One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/22/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/22/01

By Boo  

Jess is knocking on Seth's apartment door. Natalie and Seth are inside panicking. If Jess finds them here together, it will ruin everything. Seth jumps up and looks for his pants, finding them he puts them on. He asks Natalie if she locked the door. She doesn't remember. Jess starts to turn the handle. Natalie sees the handle turning, and gets mad. Who does Jess think she is? Just because she is rich. Seth tells her that she has to chill out or they will never be able to pull this off. Jess knocks again and hollers for Seth. She starts to open the door again, and Seth opens it. Jess asks if she came at a bad time. No, he was just getting ready to come to her place, he is just surprised to see her. Jess says that she just thought that since he didn't have a car, she would bring dinner to him. She hands him the sack she is carrying, and asks if he is going to invite her in. Natalie is inside hurriedly gathering all the clothes that are thrown about. Seth tells Jess that he is ready to go. Jess thought they could eat here. Seth tells her he really doesn't want her going in his apartment. It is a mess. Jess understands, he doesn't want her to see where he lives because she lives at Llanfair. He tells her he just didn't want to spend their first date in this rat hole. She reminds him that she has spent plenty of time in Angel Square. She doesn't understand why if money doesn't matter to her, why it should matter to him. He wanted to impress her. He already has, or she wouldn't be here. She doesn't know what the big deal is. She goes past Seth and opens his door. She looks around, and turns to ask Seth what is going on. What is she looking at? She is looking towards the bathroom. The blouse that she gave Natalie is hanging on the door handle. Natalie is hiding behind the shower curtain in the tub. Jess asks how did that get here? She goes into the bathroom, completely not seeing the blouse and picks up a picture that was laying in there. Where did Seth get this? He tells Jess that he found it when he was moving some boxes around for Rene. He just kind of borrowed it. Jess thought he was done with messing with the other side of the law. Well, not when there is a beautiful girl involved. He can't wait to walk in to the palace with her on his arm. Jess tells him again that she isn't the kind of girl that he has to spend money on. He tells her this is for him. He wants to be a customer at the Palace, not the staff. She finally agrees and they go to leave. In the hall, Seth remembers he forgot his wallet. He leaves Jess in the hall and goes back to his apartment. Natalie comes out of the bathroom. She can't believe he left the picture laying around. Well, Jess bought his explanation. Of course she did, she is a moron. They kiss. Natalie tells him he must get Jess to fall in love with him. He tells her to wait there for him. He leaves. Natalie tears up the picture of Jess.

Gabrielle and Max are in the living room at Asa's mansion. Gabrielle can't believe that he really wants her to leave. Max tells her that she is married to a man she doesn't love, and wanting a man she can't have. He really does want what is best for her. She can't stay here with Asa, not when Asa is abusing her. At least she would still be near Max. Max tells her that he can't give her what she needs. He wishes he could ask her to stay for Al's sake, but he has to think of Blair and the baby now. Max reminds her that she said it would have to be all or nothing. She tells him that she guesses it really is good bye, and rushes into his arms to hug him. He pushes her away and tells her that he can't kiss her good bye. She doesn't want to leave without a formal good bye. That is a handshake in his book. She tells him just one little kiss, then she will be out of his life for good. Max walks away from her and asks her if she has any money, where is she going to go. She tells him that she is a survivor, she will be fine. He tells her if she ever needs anything to call him. She tells him that he really has turned into a good man. He will make a good father and husband. Practice makes perfect he tells her. She rushes to him and tells him again, just one more kiss. Max turns his head from her. She realizes that he really doesn't want to kiss her. It's not that he tells her. Then what is it? Is he afraid? Just one tiny kiss, then she will leave, she promises. Max doesn't move. Gabrielle gives up and asks him to say good bye to Al for her. She is just going to walk out on Al? That will break Al's heart. She tells him that she can't see him, or she will never leave. She can't stay because it is breaking her heart to live there and not be with Max. She asks him not to let Asa hurt their son, and turns to leave. Max stops her and pulls her to him. They kiss passionately. Gabrielle pulls away and tells him good bye. Max stops her and asks her not to go. They start to kiss again. Gabrielle pulls away, she has been waiting for this so long. She doesn't want to do it here on the living room floor with one eye on the door. She wants Max to make love to her very slowly. Where? Gabrielle tells him she knows just the right place. She leads him out of the room.

