One Life to Live Update Monday 8/20/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 8/20/01

By Boo

Cristian, Jen, Will, Antonio, Carlotta, Sam and Lindsay are all in Sam's front room. Will has just pulled up the web site. Everyone is shocked. Will explains that this is an obvious web cam set up. Cristian swears to everyone that he doesn't have a clue what is going on. Will says that these cams are obviously set up in Cristian's loft. Cristian denies knowing anything about web cams. Will enters the site and finds the photo gallery. Everyone is totally shocked by what they see. Lindsay says Oh my God and all turn to look at Cristian. He is obviously very confused. Will pulls up a second photo gallery. Cristian is getting really frustrated. They are all starting to ask him for an explanation. Sam tells him if he is going to have a site like this, he might as well be honest. Cristian swears that isn't him. It is obvious to everyone that it is him, in his loft. Why would he do something that sick? Well, lets see says Will. He goes back to the main page where it shows the 'fee' for 24/7 access to the web site. Cristian tells Antonio that someone has set him up. Sam tells him that he has been dating his daughter for a little over 3 months now, he wants a damn good explanation for this. Cristian doesn't have a clue how all this happened. Will gets in his face, is this how he was going to be able to afford to take Jen to this expensive weekend? Lindsay stands up for Cristian and says that they should all give him the benefit of the doubt. Jen starts to cry a little. She is confused and hurt. Finally Carlotta says something. She knows her son, he doesn't lie. Something else is going on here. She is going home now. Antonio offers to give her a ride home. Cristian follows them outside and gives Antonio the key to his loft. He wants him to go tear the walls down, take finger prints, whatever he has to do to figure this one out. Antonio tells him that he will. Carlotta assures him that she believes he didn't know anything about this. Antonio tells him to go back in and try to straighten things out with Jen if he can. Antonio and Carlotta leave. Back inside, Will is still checking out the web site. Jen says that she believes Cristian, he didn't know anything about this. Sam points out that he tried to blame it all on Will. Jen knows there is another explanation. Will tells her he bets Cristian can't say that he doesn't remember what is going on now. On the screen, we see the video of the girl from the Break Bar in a towel kissing Cristian. Jen is totally shocked. Lindsay pretends to take Cristian's side. She knows that Cristian loves Jen. He couldn't do this could he? Will is convinced that Cristian is totally guilty. Jen doesn't want to hear any of this anymore, she wants them to leave Cristian alone. She runs to her bedroom. Cristian comes back in and tells them that Antonio is headed to the loft to investigate. Oh, Will is satisfied with that. Like they investigated him when he sold fake ID's? He got off scott free because of his brother and all his cop friends. This family wants nothing more to do with Cristian, Will tells him. Cristian asks where Jen is. Will tells him that Jen is out of his life forever. He will believe that when he hears it from Jen. Lindsay tells him that he needs to talk to Jen and give her some kind of explanation. She may be more willing to forgive him then. Sam says there is no explanation except the obvious one. Cristian can't believe that people that he really respected will so easily believe that he is a lying exhibitionist. Jen comes back into the room and announces that she wants some time alone with Cristian now. Will tells her not to believe any of Cristian's lies, and leaves. Sam will be at Nora's if she needs him. Lindsay leaves with Sam, but outside she tells him that she forgot her keys. For him to go on, and she will be right behind him. Sam leaves. Lindsay talks to herself and is very pleased that things went so well tonight. She thinks Cristian is out of the picture for good now. Inside, there is a long silent, tense stare between Cristian and Jen. Cristian tells her that the police are going to investigate his loft. They will find out how those camera's got there, and who put them there. He had no idea about any of this. She does believe him doesn't she?

