One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/9/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/9/01

By Boo

Sam, Nora, Lindsay, RJ, and Lainey are all staring in shocked surprise at Colin, who has just joined them at the Cherryvale Inn. He tells them all that they look like they have just seen a ghost. They are all in disbelief. It just can't be. Nora asks him if it was him that she saw at the grave. Colin gives her that crooked smile. Nora goes through a barrage of memories of Colin kidnapping her, drugging her, falling down the stairs. She almost passes out. Colin puts out an arm to help her and Sam steps between them. He hits Colin hard enough to knock him out. He yells for someone to call Llanview PD and tell them that Colin is not dead. The attorney rushes in asking what is going on. He kneels by Colin's side and tells someone to call 911. No one moves. What is wrong with you people? Sam tells him that that man ruined everyone's lives that are here, almost killing Nora. The attorney asks this man? Yes, that man Colin McGuyver. Randall informs them all that this man is not Colin McGuyver. He is Colin's identical twin Troy McGuyver. Lainey tells him she is a doctor and she will tend to him. The attorney leaves to call the police. Lainey checks his pulse and breathing. She goes to the car to get her medical bag. Sam and RJ carry Troy to a room. Lindsay takes a drink of water from the bar. She tells Nora that it was quite a shock to see him. Nora agrees, it was like seeing Colin come straight out of the grave. Nora tells Lindsay that if that really is Colin, he has actually returned from the grave, it would be bad news for her. Lindsay says that she thinks it would be worse news for Nora. He was so obsessed with her, and now he knows that she tried to kill him. This scares Nora a little bit. Sam walks in and tells them that Randall is trying to get a hold of Colin's sister. She would be able to tell them if her brothers are twins. Nora thinks it is Colin. RJ walks in and tells them it couldn't be. Sam reminds her that you can't live through an autopsy. Nora is still scared to death. Sam assures her he will keep her safe. The man he knocked out can give them all the answers, and he plans to be the first in line when this man wakes up. Nora tries to convince herself that this couldn't be Colin. Lainey comes back into the room, they will have to take this man to the hospital. She is shook up, Nora asks her what she is not telling them. She tells them that this man, just like Colin, didn't have any scars on his body except for a vaccination scar in the very same strange spot as Colin had. They are all pretty freaked out by this. Lindsay tells everyone she is going to call Will and Jen, she doesn't want them to hear about this on the street. She tells RJ to keep everyone in the room. She leaves. Lainey starts to leave to call Bo. RJ stops her and asks her if any of this is really possible. She doesn't know. Nora says none of it makes sense, but if some how that is Colin, maybe now she can find out what happened to her

. In the room where Sam and RJ took Troy, they talk about how it can't be Colin. Even cats don't have that many lives says RJ. Well, if anyone could pull a stunt like this, it would be Colin. Lainey walks in to examine him. She asks Sam and RJ to leave, he may have a serious injury. They leave. She starts to nervously examine Troy. She reaches to his shoulder and jerks her hand back. Oh my God! She has seen something that really surprises her. Lainey has left now, and Lindsay sneaks into the room. She looks at the man sleeping. She asks him if he is Colin. He doesn't answer her. She reaches across him and grabs a pillow. She is getting ready to suffocate him. 

At the Break Bar Al and Chris are still arguing. Will and Jen have just come in and don't notice them. They talk about how creepy it was seeing Colin on the video, even though they know he is dead. Cristian and Al are getting louder. Al tells Cristian that he is setting Jen up to get hurt. Cristian doesn't have a clue what he is talking about. They almost come to blows. Will and Jen finally notice and come to separate them. Jen wants to know why they are fighting. Al asks Cristian if he is going to tell her, or is Al. Cristian doesn't know what is going on. Al calls him a coward. Things start to get really nasty. Natalie butts in and makes some excuse that Al is really mad at her and just taking it out on them. She apologizes, and drags Al away. Will tells Chris that Al acts the same way to him. He will see them both in a little bit, he goes to the bar to make a phone call. Chris asks Jen how the reading of the will went. Horrible she tells him. She is happy to be here with him now. What has he been up to? He has been very busy he tells her. Busy with what? Cristian sees the girl he talked to earlier outside and tells Jen to grab them a seat and a couple of soda's and he'll be right back. He takes the girl outside to talk again. Will comes up to Jess as she is getting the sodas and tells her that Colin was right. He completely wiped out all Will's stocks without him even knowing it. What is he going to do? Well, with Jess gone, and now he isn't going to be another Asa Buchanan, he is free to do what ever he wants. If Colin knew that he was actually doing him a favor when he wiped out the stocks, he would roll over in his grave. They both enjoy that thought for a little bit. They grab a couple of cokes and sit down at a table. They talk about how they both thought Colin was going to reveal the truth about Lindsay on that tape. Jen knows they are not getting along right now, but she doesn't want her to go to jail. What is up with Jen and mom right now? She is totally trying to break her and Cristian up. Well, will it work, if they really want to be together? We see the girls at the computer again. Break out to out side. The girl is giving Cristian a quick update. She can get him staff rates, because she is staff. He thanks her. Does he think that Jen will catch them? He will meet her upstairs in a few minutes. She tells him he has to be one of the best boyfriends to have. She leaves. Back inside, Jen asks Will if he has any idea why Al and Cristian were fighting, Chris doesn't have a clue. Will bets that Al knows. Jen thinks maybe she should ask him. She starts to go to ask Al, Cristian walks back in and apologizes again, but he needs to go take care of some emergency business. Well, she can wait in his apartment. NO! Well, it's not like she will steal anything. He knows, he will only be a few minutes. She goes back to Will and tells him how weird things have been today. The reading of Colin's will, now Cristian keeps acting like he's hiding something. Will tells her that he has learned that if someone acts like they are hiding something, they are. At the computer, the girls see Cristian come back into his apartment. They get upset when they see another girl in the apartment with him. Will tells Jen he is gonna go upstairs and call their parents, does she want to go with him? No, she is going to wait for Cristian. Under her breath, she wonders what Cristian is up to. She looks toward Al

