One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/7/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/7/01

By Boo

Blair is on the floor at Todd's house still in much pain. Gabriella is standing over her. Blair asks her to please help. It is the baby. Yes, says Gabriella, the baby. The reason you wanted to marry Max. Blair tries to reach for the phone, but Gabby picks it up instead. She isn't sure what to do. She looks at the phone, then at Blair. Gabriella finally makes the call asking for help. Blair screams loudly in pain. Gabriella gets a cold rag, and tries to keep Blair calm. They told her to keep her calm. Blair thanks her for showing up when she did. Gabriella thinks to herself that she is sure Max will be grateful too. The door bell rings and Gabby jumps up to go answer it. While she is answering the door, Blair hurriedly takes out padding that she had under her clothes to make her look more pregnant than she was. The paramedics rush in and start to tend to Blair. Gabby asks them one of them if they know what is going on. Not without a full examination, but the father should be notified of what is going on. Max walks in, and Gabriella rushes to him. He asks how Blair and the baby are. Larry walks in behind Max, Max thanks him for coming. Larry got Max's call just as his shift was ending. Larry goes to Blair's side. Gabriella tells Max about getting the phone call from Blair. She could tell something was wrong, she couldn't find Max so she rushed right over. She called the ambulance and sat with Blair doing what they told her to do till they got there. Max thanks her, she may have saved both of them. He goes to Blair's side also. Gabriella is pleased that he feels grateful to her now. Blair is telling Larry to please save her baby. Larry is going to do all he can. The EMT asks Max when she is due, Max tells him in the fall. She is awful small to be due in the fall. Blair starts to yell loudly about the baby being small because, Max rushes to her side and calms her. He tells her everything is going to be okay. She can't lose this baby Max, she just can't. As the EMT's are leaving, one comments to the other that is strange. That guy that is with her is Max, when he was tending to her she kept asking for some guy named Todd.

RJ is unlocking the door to his apartment. He finds a letter stuck in the door. It is a letter from Colin. He opens it to read it. Lindsay knocks on RJ's door, he comes out into the hallway to talk to her. He assumes she got her invitation to Colin's little shindig. She is worried. What does he think is going to happen? She wants a phony passport. She isn't waiting around to get arrested. No, she isn't going anywhere. She is going to listen to him, he is going to tell her exactly what she is going to do. First she is going to go to that dinner tonight. Why would she do that? Because if she doesn't, it will make her look more guilty. RJ convinces her after a lot of trying that Colin had no real evidence, and without it, they don't have a case. She tells him that she would kill Colin herself over all this if he wasn't already dead.

