One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/15/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/15/01

By Boo  

At Carlotta's Diner, Seth and Cristian are carrying in some boxes for Carlotta. She asks Cristian to take his to the back room, and Seth the put his behind the front counter. She tells him it is good to have him back in Angel Square. She remembers when the boys were young, she would pay him and Cristian all the lemonade they could drink for running errands for her. Seth wishes that he had stuck to running errands for her instead of what he did. Carlotta reminds him that he has paid his time, and to not worry about it. Cristian comes back and ribs Seth for being so skinny when they were young. Seth reminds him that he could still beat him in arm wrestling though. Now it really sounds like old times, anyone for lemonade, asks Carlotta. They both would like some. She leaves to fix the drinks. Cristian challenges Seth to arm wrestling. Seth says to save it for the Break Bar. Why? Is there a particular girl there he wants to impress? Seth remembers kissing Jess, but tells Cristian there is no one in particular. He mentions to Cristian that Renee gave him a membership to Serenity Springs. She must own half of Llanview. Cristian tells him that she was once married to Asa. That's one way to get rich, says Seth, marry a Buchanan. Then there is Cristian's way. Cristian looks at him with a confused look on his face. Carlotta comes in and serves the drinks and leaves again. Chris asks Seth if he knows something, did Chris win the lottery and not know it or something? Seth tells him that he talked to Chad about that computer thing. Cristian thinks that he is talking about Chris hogging all the shifts at the Break Bar lately. He tells him that he is planning a special weekend for him and Jen and needed the extra money. Seth tries to tell him that isn't what he was talking about, but Lea walks in and motions to Cristian. Chris tells Seth he has to take care of this and walks away. Lea tells him that she is there to confirm in person his reservation. He thanks her again. She asks about his friend, she thinks he is hot. She would love to meet him, but she is late right now. She leaves. Chris goes back to Seth and tells him that Lea thinks he is hot. Would Seth like to meet her? No, he isn't interested. Why not? Chris thought he just said there was no one special. Chad sighs, and tells Chris that he lied. Seth tells Cristian that it is Jess that he is interested in. Really? Cristian didn't pick up on that. There isn't much to pick up on. Jess just broke up with Will, so Seth is trying to not rush her. He asks Cristian if he is okay with this. Cristian admits that it is a little weird, but he and Jess are good friends. It would be nice to see her with a nice guy like Seth instead of Will. Seth doesn't like Will too much either. Jess keeps telling him that they are through, but he won't back off. Cristian tells him that Will is just a spoiled rich kid who expects to get what he wants. Will will back off though if Jess really means it. Seth thinks she does. He looks at his watch and tells Cristian he has to go. They go to shake hands, and Cristian tells Seth to be good to Jess, or he will have to hunt him down and kill him. Seth assures Chris that he would never hurt a girl like Jess.

Natalie and Jess are still in the front room of Llanfair. Natalie tells Jess that she will not do a semi-porn site like Cristians, not even to stay in school. That is not what Jess meant at all. Natalie tells her it is very hard to find a part-time job that would pay what she needs to make to pay Jess back. Jess really thinks that this could work, and the boss she is thinking of would never ask her to take off her clothes. Who is it? Jess tells her that she would ask her mother. No, she would never let Jess ask someone to give her a job, especially not Vicky. Why not? Jess knows the job, she knows Natalie can handle it, it is perfect. Vicky comes into the room. Jess introduces her to Natalie. Vicky is very preoccupied and excuses herself to make some phone calls. Jess doesn't know what is going on, and Vicky tells her she will explain to her later. Jess wants to talk about this now, remember this morning Vicky mentioned that she needed a personal attendant? Well, Natalie is perfect for the job. Vicky just can't think about this right now, she would be happy to consider Natalie for the job though. Jess takes Vicky to the other side of the room, what is going on? Vicky is making Natalie very uncomfortable. Vicky doesn't mean to do that, she is just shocked by what Sam just told her and Ben out in the foyer. What is that? Vicky tells her that Colin had a twin brother. Jess is surprised. Why would Colin's brother come to town now. To settle the estate. This worries Jess, Colin really freaked her out when he came to the loft and threatened her. Well, Vicky tells her to remember that Colin is still dead, and with any luck, this brother will leave town before they ever have to see him. Jess hopes that is true. Now, Vicky asks, why does Jess think Natalie is right for the job. Natalie is so smart, she even knew how to change Jess' tire for her. Why is it so important right now? Jess tells her that if Natalie doesn't get a job soon, she will have to drop out of school. Vicky is pleased that this bothers Jess. Jess realizes that she has taken a lot of things for granted growing up. Natalie has made her see this. She doesn't want to take things for granted anymore. Vicky goes to talk to Natalie, who has busied herself looking at one of the books. Vicky gives Natalie a short interview, with Jess pacing back and forth. Vicky tells her she has the job. Natalie is thrilled, as long as her 'cheering section' Jess didn't influence her too much. Vicky assures her that Jess had nothing to do with it. Jess excitedly walks Natalie out to the foyer. Ben enters. He heard she had a new assistant. News travels fast. He tells her he is in with the new hip crowd. Vicky explains that Jess did a little arm twisting, Natalie would have to drop out of school if she didn't get a job. Jess went to bat for her. Ben tells Vicky he thinks he has a terrific step-daughter. Vicky agrees. They kiss.