. At Natalie's table in the Break Bar, Al asks why she butted in. She figured out that Jen is the woman he wants. Even if Jen does deserve to know what kind of person Cristian is, does he really want to be the one to tell her? She convinces him that it wouldn't be a good idea if he were the one to tell Jen. The whole 'kill the messenger' thing. Okay, but if he tries to hurt Jen, Al will stop him. Al just keeps letting himself get more and more worked up. Natalie tells him they should leave instead of letting him sit there and torture himself. It is time for her bus, is he staying. Yes, he is going to hang out for a while. Natalie leaves. The girls at the computer are making all kinds of noise. Al can't stand it, what is the scum bucket up to now? He goes to look, and sees Cristian hugging the other girl. This is gonna stop right now. He turns to go talk to Jen. She steps up to him and tells him she wants to talk to him

. In Cristian's apartment, he meets this girl who is telling him that she has put flowers in the room for him, and a bunch of little extras. He is pleased. She shows him a picture of what he is paying for. He is standing behind her back looking at the picture. He tells her how beautiful the place is. All he has to do is get the deposit to the desk on time, and the place is all theirs. How can he ever thank her. He gives her a hug to thank her. 

Blair is resting on the couch at Todd's house. She is touched that Max would offer to stay there and take care of her. He says he will do anything for the baby. The door bell rings and Gabriella goes to get it. It is Larry. He asks how the patient is doing. Gabby tells him that she won't go upstairs. He sees her on the couch, and thinks she is fine right there. Gabby asks doesn't Larry think she should be in the hospital with nurses. No, she is fine here, but she will need nursing here. Max tells Larry that he is going to stay with her and make sure she follows orders. Gabby says she thinks the help should be qualified nursing personnel. Larry thinks Max will do just fine. Now, he asks Max and Gabby to leave the room so he can check Blair over one last time. Max and Gabby leave the room closing the doors behind them. Blair thanks Larry for not telling Max that the baby is Todd's. He tells her very firmly that if the baby or her are in danger, he will not keep her secret. She wouldn't ask him to. Max comes in and thanks Larry for making a house call. Not a problem, they can call him anytime. He leaves as Gabriella is coming in. Gabby asks Blair if she can get her anything. Yes, she tells Max that she would like a word alone with Gabriella. Max leaves. Gabby tries to play nice by offering a glass of water, and fluffing Blair's pillow. Blair tells her that she knows it was her that answered the phone when she called Asa's. Yes, and she rushed over here as soon as she could. A normal person would have called 911. She did that when she got here and saw Blair passed out on the floor. Yes, Blair remembers her calling for help, as slowly as she could. Gabby tells her she called as fast as she could. That is not what Blair saw. She is on to Gabriella. She is lucky that Blair didn't call the cops on her. Okay, Gabriella is leaving now. Not yet. She better stay away from her and Max, or she will tell Max that Gabriella almost took another child away from him. Max walks in and wants to know what is going on. Gabby tells him they were just getting to know each other better. Max tells Blair that her bed is ready unless she wants some pickles and ice cream. Gabriella offers to go get some. Blair tells her she has done enough for the day. Max tells Gabby it is time for her to go home, and for Blair to get some rest. Gabby leaves, but stops and takes the keys out of Blair's purse before she does.

 In the foyer at Todd's, Gabby asks Max if he really thinks he is qualified to take care of Blair. He will do just fine. He is doing this to protect the baby. How long does he think this baby will protect him? The baby isn't even alive, how is it protecting him? He is using the baby to stand behind, to hide his feelings. She gives it her very best shot to entice Max again. He is staying strong this time. She asks him what his feelings for her are. He tells her he is going to go ask Larry how the baby is. He goes back to the front room. Gabriella is very worried. She calls Asa and tells him she needs a few more days. After she listens to him for a bit, she tells him she will find a way to speed it all up. She is really worried now.