One Life to Live Update Monday 8/6/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 8/6/01

By Boo

 There are about 5 or 6 girls gathered around the computer at the Break Bar. They are looking at some of the still shots of Cristian and decide to switch back to the live feeds. Behind them, Seth tells Jessica that for their non-date, he has decided they should sneak back into Dr. Cummings class and finish watching the movie. Jess has a better idea. It is a surprise. They leave. The girls around the computer decide that Cristian must have left, they are all disappointed. Cristian walks in and asks them all if something is wrong. They tell him the computer isn't being very user friendly. He doesn't know anything about computers, Chad is the man they need. No, he will do in a pinch. He offers to take a look at it. Chad walks up putting his arm around Cristian and pulling him away. He asks Chris what is going on. Chris tells him there is something wrong with the computer. Naw, they are just pulling his leg, he is the star attraction around here. Well, not tonight. He has a hot date with Jen. Really, what are they going to do? Well, Cristian would love to tell him, but he just remembered, it isn't any of Chad's business. Oh, that good huh? Well, he hopes they have fun. Cristian says he has to get going, he doesn't want to be late. He leaves. The girls give up and walk away from the puter. Chad is doing an update to the page telling everyone to watch tonight for things to get hot. Chris walks in and almost catches him. What happened to the date? Family emergency. That's too bad, a lot of people will be disappointed. Who? Oh, he knows, all the people that have been rooting for him and Jen to work out. Chris didn't realize they were that popular. A group of girls have formed around Cristian, all checking him out in the flesh. He doesn't realize they are behind him. He tells Chad he should be out looking for a girl himself. He is spending way too much time on the computer lately. He walks away. Chad says under his breath that Chris has too. 

Jess unlocks the door at Vicky's house and tells Seth she thought watching the movie here would be a lot better. They can have popcorn and drinks and stuff here. Seth is a little distracted. He tells Jess that it is a little weird, as the last time he was here was when he tried to burn her house down. Jess tells him he was just a kid back then. He knows, but it is just a little weird. They can leave if he wants to, they can go back to the school. No, it's just a little weird for him, what is he gonna say if when he meets her parents, they realize who he is. Vicky comes to the door and asks Jess if there is a problem. She invites them into the front room, reminding Jess that she should introduce them. Tension is very high in the room. Mom, this is Seth. He's a friend of mine. From school. Oh, well, very nice to meet you Seth. Seth tells her that Jess and he are study partners in Dr. Cummings film class. Oh, well, where are you from Seth? Oh, around here. Did you two go to high school together? Well, for a little bit I guess. All are very uncomfortable. Jess tells Vicky that they came here to watch a movie for class. Oh well, sorry I made it so uncomfortable for you, you help yourself to anything in the kitchen. Vicky leaves the room. Jess shuts the double doors into the front room. Seth asks her why she didn't tell Vicky that he was the guy that tried to burn down their house. What her mother doesn't know won't hurt her. Seth smiles. The door bell rings. In the foyer, Vicky answers the door. It is Todd. She says hello, he says good bye. Well, that is a novel opening. Well, he is going out of town and he just thought he should come by and tell her that. So, he has told her now and he starts to leave. Where is he going? Vicky, did you have anything to do with this latest stunt that Blair pulled? What stunt? This latest one where she tried to get him to let her see Starr. She doesn't know anything about it. Well, then she won't mind him telling her that it didn't work. He can't believe Blair tried to fool him. He knows her better than she knows herself. Back in the living room, Seth and Jess are watching a movie. Jess is glad they skipped the scary movie and went to the comedy. She loves comedy. Seth is trying to put his arm around Jess without her knowing about it. Jess says Oh no, he's going to drop the dishes. You hear breaking sounds from the TV. That was more scary than the horror flick. What, he just broke a million dishes, that was funny says Seth. What? She got those dishes from her mother, they were antiques. Seth has managed to get his arm around Jess now. Out in the front yard, Vicky assures Todd that she doesn't know anything about any stunt. Would she tell him if she did? Well, it would depend on the stunt, but she does know that if someone was trying to keep her from Jessie, she would do whatever she had to. Exactly, but its not going to work. He is keeping Starr. Vicky tells him he can't do that. Use his child as a weapon in this war with Blair. She knows that Blair hurt him a lot. He tells her Starr doesn't want to live with Max either. That is fine, Starr can still live with Todd, just share custody. He isn't sharing anything. Vicky tells him that isn't fair. It is too fair, she can keep this new baby for herself, and he keeps his child. What is more fair than that? In the front room, Jess realizes that this is the longest period of time that she has gone in a long time without thinking about Will. She tells Seth thanks. He leans over and kisses her. In the front yard, Vicky asks Todd what he is going to do? Just take Starr and leave Llanview forever? That isn't a bad idea, he has nothing here. Well, thanks alot! What about her, and Jess, and Sam? That touches Todd, but he won't leave a return address. What about his paper? Why should she care, it's getting rid of the competition. She can handle the competition. She tells him that he is her brother, please don't go. Todd starts to cry, he just can't stay here and watch her marry Max. He screwed up when he let him self want that baby to be his. He leaves. 