Seth and Jess are in the hall at the college, by the elevator that Jess got trapped in. Natalie comes out of the elevator and says she is there for the same reason as them, to get some of the handouts from Dr. Cummings class. Jess formally introduces Seth and Natalie, who tell her that they have never been introduced. Jess tells them that she is going to the administration building to get some of the handouts. She asks if they will wait for her there. Natalie and Seth both agree to wait. As soon as Jess is gone, Seth pushes the button to open the elevator. Natalie asks him what he is doing, he pushes her into the elevator and kisses her. She asks him again what he is doing. Outside the elevator, Jess has ran into another student that had already picked up a bunch of the handouts. Jess thanks her for saving her the trip to the administration building. Jess comments that she had just left her friends there, and they were supposed to wait on her. The other girl tells her maybe they left, which she has to get going too. She leaves. Jess turns around to see the elevator opening, with Seth and Natalie standing in it. Jess asks what they are doing in the elevator. Seth explains that he thought he had left his pen in Dr. Cummings class, so they went to get it, but when they got in the elevator, it was laying on the floor. Jess tells them that she thought they had left. She gives them the handouts, explaining that she ran into someone that was bringing a bunch of them back to the classroom. Jess asks Seth if he has called the Break Bar tonight to see if he is off, so they can go out on their date. Natalie asks if they are really going on a date tonight? They both tell her that they are, if things work out with RJ. Seth tells Jess that he is going to make the call, and to make reservations for them at the Palace if RJ lets him off. He leaves. Natalie tells Jess that she doesn't think the date with Seth is a good idea. Jess asks her why. She starts stuttering and tripping over her words. Well, it isn't really the date, it is that it will be at the Palace. It is an expensive place, and he used to work there. Jess understands and says she will get him to take her some other place. A deli is fine with her. Natalie asks her if she is really starting to like Seth. Jess says she has fun when she is with Seth. Natalie is still a little uneasy. Jess asks her why she still doesn't want her to go out with Seth. Seth walks up behind Jess and wants to know too. Of course Natalie has a problem with Seth and Jess dating. So will every other girl in school when they find out Jess has snagged the hottest guy on campus. Jess asks if he has to work tonight. No, they are free to go to the Palace. Jess tells him she would rather just walk through the park and grab a couple of hot dogs. No way. He is taking her to the Palace. Okay, well, she needs to go home and get ready for their date. Seth tells her he will call her when he heads to her place. She is cool with that and tells them both good bye. After she leaves, Natalie tells Seth that he better be glad that she didn't tell Jess what she really thinks. Seth tells her to tell him how she really feels about his and Jess' date. She is very happy, she smiles. Seth is happy that Natalie is working Jess' house. Natalie smiles again and says 'that bitch will never know what hit her'.

Nora is outside Troy's room. She has just returned his talisman that he lost at the lake. Troy invites her in so that he can thank her. She is very uncomfortable, he tells her that the talisman means everything to him, and he thought he had lost it for good. He is very grateful to her. He walks back into the room, and asks if she would like to hear how he got it. Nora tries to be polite, and steps just inside the door to listen to his story. He tells her about a tribe chief that had an abscess, and was in a lot of pain. Troy cured it for him and he was so thankful that he had a master carve the one of a kind talisman for Troy. It was a talisman for safe travel. He walks beside Nora and closes the door, and asks what he can get for her. He turns to see Nora looking at the closed door. He apologizes. He wasn't thinking. He closed the door, and she is terrified of him. No, she is not terrified, or even frightened. She is a little uncomfortable though. Troy tells her that since he and Colin didn't speak for so long, he never even thinks about people thinking that he is his brother. Nora tells him that he shouldn't, it isn't his problem. Well, when people keep attacking him, it is. She agrees with that. He tells her that it must have been horrible for her when he showed up at the lake. She got over it. He comments that she doesn't scare easily. No, no she doesn't she informs him. Good, so she isn't scared of him now? Should she be? He tells her that she has no reason to fear him. Colin used to tell her that too. Troy apologizes again. She tells him that she used to play along with Colin sometimes, she was trying to get information from him. She knew someone else was involved in her kidnapping. Troy tells her that he caught Lindsay trying to break into his room earlier. Nora is not surprised by that at all. Has he found anything at all in Colin's stuff? Like letters, diaries anything? No, he hasn't. He would share them with her if he did. He wants her to know how truly sorry he is for what his brother did to her. She asks him if he was surprised when she told him how evil Colin really was. No, no he wasn't. Nora tells him not to loose his talisman again, and goes to leave. Troy stops her, he feels like she deserves to hear the whole story about Colin. If she would like to stick around for a little bit, he will tell her everything. He tells her how he and Colin, being identical twins, used to play games with people by swapping places. Just for fun at first. Then things got to where Colin would do something bad, and claim to be Troy. Troy finally had enough and told his parents that he wanted to put some distance between himself and Colin. The parents agreed and sent them to different colleges. Troy walked away and never looked back. He thinks maybe it was his fault that Colin turned out like he did. Nora says that is silly. Colin was just pure evil. Maybe, agrees Troy, but he was still his identical twin. Nora gets upset now, and says she doesn't want to talk about Colin anymore. She is leaving, she wishes him luck in life if she never sees him again. Nora leaves. Troy is upset with himself now, he follows her out to the hallway and tries to explain. He isn't trying to make excuses for Colin. Nora has reached the stairway. Troy tries telling her that he was just trying to understand why Colin did what he did. He realizes that Nora is frozen at the top of the stairs. He asks her if she is okay. She is remembering over and over Colin falling down the stairs. Troy asks if there is anything he can do for her? She finally gets a grip and walks away from the stairs. She tells him she just has a thing about stairs. He tries to get her to come back to the room, he thought they were making some headway. Nora is upset now, she doesn't want to think about Colin anymore. She wants to forget that she ever knew him. Troy invites her for a drink at the bar. She tells him that she is saying good bye and she is walking down the stairs. She starts to go down the stairs. Some blonde approaches Troy and asks him if he has any idea how bad she hates him. Troy tries to calm the girl down, he tries to tell her that he is not Colin. As Nora watches horrified, the girl pushes Troy over a banister.

