all the stories. Sam just wanted to make sure that Troy believed everything he has heard, and more. Sam tells him about Colin kidnapping Will. Troy is going through the clippings and Sam is telling him a little about each one. Now that Troy has seen all this, he is surprised that Sam didn't do more than just hit him at the Cherryvale Inn. Sam just wants him to stay away from Nora. Troy is surprised that Nora can even look at him, let alone save his life. What is he talking about? Troy tells Sam all about Nora brining him his talisman back, and the blonde that pushed him over the railing. Nora pulled him back over the railing. Troy is surprised that Nora didn't tell Sam about it, he thought they shared everything. Troy thanks Sam for showing him the clippings. He does want to know all that Colin did. Rene approaches them and tells Troy that he is all checked out, and his bags will be brought down soon. Sam realizes that he didn't have to resort to showing Troy those pictures. Troy is still glad that he did, now he understands why everyone treats him the way they do. Sam tells him that they will all be able to get on with their lives easier if Troy is not around. He wishes Troy luck in whatever he plans to do. Troy thanks him and wishes him luck too. Troy walks away. 

Blair is in the bar at the Palace. Larry comes in and joins her. She tells him that she is doing really good, and her doctor just told her to take it easy, which she is. She is here planning her wedding. Larry still thinks that she should tell Max and Todd the truth about the baby. She can't do that, Todd took Starr away from her and left Llanview for good. If she is married to Max, he will be the legal father. Larry gives up and says he has to get back to the hospital. Blair stops him and thanks him for coming to her rescue. He saved her baby's life in two different ways. Larry tells her that he hopes her plan works out the way she wants it to, and leaves. Rene comes in and is surprised that the person wanting to plan a wedding at the Palace is Blair. She can't believe that Blair and Max are getting married again. She sits down to start planning the details. The only detail Blair is worried about is how soon they can have the wedding. Rene tells her that there is no openings any time soon. Blair grabs Rene's appointment book and looks for herself. Okay, she doesn't have to get married on a Saturday, she can get married on a Tuesday or even, here is a Thursday that is open. Rene tells her that Thursday is Thanksgiving. Blair is getting frustrated. There has to be something open. Todd walks up behind her and asks her if she is afraid Max is going to run away too. Blair is surprised to see him. Blair stands up and asks Todd what he is doing there. He tells her he came to see her marry Max, and they both exclaim their love for each other. Rene gets up to leave. Todd tells her he is thinking of having a wedding there himself. Rene hands him a tape of the Palace's greatest weddings and tells him to plug it in over there in the vcr and eat his heart out. Rene leaves. Blair asks if he brought Star back. No, he didn't. Is he just there to torture her then? Oh that's right, Blair remembers, he did that when he left her laying on the floor in agony. Why did he just leave her there? Todd tells her that she didn't need him, she had Max there. Blair realizes that the only way he could have known that was if he came back. He tells her that he only came back to get his beach ball. Blair doesn't believe him, he came back because he cares. Did he bring Starr back too? No, he did not bring Starr back. Well then, she was right the first time she decides. He is only there to torture her. Todd tells her he doesn't have to torture her anymore. That is Max's job now. Todd reminds her of Skye. She knows exactly who Max is. Todd asks if Max is the man she loves. Yes he is. Good, that will make his evidence be so much better. He pulls out the tape. Max walks up to the table. Todd thinks things couldn't get any better. Max asks what he is doing there. Todd holds up the tape and tells him that he is about to show them both why he is here. He asks Max who shot the video, he smells Emmy. Max asks him what the hell he is talking about. Todd tells them that this video is really gonna make their wedding explode. He gets up and puts the tape in the vcr. Max and Blair stand in front of the TV.

Todd is at his desk watching the video tape that he stole from Gabrielle. He is talking to himself, pretending he is talking to Blair and Max. He is pleased with what he has on the tape.