One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/2/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/2/01

By Boo

Lindsay is talking to Chad at the Break Bar, while watching the live feeds of Cristian getting dressed in his apartment. There are lap tops all over the bar, with people watching the feeds. Lindsay tells Chad that when Cristian comes to work, he is to try to get Cristian back upstairs as quickly as possible. She is very happy to see the web site getting so much attention. Cristian walks in and tells her that RJ isn't there. She came to see Cristian. She realizes she shouldn't have tried to keep him and Jen apart. She came to apologize and asks him if they can bury the hatchet and start over. Chris is suspicious. Where does she want to bury the hatchet? In his head? Lindsay laughs and tells him that he has a good sense of humor. No, she is serious, she just wants the fighting to stop. Did Jen give her an ultimatum or something. No, she is doing this on her own, because they both love Jen. Chris is still very suspicious, but tells her it is better than warfare. She is pleased, tells him not to work too hard and leaves. Chris asks Chad if it is busy. Not at all, why doesn't Chris relax, he's probably got a few things to do upstairs. Chris asks if he is serious. Yea, Chad has it covered. Cristian is grateful. He goes back to his loft and calls Jen on her cell phone. Lindsay comes back in and asks if Cristian left. Yep, back upstairs. A couple of girls walk up and ask where Cristian is, he was just here. Chad tells them maybe he went home to get ready for a hot date. They run back to the laptop to reboot. Lindsay heads for another one. Chad asks her if she really has it in that bad for Cristian. Yes she does, and when her daughter sees what he has been up too, she will too. That boy will not know what hit him. She is watching the feeds and Chad turns the screen away from her. Will is walking into the Break Bar. Lindsay tells him hi, she thought he was with Jen. Well, he was, but she said she was going to the mall so he bailed. Where did they go? Is she keeping tabs on Jen again? She is a big girl now, Lindsay should not do that. No, she just worries about Jen because she is her mother. Jen can do anything she wants. On the puter, we see Jen arrive at Cristian's loft. Chris lets her in. The girls in the Break Bar are watching Chris kissing Jen. They comment on Jen being lucky, they bet Chris is a great kisser. Will asks Lindsay what she is doing there. She was supposed to show RJ some photographs that she got in to the gallery. He thought she was gonna stay away from RJ. Well, looks like she is because he isn't showing up. Why don't they go back to Sam's together. Will agrees, they leave. The girls are getting excited now. Chris and Jen have just laid down while still kissing.

In Cristian's loft, he tells Jen about Lindsay coming to him and apologizing. Jen asks if Chris is sure that it wasn't just someone that looked like her mom. No, it was Lindsay. He doesn't believe her does he? No, he doesn't. Chris tells her they should go to Philly and see that band that she likes so much. She wants to just stay at his loft. It is a little hot there. She doesn't mind hot. They kiss, and Chris tells her that he wants to make love to her. 

Seth is in Will's face at the quarry. He tells Will that Jess doesn't want to deal with him anymore. Will asks Jess if this guy is her body guard now. Seth tells Will that he hurt Jess already earlier today, he won't let that happen again. Will says that if Jess doesn't want to talk to him, she can tell him. Jess gets in between them, and tells Seth that she can handle this. Seth says it is her call and backs away. Will asks Jess if this is the way it is gonna be now, that they can't even talk to each other? She doesn't want it to be that way, but every time they see each other he picks a fight with her. Look at this afternoon, he walked in on her and Seth watching a movie. He acted like they were naked or something. He can't care anymore who she goes out with, who she has lunch with, or anything. Is that the way she wants it? No, but it is the way it has to be. She walks away from him. Seth walks up to Jen and tells her that Cristian talks about her all the time. Jen remembers that Seth works at the Break Bar with Cristian. He grew up in Angel Square. He made a few mistakes back then, but Chris doesn't hold it against him. Neither does Jess. That's what he likes about her. Her cell phone rings, it is Cristian. He asks where she is. She is at the quarry. Without him? Well, she brought Will here cause he was feeling down. Now though, every where she looks it reminds her of something they did here, and that he isn't here with her. Well, Chad is covering the break bar for him, why doesn't she come to his apartment. She will be there in a few. They exchange I love yous. Will comes up to her, things didn't go too well between him and Jess, lets just get out of here. Jen agrees and tells him she is supposed to go to Chris' loft. But will he not tell mom, she is still in the 'don't see Chris' mode. Will agrees and they leave. Seth asks Jess if she is okay. She is, and she appreciates him trying to help earlier, but she can fight her own battles. He tells her to be careful of Will, because some guys, when they want something that bad, and they don't get there way. No, no Will isn't like that. Well, that is good, just be careful anyway he tells her. Will is definitely not dangerous. Seth tries to plant in Jess' head that Will might be stalking her. No, she knows better. Seth isn't so sure. Jess just has to move on with her life and if Will sees it, maybe he will to. So, take the next step and make sure Will sees it. What is the next step? Go out with him. He really wants to go out with her? He isn't doing this just to help her with Will. No, he really wants to go out with her, he has never known anyone like her. Finally, she agrees to go out with him.