Asa is at the cottage setting up the cameras and getting things ready for Gabrielle and Max. He goes outside to set the camera up right outside the window. He talks to himself a little bit about how Max asked for all this by pretending to be his son. Now Max is going to make him a very useful triple x rated movie. Asa has everything all set up now. He wonders what is taking them so long to get here. He pours himself a drink and toasts to Max spending the rest of his life in jail. Gabrielle and Max arrive at the cottage. They sprawl across the poker table kissing. Gabrielle tells him she wants to make love to him proper, in the bed. Asa is manning the camera outside the bedroom window, he is getting anxious to get this thing going. Max stops Gabrielle and asks her what she is up to.

Nora is at the airport waiting on her flight. Melanie goes running by with a hand full of balloons. Nora yells after her to see where she is going. Melanie tells her that Bo's flight just came in and she doesn't want to miss him. Sam comes up to Nora and tells her that he thinks she is doing the right thing by leaving town for a while. She needs this time away. Nora tells him that something happened to her today. He asks what. She remembers talking to Troy and telling him that she accepted that he wasn't Colin. She tells Sam that she made peace with Colin. How did she do that? She tells him that she was given a second chance. Bo and Melanie approach. Nora welcomes Bo back. Bo tells her that Melanie just told her about Troy and all that, he just wanted to make sure she is okay. Nora tells him she is fine. Bo and Melanie leave, with Bo telling Melanie that he can't wait to be alone with her. Melanie was hoping he would say that. Sam tells Nora that she is back to her old self. Nora is happy about that too. She tells him that he asked her how she feels about him, she wants to answer that question now. She thanks him for never putting pressure on her, but still always being there when she needed him. He still has all the memories of when they were together doesn't he? Yes, he does. Nora tells him that he is the one that lost something, she just blanked it all out. He reminds her that wasn't her fault. She knows, but it must have been really hard on him. She wants to tell him right now how she feels. He is ready to hear it. They almost kiss. Mathew comes running in to show them the airplane that Mary Anne bought him. Sam picks him up and gives him a big hug. He tells Mathew that he is really going to miss him. Mathew kisses Sam, and then turns and tells mommy to kiss Sam now too. They kiss as the last call for boarding Nora's flight is announced. Nora tells Sam that she will miss him. Mathew rushes her, they have to go. Nora takes Mathew from Sam and goes to board the plane.

Melanie rushes into Bo's arms as he exits his plane. She is so happy to see him. She kisses him over and over, and tells him never to go on assignment again where she can't reach him. It was very undercover he tells her, but he almost went a.w.o.l. when he got her message. He tells her that it sounded like she was telling him that Colin was back. She tells him that Colin is back. Well, not exactly. He had a twin brother that is in town now. She tells him all about all of the dinner guests getting an invitation to the Cherryvale Inn for the reading of the will. All about the tape, and the items he left all of them. Then Troy walked in. It was really terrifying. Bo asks if Nora was there. Melanie tells him that she was. Bo asks how Nora is doing. Melanie is a little shocked that he has asked about Nora.

Bo and Lainey are in their bed. They have just finished making love. Melanie tells him not to leave town anymore, because every time he does, all hell breaks loose. He tells her that he is planning on running a background check on Troy tomorrow. Just to make sure he is on the up and up. He doses off for a second. Lainey tells him that he should get some sleep, she is just going to hold him till he falls asleep. He tells her she should get some sleep too, so she will be rested when he wakes up. She has had all the rest she needs since he has been gone. They both fall asleep. Lainey has a nightmare that she wakes up to Colin in bed beside her. He teases her about Bo thinking of Nora. Nora will always come first with her Prince Bo. Poor Lainey. Always playing second fiddle. He jumps on top of her and yells at her to check the mirror to make sure she is still there. She wakes up and sits straight up. Bo slept through the whole nightmare. She lays back down and cuddles up to Bo.

