One Life to Live Update Friday 8/03/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 8/3/01

By Boo

Cristian and Jen are making out on the bed in Cristian's loft. They go to kneeling position and continue to make out. They start to undress each other. He loves her, she loves him. Heavy pounding on the door. Chris decides whoever it is, they aren't going away. Maybe they need him to work after all. We'll see about that. He goes to answer the door. Lindsay pushes her way in saying 'Cristian there really was something'. Jen is surprised to see Lindsay. She asks her mother what she is doing here? Well, she didn't expect to see Jen here, she thought Jen was shopping. Jen didn't go to the mall, she asked Will to lie to Lindsay because she knew that Lindsay would try to interrupt, like she is doing now. Cristian says he thought she wanted to bury the hatchet. She did mean that, then turns back to Jen. She tries to convince Jen that she has changed her mind. She isn't real happy that Jen is so in love with Cristian, but she will stay out of it. Cristian wants to know why she came there. She stammers a bit, and comes up with a surprise for Jen. She wanted to surprise Jen with some kind of gesture to prove to her that she wasn't going to interfere. Chris tells Jen not to believe a word, cut the bull Lindsay. She wanted this gesture to show Jen what she thinks of Cristian. Chris isn't buying it at all. Lindsay tells them that she has decided to cook a big dinner for both the families. They should all get to know each other better if the two of them are going to be dating. She has always wanted to get to know Chris' mother better. Now is a good time. Come on Jen, I need your help with getting everything ready. Jen tells Chris that she hates to leave like this. Well then don't. She has to, to find out what is really up with Lindsay. He doesn't think she has a chance at all in figuring that out. Jen asks him to rescue her in an hour. She kisses him goodbye and leaves with Lindsay. Chris starts lifting weights. He does a small work out and then some stretching.

Lindsay and Jen arrive at Sam's. Lindsay bends down and picks the mail up off the porch, as if she is used to her mail being on the porch instead of a mail box. Lindsay is excited about them cooking together again, like they did when she was little. Jen has no intention of cooking with Lindsay. She wants to know how Lindsay knew just the right moment to interrupt them. Lindsay tells her again that she thought Jen was at the mall shopping. Jen doesn't believe that for a moment. Lindsay says she has accepted that they are going to be dating, Jen just has to tell her every time she is going to Cristians. No, Jen has no intentions of telling her when she is going to Cristians. Lindsay tells her, but then everyone will know about it. What does Lindsay mean by that? How will people know, Chris isn't one to kiss and tell, and anyway, why should she care that is what two people in love do. Lindsay tells her that there is more to it than that. Sit down, she has to tell her something. Lindsay looks down at the mail in her lap finally, and sees that there is a letter for Jen. It is from Colin, she hands the letter to Jen.

In the Break Bar, the crowd gathers around to watch the live feeds of Cristian's loft as things heat up between Cristian and Jen. Lindsay comes back to the Break Bar, and tells Chad that Jen is off shopping, if for some reason she finishes shopping and comes to Cristian's, he is to call her immediately. He will. Does Chad think that Cristian even has a clue about the cams? Not yet. They have to keep it that way. Chad tells her it will be hard. The web page is already causing quite a buzz. He just added a gallery of pictures called the best of hottie. Lindsay is pleased with that. They have to keep Cristian in the dark as long as they can. All the girls huddled around the lap top are starting to make a commotion. Lindsay tries to see what is on the screen, but just can't quite see. She finally gives up and starts to leave. Chad calls her back in, she has to see what is on the screen. Lindsay goes to look. Oh my God. She sees Cristian take off his shirt, and start to unbutton Jen's shirt. She takes off quickly. The girls are disappointed when Chris and Jen get up off the bed. This part is boring. Jess comes into the bar and sees Natalie at a table. She sits down with her. She is nervous. What's going on over there? Oh, just a bunch of losers that have nothing better to do than look at a computer screens all day. Well, Jess is glad that Natalie is here. Why? What's going on? Jess is meeting Seth here for a 'date'. It's not a big deal, she is just a little nervous. She's not sure if she is ready for this yet. Well, then call Seth and cancel. He is probably already on his way. Natalie tells her that she should leave a message with the bartender saying she is sick, and get out of there before Seth shows up. The girls all realize that Chris is back in view of the camera, and rush back to the computer. Jess asks Natalie what that is all about. Some hot dude on a website. She only wants the real thing. Jess agrees. She is happy without anyone in her life right now. Seth is kinda cute, and she kinda likes him. She thinks he kinda likes her. Well, then stay here and have your date. Jess starts to panic a little. No, she can't do this. She is going to play sick and leave. Her phone rings. It is Seth. He is running a little late, can she wait for him? Cristian starts to do pushups. The girls are totally loving it. How late is he going to be? She's not into this is she? It's okay, he understands. It will be more of a non-date. Jess says she can handle that. Just remember, Emily Post says it is rude to keep a girl waiting. Who is Emily Post? Is that the girl she was hanging with in class? Jess tells him never mind, she will be waiting for him, and hangs up. Natalie asks if she changed her mind again. Natalie must think she is crazy. No, she would be the same way. Natalie starts to leave, and Jess asks her to stay and have dinner with the two of them. No, Jess has to do this on her own. Just relax. Thanks Natalie. You're welcome. Natalie leaves. The girls at the computer are making a lot of noise. It gets Jess' curiosity up. She goes to try to see what is going on on the screen, but Seth walks up behind her and puts his hands over her eyes. Guess who? My non-date? Yes, are you ready for our non-date? Yes, yes she is. The girls watching Chris are upset that he has stopped working out.