Nora is going through papers in her front room. There is a knock at the door. She goes to answer the door slowly. It is Colin at the door. She starts to back away. I know you are dead. I killed you. I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to kill you. Colin walks close to Nora as she is backing up. With Nora apologizing all the way. Colin puts his hand over Nora's mouth and lays her down on the couch. Nora wakes up with a pillow over her mouth. She was just dreaming. She is very shaken up. She gets a bag out of the front closet and starts to go upstairs. Hesitating at the stairs she remembers Colin falling again. She backs away again, and there is a real knock at the door. It is Sam. He forgot Mathew's truck. He goes to get it and sees her bag sitting out. She was gonna call him. She is going out of town for a bit. Why? Is it the reporters? They can get a restraining order and keep them across the street. No, it's not just that. It's everything. She needs to go for a while, please don't try to stop her. He won't. He'll drive her to the airport. He badgers her a bit, telling her that it won't help anything. She can't take it anymore. The trial, Colin's death, the press, Sam, but most of all the guilt. She can't live with the guilt anymore. She isn't eating, she isn't sleeping, she can't even go up the stairs. Sam tells her that the guilt will be waiting for her no matter where she goes. Please don't go. Sam doesn't understand, she thinks of Colin night and day. It's like he isn't dead, like he is still alive and here in Llanview. She got away with murder. She was exonerated Sam tells her. She can't get him out of her head. Will he take her to the airport? Sam begs her not to go, she is the most important woman in his life. Please Stay. The man with the briefcase walks up to Nora's door.

Again, we see a man's hands put the envelope addressed to Nora, from Colin McGuyver into a briefcase.

Gabriella is in the front room at Asa's with Max. She demands to know if he is going to marry Blair. He just can't do this. Why not? One minute is hot, the next cold. Well, she had to be cautious because of Asa and Al. He tells her that this conversation is going exactly as he imagined it. Really? Well, did he imagine this? Gabby slaps the crap out of him. She is furious at Max. Did he think she would grovel? Well, he didn't count on a dislocated jaw. She doesn't care what he does. Spread it in the tabloids, that will only make Al hate him more. Max thinks Al will respect him more now, he will see Max doing the honorable thing. Al knows that Blair is carrying his child. Gabriella asks if Blair is going to be living there. She will call construction right away, and have them put in a new entrance to the west wing. She doesn't want Blair contaminating her home. Well, Max asks, what about us? There is no us! She tries to leave, Max grabs her. If there is no us, why is she bouncing off the walls about to go into orbit? Her feelings don't matter anymore. He is getting married. She got married didn't she? Well, that's different, she doesn't love Asa, well not in that way. Is she afraid that he loves Blair? He never did love her, he only ever felt lust for her. She tells Max that she is just another toy that he can toss aside. Max grabs her and kisses her hard on the lips and throws them both onto the couch. Max gets her all hot and bothered, and jumps up and says he can't do this. What the hell is wrong now? He has to think about his baby. Gabby is half undressed, and very frustrated. Max tells her that he has to go plan his wedding and his baby's future. He is going to do it right this time. How can he do this to her? Max leaves. Gabby grabs glasses and magazines and throws them. Asa walks in and asks her what the hell happened to her? She has been lied to and used. She tells Asa that she knew it was not a good idea for Blair to have seen her and Max kissing. It was all Blair needed to get her hooks into Max. Now Max is going to marry Blair. Asa doesn't believe it. Well, it's true. He has lost all feelings for her. How are they gonna make their plan work now? Asa tells her she better find a way to make it work, and she better do it damn quick. He can't dump all this on her. He reminds her that he put up the money for this, she was supposed to deliver the prisoner. How can she when he has turned his head towards Blair. She better find a way to turn his head back. She can't fight a baby, no woman can. She better be sure to find a solution to her problem. He knows how much she likes his money, and the world can be very miserable if he isn't happy. She better make sure to make him happy. Asa walks out, Gabby falls crying on to the couch.

Blair is talking to Todd in the doorway of Kelly's house. He told Starr everything didn't he? About the wedding, about the baby. No, Starr told him. She went to Asa's to see Blair and overheard her and Max talking. Blair is upset, she wasn't supposed to know about this. Maybe she doesn't. Maybe it is an over active imagination of a child. Tell him that she isn't marrying Max. Can Todd give her a reason why she shouldn't marry Max? Todd could give her a million reasons, but only one of them really matters. Because that isn't what she really wants. What does she want then Blair asks. She wants him. She is in love with him. She told Ben and she told Sam. He has hearsay and he has it written in black & white as proof. If she will just tell him how she really feels, they can take it from there. Blair agrees to tell him how she really feels. Todd is pleased about that. Blair tells him that she has to ask him a question first. Did he break his promise to her? Did he tell Starr that this baby she is carrying is Max's? Todd tries to lie and say that he didn't. Starr told her that he did. Well, maybe he did. What was he supposed to do? She wanted to know why they weren't living together anymore. Did Todd tell her about the restraining order. No, he left out that part. She figured that he did. Why did he put that restraining order on her anyway. Because he was afraid that she had stopped caring about him. What does it matter anyway. Just answer his question. How can she marry Max, when she cares about him? When Todd took her little girl away, she stopped caring about Todd. He killed all her feelings. She is in love with Max, she is carrying his baby, and she is going to marry him. Todd doesn't believe her. Nobody loves Max. There is something else going on here, he will figure it out. Get used to it Todd. She realized that Max is who she wanted all along. Todd tells her that what Max did to her was far worse than anything he ever did. Max only cheated on her, and she forgave him. Yea, by shooting him in the back. Well, Max forgave her for that too. Max is the one she loves not Todd. Todd still doesn't believe her. She doesn't care what he believes. She is marrying Max. Well, enjoy the horror show. He starts to leave. Blair tells him that once she is married, she will come after Starr. She will see him in court. He will see her in hell. He leaves. Blair cries on the couch.