One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/21/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/21/01

By Boo

Jen and Cristian are in Sam's front room. Jen is asking Cristian who the woman on the screen is that he is kissing. Cristian comes clean with her about the whole incident. It was when she was outside his room. He walked in to see this woman that he barely knew naked in his bed. He tells her the whole thing, how the girl tried to pay him money, and then grabbed him and kissed him. She tells him it doesn't matter now. She doesn't care what the explanation is. There is only one thing that will make her feel better right now. What is it Cristian asks? What can he do to make her believe him. She tells him all she needs to know is if he loves her. Of course he does, she knows that. That is all she needs to know, she tells him. She knows that he is not a liar, and not a show off. She knows that he would never have set up those web cams for any reason. Cristian is very relieved that she believes him. He hugs her. One more thing, she tells him, she loves him too. They kiss as a shocked Lindsay walks in to witness it. Jen notices her standing there, and tells her that Cristian is innocent. Lindsay pretends to support them totally. She never thought Cristian could do anything like that. Jen believes her mother has changed and gives her a hug. Cristian isn't so sure. While Jen and Lindsay are hugging, he calls Antonio and asks if they know who set him up yet. He doesn't miss how interested Lindsay is in this call. He goes to the foyer to finish the call. It sounds as if Antonio is coming up empty handed. Jen comments to Lindsay how sick it is of anyone to do something like this. Lindsay tells her how proud she is for not believing that Cristian would take any of those girls up on their offers of money. Especially since he needs the money so badly. Well, he doesn't need the other girls because he loves her Jen informs her. Cristian comes back into the room. He tells them that Antonio is talking to the people that run the web site right now, they should know who set it up by morning. They also have found out where the cameras were bought. Jen is really happy, isn't that great mom? Lindsay says it is good. She is a little worried. They also found finger prints on one of the cameras. Antonio has a pretty good idea who set them up. Jen asks who. Cristian looks to Lindsay. She pretends to be concerned. Antonio wouldn't tell him who, not until they have proof. Jen comments on all the evidence they have found already, maybe they will make an arrest by tomorrow. Jen is sick of the net TV thing. She is going to find Sam to see about getting it out of the house. She asks Cristian if he wants to come with her. No, he wants to go back and check on things at his loft. Jen hugs him and asks if he really thought she wouldn't believe him. Lindsay is making faces behind them. Jen leaves. Lindsay says she has some things she needs to do too, and starts to leave. Cristian stops her and tells her that she is staying right here. Cristian has it all figured out. Lindsay pretended to back him up. Lindsay says she was trying to be fair, because she knows that her daughter loves him. Cristian isn't buying it. He knows who set that web site up, and he knows why.

Lindsay is on Sam's front porch. She calls Chad and tells him what a success the night has been. How Will brought the web page up in front of Cristian's whole family, and Jen. Chad is happy that it worked out so well for her. Lindsay tells him there is one problem though. Cristian's brother is a cop, and he is investigating this. There is no way that this can be tied back to Lindsay, right? Chad tells her that she is probably safe. What about her daughter? Lindsay tells him that Jen is breaking up with Cristian as they speak. She is watching through the front door side windows. She tells Chad that it really hurt her to see Jen so hurt, but sometimes a mother has to do these kind of things. Jen had to see that Cristian isn't right for her. Chad would love to see Jen knock Cristian down a bit. Lindsay tells him that it is too late, because it is happening now.

Antonio escorts Carlotta into the Break Bar. He wants to take her home. She says she will be just as upset and worried at home as she is here. They have gone through Cristian's loft and found all the cameras. Carlotta wanted to rip them down with her own hands. So did Antonio, but he wanted to preserve any fingerprints on them. He assures her that the fingerprint man that they are waiting on is the best in the department. Carlotta and Antonio both believe Cristian completely. They know he would never do something like this. Carlotta comments on how strange the whole night has been. With both Sam and Lindsay forgetting about the dinner. She thinks at least that Jen seems very nice. Antonio reluctantly agrees. At least Cristian has someone in his life that really cares about him. Antonio tells her not to worry about him, he is fine. She knows her sons, she knows that Antonio has a pain in his heart because there is no one special in his life. Antonio calls Chad over for some service. He tries telling Carlotta that his plate is very full right now. His work is keeping him very busy. Chad comes to take their order, and realizes that Carlotta is Cristian's mother. He asks about the big 'family dinner' that was supposed to take place tonight. Antonio snaps at him to just bring him his beer. Carlotta tells Antonio that he was too rude. He needs a special lady in his life that will love him. 