Nora, Lindsay, Sam, Jen, Will, and Lainey are all in Sam's front room. Nora comments that Colin obviously wanted them all present at the reading of the will. She thinks his most valuable asset was the truth. The truth about what Lindsay did to her. Lindsay tells her to stop being so melodramatic. It is merely Colin's pathetic attempt to torture them all from the grave. Well, says Nora, maybe it is, but she intends to go and hear what he had to say. Is anyone going with her. They are all quiet. Sam tells them he is going with Nora. Lindsay can't believe that he has forgiven her, after all she did. Lainey asks her who is being melodramatic now. Lainey will go with Nora too. Oh you would, says Lindsay. Well, she was married to the man, she wants to hear what he has to say. Maybe he will give you back your house says Will. Maybe. Lainey goes to the other room to call Bo and tell him what is going on. Lindsay is not going. Will thinks it is a good idea to go to, he doesn't want Colin having the last word. Why is Lindsay not going, asks Nora, are you afraid of what he is going to say about you? No, the truth is that Colin kidnapped her and drugged her twice, all on his own. Well then, why not come with them? Lindsay has better things to do with her time. She turns to Jen and Will and asks them to come with her. They don't move, Lindsay turns to Nora holding her purse for her. Lindsay grabs it and leaves. Jen wants to talk to Will alone, she takes him out to the foyer. Sam asks Nora if she is really okay with this, she doesn't have to prove to him how brave she is. She feels she may need to prove it to herself. She tells him about seeing Colin again, seeing him again and again falling down the stairs, hearing his laughter in her ears. Okay, that's it says Sam. Lets just go get Mathew and take off for a few days in the mountains. She can't do that, she has to hear what he has to say. Sam asks her what she is afraid of. She is afraid she is going to get the truth, and the cost will be too high. Then why not just let him go and he will tell her what the will said. No, she has to do this. Lainey re-enters the room, she couldn't find Bo, she left him messages everywhere. Well, they all know what he would have said Nora remarks. Lainey agrees, he would have told her not to go. Nora doesn't like that it is at the Cherryvale Inn. He couldn't have known the night he set up the dinner party that it would be the night she killed him she decides. That's right says Sam. He is dead now, dead and buried. He can't hurt her now. Sam says it is time to go if they are gonna do this. He goes into the foyer and asks Will and Jen if they are sure they don't just want to go to a movie. No, they really want to be there. They are going to take Will's car and meet him and Nora there. Nora asks Lainey if she really is ready for this? You mean if they confirm that Lindsay is the one that did this to Nora. Lainey assures her that she is ready. Maybe Bo will get one of her messages and meet them there. Lainey leaves. Nora asks Sam if he really is ready for this, in his heart of hearts. Yes, he assures her. Well, then, let's go listen to messages from the other side. They leave also, telling Will and Jen that they will see them there. Jen asks Will what if Nora is right? Colin reveals Lindsay as his accomplice. Well, then they will protect their mother, says Will. What else can they do. Jen asks where do you think she went?

We see someone setting up placement cards at the table at the Cherryvale Inn, just like the night of the dinner party. Sam, Nora, and Lainey all arrive at the Cherryvale Inn about the same time. They see the table set up just like it was the night of the dinner party. Nora hears Colin's voice: "Noooorrrrraa, It's me Nora, I'm here." She covers her ears and is visibly shaken. Sam and Lainey go to her quickly. Sam assures her that whatever she's hearing, is all in her head. They didn't hear anything. We see someone checking off all three of their names off a list. Will and Jen walk in asking if anyone else has shown up. No, Sam answers, not even Colin's attorney. In the hall we see Lindsay and RJ arrive. RJ tells her to go in first, they don't want to be a too obvious. Lindsay goes in. Someone asks her why she is there. Well, she figured if her family was determined to do this, she should be here with them. RJ comes in, all they need now is McGuyver. But wait. He's dead. Nora asks Sam what time it is. As the clock starts to chime that it is 8:00 on the dot, someone pushes the button on a remote turning on a recording on a TV in the room. It is Colin sitting in a chair. He says 'Well, hello friends and lovers. Just wait till ya see what I got in store for ya this time.'

Seth and Jess are on the couch at Vicky's watching a movie. Seth has kissed Jess. She pulls away from him and stands up. She can't do that, not now. He asks her not now, or not ever? Does that one kiss have to last him a lifetime? She tells him that she just isn't ready yet. Just a few minutes ago, she didn't have a thought about Will, now, because of the kiss, she is going back over everything again. She knows they will not get back together, that would never work. She just doesn't trust her own feelings right now. He says he understands, as long as she doesn't hold that kiss against him. Don't worry, she's not ready to give up her study partner just yet. She doesn't want anyone else to know that she is afraid of scary movies. Her secret is safe with him, as long as his secret is still safe with her. What secret does he have? Is she serious? She doesn't even think of him as the same person that did that to her family all those years ago. He tells her she is very open minded. Most people judge him by his past. She doesn't think that is fair. Well, he misjudged her too. He thought since she was a Buchanan, she would be this spoiled brat. She is amused by that. Al rushes in, he is sorry if he is interrupting anything, but he really needs to talk to Jess. Seth says they were working on a school project. Jess says yea, but they are done, aren't they? Seth says he has to leave anyway. Jess follows him to the door and thanks him again for understanding. No problem he answers. Outside, we see that Seth is angry about being interrupted. Inside, Jess asks Al what is wrong. He thinks he is losing it. Why? Just answer one question for him. How can he care about somebody he is supposed to hate? Who would that be? Max, who else? Well what happened with Max. Al tells her that he started to see Max as a real person that had just made some bad mistakes. What is wrong with that? He knows Max is up to something, trying to get back into the Buchanan family. People never change he says. No, that is not true. There is someone in her life right now, that hurt her family big time a long time ago. Who is it, does Al know them? That doesn't matter, what matters is that she could have chosen not to trust him again, but what would be the point? For self preservation maybe? No, she thinks people can protect themselves but still be open minded. So what, forget about the past? No, of course not, but don't make it the only thing you think about. She does believe people can change for the better. Seth is behind Jess's house, listening through the open door of the patio.

