One Life to Live Update Friday 8/17/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 8/17/01

By Boo

Jen and Cristian are in Sam's front room kissing. Jen pushes him away and reminds him that the whole family could be walking through the door at any moment. Where is everyone anyway asks Cristian. Today is supposed to be the big Rappaport/Vega dinner. Cristian then notices a huge TV screen in the room. It says Net TV. Jen tells him a client of her fathers installed it today and wanted them to try it out. She shows him how it works and types I love you Cristian on the keyboard. They kiss again as Will comes into the house. He is in a pretty bad mood. Jen asks him what is wrong. He tells them that he just told Jess that he loves her and he wants her back. She turned him down. He leaves the room. Jen tells Cristian she is going to go check on Will as the doorbell rings. Cristian tells her to go ahead he will get the door. It is Carlotta and Antonio. Cristian welcomes them into the front room. Lindsay and Sam are running a little late. Antonio notices the TV screen that still has I love you Cristian on it. What channel is this show on? Jen walks into the room and greats Carlotta and Antonio. She tells them it is a computer screen, it even has a cable modem hooked up to it. Carlotta gives her some flowers. Antonio sits down with the key board to check out the computer. Jen tells them she isn't sure what is keeping her parents, she hopes everything is okay. She is going to look for a vase in the kitchen, and see if anyone left a note or something. She leaves the room. Carlotta tells Cristian she is surprised to be invited to dinner, and they are not there. Cristian tells her to never be surprised by anything that Lindsay does, but Sam is an alright guy. He is going to check with Jen and see if she found anything. He meets Jen in the foyer. Jen tells him she doesn't know what is up, there is no note, no food in the oven, hardly any in the fridge. Will doesn't feel like seeing any company. She tells Cristian that she thinks her parents totally forgot about this, she doesn't know what to do. Cristian joins Carlotta on the couch. Carlotta thinks maybe Lindsay got confused and thought the dinner was on another night. Cristian just doesn't know. Jen comes in and tells them there is no note, she apologizes to them. She doesn't know what to do. Cristian tells Antonio that since he is a new detective, he should figure out where Jen's parents are. Antonio tells them that he isn't a detective yet, he has to finish a few credits that he missed before. Jen takes Cristian to the foyer again leaving Carlotta and Antonio discussing the classes. She tells him again that there is no food in the kitchen. Cristian tells her that even though Lindsay isn't his biggest fan, he knows that she loves Jen. Lindsay won't let her down. Jen says it looks like she already has, so has her dad. Where could they be? Cristian rejoins Carlotta and Antonio in the front room. Jen serves them cookies to tide them over. That's it, she is going to take them all to dinner on her mothers credit card. Just then Lindsay comes in, Jen rushes to her and asks where she has been. Jen wouldn't believe her if she told her, is Sam back yet. Then she realizes that Carlotta and Antonio are there. What is going on? Her guests are waiting on her Jen tells her. Oh my God, she forgot all about it. She goes in to tell them all that she is sorry. She notices the computer screen and asks if it has access to the internet. Yes it does, but what about dinner. Carlotta suggests a rain check. No, Lindsay will call and have some food delivered. She goes to the foyer to call for delivery. She calls Chad and tells him that the perfect opportunity has come up. In the living room, Carlotta and Antonio try to get Jen to convince her mother to just reschedule the dinner. Jen is totally embarrassed. In the foyer, Lindsay is asking Chad if he understands what he needs to do? Too bad he won't get to see the expression on all their faces. Sam walks in and hears what she is saying. He wants to know what she is up to. Lindsay asks where he has been, did he forget about this dinner too? What, she forgot too? She arranged this dinner. She tells him not to worry, the food is on the way. He asks her what she was talking about, who's expressions when they see what? She tells him that their guests have been entertaining themselves on the new computer. They join everyone in the front room. Sam greets everyone and welcomes them to his home. He apologizes for being late. Carlotta tells him not to worry about it, these things happen. Lindsay asks where Will is. Jen tells her that he is having a bad day, he is in his room. Lindsay won't have any of that, she wants Will to join them. She goes to get him. Things are pretty uncomfortable in the front room. Will and Lindsay rejoin them all. They all try making friendly chatter. The doorbell rings. Lindsay gets up to get it. It is Molly with the food. She leaves the room to get her purse. Molly pretends she didn't know Cristian would be here. How many hits does he get on his web site? He tells her he doesn't have a web site. Everyone in the room tries to tell her that she is mistaken. No, she knows what she watches. All Cristian, 24 hours a day. Lindsay comes in pretending not to know what is going on. Will tells them all there is one way to tell who is lying. What was that web site again? Molly tells him. Will pulls it up on the computer screen. Everyone in the room reacts with shock. Jen looks at Cristian, Will stares at the screen, Carlotta puts her mouth over her hand, Antonio stares at the screen, and Lindsay slowly turns to look at Sam.