Gabrielle is in the front room at Asa's house pouring herself a drink. Asa comes in behind her. He asks how things are going. Gabrielle tries to assure him that every thing is going to work out just like they planned. Asa isn't so sure. He hasn't gotten where he is today by trusting people. He reminds her that her and Al stand to come into a lot of money, only if she brings Max down. Gabrielle remembers that very well. He tells her again, just to make sure she understands. If she doesn't bring Max down, her and Al lose everything. Gabrielle assures Asa that she knows exactly what their deal was. She finishes packing a suitcase, and assures him that tonight, they will have all their dreams come true. How can she be so sure? Max couldn't keep his hands off of her last night. Well then, why didn't they have all their dreams come true last night? Because Blair kept getting in the way. That won't happen tonight though. She tells Asa all about finding out Blair's secret about pretending to be pregnant in the beginning. Blair agreed to let her have Max for the whole night to keep her quiet. Asa is pleased with that. Gabrielle tells him again how she wants Max to suffer like she did in jail. They hear Max coming into the room, and Gabrielle starts yelling for Asa to let her go. Asa grabs her and starts shaking her. Max walks into the room. Max gets Gabrielle out of Asa's grip. Asa tells her to get out, and leaves the room. Gabrielle tells Max that she can't live like this anymore. Max has no sympathy for her, she always sticks around for more of Asa's hand outs. She tells him that there are more important things to her than money. Really? Name one, Max tells her. He is more important to her than money. She knows he doesn't care about how she feels. She got the message loud and clear that he wants her to stay away from him. She tells him that she kept showing up around him because she couldn't stop thinking about him. She isn't a very good mother to Al right now either, so she is leaving Llanview, and she doesn't think she is ever coming back. Max tells her that he never meant for her to go. Is he asking her to stay? Why does it have to be all or nothing with her? Gabrielle tells him that he knows why if he knows her so well. She knows that he really wants to be a good father to this baby. It is clear that there is no room in his life anymore for her. She tells him that maybe he should say good bye. Max grabs her suitcase and hands it to her. Good bye he tells her. Gabrielle is caught off guard.

Jess answers the door at Llanfair a little surprised to see Al. She tells him she is happy to see him. How does she look? Al assures her that she looks great, it is a cool outfit. Who was she expecting? Her date she tells him. Well, who is her date? Seth. Al follows her into the front room. He starts giving her the third degree. He thought her and Seth were just friends. They are, that is why he is the perfect date for her. He knows all about Will, knows that she is not ready for anything serious. He is just fun to be around. Then why is she dressed so hot? She only meant to be attractive. Why? Jess tells him that Seth treats her like the first person he has ever been interested in. Al tells her that he himself plays that angel all the time because it works. Jess says Seth isn't like that, he's real. Al tells her that he is real too. Oh, only when it comes to Jen Rappaport Jess tells him. They start to discuss Cristian and his web site. They both know that Jen doesn't know anything about it. Jess thinks it is just not like Cristian to do that. Al tells her that he almost told Jen the other night all about it. What, he has a chance to make Cristian look bad to Jen, and he didn't take it? Jess realizes that Al likes Jen more than she believed at first. Jess goes to put on another dress. She comes back in and asks Al how this one looks. He tells her she always looks good. MEN! She doesn't want a compliment here, she wants help. The phone rings. It is Seth telling her that he is running a little late, but he will be catching the bus soon. Jess tells him that it is okay, she wasn't quite ready herself. After she hangs up, she tells Al that he mentioned taking the bus. Maybe she should have offered to pick him up. Sure says Al. He has the contact sheet for their film class in his pocket, it has Seth's address on it. Why doesn't she surprise him. Jess likes that idea. Why did he have the contact sheet in his pocket anyway? He was going to the jazz festival and figured if he didn't hook up with someone there, he would call someone from class. Jess tells him he is such a dog. He just does what he has to. When he can't be with Jen right, Jess asks him.