Randall and Troy at the Break Bar. So, has Randall found the bottom line figure now? Randall tells him that Colin's death has made Troy a very wealthy man. RJ overhears and tells Troy how very nice for him. Troy remembers seeing him at the Cherryvale Inn. Randall introduces Troy to RJ, the owner of this club. RJ tells him to get out. Randall reminds RJ that Troy is not Colin. RJ doesn't want him hanging around town, for Nora's sake. Troy tells RJ that he has come to an agreement with Nora. RJ doesn't care, Nora thinks she has to be nice. RJ doesn't feel he has to be nice, and while he can't throw Troy out of town, he can throw him out of his bar. He tells Troy to leave. Troy tries to apologize for what ever Colin did. Just so RJ knows, he didn't get along with Colin either. RJ doesn't care. He doesn't want to see that face anymore, no matter who is wearing it. RJ tells him to go back to Africa. Troy tells him he was planning to do just that. Well, RJ tells him, he can listen for his sigh of relief when he clears customs, in Africa. RJ walks away. Troy tells Randall to wire Colin's money into his account. He has had enough of this, it is pay back time. Troy leaves the club. Chad's phone rings. It is Lindsay. She is going to bring Cristian Vega down. He has gone too far this time. Chad tells her that this crusade she has against Cristian has been fun, but she can count him out. She threatens to go to the police and tell them that he set up the web site, and he was carting Colin's dead body around. Chad agrees. He will do exactly what she wants. Lindsay is pleased. She doesn't want her daughter to ever go near Cristian again. Chad hangs up. Cristian walks in behind him and asks him what is going on.

Cristian and Lindsay are in Sam's front room. He tells her that he knows that she set up the whole web cam thing. Why would she want to do that? He knows it was so that Jen would break up with him. She tells him that is ridiculous, why would she do that? Because Lindsay is afraid of losing Jen. Lindsay asks if his mother ever taught him respect. Carlotta taught him to respect those that earn it, like Jen. He sees right through Lindsay, he knows exactly who she is. Lindsay continues to deny that she had anything to do with the web cam stuff. Cristian is getting more and more angry. He can't believe how selfish she is. Doesn't she realize that he isn't the only one she humiliated tonight? Does she have any idea what she did to her own daughter. He is not going to let Lindsay split him and Jenn up. Lindsay reminds him that Jen only listened to his side of the story because she talked her into it. Oh yea, that was pretty slick. Now Jen will never suspect her. At least not till he gets the proof. Lindsay wasn't the one staring in his little peep show. Cristian isn't going to let her turn this around on him. He loves Jen, can Lindsay say the same thing? Jen walks back into the room and asks why they are fighting. Lindsay tells her to ask her boyfriend. Cristian tells her that he was just thanking Lindsay for sticking up for him tonight. Jen tells Lindsay that she is really happy that Lindsay did that tonight. When they find out who did this to Cristian, she is going to thank them, because it totally back fired. The three of them are getting along better than ever now. Cristian tells her that Antonio and him have a pretty good idea who it is. He tells them that he has to go and help Antonio now. Jen asks Lindsay to give them a few minutes alone. Lindsay agrees and leaves the room. Jen can't believe that Lindsay actually likes Cristian now. She tells him that she loves him. He loves her too, and he will not let anyone split them up. She isn't going anywhere. He kisses her and leaves. Jen goes back to her bedroom, and Lindsay comes out to the front room again. She calls Chad. Then she calls Jen out to the front room. She tells Jen that they need a little retail therapy, they should go shopping. Jen agrees. She is really happy things turned out like they did today. She feels like they are all starting over. Jen goes to the foyer. Lindsay says to herself that is what she wants for Jen, a new start.