Gabriella slams into the library at Asa's and isn't real happy to see Asa sitting there. He asks how her day went. She tells him it was productive. What about Blair? Under control she tells him. So they can get back to their plan? She doesn't see why not. Asa tells her to cut the crap, he has been playing poker since before she was born. He knows a bluff when he sees one. Gabriella breaks down and tells him things are going to hell in a hand basket, Todd told her that Blair and Max are in love. That doesn't mean much coming from Todd. Well, no, but Blair backed him up right in front of her. Asa comments that isn't good. How are they going to get him in the sack with Gabby and on tape if he has eyes for another filly. Gabriella is sure that he isn't in love with Blair. He is only interested in her because of the baby. If only that baby didn't exist. What are they going to do now? Asa tells her that he has kept his part of the bargain. He came up with how to make it look like Max killed him and to get it all on tape. Her part of the bargain is to get Max in bed and get it on tape. Well, she would have done that already if it wasn't for the baby. The baby does interfere with her plan, so she needs to come up with another plan Asa tells her. Maybe he needs another partner? No, she will do what she said. Good, because he would hate to send her back to that dump he found her in. She will keep her end of the bargain. That is good too because no one ever broke a deal with Asa and lived through it. Good night Gabriella. Good night Asa. Oh, by the way, he tells her, pay attention to things around you. Something always pops up to offer a solution to problems. He leaves the room. Gabby flops on the couch and puts the drink she is holding to her head. She is very worried. Gabby starts to pace around the room thinking. She remembers when Blair came to the house wanting to talk to Max about the baby. She decides the only way this will work with Max, is for her to get Blair out of the way. The phone rings, it is Blair, obviously in a lot of pain, thinking that it is Max on the phone, Blair tells him that she thinks it is the baby. Blair begs for someone to call an ambulance, she thinks that she is losing the baby. Gabriella hangs up the phone and takes a drink.

 Blair is kneeled on the floor of Todd's front room in a lot of pain. Todd sits down and picks up a magazine to leaf through. What is this Blair? She thinks it is a contraction, but it can't be, it's too early. He tells her that this won't work. Even if he believed this was real, he wouldn't let her see Starr. What? He thinks she is faking this? Oh no, he doesn't think, he knows she is faking it. She tells him that the pains are very real, please help her. He doesn't' move, he still thinks she is faking it. Blair is in a lot of pain now. Todd tells her that he knows all her tricks. He gets up to leave, he is going upstairs to watch a really good cartoon. Please Todd, just call a doctor for her. Oh no, now she's losing it. If he calls a doctor, the doctor will know right off the bat that she is faking it. Oh, she wants him to go call a doctor so she can look through his stuff and see if he wrote down somewhere where he sent Starr. Well, that won't work either, cause he didn't write anything down. Todd, please, she isn't faking it. He will be sorry if something happens to this baby. Oh no he won't. He doesn't care what happens to Max's brat. He doesn't care if it is two headed or doesn't come out of her at all. She tells him that he doesn't know what he's saying. Well, he does know that she is carrying Max's child, that she wants to marry Max, and that she wants to take Starr with her. He also knows that isn't going to happen. He starts to walk away. Blair begs him, please Todd. She reaches out to him. He pretends to reach out to her, then tells her to call him when she is done with this little charade. He walks out of the room. Blair is now laying down on the floor, she starts to cry asking him to please not leave her. Blair sees the phone on the desk. She crawls over to it and pulls it down on the floor. She dials Asa's house, hoping that Max will pick up the phone. She realizes that someone hung up on her. She needs to call 911. She starts to, and then passes out from the pain. She wakes up a little bit later, and sees the phone just out of her reach on the floor. She tries to scoot over to it. She sees a woman's foot next to the phone. Looking up, she sees Gabriella standing there. 

Will is in his loft going through his mail. He sees a letter addressed to him, from Colin. He opens it and reads that he has been left something in Colin's will. The reading of the will is today at the Cherryvale Inn, at 8:00 p.m. 