Seth is getting ready for his date with Jess. Natalie comes in and says that Jess is not her friend and never will be. Seth goes to her and tells her to calm down, she is home now. They kiss. Natalie asks when his big date is. Soon, but he can always be a little late. He isn't worried about upsetting Jess? Naw, he has Jess eating out of his hand Seth tells her. They kiss again. They lay down on the bed. Natalie makes fun of Jessica, how she is always talking about how cute and nice Seth is. She thinks Seth is the perfect person to pull this off. Rich girls always like the bad boys. She can't wait to see Jess' face when she finds out just how bad Seth really is. She reminds him that pretty soon, they will be living the good life. They kiss again. Seth breaks free to finish getting ready. She pouts a little and comments that she is cold. He tells her that she is definitely not cold. This plan she has come up with has been so easy. They go over together how well their plan has worked so far. Natalie finding Jess' wallet, changing her tire. Seth trapping her in the elevator. Seth tells her pretty soon, they will be the only two people that Jess trusts. That is exactly the way Natalie wants it. Seth asks her if she is going to wear the shirt that Jess gave her. She hates Jessica's clothing, and she hates Jess. He hates that no one can know that they are living together. Well, at least he gets to play the knight in shinning armor. She has to play the dutiful help in the house. He reminds her that she has to keep doing that in order for her plan to work. She knows, she just doesn't want him to leave her tonight. Seth reminds her that he is already late. He could be a little later, she hands him the phone. He calls and tells Jess that he is going to be late. They make love. He tells her that it was worth being late for. Natalie tells him how much she misses him. He is always working at jobs where he knows Jess hangs out. When he isn't working, Jess is always hanging all over him. The part he hates the most is pretending that he doesn't know her. Natalie hates that part too, but Jess can never know that they are together. Someone knocks on the door. It is Jess. Jess hollers for Seth. Natalie and Seth both start to scramble.

A blonde is going off on Troy in the hallway of the Palace. Nora is watching in horror. The blonde will not listen when Troy tries to tell her that he isn't Colin. She pushes him over the banister. He holds on without falling, while Nora sees Colin falling down the stairs again. Nora is terrified and freezes in her tracks. Troy watches her through the bars as he hangs on for his life. His hands start to slip. Finally, Nora snaps out of it and rushes to help pull him back up. He gets back on the landing finally. Nora asks if he is okay. He is, and he thanks her. He makes sure that she is okay too. He asks if she knows who the blonde was. No, but she thinks maybe he should wear a disguise until he goes back to Africa. He realizes that he could have fallen to his death, she saved his life. She only did what anyone else would do. He saw her eyes when he was hanging there. She was thinking of when Colin fell down the stairs wasn't she? Yes, she had that image in her head. She was thinking if she should let him fall too, wasn't she? She explains to him that she didn't freeze because she was thinking of letting him fall. She froze because she keeps having these visions of Colin falling down the stairs to his death. She had to convince herself that he wasn't Colin, that she wasn't in any danger. Troy understands. She tells him that it took him falling over the railing for her to finally believe that he isn't Colin. Troy is pleased to hear that. She is happy about it too. He tells her that he really is a nice guy. She believes him. She tells him that he will have to be careful though, she is pretty sure there are other irate blondes out there, and she won't be around to save him. She tells him she is catching a plane. He is obviously disappointed, but tells her he guesses this is good bye then. She tells him that she hopes he has a very good life from here on out. Troy thanks her, he is happy he has a life after today, thanks to her. Nora tells him good bye and walks away.

Nora is sitting at the airport. She remembers saving Troy's life. Mathew runs up to her. She tells him that she was daydreaming, but she would much rather hug him. The babysitter tells her that Sam is parking the car, he wants to come in and see her before she leaves. Nora is pleased. Mathew asks her if she was having a good day dream. She tells Mathew that she was daydreaming about a monster that used to hide in her closet. She was finally able to chase him away for good.

Troy meets Mr. Truitt at the Break Bar. He wanted to talk to him about Colin's estate. Mr. Truitt tells him that there was a considerable amount of money left. Troy is pleased. That is good, because there is something he wants to do with it.