Al is on the phone in the library at Asa's trying to get a phone number for Natalie. He doesn't get one. Nigel comes in and asks if he rang? No, Al just can't figure out how to get the outside line. He was trying to get a phone number for a study partner. Well, while he is here, can Nigel get an order for something? Like what? They just got a new shipment of lobsters added to the tank. No, he isn't hungry. Nigel asks if the study partner is a girl? Yes, she is a babe. Nigel comments that when he was young they had to have same sex partners for school projects. So, she is a babe? Well, yes, but the one he really wants is already taken. Well, maybe she will see the light before it is too late. Nigel starts to leave and Al asks if he has seen Gabriella. He saw her earlier in the day, looking very intent for whatever were her plans for the day. Al goes out of the room. Gabby comes in. She is upset and crying. He just can't be in love with her. He just can't. Al hears her and comes in the room. Gabby tries to compose herself, but doesn't do a very good job. What is wrong? She tells him that it is memories that are upsetting her. They catch her so unaware at times. What? Memories of when she went to prison. That is some of them yes. Some of them? She grabs Al and starts crying. She is so sorry that she missed all those years of his growing up, and that she left him with a father that didn't love him near as much as she did. Al says that someone should make Max pay for all that he has done. Yes, and perhaps someone will Al, very soon.

Seth is primping in the mirror in his bedroom. He has a picture of Jess on his mirror. He fingers the picture, rubbing Jess' hair.

Blair and Kelly are in Kelly's front room. Blair tells Kelly that Todd told Starr that the baby is Max's. She is very upset. Kelly tells her that since Blair was so intent on making everyone in town believe that the baby was Max's, Starr was bound to hear about it sooner or later. This isn't the way Blair wanted Starr to hear about it. Starr hates her now. Oh come on Blair, all kids hate their parents when thing don't go their way. Starr will come around. Well, if Kelly believes that, she doesn't know Starr very well, and she doesn't know Todd very well either. Starr needs her mother, and Blair is gonna be with her no matter what. Kelly tries to tell her that this plan will never work. How is she gonna explain when the baby comes? A baby that is premature she might get away with, but how late can a pregnant woman be? Sooner or later, they all will figure out that the baby is Todd's. Someone will demand a DNA test. Blair says she will worry about that when the time comes. She will not let Todd get a hold of this baby. Todd must have been pretty angry when Blair told him. Blair convinced him that she still loves Max. She had to. She just wanted to hurt him as much as he hurt her. So that's what this is all about. It is the Todd/Blair wars all over again. No, it's about Starr. Todd hurt Starr more than he hurt Blair. Kelly, you should have seen Starr's face. It was like Blair had killed all her little dreams. Kelly tells her that Starr just wants her parents back together. No, she also wants this baby to be Todd's. Blair has to find her and make her feel better. Is Blair gonna tell her the truth? Kelly reminds her that she can't do that, Starr will tell Todd. Blair doesn't know what she is gonna tell Starr, she just has to find her and make things better.

