One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/8/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/8/01

By Boo  

Cristian is writing in a tablet in his loft. There is a knock at the door. It is Antonio. He tells Chris he just thought he would drop by, he hasn't seen him in ages. Chris tells him he has been busy. Doing what? Falling in love. Antonio doesn't look too pleased. Chris gets them both a beer from the fridge and tells Antonio a little about Jen. Chris thinks she may be the one. Antonio just says uh-huh. Chris just told him that Jen might be the woman to make him an uncle one of these days, and that is all Antonio can say? What would Chris like him to say? Speak his mind if he has something to say. Antonio thinks he is making a big mistake. Chris sits down on the couch. Antonio tells him the whole Rappaport family is bad news. Lets start from the top with Lindsay. Wait a minute, Chris is no fan of her family either, but this is about Jen. Okay, we'll talk about Jen says Antonio. She lied to him through the whole trial. Chris defends Jen, and Antonio continues to tell him that Jen is no good for him. A person that will lie once, will lie again, and it will be something that he can't live with. Oh Chris gets it now, this isn't about him, or Jen. It is about Antonio's life. Well yea, Antonio agrees that he has been burned a few times, he just worries about Chris. Chris tells him that with him and Jen, the lies just made them stronger. Even if it is a risk to be with her, she is worth it. Antonio realizes that Chris really loves her. Chris says he does, and the conversation is over. Antonio isn't doing this for himself, he is doing it for Chris. Doesn't Antonio know that is the same thing Lindsay says every time she messes with Jen's life. Antonio gives up and starts to leave. Cristian tells him about the family dinner that Lindsay mentioned. Antonio finally agrees to come, he may have an announcement of his own to make. He leaves.

 In the Break Bar the girls at the computer are glad to see Antonio come to visit Chris. They are being pretty loud whooping and hollering. Al walks in and sits at Natalie's table. She has already started on their project for Dr. Cummings class. She suggests they may want to go somewhere else to study, as it has been pretty loud in here with all the girls at the computer. Al is a little distracted by all the fuss. He tells Natalie that the notes she has taken are pretty good. He tries to see what is going on at the computer, and asks Natalie what all the fuss is about. She doesn't know, but maybe they should go somewhere else, or ask them to be quiet. It is a bar Al reminds her. It is getting late, maybe they should stop studying for the night anyway. Oh, Buchanan's don't like hard work. She heard a lot about the Buchanan's when she was growing up. Not about him or Jess though. Of course not, he wasn't even a Buchanan last year, and Jess. Well, Jess is just Jess. Natalie asks if he likes Jess, there is competition there. No, he and Jess are just good friends. There is someone else, but she already has a boyfriend. Natalie asks if they are solid. Al assures her that they are very solid. Cristian rushes in and meets a woman at the bar. He asks her if she wants to go outside so they can talk. Outside he asks her if everything is set. Yes, she is going to make him a very happy man. Inside, Natalie and Al try to get back to their studies, but the girls by the computer are just too distracting. They both go to see what is so exciting. He sees the still pictures of Cristian flashing all over the screen. Chris walks back into the bar. Al stops him and asks him what the hell kind of a person he is. Chris doesn't know what he is talking about. Oh, he is pretending he doesn't know because he obviously hasn't told Jen yet. They start to argue. Jen and Will walk into the club. 

Larry, Blair and Max are in the living room at Todd's house. Max asks if everything is going to be okay with the baby. Well, when is the due date Larry asks. Max tells him in September. It may be early labor. He needs to examine Blair right now. Blair asks Max to leave them alone for a little bit. Max agrees and goes to the foyer, shutting the doors behind him. Blair tries to protest Larry examining her now. Larry insists that she maybe about to give birth. Blair tells him the baby isn't ready for that. How can she be so sure? She is carrying so small, the baby is just too small. Larry starts to catch on, and asks Blair how far along she really is. While she tries to stumble around for an answer, he finds the padding that she had been wearing. Was she wearing this to make herself look farther along? She admits it. Please Larry, you can't tell Max about this. She will lose everything. Larry Tells her Max will know when she is two months late. This is a dangerous lie for the baby's sake. Why hasn't she told Todd yet. Todd took Starr away from her, he will take this baby too if he finds out. Max is willing to marry her, that way the baby will have a legal father. Please Larry, no one can stop this. She thought she would just go away, have the baby, and say it was small for it's age. So she wants him to lie. No, she just doesn't want him to offer anything to Max. She starts to have pains again. Later Max, Blair and Gabriella return from the hospital. Gabby thinks she should have stayed in the hospital for the night. Blair just wanted to be home, she is more comfortable here. She wants to lay down on the couch. She doesn't care what Gabriella thinks, she asks Max to get Gabby out of here. Gabriella is just trying to help. She calls a nursing service and asks for a 24 hour nurse. Blair and Max both say no, they don't want a stranger there. Max will move in with Blair for as long as she needs him. Gabriella isn't happy. 

