One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/1/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/1/01

By Boo Jess catches Natalie in the student lounge. Natalie is eating a candy bar, and Jess is drinking a cup of coffee. The joke about the need for sugar and caffeine. Natalie brings up the elevator again. Jess doesn't understand how that happened. One minute the elevator was dead, the next it was perfectly fine. Natalie tells her it is a glitch, in other words, they don't know what caused it and don't want to tell her that. Seth is watching Jess again, standing by a bulletin board. After the two of them walk away, he puts up a notice for a party at the quarry. He catches Jess a little bit later walking by the bulletin board. He asks her if she is okay, she looks a little weirded out. Well, the whole day has been weird. Why did he make them watch that movie in an empty classroom anyway? It's the only way to watch a film. She really didn't like that movie, it was too scary. Seth tells her the next assignment from Dr. Cummings is a comedy. Well, good, she won't have to drop the class then. Oh look, there is a party at the quarry tonight. They should go, it would turn her mood around. Jess isn't too sure about going. Will walks in without seeing Jess and Seth. He sees Jen sitting at a table, and asks what she is doing there. Chris had to work, she had the afternoon free, so she thought she come and try to decide what classes she wants to take. Will tells her about running into Jess earlier. She pretty much blew him off. Jen grabs his hand and says she is gonna take him somewhere to cheer him up. As they walk out, they go by Seth and Jess. Will and Jess exchange looks. Seth is pressuring Jess into going to the party. Finally, she agrees and leaves. Seth waits till she is out of the door, then takes the paper down that said there was a party at the quarry, and wads it up. He then follows Jess out. 

Seth and Jess arrive at the quarry. Jess thinks this place is beautiful. How could she have ever missed it. Seth tells her that someone from Angel Square told him about it a million years ago. Jess asks if this is a party, where are all the people? This has been such a weird day. Seth says who cares who else comes, they are here. How about a swim? She didn't bring a suit. He tells her to wear what she has on, it is so hot out she will dry in minutes, unless Buchanan's are dry clean only. Jen and Will walk up. Will tells them he didn't know they were gonna be here. Jen tells him not to explain anything to Jess and Seth, it is a public place. Jess tells them that they are here for the party. Will comments that it must be a private party. No, there was a flyer on the bulletin board at school, isn't that why they are here too? Will tells her he looked at the bulletin board earlier today, and he didn't see any flyer. Jess looks at Seth. Jen and Jess argue. They agree that they are not friends. Jen wouldn't want to be friends with her now that she sees what kind of person Jess really is. She sure got over Will pretty quickly. Jess didn't ask for her opinion. Jen walks away. Seth thinks maybe Will followed them. He didn't even know this place existed. Jen brought him here to get away. Seth tells him that he has already hurt Jess once today, doesn't he know when to quit? Seth asks Jess if she wants to swim over to that rock ledge over there and get some sun. Will asks if he can talk to Jess alone. Seth tells him to get a clue. Jess doesn't want to talk to him. 

Sam is at Nora's door. She wasn't expecting him. Who was she expecting. Just not him. He reminds her that she called him. Oh, she thought that he hung up on her. That was Lindsay. Yea, Lindsay has never been a big supporter of our friendship. He talked to her on the phone, but she said she was busy. She doesn't look busy now. Nora tells him that she is very busy, she is behind on a lot of things. Sam asks her why she is avoiding him. She looks at the stairs again and remembers Colin falling. Nora finally invites Sam into the house. He asks where Mathew is. He is upstairs. That is why she called him. She wants Sam to take Mathew for a few days. She is so far behind with her clients. He says of course he will take Mathew for a few days. But he wants to talk to her about his case, and how it turned out. She is a killer, that is how it turned out. No she isn't. She killed Colin in self defense. He knew she was gonna beat herself up over this. He knows Nora very well. Mathew is her life line, so why does she really want Sam to take Mathew away for a few days? It's Colin isn't it? She convinces him that it really is because she is behind on work. The phone rings, it is another reporter. Sam agrees that maybe they should get Mathew out of there for a few days. They are going to be straight with him about the case. They don't want him growing up being afraid of the truth. Nora goes to the stairs and calls Mathew down. He is happy to see Sam. Nora just can't handle looking at the stairs. She walks back into the room. Sam tells Mathew that he is gonna come stay with him for a few days. Nora starts to go upstairs to gather some things for him to take with him. She turns when she is about 1/2 the way up the stairs to ask Mathew something, and looks down the stairs. Remembering Colin falling again, this time is just too much for her. She slowly walks back down the stairs. Sam greats her at the bottom, asking her what is wrong. She tells them it was just a head rush. By the time she gets Mathew's stuff packed, the day will be over. They should go ahead and go, and she will send Mathew's stuff over later. Sam wants to make sure Nora is okay, she is. Just take care of Mathew. Sam and Mathew leave. Nora goes back to the stairs. She is afraid to go up them. She talks to herself, trying to give herself courage. She takes one step, then backs down the stairs again. She picks up Mathews bat and sits down on the couch. She keeps telling herself that Colin is dead. 