Todd is on the stairs at his (Dorian's) house putting strips of black tape over the part of the portrait that shows half of Blair. The door bell rings. It is Gabriella. She needs to talk to him. No. It will only take a minute. No. It is really important. No. Gabriella invites herself into the house. Well, maybe three minutes, what has Todd got to lose? His time, that's what he has to lose. He doesn't need her help, he is just fine. Gabby points to the black tape and says that is obvious. She saw his face when Starr dropped that bombshell. Yea, and he saw hers. Well, what is he gonna do about it. Nothing, he is gonna wait until Blair shoots Max in the back again, and watch her waste away in Statesville. They will put the child in foster care. So? There is a better plan. What does she care? Todd thought Asa bought her for himself. Nobody 'bought' her, her and Asa are in love. That is why they are married. Then why is she so worried about Max. She isn't, she is there on Asa's behalf. Why did Blair suddenly turn to Max. Maybe the judge was right and she really is crazy. Why does Asa care now? Gabby tells him that Asa has very specific plans for Max's future. What would they be Todd asks her. Well, let's just say that Blair is in the way. What has changed? What are they up to Todd? Well, maybe because he got Blair pregnant. She has been pregnant for months. What changed? Did he do something to throw her into Max's arms? No, maybe she is still in love with Max. Does Max love Blair? Well, she shoot him in the back and he is still going to marry her. Gabriella knows Max. He is up to something. Todd tells her that's enough, time for her to leave. He opens the door to throw her out to find Blair standing there. Blair asks Gabby what she is doing in Blair's house. Todd reminds her that it is Starr's house. Gabby tells Blair that she got there just in time. Just in time to throw you out? No, to clear up something. Todd has been trying to convince her of something that she just finds impossible. Do her and Max really love each other? Blair looks at Todd, then back to Gabby. Not that it is any of Gabby's business, but yes they are in love. Isn't that why her and Asa got married? Absolutely. Well, thank you Blair for clearing that up for her, she is going to run back to Asa now. It is a newlywed thing, not wanting to be apart too long at a time. Gabby leaves. Todd tells Blair she can leave too. Blair isn't going anywhere, she is going to talk to Starr and fix some of the damage Todd did. She yells up the stairs for Starr. No answer. Where is she Todd? She went away. Where? Somewhere on earth. Somewhere that she can forget that Blair ever existed. Blair is very upset and starts to have pains concerning the baby. Todd just watches as she doubles over in pain. Blair goes all the way to the floor, starts to cry and says over and over, please not my baby. Not the baby. Todd continues to just stand and watch.

Nora and Sam are in Nora's front room. Nora doesn't believe what Sam just told her. You need me? Sam nods. You want me to stay? Sam nods again. But she put him through hell. Sam tells her it is all over. His death, the trial, all that he did to her and everyone else, it is over. It isn't over for Nora. It can be, just believe. Just let him hold her, let him hug all the bad stuff away. Nora slowly lays her head on Sam's shoulder. Outside the front door, we see the man with the briefcase again, from the waist down. He opens the briefcase. Nora tells Sam that she has missed him. He has missed her too. But she is a murderer. No she isn't, it was justifiable. That is what she would tell a client. Yes, he's right. He thinks it is time they are both ridded of Colin. He thinks it is time for them to start over again. He wants her by his side. That is where she wants to be. They start to kiss, then Nora hears someone at the front door. Sam goes to check and sees no one, but someone was here. He picks up the envelope off the porch. Oh my God, Nora realizes it is from Colin. It can't be from Colin, he is dead. It is someone's sick idea of a joke. When he finds out who sent this, it will be the last letter they ever send. Nora calls him her knight in shinning armor. He wants her to feel safe again. No one is ever gonna hurt Nora again like Colin did. She tells Sam that Colin isn't dead, she has seen him. What does she mean? She isn't crazy, but he is always in her mind. She can't even look at the stairs without seeing him. She went to his gravesite. Why asks Sam. To make amends. She heard something in the bushes and she looked up and he was there. He was as real to her as Sam is. Sam reminds her that he and Lindsay buried the body, Bo found the body. He was still dead. What about the letter then? It is a sick prank, they should tear it up. No, then she will never be sure. She has to read the letter. Sam tells her to do it now, while he is still there. She is afraid. Don't be, it is a prank. They all saw the dead body. She starts to open the letter.