One Life to Live Update Monday 8/13/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 8/13/01

By Boo

Antonio, Sam, Nora, Lainey, Lindsay, RJ, and Troy are still at the meeting place at the Cherryvale Inn. Sam tells Troy, there is still a way he can prove that he is not Colin. Troy realizes that Colin must have really freaked them all out if they really believe that he can get up and walk out of his own grave. Sam tells him that twins do not share the same finger prints. Antonio says he can get a set of Colin's sent right over. Sam tells Troy that now he has a chance to prove that he is not Colin. Troy has had enough now. He has done nothing wrong. He came here to hear the reading of his brother's will. If they all want to continue to believe that he is Colin, go ahead. He is not about to jump through hoops to put all their minds at ease. He starts to leave the room. Lindsay calls him a coward. He really is Colin. He stops and turns to look at her. Lindsay wants him arrested before he can hurt anyone else again. Troy is getting really pissed now. RJ asks him why he doesn't want to be printed if he has nothing to hide. He blows up a little bit and tells them all how crazy all this is. They have no grounds for him to be arrested. Antonio tells him that actually, he is the spitting image of a wanted felon, that is grounds enough to get him finger printed. He calmly walks to Nora and asks her what she thinks he should do. Why is he asking her what he should do? Because she has been the most quiet one. She tells him that Colin hurt a lot of people, taking the test would be the right thing to do. She thinks he should do what ever he wants to do. He agrees to take the test. Antonio leaves the room to call the station. Troy pours himself a drink of water. He then goes to the window to get a breath of fresh air. Lindsay asks RJ if he would agree to a fingerprint test if he wasn't who he said he was. RJ avoids fingerprinting on any occasion. Lindsay hopes that Colin really is dead. RJ reminds her that if Troy really is Colin, he will be arrested. That means he will be looking to cut a deal. He will wave Lindsay in front of Bo's face to get that deal. Sam asks Nora if she is doing okay. He promises her that either way, he will not let Colin hurt her ever again. Antonio walks back into the room with a fax of Colin's prints, and a fingerprint kit. Troy tells him that there have been cases where identical twins prints were very hard to tell apart, and this is not a controled environment. Antonio assures him that he knows what he is doing and Troy has nothing to worry about. Troy still hesitates a little bit, but finally sits down to take the test. Antonio takes his prints. He gives Troy some paper to wipe off his hands. Everyone waits impatiently while Antonio compares the two sets of prints. Finally, Antonio confirms that the prints do not match. This man is not Colin. They all take a moment to soak in this information. Nora and Sam decide to leave. Not just yet Troy tells them. He answered all their questions, now he wants them to answer his. Which one of them killed his brother? Nora tells him that she killed his brother. Lindsay tells Troy that Colin got what he deserved and asks if they can all go home now. Troy says yes. They all start leaving. Nora tells Troy that she is sorry. He watches them all go, and tries to absorb all that has happened this evening.

Blair is in her bedroom calling Vicky to see if she has heard from Todd or Starr. Vicky tells her that she hasn't, but will call if she does. Blair hangs up as Max slips into the room. What is she doing out of bed? She heard what Larry said. Complete rest. He heards her back to the bed. She thanks Max for taking care of her. Well, it gets him out of the house. Does he mean away from Gabrielle? What does she mean by that? C'mon Max, they both know that he wants to be taking Gabrielle to bed right now. He doesn't want to talk about Gabrielle in front of the baby. Blair notices something of Todds on the bedside table. Todd must have left it here. She tells Max how Todd and her were fighting when her pains began, and Todd thought she was faking it. He walked out. Max is upset by that. He is here now, and he is going to take care of her and the baby. He gives her a glass of water, and tells her to get some rest. He will be downstairs if she needs him. He leaves the room. Blair tries to rest, but keeps thinking of Todd. She wonders if she had told him the truth if he would have still walked out on her like he did. She remembers a tender conversation that the two of them had, but then gets angry all over again when she remembers that he took Starr away from her. She takes a picture of Todd and Starr and throws it accross the room. Max comes in and sees what caused the clatter. He tells Blair he will get rid of it for her, but that won't get Todd out of her system. What should she do then? Give in to Todd like he does Gabrielle? They have to make this marriage work, or Todd will take the baby. She knows he wants Gabrielle. He promises her that it will not happen. He is going to take care of Gabrielle.

