One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/23/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/23/01

By Boo

Max and Gabrielle are in the front room of Asa's hunting lodge. Max has asked Gabrielle what she is up to. Gabrielle tells him she simply wants to make love to him. She thought that Max had wanted that too. Asa is impatiently waiting with the camera outside the bedroom window for Gabrielle to get Max in there. Max tells Gabrielle that he had wanted to make love to her, but. But what Max? Is he having second thoughts? No, he still wants to make love to her. Well, then, they should go to the bedroom. That's what is bothering him Max tells her. They have never made love in a bed. On the bar, the floor, the table, even a convent yard, why does she want to make love in the bed this time? He sits down on the couch, what is wrong with right here. Gabrielle tells him that since this is going to be the last time they will probably ever make love, she wants it to be special. She wants a big soft pillow under her head. She wants to do it in the bed. Max gives in to her. She kisses him. Asa is getting more and more impatient, and accidentally knocks the camera stand over. Max hears the crash and gets up from the couch to go an investigate. Gabrielle tries to stop him, it was probably only a squirrel or something. Max goes to investigate anyway. He walks into the bedroom. Asa is in clear view in the window with the camera. Gabrielle comes in and tries to shoo him away from the window. Max comes out of the bathroom, and heads towards the window. Gabrielle lets out a scream and pretends to have stubbed her toe badly. She asks Max to sit down and rub it for her. Max does so, telling her that she has killed the mood for what they came in here for. Maybe this isn't such a good idea anyway. Gabrielle starts to rub his legs with her other foot. She tells him it is the only way for her to get over these feelings of wanting him every time she is around him. Asa sneaks away while Gabrielle has Max's attention. Max finishes rubbing her foot. She asks him if he can resist her. She can never resist him when she sees him. She reminds him of the first time they made love. She remembers Asa telling her not to fall in love with Max, it will ruin everything. She starts to break free from him and runs to the door. Max beats her to the door and shuts it, then throws her up against the wall and kisses her. They start to undress each other. They end up on the bed, passionately making love. We keep seeing flashbacks to the first time they made love in between scenes. The camera is rolling. After making love, they both fall asleep. Todd sneaks up to the camera and takes the tape out. 

Lindsay and Jen are shopping for clothes. Lindsay tells Jen that she was right. Retail therapy is exactly what they needed to get their minds off the disaster of a dinner party. Jen tells her they shouldn't talk about it if they are trying to forget it. Jen reminds Lindsay that Cristian had no idea that those cameras were in his loft. Lindsay is sure of that, just like she is sure Cristian had no idea how that woman got in his bed too. Jen tells her that Cristian explained that too. Her and Cristian are closer than ever because of all of this. Cristian isn't going to stop until he finds out who did all this to him. Jen sees Al walking by and tells Lindsay that she wants to talk to him. Lindsay steps away and calls Chad. Where are those girls? Chad tells her they are on their way, and the Vega boys just came in. They are trying to figure out who set Cristian up. Lindsay wants to know why Jen can't just meet a nice boy, that is not out to ruin her life. Jen approaches Al. He tells her that it is nice to see her. He might not feel that way after he hears what she has to say to him. We switch back to Lindsay on the phone. She is telling Chad that Jen can never find out that she was behind those cameras. Chad tells her that Jen will never hear it from him, but maybe they should back off for a bit. Just till things cool down. Lindsay says no way, the plan goes on. She is going to get Cristian out of Jen's life if it kills her. Switch back to Al and Jen. Al is asking what he did? Jen tells him it is what he didn't do. That's a switch, okay what didn't he do. She knows that he knew about the website. He asks how she found out. She tells him from Net TV at a family dinner. Al is upset. Jen tells him that Cristian was set up. Al is glad he was wrong about Cristian, he didn't tell her because he cares about her. She had been through so much with her family and all, he just didn't want her to have to deal with that too. She grabs him and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Lindsay walks up to them, obviously pleased to see Jen close to another male besides Cristian. Jen introduces Al to Lindsay. Lindsay is pleased to realize that he is a Buchanan. Al tells them he is there to pick out something for his mother's upcoming birthday. Jen says that she heard that Courtney Kale was coming back to town. Al confirms this, she is giving another concert. Lindsay tells them that they should go to the concert together. Jen gives her a look, and she says she meant the three of them, with Cristian of course. Lindsay suggests to Jen that she help Al pick out a present for his mother. Al thinks that is a good idea too. They leave together. Lindsay goes back to look at some dresses. The two girls from the Break Bar come in and start to go through another dress rack. They wonder why Chad wants them to break up Cristian and Jen? Maybe it is because Chad wants the girlfriend for himself. They decide they don't care why, as long as they have a shot a Cristian. They pick out a couple of dresses and take them to the dressing room. Lindsay comments to herself that they might just get what they want very soon. Jen comes back, they found a present for Al's mother. Lindsay found Jen a nice dress too, she should try it on. They sit down in the dressing room. Lindsay comments that she can see that Jen likes Al a lot. Yes, she does, but she loves Cristian. The girls from the break bar pretend to get into a conversation about Cristian. How hot he is, and how good he is in bed. They then come out of the dressing room, and pretend to be surprised to see Jen, and sorry that she over heard them. Lindsay tells Jen she is sorry. Jen is in shock. The girls apologize, they didn't mean for Jen to find out like this. Lindsay tells Jen that she will take her home. Jen runs off. Lindsay says under her breath that Jen will thank her someday for doing this, she promises. 