Max is sitting in the library at Asa's. Al walks. Max tells him he has something to say to him. Max doesn't want to hear anything he has to say. Max tells him he will hear it sooner or later, and Max wants to be the one to tell him. Al stops to listen. Max tells him that he is going to marry Blair. He is going to be a father to this child, legally and every other way. This child will be his brother or sister, whether he likes it or not. Al is silent. Max asks him doesn't he have anything to say? What does Max want him to say? Congratulations? Hope he makes his old family as happy as he made Al and Gabriella? There was a time when they were all happy, Al just doesn't remember them. Like all the years that Max forgot about them? Max didn't get it right with his first three children, what makes him think he can get it right this time? He will. What about all the broken promises he made Al? Al bets that Max doesn't can't even remember the promises that he broke. Max remembers back to when Al was just a baby. Holding him in his arms and apologizing for having to leave. He will teach Al to ride horses when Al gets big enough to come and visit him. Back to the future, Al is telling him that Gabriella told him that Max promised to teach him to ride horses. The first of the broken promises. Max remembers again the same conversation, picking little Al up and telling him that he loved him. He tells Al that they weren't all broken. He knows Al won't believe anything he has to say, but he does love him very much. He was broke, he didn't have a career, he had nothing. Then he found out he had a brain tumor. He just wanted to leave his kids a legacy. By conning Asa? Max tells him that he told him a long time ago, that there were things he wanted to help make Al understand. Please let him have the chance to keep that promise. The phone rings, it is Gabriella. She tells him there is an emergency. It is Blair. She has called the ambulance, but they are still at Dorians. Max puts the phone down and apologizes for having to leave. They will finish this conversation, he promises. He leaves.

Todd jumps into a limo where Starr is waiting inside. He asks her if she is ready to go, and tells the driver to take them to the airport for international flights. What does she want to do when they get there. She doesn't care. As long as mommy isn't there. She never wants to see mommy again. Todd tells her that she won't have to. Starr tells him that mommy is just a big fat liar. She told her that she hated Max, she loved Todd and that the baby was daddy's. It was all a big fat lie. Todd remembers Blair 'faking' it on the floor when he left. Starr asks how come the car isn't moving. It is just traffic, don't worry, they will make the flight on time. They hear a siren in the back ground. Todd comments on being sorry for whoever that ambulance is for, in this traffic. He is starting to doubt that Blair was faking it. Starr asks what is wrong. Well, what if that someone that needs help was someone they knew, the ambulance would have trouble getting there. Well, it's a good thing they don't know anyone that needs help, right daddy? He tells the driver to turn around and take them back to Dorian's. Why daddy? Cause she probably forgot her favorite toy. No she didn't, it's in her suitcase. Okay fine, he forgot his favorite toy, and he has to go back and get it right now. They arrive back at the house and see the ambulance. Todd tells Starr to stay in the car, he will be right back. Why is the ambulance there? He will find out. He runs into the house just in time to see Max comforting Blair on the floor. He gets angry again, and runs out of the house. He gets back in the limo telling Starr that the ambulance made a mistake and was at the wrong house. Did he find what he was looking for? No, but he did find something else. Well, he is in a mood. Don't worry, he'll get over it. Looking at the tickets, Starr asks what 1W means. It means one way. It means we're getting out of here and we're never coming back.