We see a man sitting at a desk, all you can see are his hands. He is putting something in an envelope that is addressed to Nora. The back of the envelope has Dr. Colin McGuyver's address on it. 

Blair and Max are still talking about the marriage. Max wants to make this look as real as they can make it look. He wants Gabriella off his back. She is to wear an engagement ring, an announcement in the banner the whole thing. Then when they divorce, they will share custody of the baby. Wait a minute, that was not part of the deal. She is getting full custody and Max will pay child support and have visitation rights. If he tries to do to her what Todd did, she will find Asa and tell him that Max was swapping spit with Gabriella right there on the couch. Max tries to calm her down. He is on her side here. She is only looking out for the baby. They agree that they hate each other and this is just for the baby. No romance, no love, no honeymoon Blair tells him. They have a deal, and shake on it. Blair leaves. Todd comes into the room. He wants to know what kind of scam Max is running on Blair this time to get her to marry him. How does Todd know about that, Blair just left. Todd tells him that he is psychic. So, what is it? Max tells him that what he and Blair do is none of Todd's business. Oh yes it is, because Blair is in love with Todd. Todd is wrong, Blair can't stand him. She keeps crawling back to Max. Something isn't right with all this, and Todd is gonna figure it all out. He leaves. Max has poured himself a drink, and sits on the couch. Gabriella comes in. She is frantic. Please tell her that he isn't marrying Blair. He smiles at her. She has a horrified look on her face.

 Blair is at Kelly's looking for her. Kelly isn't there. She starts to call Kelly at work, there is a knock at the door. She opens it to find Starr. She gives Starr a hug and tells her how much she missed her. Starr pushes her away and tells her that she hates her because she is going to marry Max. Blair lied to her. Blair tries to tell her that she has never lied to her. What about her telling Starr that the baby was daddy's baby? Daddy told her that the baby is Max's. Blair is really upset, so is Starr. Starr hates Max, she hates Blair, and she hates the baby. She never wants to see her again. She runs off. Blair tells her babysitter to go after Starr, don't let her run away again. Blair goes back into the house. She is sitting on the window seal looking out and remembering all that Starr said to her. There is a knock on the door. It is Todd.

 Starr is leading Todd, Vicky and Gabriella into the front room. She heard them. Mommy is marrying Max. Todd tries to convince Starr that she is wrong. Blair isn't that stupid. Starr heard them. They are planning their wedding right now. Gabriella says she can see this is a family affair and she is leaving. She is in a hurry to get out of there, but Vicky stops her and asks her exactly what is going on between her and Max. Todd tries to convince Starr that Blair will not marry Max. She wants to be with him now. Starr is confused, she is marrying Max because she wants to be with Todd? Todd tells her to go upstairs and watch a video. He is gonna go find Blair and straighten this whole thing out. He will be back before her video is over. He tells her to stay put, he is serious. She promises. Todd walks out, surprised to find Gabriella still there, slamming the front door as he goes out. Starr sneaks out the back door. 

Vicky follows Gabi out to the foyer. She saw the way Gabriella went white when Starr made her little announcement. What is Gabi's stake in this. It is none of Vicky's business. Vicky is looking out for Asa. Gabi better not hurt him. Vicky and her family have been shunning her husband for months now. Why now come to his rescue? Because he is family. No, this isn't about Asa, this is about Vicky, Gabriella and Megan. If Vicky wants to go at it, lets do it right now. How long is Vicky going to hold this Megan thing over her head? Forever. Gabi brings up that her personalities have not all gone away, she heard about her little brush with the mafia. Vicky tells her it was all an act and Gina bought it. She has survived all kinds of things, and she will survive Gabi too. Gabriella asks her if that was a challenge, because if it was, when push comes to shove she can make the mafia princess look like Mary Poppins. Vicky tells her that she actually is a lot like Gina. Gabi tried to bring Vicky back into the family fold. Vicky is so on to her, and she will never hurt Vicky's family again. Vicky leaves, as Gabi is making faces at her and mouthing the last words Vicky said.