Cristian is at the Break Bar questioning Chad. Cristian asks him if he has seen anyone hanging around his apartment in the last few weeks. Chad tells him he hasn't and asks what all this is about. Cristian tells him about the web cam. Chad tells him that is terrible. Does he have any idea who would want to do that to him? Cristian tells him yea, he has a few ideas. Antonio walks in and Cristian quickly comes out from behind the bar. Cristian asks Antonio if he found anything yet. Antonio tells him they have found plenty. Cristian wants to know everything. Antonio tells him that whoever did this, they knew what they were doing. No fingerprints or any kind of evidence was left behind. That is his good news? Well, Antonio tells him, they did find that the cameras had a time stamp. They know that they ran for the first time on July 31st. Damn, if it had been one day earlier, he could have proved that Lindsay was in his apartment. Cristian tells Antonio how he and Jen found Lindsay in his apartment the day before that. She had told them that the door was unlocked. No way that could have happened, so he changed his locks the very next day. There is no way that Lindsay could have gotten a new key that quickly, or was there? Chad goes to clean off a table next to Antonio and Cristian to try to listen to their conversation. Cristian tells Antonio that RJ has a copy of his keys. Why? Well, RJ is his landlord. Antonio tells him maybe he should move. Cristian tells him it wouldn't be a good idea so soon after his helping the LPD. Antonio tells him maybe RJ found out about that and used the website as his revenge. Cristian doesn't think so, RJ's form of revenge involves thugs and brass knuckles. RJ comes in and sees the two brothers sitting together and reminds Cristian that he shouldn't hang around people that are bad influences. Antonio tells him that Cristian has had a break in, and that he just found out that RJ has the only other set of keys to Cristian's apartment. Why would RJ want to break into Cristians? Well, maybe he wouldn't, but maybe someone like Lindsay would. Antonio tells him that he thinks RJ gave the key to Lindsay. RJ says that he didn't. Antonio asks who else has access to the keys. At first RJ tells him that he is done asking questions, until Antonio starts to call Bo to get a warrant. Finally he tells them to talk to Chad. Chad, of course. Cristian forgot that he knew how to set up websites. Antonio thinks he must have done it for someone else. Cristian suggests that he did it for Lindsay.

In another part of the Break Bar, Chad is talking to Molly and another girl. He tells them if they do exactly like he told them, Cristian will be a free agent by the end of the week. One of them tells him that they don't get what is in it for him. He tells them that's right, they don't get it. They agree to go along with his plan. Chad is pleased, good, lets do it.

