One Life to Live Update Friday 8/10/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 8/10/01

By Glynis

The group at the reading of the will is discussing whether or not the man that they have just seen is Colin or not. Sam thinks that Colin canít be the man they just saw. How could he have faked his death like that? Antonio arrives and everyone is glad to see him. Nora tells him that Colin may be alive. Antonio doesnít see how that could be possible. He learns that there is a guy that is upstairs that looks just like Colin. Antonio sees RJ and wants to know what he is doing there. RJ tells him that he was invited. They notice that Lindsay isnít there and RJ says that she had to slip out to make a phone call. Nora realizes that they have to get up to the room right away. They have been very stupid. They all go rushing to the upstairs room and they find the Colin look-a-like holding Lindsay by the wrist. The man tells everyone that Lindsay tried to kill him by holding a pillow over his head. Lindsay tells everyone that the man admitted to her that he is Colin. The man denies that he is Colin. He is Colinís twin instead. Antonio asks if the man needs medical attention. Melanie thinks that he should go to the hospital. Antonio wants identification and the man promptly produces itÖ Lindsay turns to RJ and thanks him sarcastically and quietly for keeping everyone away from the roomÖ The man once again says that he is Colinís twin. No one is buying this. Obviously, Colin never mentioned his twin. Melanie surely doesnít know anything about this guy. He is a doctor too. The man didnít confess to anything with Lindsay and she finally admits that she could have been wrong. This guy didnít get along with his twin at all. It was much worse than that. They stopped talking in college. That would explain why he hasnít been heard from. He has been in Africa treating AIDS patients. He got a letter from his brotherís attorney telling him that Colin was dead and he was the primary beneficiary of the estate. He doesnít know why Colin would like to do that. First he was going to ignore the whole thing but he didnít. He is starting to wish that he did ignore it. Sam is not convinced. If they donít believe him they can dig up Colinís grave and check if he is in there. Sam thinks that is an excellent idea. Melanie feels that digging up the body will not prove anything. They will have the same DNA so they still wonít know who is who if they find a body in the grave. RJ canít believe that Melanie thinks that Colin has switched places with Troy. Melanie thinks that maybe her brother has had a hand in this from much earlier. When Colin was supposedly dead, she remembers thinking that she saw him. Troy wants to know what Colin did to these people to make them the way that they are. Troy goes to Nora and asks her what her connection to Colin was. Nora turns to face the man.

Will talks with Jessica over the phone and she admits to him that she misses what they had. He was going through some things at the loft and he found her favorite pen. She used to write in her journal with it. He thought that she would like him to give it to her or she could pick it up. She would like to get it from him. The doorbell rings and she needs to go. She tells him to keep the pen. She really has to go now and she hangs up. She goes to the door to find Natalie covered with mud. A car splashed her and she would like to come in. Jessica lets her in and gives her some towels to clean up. Jessica didnít realize that Natalie knew where she lived, but Natalie tells her that everyone knows where Landfair is. Natalie walks through the room and canít believe that Jessica really lives there. It is like a movie. Jessica is used to it. The living room is huge. Natalie had a room just like this once. Jessica wants to take her upstairs to change and she insists on getting Natalie something very nice to wear. They go to her closet and Jessica has tons of things to chose from. Natalie puts her hands on something great and things that it is too elaborate to borrow, but Jessica insists that she take the outfit and put it on. Jessica gets a magazine and waits for Natalie to come out. Jessica tells her that she has been going out with Seth and he kissed her. She told him to stop because she is not ready for a relationship. Natalie comes out dressed in Jessicaís clothes and she looks great. Jessica thinks that Natalie should keep the outfit. The phone rings and Jessica takes the call to find out that it is Seth on the line. He apologizes for kissing her the other night. She is fine with it and Natalie makes kissy face noises in the background. He has to go, but he will talk with her later. She gets off the phone and Natalie learns why he called. She thinks that he is so sweet. He is at work and he had to go. Natalie tells her that she found out why the girls were slobbering over the Internet the other day. It has to do with Cristian and Jessica is going to be interested when she learns why he is involved.

Al is talking to Jennifer and he is alluding to the idea that he has a friend who is dating someone that is doing things on the Internet probably for money. He was thinking that he should tell his friend what is going on, but Jennifer thinks that he should stay out of it. She soon leaves to go and talk to Cristian and Al comes over to tell Will that they finally agree on something.

Jennifer finds Cristian and asks him about Lea and why he has been hanging out with her. He canít tell her right now what is going on but she will not stand for that. She wants the truth. He will tells her the truth at another time. He wants to bring her into his apartment and when he opens the door, he finds a woman in his apartment naked under a blanket lying on the floor. She rises and waves at him.