Outside Llanfair Vicky and Ben are just arriving back home. Ben grabs Vicky's arm and kisses it telling her that he missed a spot. Vicky laughs and throws her arms around him. Sam walks up and apologizes for interrupting. What's wrong Sam, you look like you've seen a ghost asks Vicky. Well, he kind of has. He just saw Colin McGuyver's twin. Turns out there were two of them. Vicky and Ben are both shocked. They all step into the foyer and close the front door. Sam tells them all about Troy. They did have his fingerprints checked. He isn't Colin. Vicky asks about Nora. Sam tells them that she is pretty shook up. Poor thing, says Vicky, she was just starting to get over all this. Sam tells them that seeing Troy was the last thing she needed right now. Vicky goes into the front room. Sam tells Ben what an amazing woman Nora is. Even after all Colin did to her, she still feels guilty about killing him. Sam wouldn't have felt bad at all. Ben tells him that is because Sam has no feelings. Oh thanks. Actually, Sam has more feelings than he is willing to admit, for Nora. Sam reminds him that this is about Troy McGuyver, and what this is doing to Nora. No, Ben tells him. This is about what Nora is doing to him. Just admit it Sam, he is still in love with Nora. Sam says his feelings for Nora is not what is important right now. Nora needs space. Ben disagrees, Nora needs someone that really loves her to be there for her, to run interference for her. Does Sam know where she is right now? Sam thinks so. Then go get her! Is Ben bossing him around? Yes, now go get her. Sam thanks Ben and leaves. Jess and Natalie burst into the foyer. Jess is taken aback at seeing Ben. She still holds the trial thing against him. She introduces Natalie to him and tells him that Natalie will be working as Vicky's personal assistant. Ben tells her that she is in real trouble now. Jess gives him a disapproving look. Ben was joking. His wife is a real slave driver, he will put in a good word for her. He tells Natalie it was nice meeting her, and goes into the front room with Vicky. Natalie comments to Jess that her step dad is really cute. Jess looks at Natalie like she is crazy.

Jess and Natalie have gone to the school. They are in the student lounge. Natalie is amazed that this morning she told them she was going to have to drop out, now she can give them a check for the whole semester. She thanks Jess again. Jess reminds her that she better hurry before the office closes. Natalie goes to pay the tuition. Seth walks in and sees Jess. He says hello to her. They start to chit-chat. John Sykes is there, he is looking for Jess. He asks her about her reporting that she got stuck in an elevator. Yea, she did, what about it. Well, John tells her, it looks like the elevator was deliberately tampered with.

Nora has just woken from a nice nap at the lake to see Troy standing over her. Hello Nora. She is visibly shaken and gets up and tries to run. Troy grabs her wrist tightly and tells her that she is not going anywhere. Nora tells him that she has taken classes in advanced self protection. He lets go of her and apologizes. She asks why he followed her here. He didn't. He had to get out of Llanview, took a drive, saw the lake and decided to take a swim. It isn't Kenya, but it is pretty here. He sees Nora looking at his necklace. He tells her that it is a talisman carved out of a tree that grows in Kenya. She wants to know why he grabbed her. Because she was running away. Look Nora, it isn't a good feeling to have people you don't even know look at you like you are a common criminal. Well, just showing up like he did, didn't inspire trust in any of them. Fair enough, he just has a lot of questions he needs answered. Such as, asks Nora. Such as why she killed his brother. She tells him it is public record. He has read that, he knows the basics. He wants to understand what happened. Nora is very uncomfortable talking about this, she tells him he came to the wrong person. He thought from the first moment they met that she would be the one to explain it to him. She can't even explain it to herself. She tells him that what ever Colin used to be, he became a monster. He was a menace to society. He should ask some of his other victims. He has, now he is asking her. He asks if he was a good doctor. Yes, he was a good doctor. He pulled her from a train wreck and saved her life. Troy says, and then he kidnapped her. Well, he has done his homework. She tells him she doesn't remember most of it. Of course, because he gave her something to erase her memory. Nora tells him that Colin always claimed he didn't give her that drug. Who did then? Since she has no proof, she would rather not say. Troy continues, then he proceeded to blackmail half of Llanview. Nora says that is right, and then he kidnapped her again. That is when his brother died, right. Yes, now he knows the whole picture. He wants to understand. Colin was his brother, he can't just walk away. Again, she tells him he came to the wrong place. He knows that she owes him nothing, but he is asking anyway. Please, will she help him? Nora slowly tells Troy the whole story. From Colin rescuing her from the train wreck, and taking her to his home. Why did he do that Troy asks. Nora doesn't know. She continues the story, telling him that everyone she knew thought she had been killed in the train wreck. Why didn't Colin tell anyone she was alive. She doesn't know that either. She continues the rest of the story, right up until she pushed Colin down the stairs. Telling Troy of Colin's obsession with her, the second kidnapping, the date rape drugs, all of it. So now, he knows the whole story of how she killed his brother. She starts to fold up her towel, and tells Troy that she will not apologize to him for what she did to Colin. He doesn't know what he expected, but it wasn't an apology. She tells him that she hates what she did to Colin, but she would do it again. He comes close to her and puts his hand on her shoulder intimately. He tells her that he is very sorry for what Colin did to her. Sam walks up just in time to see this.