Chad goes to the student lounge and tells Mollie he has a job for her. She tells him she isn't that kind of girl. He tells her it is on the up and up, and she will get to spend time with Cristian Vega in person. Okay, what does she have to do? 

A couple of girls are looking at Cristian's web site at the student lounge. Seth and Jess are discussing the possibility that it may have been Will that trapped her in the elevator. Jess just can't see Will doing that. What would he have to accomplish by trapping her. Seth suggests that maybe he wanted to be the one who rescued her, and Natalie came along and messed that up. Jess doesn't think that Will is like that. People do strange things when they are in love he tells her. Detective Sykes walks up to them again. There hasn't been any progress yet, they are still investigating. He asks Jess if she has been able to think of anyone that may have done this. Jess tells him she hasn't thought of anything new. John tells her to let him know if she does, and leaves. Jess looks at Seth, she knows what he was thinking. No she doesn't, he was thinking how beautiful she looks right now. He wasn't thinking about Will being at the elevator control panel? Seth crosses his heart, he wasn't. He doesn't want to see anyone get in trouble. Good, she knows Will wouldn't have done that. Seth says he doesn't know why anyone would do that, does she? Next we see Jess and Seth getting into the elevator that she was trapped in, she is not comfortable. Seth asks if she would rather take the stairs. No, she isn't a wimp. He tells her not to worry, he will be with her the whole time, he won't let go until they have made it together. Jess smiles at him and pushes the button. They reach their destination, and Jess is obviously relieved to exit the elevator. How can she ever thank him? He tells her by going out on a real date with him. She agrees to go on a date. He mentions that he has to call the Break Bar and see if RJ needs him to work tonight. She says she is going to pick up some handouts that Cr. Cummings left for the class at the administration building. Natalie comes out of the elevator. Jess asks if they know each other. Natalie says she has seen Seth around and Seth says they have never been formally introduced. Jess introduces them, then tells them she is going to get the handouts for all of them, she will be back in about 10 minutes. They will wait for her, Jess leaves. Seth pushes the button for the elevator. Natalie asks what he is doing. He pushes her into the elevator and tells her 'this'. He grabs her and kisses her.

Ben escorts Natalie into the student lounge. She tells him he didn't have to do that. That's okay, he wanted to see where his step-daughter has been hanging out. Natalie says that Jess is pretty great. Ben agrees. She asks him if he has time for a cup of coffee, her treat. It is the least she can do, they have all been so good to her. Jess giving her this shirt, Vicky giving her a job. Ben agrees. She gives him some money and asks if he will go get it, and she will find them a place to sit. Ben goes to get the coffee. Natalie sits down in a chair. A couple of girls come up and start giving her a hard time about the shirt she is wearing. They know that she couldn't afford a shirt like that, so where did she get it? She tells them it isn't any of their business. They tell her shop lifting is okay with them. Ben walks in and hears what is going on. Natalie tells them that they are out of the loop, she has a new job and she can shop where ever she likes. Ben walks up and tells the girls that Natalie can also have a cup of coffee with out being hassled by rude people, shoo! The girls leave with a who cares attitude. Natalie thanks Ben. He tells her that she was doing fine on her own. They are just snotty little snobs. Natalie tells him that they think it is a character flaw that she is poor. She doesn't want him feeling sorry for her. He assures her that he doesn't. He feels sorry for the girl that hassled her. Well, Natalie tells him, when you grow up with next to nothing, it makes you want to try harder. That is what Ben means. He bets her life will turn out much better than that snotty rich girls will. She hopes so. He tells her that he has to get going. She thanks him again for the ride. He thanks her for the coffee and leaves.