Vicky is starting up the stairs at Llanfair when she hears Nicki's voice. She goes to the mirror in the foyer, and sees Nicki taunting her about Jess being kidnapped. She yells into the mirror for Nicki to get away from her. Ben walks in and sees this. He grabs her and holds her. He tells her that everything will be okay. Just tell him what happened. She can't. Okay, then he will just stay her and hold her. He will not let anything hurt her. She tells him it is about 19 years too late for that. She walks into the living room, Ben follows her. She is obviously very upset. Ben sees the newspaper clippings that Vicky was looking at and picks them up. He reads the headlines, and looks back to Vicky. Vicky tells him all that happened when Allison kidnapped Jess. How Allison was so convincing at making it look like Nicki had done the kidnapping that not even Clint believed her. She knew Nicki hadn't done it. She was just happy that Jess was a baby and didn't remember any of this ever happening. Ben asks why she is talking about it now, when she has never mentioned it before. Vicky tells him that Allison has been moved to St. Anne's, and Rae has been put in charge of her recovery. Rae wants her to meet with Allison, so that Allison can express her remorse. Ben blows up. He will not allow that, she is not going anywhere near that psycho. Does she hear him? It is not going to happen. Vicky is relieved that Ben feels the same way she does. She has no intentions of seeing Allison. Ben says they can forget it. Vicky tells him there is more. He knows that she had to use all her alters to convince Gina to let her go. Yes, he remembers, she was very convincing. The door bell rings. Ben tells her to forget about it, this is more important. She has to answer the door. She tells him that she will be right back. She shuts the doors into the living room, composes herself and answers the door. It is Larry. He tells her that this is against his better judgment, but he promised to deliver something to her. It is from Allison Perkins. How could he bring that to her. Larry apologizes, it's just that Allison looked so remorseful. Vicky doesn't want anything to do with the letter. Larry apologizes again, and says he will give it back to Allison the next time he sees her. He starts to leave, Vicky stops him and decides to read the letter. The letter tells Vicky how sorry Allison is, she wants to meet with Vicky so she can tell her that in person. Vicky wads up the letter. Inside the living room, Ben is studying Allison's face from one of the old newspaper clippings.

Allison is in her room at St. Anne's. She has a pad and paper and is starting to right a letter to Vicky. She stops and gets up to think about what she is doing. Larry walks into the room. He has come to see if it is true. If it is really her. She nods that he is right. She remembers him, he is Dr. Wolek, right? Larry confirms that she is right. The last he heard about her she was in another facility. She tells how she recovered from the coma and is doing okay except for an occasional dizzy spell. She remembers that he was Vicky's brother-in-law. Yes, he was, he still sees Vicky all the time. Allison asks if he will give Vicky something for her. 

The sister is talking to Allison. She must pray to God for forgiveness. Allison comments that she deserves all of this. The sister tells her that God forgives all. What about people, Allison asks? Does the sister think that people ever forgive?