Gabrielle sneaks into Todd's house using the keys she took from Blairs purse. She stands in the foyer and calls Asa to tell him that she is in the house, and the plan is working good so far. She hangs up, and lets her coat drop to the floor, revealing only underware on under it. She goes to the stairs and looks up. She hears Max coming down the stairs and grabs her coat off the floor and runs into the front room to hide. Max comes down, picks up the phone and calls Nigel. He asks Nigel to let Gabrielle know that Blair is going to be just fine. He then goes into the living room, without turning the lights on and plops down on the couch for a good nights sleep. Gabrielle is smiling at him from the corner. She waits until he goes to sleep, then goes to him and runs her hands up his body. In his sleep, Max admits to her that he wants her so much he can hardly breath. She starts to kiss him, and he wakes up. He starts to protest, but then gives in to her. They kiss passionately as Max ends up on top of her. Max hears a loud crash upstairs and gets up to go check Blair. Gabriella tries her hardest to keep him from leaving her. He tries to get away from her, but she is all over him. She will not let go of him. She knows that he wants her, and that he is not in love with Blair. He finally breaks free from her and runs up the stairs. Gabrielle is very pleased with herself. She puts her coat on and starts to leave. Under her breath, she tells Max that she will be seeing him again real soon.

Jen and Chris are outside his loft. He tells her he will tell her everything, lets just go inside. He opens the door, and is surprised to find a naked Shawna in his bed. He goes back out and tells Jen that they can't go in there. There is something in there that he doesn't want her to see. What is he hiding from her? They promised each other not to keep secrets at all. She meant that, didn't he? Yes, but if he tells her everything now, it will ruin everything. Inside, Shawna is posing herself to look sexy for when Chris comes back into the room. In the hall, Jen really pushes Cristian. Does this have to do with Lea just leaving? Yes, sort of. Is he breaking up with her? Finally Cristian gives in and tells her that he was planning a surprise for her. He shows her the brochure. He booked them a room there for three days. She is really happy now and hugs him. He wonders to himself why there is a naked girl in his bed. He tells Jen that he wanted to see that smile on her face. This is an expensive place, how did he get the money. He tells her not to worry about that. So, he must have another surprise for her in the apartment, that is why he didn't want her to go in there right? Cristian tells her that she is right. He tells her he has to drive up to the motel tonight to give them the deposit or they will lose out. They both want it to be special the first time they make love. Jen takes the brochure and tells him she will see him later. Cristian is relieved, and braces himself to go into his apartment after Jen leaves. He goes in and asks the girl who she is and what she is doing there. He should be able to figure that out. He should recognize her, she has been at the bar a lot lately. Yea, well, downstairs, she is a customer, not here. He starts to gather her clothes to give them to her. She takes money out of her purse, and tells him she can fix that problem of not being a customer. She stuffs it down the front of his pants and grabs him and starts to kiss him. He pushes her away and tells her that he is not interested. He has a girlfriend that he is very much in love with. He hands her her clothes and tells her to leave. She finally says she understands and leaves. Cristian is relieved.

In the Break Bar, the girls around the computer are eating it up that Shawna is actually in Cristian's bed. One of them goes to the bar to tell another one to come check out the Chris cam. Seth over hears and asks if this hottie on the web is Cristian Vega. The girl confirms that it is. Seth asks Chad if he knew about Cristian's web thing. Chad tells him that Cristian doesn't like to talk about it, at all. Does his girlfriend know? Would Seth tell his girlfriend? Chad tells him not to worry about what Cristian does, worry about her. He points to Jess coming into the bar. She comes up to the bar. He is glad to see her. Well, she came to see Cristian. Seth tells her that Cristian isn't there, but he will keep her busy until Cristian comes in. She needs to talk to Cristian. He figures out that she is talking about the web page. She just can't believe that he is doing this. Seth explains to her that she has never had to worry about making money. If Cristian has found a way to make a few extra dollars, she should just stay out of it. She never thought about it that way. Jen walks in and sees Seth and Jess together. Jess should be ashamed of herself. Getting over Will so quickly is one thing, but rubbing it in his face by parading around here like this is just so awful. Jess tells her that she should be more worried about what her boyfriend is doing. What is that supposed to mean? Cristian is wonderful to her. She tells Jess about the motel trip he surprised her with. That place is pretty expensive. Jess thinks she now understands why Chris is doing the web site. She apologizes to Jen and tells her that her relationship with Chris is really none of her business. Jenn accepts, and apologizes for jumping Jess' like that too. She leaves. Jess asks Seth if he would do what Chris is doing. That depends, would she watch? She laughs and gives him a kiss on the cheek. He asks what that was for? Because he just put into perspective something she needed put into perspective for her. She leaves. Chad punches Seth on the arm and comments that he is getting pretty close with Jess. Yea, they are getting close he says thoughtfully.