Gabrielle holds up the maternity padding in front of Blair in Blair's bedroom. Well, what is this? It is a special pillow, for Blair's back. The doctor gave it to her. Gabrielle knows what it is. It is maternal padding. What would Blair need with this? Blair tries to grab for it and tells her to get out of her room. Max will be mad when he sees the way Gabrielle is harassing her. Why would Blair need to lie about this baby? Unless, it's isn't Max's baby. Of course it's Max's baby. Who else's baby would it be? Well, Gabrielle doesn't know, she doesn't know Blair's mating habits. Blair tells her there hasn't been another man in her bed since she divorced Max, unlike Gabrielle. Gabrielle tells her that she is happily married to Asa. Blair remembers being married to Asa, of course he was much younger then. Isn't he good in bed asks Blair. Blair is trying to change the subject, which is the paternity of Blair's child. Who else would be the father, hmmmmm. Gabrielle is thinking of someone that is extremely rude, has no manners, a long scare down his right cheek, and according to Max, likes to dress like a nun. Does that ring any bells for Blair? Is Gabrielle suggesting what Blair thinks she is? If Blair thinks she is suggesting this is Todd's baby, she is right. That is so far off. Gabrielle doesn't think so, after all they do have a daughter together. Blair reminds her that at her and Todd's wedding, Todd made it very clear that he hated Blair, so there is no way this baby could be Todd's. Well, what about this padding. My God, Gabrielle is like a dog with a bone. Yes, says Gabrielle, but she doesn't plan on burying this bone. Alright Gabrielle, Blair will tell her the truth. She originally did plan on conning Max into thinking that she was pregnant with his child. So that he would drop the charges on her for 'accidentally' shooting him. Max didn't believe the home pregnancy test though, and made her take a real test at the hospital. Smart man our Max comments Gabrielle. Well, that is when she found out she really was pregnant with Max's baby. End of story. Gabrielle wants to know if she was really pregnant, that doesn't explain the padding. Well, that was part of her original plan, she bought it before she found out she was really pregnant. That was months ago, why is it laying around so close to her now? Blair tells her that Kelly had helped her come up with the original plan. Kelly found it when she was packing her things to move to Texas, and brought it to her as kind of an old family joke before she left town. Gabrielle says she loves a good joke, she thinks Max would love this one too. She starts to call Max. Blair tells her that she doesn't think Max would appreciate this joke. Gabrielle continues to dial. Blair tells her she doesn't want Max to know about this because they had serious trust issues in their first marriage. She wanted to make a clean start. Gabrielle wouldn't have a problem lying to Max, but not for Blair. Blair reminds her of how long it took her to call 911. Gabrielle is intrigued by a game of chicken. Blair suggests they just call it a draw. Okay, Gabrielle will keep her mouth shut. Under one condition. What does Gabrielle want. Just one little simple thing, Gabrielle tells her. She has to cut Max loose.

Rae is at St. Anne's. On of the sisters is thanking her for coming so soon. Rae says she is glad to help, and if she could just see the patients chart for a few minutes. Well, they are having trouble locating it, but it should be here shortly. Okay, Rae can either wait, or she can come back later? The sister asks her to see the patient now, while they wait on the chart. She seems so fragile. Rae agrees to see the patient. She is right in here Dr. Cummings. Her name is Allison Perkins. Rae goes in and introduces herself. Allison turns to her and tells her that she has done a terrible thing. The sister leaves them alone. Rae pulls up a chair and asks her why she believes that she did a terrible thing. Allison says it was a horrible thing. She hurt someone badly. Rae tells her that everyone hurts someone all the time. Allison tells her that what she has done is unforgivable. Rae tells her there is always room for forgiveness. Rae wouldn't say that if she knew. Rae asks her to explain to her. Allison can't, it is too unforgivable. Rae goes out to talk to the sister again. The sister is right, she is very troubled. She won't tell Rae what she did, or thinks she did. Rae asks if the sister knows. The sister now has the file and tells her the answers are in there. Rae looks at it and says, 'my God!', she turns to look at the back of Allison. She looks at the file again and says 'Vicky' in a questioning tone, then looks to Allison again.