One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/16/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/16/01

By Boo

Nora and Troy are still at the lake. He feels he should apologize for what Colin did to her. Nora tells him that he is not his brothers keeper. He agrees, but he still wants her to know that he is very sorry for what his brother did to her. He puts his hand on her shoulder to show that he is sincere. She thanks him. Sam rushes up and tells Troy to take his hands off of her. Sam grabs Troy and pulls him away from Nora. Nora is shocked and tries to calm Sam down, but Sam is livid. Troy tries to explain that he just wanted to know what Colin did to make everyone hate him so much. Sam gets even more angry. Nora tries to tell him everything is okay. It is NOT okay. He asks Troy if he made Nora relive that night. It was the worst night of her life, he had no right asking her about it. Sam wants Troy out of town, and he wants him out of town NOW! Nora and Troy both try to calm Sam down. Sam asks if Troy followed Nora here? No, he didn't follow her here. Troy is being very calm, Sam is being irrational. Nora explains apologetically to Troy that because he looks so much like his brother, some people react before they think. Troy says that since he will be in town for awhile settling the estate, he hopes people will change their minds. Sam knows a way to make it real easy on Troy, let him handle the estate. Let Sam walk it through the probate courts, sell the house, all of it. He will send the proceeds on to Africa. Troy can get on with his life. Troy tells him no. He has a few loose ends he wants to tie up around town, he prefers to do that himself. Sam tells him that is not okay. Nora tells Sam that is not his call. Sam gets in Troy's face and tells him to stay away from his family. Calmly, Troy tells him he will make every effort to do that, and to stay away from Nora. He will only be in town a few days, then they will never have to see him again. He thanks Nora for telling him about his brother, he knows it wasn't easy for her. Nora tells him that she doesn't imagine it was too easy to hear either. He tells her that it wasn't. He nods to Mr. Rappaport. Sam tells him to make sure and keep his promise. Troy says he will do his best, and leaves. Nora tells Sam that he was pretty rough on Troy. He scared her. Sam apologizes. She accepts. He just gets a little over protective of her. Nora asks why that is. He looks at her and asks if she doesn't know? Sam tells her that she knows how he feels about her, he can't hide it. Nora nods. Sam tells her the only question left is, how does she feel about him?

Blair and Gabrielle are in Blair's bedroom. Blair wants to make sure she understood Gabrielle. In exchange for Blair not telling Max how reluctantly she called for help when she was about to loose the baby, and Gabrielle not telling Max about her maternal padding and that she planned to fake the pregnancy, she has to cut Max loose? Yes, glad she understands answers Gabrielle. Blair tells her absolutely no way. Gabrielle tries to walk away and Blair grabs her roughly by the wrist. Gabrielle twists her wrist loose and tells Blair that she has made it perfectly clear that the wedding is going to take place. Then what did she mean by 'cutting Max loose' Blair asks. Gabrielle only needs Max for a short time away from here, to do a little business. Larry knocks on the door and asks permission to enter. Blair grabs the maternal padding and stuffs it under the covers and tells Larry to come on it. He comes in to check up on her. Gabrielle tells him that Blair has been a very good girl, only making short trips to the bathroom. Blair asks if Larry will give her a clean bill of health to Max. He will, as long as she stays in bed. His beeper goes off, he asks if he can use the phone in the hallway. He goes to make the call. Gabrielle asks if they are set then. No, Blair wants details, just how long will this business need to be? Gabrielle tells her about 24 hours. Oh, it's an overnighter that Gabrielle wants with Max. Gabrielle tells her that it isn't what she thinks. It is about their son Al. They have to go out of town, that is why it will be over night. Gabrielle tells her that it is better for Blair and Max if her and Max take care of this business before the baby is born. Blair tells her that she thinks they understand each other perfectly. Larry comes back into the room and reminds Blair to stay off her feet until he tells her it is okay. She promises. Larry tells her that he will be back about the same time tomorrow and leaves. Blair tells Gabrielle that she will be marrying Max. Well of course she will, Gabrielle tells her, and she is sure it will be a lovely ceremony. Gabrielle leaves the room. In the hall, she says to herself that of course, Max will have to marry Blair from prison.

