One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/14/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/14/01

By Boo

(We had a breaking news story during today's OLTL, so I may be missing a few moments from the show now and then, but was able to get most of it.)

Blair wakes up to find a hunk standing in her bedroom doorway holding a glass of orange juice. She asks who he is. Gabrielle comes in glad that Blair is awake. She introduces Blair to Gunther, Blair's new nurse. Blair is not pleased. Gabrielle tells her that Gunther is the best there is. Blair asks how come Max didn't tell her about this. Max walks in and tells her because he didn't know. He wants a word with Gabrielle. Gabby wants to make sure Blair is doing better first. Has Blair had any more contractions? Blair tells her only a pain in her neck. Gabrielle tells Gunther to rub Blair's neck and goes to leave with Max. Max tells Gunther that there has been a change of plans, Gunther is fired. Gabrielle is shocked. Gunther shrugs and leaves. Max excuses him and Gabrielle from the room as he is pushing her out to the hallway. Why did Max do that? Doesn't he want to finish what they started last night? He thought she understood that there will be nothing between the two of them until he is sure that Blair and the baby are fine. She understood that perfectly. Then why is she back here? They go downstairs to the foyer. Gabrielle tries to convince Max that she cares about Blair. Yesterday was like an epiphany for her. She just wants to help and make sure that Blair is okay. Max doesn't buy any of that. Okay, enough of the games she says. They both know why Blair is here, and why she is here. But they don't know why Max is here. Why is he really marrying Blair? He loves Blair. Gabrielle doesn't believe that. Last night he couldn't keep his hands off her, and she has noticed that when he is around Blair, he never touches her with any passion. There are different kinds of passion says Max. Are there different kinds of love too? Kelly comes in to tell Max that she is glad he is there with Blair. How is she doing? Gabrielle tells her she is on the mend, she should run upstairs and see for herself. Blair would love to see her. Kelly asks Max who Gabrielle is. Gabrielle introduces herself. What is she doing here Kelly asks Max. He is trying to figure that out too. Kelly tells Max to keep her away from the silverware and goes upstairs to see Blair. Gabrielle thinks she will grow on Kelly. Max doubts it. Shouldn't she be getting back to the mansion? Her jewelry is probably starting to miss her. Does he want her to leave? Yes. That's funny she was just going to ask him to leave too. He isn't kidding, he wants her to leave. It isn't his house. He gets frustrated and leaves. Gabrielle is happy, now it is time to take care of Ms. Cramer.

Blair is upset about Kelly moving so far away. Kelly has all the confidence in the world that Blair will find a way to visit. It isn't that far away. Blair still doesn't like it. It won't be forever. Kevin just wants to be a part of Duke's life right now. Kelly's foot hits something under the bed. She finds Blair's fake baby padding. She warns Blair that if she keeps this up, someone will soon find out the truth about the baby. Someone that doesn't have anything to lose by telling Max. Blair assures her that no one is going to find out. How is Blair going to explain the baby being born two months early? Blair says she will come to visit Kelly and have the baby in Texas. She then realizes that Kelly is moving away again. Who is she going to talk to when Kelly leaves. She can't talk to Max, she doesn't even know where Todd is. Kelly tells her that she hired a private investigator to find Todd and Starr. She gives Blair his card. Why would Kelly do that? It means a lot to her that Blair wants to be with her to have the baby, after she killed Blair's second baby. They put that all behind them now and hug. Both crying. Gabrielle is listening outside the door when Blair again asks Kelly who she is going to talk to. Kelly pulls away, wipes her tears and says good bye. She walks out into Gabrielle who asks her if she is okay. Yes, she was just saying her good byes, she is moving to Texas. Oh what a pity they didn't get to know each other better. Oh yes, it was a tragedy Kelly tells her and leaves. Gabrielle asks Blair if there is anything she can get her for lunch. Just Gabby's head on a platter. Gabrielle tells her that they really should try to become friends. She goes to plush up Blair's pillows and finds Blair's padding. She pulls it out from under the covers and asks what it is.

Jess is racing down the stairs to answer the door bell at her house. It is Kelly. She is really happy to see Kelly, it has been a long time. Does Kelly want to go get something to eat? No, she came by to tell her something. It is a good thing, but hard to say. Kelly tells her that she is moving to Texas to be with Kevin and Duke. She came to say good-bye. Jess tells her that Texas is fun, she will like it there. They start reminiscing about when Kelly first came to Llanview. Remembering some of the outfits that Kelly used to wear. Kelly found one of them while she was packing, she takes it out of her bag and hands it to Jess. Jess remembers this outfit. They both start to cry a little bit. Kelly tells Jess she wants her to keep that outfit. We see some wonderful flashback scenes of the old wild, fun Kelly giving a younger Jess fashion tips, make-up tips. The two of them at a party. They hug. Jess is going to miss her. Kelly is going to miss everyone, even crazy Blair.

Natalie has come to tell Jess that she is dropping out of school for a while. Jess is upset by that. She feels stupid that she never even thought about some of her friends not being able to pay. She offers to loan Natalie the money. It would be the same thing as a student loan in a way. Natalie says that would be too embarrassing, unless. Unless what? Unless she gets a part time job, then she would be sure that she could pay her back. Well, that's easy says Jess. Has Jess ever tried to get a part time job that pays more than ten cents an hour? Well, no actually, but Jess knows where they can look.