Sam and Nora are still at the lake. He tells her that he can't hide how he feels about her. How does she feel about him? Nora tells him that she doesn't know how to answer. He tells her not to say anything, and kisses her. She still can't answer him she tells him. She doesn't have to, her actions answered him. He can wait for the words. Nora says that even though she can't remember their time together, she knows she took him on a bumpy ride. He tells her it was still a great ride, he wouldn't have wanted to change any of it. Well, maybe a couple of minutes here and there. They laugh. He tells her he understands, the last thing she needs right now is some guy cross examining how she feels about him. He tells her that he will withdraw the question. She tells him that he doesn't have to. No, he will withdraw it for now, but reserves the right to ask again in the future. What if the witness slips town? That is a great idea, she should get away. Take Mathew to see his grand parents and big sister in Chicago. She needs to get away for awhile. When she gets back, Colin's estate will have been settled and Troy will have gone back to Africa. Nora says that she will take the trip. Good, Sam is pleased. She asks him if he will come over for a family dinner with just the three of them before she leaves. He tells her that he will. Oh my God, he remembers that he is supposed to be at a family dinner right now with the Vega's. She tells him to go ahead and go, she will be fine. Sam kisses her, and rushes off. Nora goes to gather her stuff and finds Troy's talisman laying on the ground.

Troy escorts Lindsay into his room at the Palace. Why was she trying to break into his room? She wasn't, she didn't know it was his room. Why doesn't he believe her after she tried to kill him. She wasn't trying to kill him, he was hallucinating after Sam knocked him out, she was only trying to make him more comfortable. She thought smothering him would make him more comfortable? Troy tells her that her and Colin must have been something together. What did Colin have on her? Nothing Lindsay tells him. Then what is it that she thinks he has that would make her want to break in here. She wasn't trying to break in here. She got a room here at the Palace because her bedroom is being re-painted. She is just obviously on the wrong floor. Troy tells her that is the worst lie he has ever heard. Lindsay says that she is leaving, and he shouldn't try to stop her or she will call security. Troy asks her if all this has anything to do with Scarlet? How did he know that? That was Colin's pet name for Nora. Oh my God, she was right all along wasn't she? He is Colin isn't he? Of course he isn't Colin. Colin is dead. Then how did he know that Colin used to call Nora Scarlet? He saw it in some of the notes that Colin left, he didn't know that it referred to Nora, thank you for that information. Lindsay asks what else he said about Nora. Why does she care? Isn't she more worried about what he said about her? Did he say anything about Lindsay she asks? He doesn't know, he has only had time to read a few pages. Well, it doesn't really matter does it? Everyone knows Colin was a liar says Lindsay. Troy figures it out. Somehow Lindsay found out that he had those papers, and now she is worried that Colin wrote something about her that will hurt her, maybe even destroy her. That's really why she is here isn't it? Everyone knows that Colin was a terrible person, and a liar. Why would she care about what he wrote on paper? Well, when she puts it that way, he understands her point. Lindsay tells him she is leaving. He offers her the opportunity to read the papers with him. He tells her that if Colin has written anything about criminal activity he will take it to the police and let them handle it. He is only offering her the chance to know about it ahead of time. So, what is she going to do? Is she leaving, or is she staying? She stays and they read through the papers. There is nothing there, only notes on patients. Is she relieved now? She only wanted to see if he was writing any lies about her. She is leaving now. Isn't she going to thank him for easing her mind? She thanks him, and since she will probably never see him again, she tells him to have a nice life. She leaves. Troy goes to turn the water on to take a shower. Outside the room, Nora is writing a note on the door to leave his talisman for him. He hears something going on at the door. He goes to the door and yanks it open. Nora almost falls on him. She explains that she was leaving him a note that she was leaving the talisman at the front desk for him. He thanks her for bringing it back to him, he would hate to lose it. She tells him he is welcome, and starts to leave. He stops her and invites her in for a minute. She hesitates, but accepts.

Rae is in the front room at Llanfair with Vicky. She is trying to apologize for coming to Vicky about Allison. What does Rae expect her to do? Well, Rae was hoping that Vicky could spend some time with Allison. Does Rae know what she did? She stole Vicky's baby, she dressed up as Nicki Smith so everyone would think that she stolid her own baby. Vicky is getting very upset now. She tells Rae that she just recently got to the point that she didn't think about that moment. That moment when she realized that her baby was gone, every single day. She just can't do this. Rae tells her she understands, can Vicky ever forgive her? Yes, yes she can. Good luck, she tells Rae. Rae leaves. Vicky is very shaken up. She tries to calm herself down. We see a great flash back of Clint and her when she realized Jess was gone. She calls the banner and asks Zach to go to archives and pull up everything that the banner has ever reported on a woman named Allison Perkins. The next scene we see Vicky going over some paper clippings about Allison. She remembers again the moment she realized Jess was gone. Vicky gets up and throws the paper work down on the table. She starts to go upstairs, and hears a voice telling her that it is clear that Rae really got to her. She slowly goes back down the stairs and looks in the mirror in the foyer. It is Nicki telling her that she was so ready to believe that Nicki stole her little brat.