Rae is visiting with Allison. She is looking through a scrap book that Allison has kept of all the newspaper clippings that have to do with when she kidnapped Jessica. Rae asks her why she is keeping this, it is part of the past. Allison tells her that it is still the truth, all in black and white, she can never forget what she did to Vicky. Rae tells her that she shouldn't forget it, but she does have to come to terms with it. She has to think about her future. Allison is trying to do that, that is why she sent Vicky a letter. She tells Rae that she asked Dr. Wolek to give it to Vicky. She hopes Vicky got the letter. She thought a long time about what she wanted to say to Vicky. Rae tells her that she needs to forgive herself. She can't, not until Vicky forgives her. Rae tells her never to give another person power like that over her life. Allison thinks that she gave Vicky that power way back then, when she kidnapped Jess. She didn't just take her baby, she made her think that Nicki did it. She could have made Vicky lose her mind. But she didn't lose her mind Rae tells her. Nicki Smith is gone, and she is never coming back. Vicky has completely healed those old wounds. If that is true, why won't Vicky come to see her and let her tell her how sorry she is? Rae tells her that it is just hard to open those old wounds back up. Allison must concentrate on her own recovery, and stop fixating on Vicky. Allison starts to cry, she knows that is true, but she just doesn't think she will ever be able to recover if Vicky doesn't forgive her. Isn't there something Rae can do to help her?

Vicky is standing at the patio doors in the living room at Llanfair. She has Allison's letter in her hands. Ben comes in and asks if he can get her something. She didn't hear him and asks him to repeat what he said. He realizes that she is still upset by the letter. What was Larry thinking? Vicky tells him that Larry only gave her the letter because Allison asked him to. She tells Ben that Allison said she was sorry, maybe she is. She was young and confused. Ben tells her that she is now older and confused. Allison wants to meet with Vicky. Ben tells her that is crazy. Why should she have to do that. Vicky is not afraid of Allison. Well, maybe she should be Ben tells her. Nicki appears behind Ben and yells at Vicky. Why doesn't Vicky tell Ben what she is really afraid of? Nicki! Nicki parades around the room taunting Vicky. Vicky tells her to go away. Ben asks what she is saying. She tells him that she has a headache. Nicki is insulted, she isn't a headache, she is a migraine. Ben goes to get Vicky some aspirin. Nicki tells Vicky that she is afraid of letting Nicki out again. Vicky tells her that she is only in her head, she is integrated now. She controls Nicki. Nicki tells her that she helped her out with Gina. No, Vicky tells her. That was Vicky pretending to be Nicki. Nicki tells her that she is fooling herself. Allison is a blast from the past, just like she is Nicki tells her. That is all Nicki is. A memory. Not if Vicky lets her out. Nicki tries her best to talk Vicky into letting her come out. Vicky needs her help with Allison. Allison is afraid of Nicki. Vicky won't have any of it. She will not admit that Nicki exists. Her pool game is very good now, and occasionally she has a craving for a beer, but that is it. That is all that is left of Nicki. Nicki tells her that she will not keep asking nicely, she will just do it. No she won't, she doesn't exist anymore. Vicky tells her to go! Ben comes back in and asks who she is talking to. Vicky looks back to where Nicki was, but she is gone now. She tells him she was talking to herself. He tries to give her the aspirin, but she tells him her headache is gone now. Good, let him get rid of another of her headaches. He picks up the note from Allison and wads it up and throws it away. The door bell rings, Ben goes to answer it. Nicki comes back. She tells Vicky that she has to know that this thing will not go away, and neither will she. Ben walks back into the room with Rae. Rae knows this is a lot to ask of Vicky. Vicky agrees that it is. She turns to look at Nicki, Nicki shrugs at her. Vicky tells Rae and Ben that she has changed her mind. She needs to see Allison. She tells Rae let's go see Allison Perkins. She turns to look for Nicki again, Nicki is gone.