Gabriella is in the foyer of Todd's house as Max comes out of the front room. She asks if things will be okay now. They have to, it may be his last chance to be what he should have been for Al. That touches Gabriella to hear him say that. He doesn't know how he will thank her for helping Blair. Gabriella says there is no need to thank her. She just wants to be a friend that can help. He asks if she is still mad at him for marrying Blair. No, she understands he is marrying her for the baby. It is admirable she tells him. She just wants to be an extra pair of hands for whatever an expectant father may need. Right now, she thinks he needs a hug. She lingers with the hug, and looks into Max's eyes. He kisses her. Max pulls away from her. He can't do this. Gabby notices they do this every time they are alone together. Max tells her if she really wants to help him, she can help him concentrate on the baby, and not the two of them. Okay, how does he propose they do that? He could move out, so they are not always in each others company. Gabby has a better idea. If they are going to get over these feelings, they will have to give into them. They have tried for years to get over these feelings. Max asks, in other words, sleep together? In other words, yes says Gabby. Suddenly Larry opens the doors and tells him to get his car, they need to take Blair to the hospital immediately. 

Lindsay, RJ, Will, Jen, Lainey, Sam and Nora are watching the tape of Colin at the Cherryvale Inn. Colin asks if everyone is comfortable. Then, lets get this little party started. He tells them that if they are watching this, he must be dead. He hopes it was a lovely funeral. They may all want to look around, because he is pretty sure that one of them is the reason he is gone.

 Everyone looks to Nora to see her reaction. She is listening to the tape. Sam puts his arm around her protectively. They are all there because all of them meant something to Colin, and he didn't forget any of them in his will. He remembers what they all meant to him, and what each of them did. Nora yells out for someone to stop the tape. RJ stops the tape. Lindsay tells everyone she is not going to be intimidated by a dead man. Nora asks why she feels intimidated. RJ asks if this kind of will is even legal. A man walks into the room telling them it is very legal. He is Randall Truett. Colin's attorney. He assures them all that it is very legal. Sam asks if there was life insurance or anything. Yes there was. RJ asks if all that is going to be split between all of them. Well, lets watch the tape and see says Randall. He turns the tape back on. Colin tells them he is starting with his sweet beautiful niece, Jen. They were getting so close, who knows how close they would have gotten if he was there right now. It is very disturbing the way he talks about her. He leaves Jen a photo album of her family, so that she can always remember that it was her that destroyed all that. Now it is Will's turn. Will better check his port folio, Colin did some wheeling and dealing before he died, and Will isn't as rich as he thinks he is. Sam. He leaves Sam some memorabilia. It is a lock of Nora's hair. Now it is Lainey's turn. She gets a valuable piece of literature, 'Divorce for Dummies'. Now it is RJ, Lindsay, and Nora's turn. To them, he leaves the best of all. The Truth. Lindsay calls him a liar. Nora tells her they should listen to what he has to say before judging. To RJ, he leaves a fashion statement. Lord knows he needs it. It is a Statesville prison uniform. RJ is rattled and throws the package at the TV. Colin reminds him that the fact that he has been invited to both dinners, leaves everyone wondering just what his association to Colin is. The truth will surprise everybody. Which brings him to Lindsay. Lindsay loudly proclaims that she doesn't know what he is talking about. Colin tells her not to say she doesn't know what she is talking about when it is obvious to everyone that she does. He left her something very special. It is a syringe. Nora is very interested. She thinks this is the proof she is looking for. She asks Lainey if they can run tests on it. Lainey looks at it and tells her it is a fresh needle. It has never been used on anyone. Lindsay is happy about that, they should have never come here. She tells Will to take Jen home. Will and Jen leave. Nora asks Sam if he believes that he was telling her that Lindsay gave her the shot. Yes, he does, but that isn't proof and she knows it. Nora was so sure that he was going to leave her the truth, but he left her nothing. That isn't entirely true says Randall. He has another tape, and it has Nora's name on it. Nora decides that she has to listen to it just in case it has the truth on it. All that is on the tape is Colin professing his undying love for her, and he tells her it isn't over, it is just beginning. Randall excuses himself to gather some folders. Lindsay doubles over in laughter at the pathetic tape. Sam tells Nora that they are all done with Colin. Lainey reminds them that they attorney said Colin had investments and life insurance. It isn't going to any of them, so who is it going to? The real Colin walks in announcing that he is sorry he is late. Everyone is going white, they are all in shock. Colin asks if there were any messages for him while he was gone.