Rae is in the hall at St. Anne's with the sister going over Allison's chart. Rae tells her that this crime that Allison committed was against a good friend of hers. Sister tells her that she has never seen a worse case of such overwhelming guilt. No one has been able to help Allison, Rae may be her last chance. Rae reluctantly agrees to help, telling the sister that she can make no promises. She goes in to see Allison again. Allison is looking at her self in the mirror. She asks Rae if she knows now. Rae tells her that she has looked at her chart. Then Rae knows that she is pure evil for kidnapping Jessica when she was a baby. They sit down. Allison tells her that now she knows why she can never be forgiven. Rae says they will talk about her taking Jess a little later. Right now she wants to talk about what caused her to do that. Back then she was under the influence of a man. Allison confirms that she was, his name was Mitch Lawrence. Rae tells her that she was brainwashed, programmed, does Allison understand that. She does, but she still did it. Not only did she kidnap Vicky, but she tried to take away something much more precious. Something that is so precious that once you loose it, you can never get it back. Not really. Rae doesn't understand what she is talking about, what did Allison try to take away from Vicky. Her sanity, Allison answers. She did everything Mitch told her to do. She dressed up as Nicki Smith and took the baby. They wanted Vicky to think that Nicki took Jess. They tried to take away her sanity. That is why Allison thinks of herself as such an evil person. She thanks God every day that Vicky recovered. Rae asks her if it has been a long time since she has seen Vicky. Allison says that it has. Rae tells her that Vicky is a very forgiving person, she thinks Allison should see Vicky again. Jessica is a grown woman now, in college. This makes Allison very happy. Rae tells her that every thing has worked out well for Vicky and her daughter. Rae is gone now, we see Allison in a chair. She remembers (flashback) of when she walked down the stairs, through the house and out the back door with baby Jessica. She starts rocking in her chair.

Ben and Vicky are kissing in the foyer of Llanfair. Natalie rushes in the front door. When she sees that she has interrupted, she explains that Jess gave her the keys so she could come in and get set up for work. She is very nervous and tells them she will just wait over there until Vicky is ready for her. She turns and runs into a stand with a vase on it. She accidentally knocks the vase off and it breaks. Vicky puts her hands over her mouth. Natalie apologizes. She knows that Vicky only hired her because Jessica talked her up, and if Vicky wants to fire her right now, she will understand. Vicky assures her that she will not fire her just because she accidentally broke something. Natalie is very frustrated and embarrassed. She will pay for the vase. Vicky tells her not to worry about it, the maid will clean it up. She can start work right now, Vicky has a lot of papers that need organizing. Natalie is anxious to make a good impression and starts to rush off to do what Vicky asks of her, then she realizes she doesn't know what papers or where they are. Vicky tells her that she will go and get them. Vicky leaves to get the papers. Natalie tells Ben that this job is very important to her. Ben tells her to just relax and enjoy the job, Vicky is a great boss. Natalie tells him that she would be so mad at herself if she screwed this job up, and so would Jessica.

Natalie is working at Vicky's desk in the front room at Llanfair. Vicky comes in to remind her that she is going to be late for her class. Natalie asks if she can take the papers home with her to organize them for tomorrow. Vicky tells her that she can. Ben comes in to tell Vicky that he is going to Cross Roads for a bit. Vicky asks him to give Natalie a ride to the campus so that she is not late for her class. Natalie says that she will take the bus, she is used to it. Ben will not hear of it, it is too hot to wait for the bus today. They go to leave, when Ben opens the front door, Rae is standing there ready to knock. Vicky introduces Rae to Natalie. Rae remembers her from class. Ben and Natalie leave. Vicky invites Rae into the front room. Rae is a little uneasy. She tells Vicky that she has taken on a new patient at St. Annes. She hopes Vicky can help her. Vicky says that she will do all that she can. Rae is not so sure she will feel the same way when she hears who it is. Why? Who is it Vicky asks. Rae tells her that it is Allison Perkins. Vicky is a little shocked. Allison is her patient? Rae tells her that she didn't know the connection between them when she first agreed to see Allison. She was called in on an emergency and she didn't have any immediate access to the files. Vicky tells her that Allison was a name she never wanted to hear again, nor Mitch's name. Rae tells her how Allison has suffered from all that happened all these years. Vicky has no sympathy for her at all. How can Rae ask for her help? Rae thinks there is a real chance at recovery, but she needs Vicky's help. Vicky informs her that she has no idea what she is asking.