Will and Jen are at Carlotta's Diner waiting on their order. Jen has been shopping for new clothes to go away with Cristian. She is showing a not very enthused Will the different outfits. She asks him what is wrong, he doesn't think she should be going away with Cristian does he? No, but if it is what makes her happy, he is okay with it. Carlotta brings them their food and comments on Jen's new clothes. Is one of those outfits what she will be wearing to their dinner party tonight? Jen isn't sure yet what she is going to wear. Carlotta is looking forward to the dinner party. Jen asks if Cristian is there. No, he went to run some errands for her. Carlotta will let her know when he gets back. Will and Jen start to eat. They do not notice Troy walk into the diner. He has a picture of Will and Jen as small children. He looks at the picture and slowly walks around to look at Will and Jen. Will notices him, Jen turns to see him and screams. Will jumps up and gets right in his face. He should have known Colin was too mean to stay dead. Jen tries to calm Will down. Will yells that he hopes he liked being dead, cause he is going to pound him right back to the grave. He goes after Troy, while Jen is yelling at him to stop. Troy ducks and grabs Will and tells him they shouldn't fight in a diner, others may get hurt. Okay then, lets take this outside. Jen tries to stop them. Troy tells Will to listen to Jen, he isn't Colin. He is Colin's twin, Troy. Jen asks how he knew her name then. He shows them the picture he found at Colin's last night. It has their names on the back. Will asks why he came to town now? Troy tells him to hear the reading of the will. Jen asks if their parents saw him too. Yes, and they were about as happy as the two of them were to see him. Colin must have made a lot of enemies here. Will asks why he is still here, he got his money. Troy tells him that he still has business with their family. Will gets defensive. No, Will has misunderstood. He found some things of Melanie's at Colin's last night. They look like family heirlooms. He only wants to return them to her. Is that all? Troy wants to know what Colin did to make everyone hate him so much. Jen yells at him that they were horrible things, and grabs her stuff running to the bathroom crying. Troy apologizes to Will, he just wants to know what all Colin did. It doesn't matter what he did, all that matters is when Troy is leaving town. Troy doesn't know, he has some things he needs to attend to. Will asks if one of those things is Nora Buchanan. Nora did kill his brother. Will tells him it was in self defense. Just so that Troy knows, Nora is a very good friend to him, to his father and to the police commissioner, in case he gets any ideas about evening the score. Really, thanks for the information. Troy tells him to say good bye to Jen for him, and leaves. Jen comes back from the bathroom. What did he say. Nothing, Will tells her. 

Nora wakes up in her bed screaming 'get away from me'. She realizes it was a dream. Sam comes rushing in to hold her. Did she have a nightmare? Yes, it was about Colin. When is all this gonna stop? Well, she has been through a very traumatic time. She just needs to give it time. Besides, they were all rattled yesterday seeing Troy walk into the room. Yes, that did really shake her up. Sam hopes that she will never have to see Troy again. Nora doesn't think she will. She doesn't think he is looking to stay in Llanview, he only came for the reading of the will. He will go back to Africa, and they can all start to get back to their own lives. She thinks she must look terrible. No, she looks beautiful. What is it that he doesn't want to tell her. Well, it's just that Troy just might be in town for a little while. The probate may take some time. Sam will explain to him exactly what Colin did to her, why she had to kill him in self defense. Nora thinks he may still not understand. Colin was his twin. They then discuss how strange it was that Colin never mentioned that he had a twin brother to anyone. Not even to Lainey. Nora still thinks that he might still be Colin pulling something over on all of them. Sam tries to convince her that isn't possible. Neither of them are really sure though. Sam tells her that she needs to get outside, go for a long drive. Somewhere that she doesn't have to think about Colin. She agrees. What is he going to do. He is going to find Jen and Will first and tell them about Troy. Then he is going to find Troy and have a talk with him.

Sam is talking to Jen at the table at Carlotta's Diner. (Will is gone) He is sorry she had to meet Troy like that. Jen asks about Sam hitting him. Yes, he isn't proud of that. Did mom really try to smother him? Well, Lindsay is denying it, and he is trying to believe her. How did Nora take it? She is pretty freaked out, like Jen is. Troy will be leaving town soon. She wants him to hurry and find Will and tell him that. Sam assures her that he will talk with Will. He notices all the new clothes. She tells him that she is going away with Cristian for a few days. He asks where to? She tells him about the inn in Cape May. Sam wants to talk to her about Cristian. What? He doesn't want her seeing Cristian either?
No, it's not that. She realizes that Lindsay must have told him about the birth control pills. She doesn't want to talk about it here, where Cristian's mother might over hear. She reminds him that he is an adult. He knows, he just wants her to be careful and responsible. She asks if he and Nora are getting back together. He says he doesn't know. They haven't talked about it. Nora has things to work through before thinking about the two of them.

Nora goes to the lake to relax. She is laying on a towel relaxing. Someone blocks her sun. She looks up to see Troy standing there.