 John is in the locker room at the police station with just a towel on at his locker. Rae sneaks in behind him and shuts the locker putting a combination lock on it. He asks her what she is doing. It is an attention getter. Okay, she got his attention, now please remove the lock. She will not until they talk. He has been avoiding her, and he can't now. They are going to talk things thru right now or he can walk stark naked through the squad room, or even the street for all she cares. She just lets it flow. She rambles on and on, John can't get a word in edgewise. Finally, he grabs her and pushes her into the locker giving her a very passionate kiss as his towel falls to the floor. After the kiss Rae is all giddy. John tells her that he has just been very busy. He was going to call her tonight. When is he off duty. Right now. Why don't they go to her house and finish this. He puts his towel back on, and asks for the combination. Rae is still giddy and can't remember the combination. She offers to go get some help and tells him to stay right there. She leaves to go get help as Antonio is walking into the room. Antonio tells John that he put in for a promotion. John says good, he will put in a good word for him. John reminds him that he is a few credits short. Antonio tells him that someone told him today that he was letting his past ruin his future, maybe he was right. It is time to move forward, for real.

By Glynis


Gabrielle is telling Max that the way that he cares for Blair is very touchingÖ Larry is taking care of Blair and he wants to examine her to make sure that the baby is okay and that they donít have to deliver prematurely. She tells him that she canít be examined now and that the baby is not ready to be delivered because it isnít far enough along yet. Larry wants to know how she knows that. She tries to make excuses, but Larry just wants to know how far along she is. He reaches under the couch and pulls out a pillow. He guesses that she was wearing the pillow to be more pregnant than she really is. She admits that she was faking the length of her pregnancy and hopes that Larry will not tell anyone.

Antonio tries to point out to Cristian that Jennifer lied to him before and that she will probably lie to him again. He wants his brother to get away from her. Cristian thinks that this is about Antonioís life and not his.

Al is with his friend and he admits that he has feelings for someone else, but she is with someone now... Two girls in RJís club are looking at the Internet and oohing and aahing at the pictures of Cristian in his apartment.

The guests have all arrived at the location for the reading of the will and Colin is on tape talking to everyone. He taunts each and every one of them. Colin tells Lindsay that for her he has left something extra special. He calls for his lawyer and the lawyer comes over and gives her a velvet box. She opens it and finds a syringe in the box. Nora can see what she has in her hand and she looks at Lindsay accusingly.

Rae and John are together in the police locker room when Rae arrives and flirts a bit with him as he tries to get into his locker dressed only in a towel. The locker is not opening and they both laugh at that. The combinations are flying but none of them work and he canít get into the locker. She offers to go to help and he is embarrassed because of the way that he is dressed. She leaves and Antonio walks in and finds John in this horribly embarrassing situation. Antonio asks John about a promotion that is up and John is glad to hear that Antonio is interested in it. Turns out that there is a good chance that Antonio may get the job. Some others though that have applied have their degrees with them and that is going to make them look really good. Antonio thinks that it is time that he gets serious and start looking to the future.

Max offers to take care of Blair for the whole time. She feels that she will be okay. Max will let nothing happen to her. He offers to stay and move in with Blair for as long as she needs him. Gabrielle is on the phone trying to call for a 24-hour nurse, but both Blair and Max donít want that. Max wants someone to be there for Blair that is going to care for the baby as much as he is and that person can only be him.