Lindsay has just handed Jen a letter addressed to her from Colin in Sam's front room. Jen says that can't be, Colin is dead. She moves to sit next to Lindsay on the couch. Maybe he wrote it before he died. This letter was hand delivered Jen. Lindsay looks down in her lap and realizes that there is also a letter addressed to her and one addressed to Sam from Colin. Jen asks what they should do? Should they read them? Lindsay reads the letter to Jen. It is letting them know that Colin left them something in his will. Why would he do that, he knew that they all hated him asks Jen. Lindsay doesn't understand either, she finishes reading the letter. What does this mean asks Jenn? She doesn't want to be in Colin's will. Lindsay says he has caused this family enough trouble. Will walks in and shows him his letter. Jen shows him hers. Lindsay tells him that they all got a letter. Well, what should they do asks Will. Lindsay tells them nothing. They just ignore it. They throw the letters away and ignore it. If Colin wants to communicate with this family, he's going to have to crawl out of the grave and ring the damn door bell. The door bell rings. Jen asks if it is Colin. Of course not Lindsay tells her, Colin is dead. Right, will someone just answer the door Will says. Well, for Pete's sake, it is probably just Sam who has forgotten his keys. Lindsay is a little hesitant, but opens the door. It is Lainey. She breezes by Lindsay and gives Will and Jen both a kiss on the cheek. She is looking for Sam. Lindsay tells her that she is expecting him any minute. Well, can Lainey just wait here for him? She needs to asks him about a legal correspondence she received. You mean about Colin's will asks Lindsay. How does she know that? Jen shows her that they all got letters from him. Well that doesn't make any sense, what would Colin leave this family? Well, you tell me says Lindsay. Excuse me? Well, you're the expert on wills. Lainey can't believe she would bring that up now. They start to argue with Will trying to split them up. The door bell rings again. Jen answers the door, it is Cristian. He asks if she is ready. She tells him not exactly. You can hear Lindsay and Lainey in the background arguing. Jen takes him outside and explains to Chris about the letter. Now everyone is freaking out. Chris understands, that is a pretty good excuse for breaking their date. Is she going to go to the reading? He would be happy to go with her. No, she doesn't think she will, even if she did, she has dragged him into enough of her family business. She didn't drag him he tells her. He wanted to be there for her. She apologizes for messing up their plans for the night. There will be other nights. Oh yea? What will they be like? Chris kisses her on the neck, something like this. Or this, kissing her on the forehead. Or this, kissing her lightly on the lips. How about like this Jen asks. She puts her arms around him and kisses him full on the lips. He says yea, something like that. He tells her he will see her later, and leaves. Jen goes back inside to Lainey telling them that they have to go to the reading of the will. Will suggests that one of them go so they can tell the rest of them what was in it. Jen thinks that is a good idea, and she doesn't want to be the one. Lindsay says none of them are going and starts to rip up the letters. Sam and Nora walk in. Nora asks her if she is tearing up bills? Lindsay says it was junk mail. Sam holds up Nora's letter and asks her if it looked like this? Lindsay tells them that none of them should go. Nora says they don't have to. She can tell them what Colin left in the will. The most valuable thing he had. The truth. 

Nora and Sam are in Nora's front room. She is reading the letter from Colin. Sam asks what it says? It can't be from Colin. Nora continues to read and says no. She looks up to Sam and says oh, no. Sam tells her to just tell him what the letter says. She tells him it is not from Colin, it is from his estate. Colin has left her something to remember him by. She starts to read the letter to Sam. Sam takes the letter and looks at it. He recognizes the attorney's name on the letterhead. It must be legit then Nora says. What if it isn't just a reading of the will? What makes her think it could be anything else. Because it is all starting to happen again. This is the same thing that happened before. They all got summoned to a small gathering at the Cherryvale Inn. Sam reminds her that it is a very common gathering spot in this part of the country. No, there was nothing common about that dinner party. That is the night that Colin kidnapped her, drugged her, took her to his place, and she pushed him down the stairs killing him. What if, somehow, it is all starting over again? She is never gonna get him out of her life. Sam tries to calm her down. This is the end, the will is like the period at the end of a sentence. Nora is not scared anymore. She is angry, very angry. Sam tells her not to let Colin get to her like this, that is just another victory for Colin. He will go to the reading of the will and tell her what Colin left her. It is probably some sick love letter, or something from the shrine he had of her. Nora thinks she knows what Colin left her. It makes her very happy now. She is very excited, they have to go. Can't she just give him a clue? She will explain on the way. She grabs her purse and earrings and heads for the door. She just realized that Colin had to die in order to do the first good deed of his life. There she is says Sam. What, who? The woman he has been waiting to see for so long. Nora looks around, who? The Nora that he knows and loves. Nora smiles at him, then turns and rushes out the door, pulling Sam along with her. 

We see the back of one man, with another man telling him that every thing has been arranged according to his instructions. It is quite the evening he has planned here. What is it? Some kind of surprise party?