John is talking to Jess at the student lounge with Seth listening in. Jess asks him to clarify that someone deliberately trapped her in the elevator. Yes, that is what he said, it is very dangerous. Does she have any idea of who might have wanted to trap her somewhere alone. She doesn't have a clue, that is really weird. John asks if she has gotten any threats or phone calls lately. No, she hasn't, should she be getting scared? John tells her not yet, it could have just been a random act that she was unlucky enough to get caught up in. Seth suggests that maybe it was just a practical joke. John tells her to just be careful. Will bursts into the room and rudely interrupts John telling Jess that he needs to talk to her. Jess tells him that she is in the middle of something. This can't wait Will tells her. Seth asks if Will didn't hear what Jess just said. John says it is okay, he thinks he is done with her for now. Will wants to talk to her over here, away from everyone else. Seth shrugs when Jess tells him she will just be a minute. Will tells her that Colin's twin brother showed up in town. She knows, her mother told her. So is that what was so important? No, no that isn't what he wanted to say. Well, what was it then? Will tells her that he wants her back. Jess is taken by surprise. Seth continues to talk to John and asks if the police have any suspects yet. Not yet John tells him, but they will catch whoever did this. Seth asks how. John tells him it isn't so much how as it is why. They messed with the wrong person. Seth gives him a confused look. John says because Jess is the police commissioners niece. Oh, Seth understands now. Jess is confused by what Will says. Why is this coming up now? Will explains to her that seeing Troy today made him remember how things were after Colin died. If he could do it all over again, he would tell her everything. Jess says that their relationship fell apart because all the trust was gone. He knows that, it's just that always before he blamed Colin for everything, and today he realized that it wasn't just Colin's fault. He was wrong. He did everything wrong. Is there any way that she can ever forgive him? She tells him that it feels amazing to hear him say that. It wasn't all his fault though. They both did things wrong. He wants to just remember all the plans they made for this summer, remember? They had planned to go on a trip together. He wants them to still go on the trip. It's better than sitting around her being miserable and lonely. Jess hesitates. Oh, he understands, she isn't miserable and alone. Jess tells him it isn't what he is thinking, it isn't about Seth. Her and Seth are just good friends. She guesses that she has just moved on. That is what she wants for him. She wants him to move on, and be happy. She is wiping tears from her face. He tells her that isn't going to happen. He will never love anyone else the way he loved her. She gives him a long hug. Seth has been watching and listening to the whole conversation. After the hug, Jess just looks at Will for a short time, and then walks away. She walks over to Seth. He asks if she is okay, she tells him yes. Does she want to talk about it? No. Does she want some space? No. She asks if Detective Sykes said anything else. No, not much. Jess wonders who could have been by the elevator controls when she got trapped. Seth tells her, actually, he was. Jess doesn't understand. He tells her that he was leaving the building that day, and saw Will come in. He thought Will might come back upstairs and start some shit with her again. So he followed Will. He saw will go over by the controls, and was just happy that he wasn't heading for Jess. So he left. Jess can't believe that Will would do that. She asks if he told Detective Sykes this. No, he didn't actually see Will do anything, he just thought she should know about this. Is she going to tell the cops?

RJ and Lindsay are having a drink at Renee's restaurant. RJ asks Lindsay if she is sure that Troy doesn't know anything. She tells him that she thinks if Troy had any idea what Colin had on them, he would have said something. RJ thinks he just may be keeping his options open. No, Lindsay doesn't think he knows anything at all. RJ asks her if she means about the drugs, or about Lindsay being the one to give Nora the shot. Lindsay hushes him. RJ toasts to slipping through the cracks, Lindsay toasts to freedom. Lindsay was pretty spooked out when he walked into the room though. He looks and sounds just like Colin. RJ comments that she did turn a little paler. She tells him she will have goose bumps for the rest of her life. RJ asks her if she really tried to smother him with a pillow. Of course not, Troy just took it wrong. Yea well, whatever she did, it sent a clear message. Lindsay says if Troy knows what is good for him, he will get out of Llanview before he ends up dead like Colin did. RJ reminds her that Bo did a pretty good number on him and he is trying to rebuild his business. She asks him what that is supposed to mean. He tells her that it means he isn't into the storage of dead bodies anymore. She tells him she didn't mean that she was going to kill Troy, does he really think she is capable of that? RJ isn't sure, specially if Troy ever found out something on her. They see Randall Truitt walk into the bar. They both approach him and the bar. Lindsay asks him if he has any idea how long Troy is planning on staying in Llanview. Randall isn't sure, he knows that Troy is going through some of Colin's personal stuff, correspondences and stuff. RJ asks if most of that wasn't confiscated by the police. Randall says not at all. As a matter of fact they just found a bunch more stuff in a deposit box in Pennsylvania. He has the contents with him right now in the briefcase he has with him. RJ and Lindsay both look apprehensively at the briefcase. RJ asks how these important papers got passed the police. Randall tells them that the key to the deposit box arrived with the tapes. He was just going to take the papers up to Troy's room right now. Lindsay thought Troy was staying at the Cherryvale Inn. Randall tells them that after all the unpleasantness at the Cherryvale Inn, he has suggested to Troy that he would be more comfortable here at the Palace. Randall excuses himself to take the papers to Troy's room. Lindsay starts to freak a little bit. She asks RJ if he realizes what this means. Colin made copies of all those letters. They are about to be busted. RJ tells her he is leaving. He leaves a tip on the table and leaves. Lindsay stops a waiter and asks for some assistance. RJ comes back into the room and pays the waiter a nice tip and tells him that he can go. Lindsay is upset. RJ tells her that he has what she wants, and hold up a key. It is the key to Troy's room, and Troy isn't in. Now would be the perfect time to go through those papers. Lindsay thought RJ wasn't going to help her anymore. He isn't going anywhere near that room, she is. She tells him fine, grabs the key and leaves. 

Lindsay is trying to get the key to Troy's room to work. It doesn't work right away, and she kicks the door. She hears someone walk up behind her, she turns to see Troy standing there.